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According to statistics, 75% of Russians live in cities. This means that every day more than 100 million people are breathing polluted air, eat harmful food, stress and, ultimately, undermine their health. Tired of being one of the many sufferers? Then the arm of the proposed methods of creating ecorolla and become eco-friendly! Read more in the article "the House that saves the planet, or instruction for beginners ecologists".

When the goal is to equip climatic technique several areas, the principle of "one external block - one indoor unit" imposes the certain restrictions. In such cases, comfortable and rational solution can be multi-split systems with the ability to install multiple indoor units. Read more in the article "When multi - split a good idea?".

Due to the rapid growth of energy prices, insulation of large-span buildings such as hangars, becomes especially urgent. Hangars are built, as a rule, in such a way as to save money on building materials. Therefore, the main construction material is metal supporting structures and cladding of stainless steel. At the same time heating of such large structures is costly and therefore the owners of hangars are looking for ways out of the created situation. Detail...

Today, more and more Russians are anxious to move on a constant residence in the cosy country cottages. But how to navigate the vast market of suburban real estate and avoid being deceived by unscrupulous sellers? The best option to explore the house together with the specialist. And the obvious flaws can be detected independently, our advice. Read more in the article "How to choose a ready house?".

With the onset of summer, the Russian South, in particular the black sea coast, is a place of pilgrimage of tourists from different regions of the country. However, today the format of settlement has changed a bit: mainly private sector includes mini-hotels - it is easier and more convenient and leisure owners. In fact, it is the same cottages, only larger and with amenities in each room. These facilities significantly raise costs for owners of small hotels for their maintenance, to pay for the room...

To Build a bath - a dream of many homeowners. Someone seems that the construction of a bath - a lost cause, not that the construction of the house. But it is not. Bath - construction of special purpose, requiring decisions. Of course, not the last role is played by the experience and knowledge, but without consultation with professionals in any case not do. For more information, see "Building a bath house on the plot: experts ' advice".

"Little children - little betki", - says with a sigh any mother, familiar not by hearsay with an almost impossible task to put in their native child something useful. Breastfed baby sufficient best natural food - milk, but with the older kids so I just don't agree. But so does everything irreparable? Try to understand. Read more in the article "Menu for growth".

Every day advanced technologies occupy more space in our daily life, however, many believe that innovation is an impermissible luxury. To think so is a big mistake, because modern technical solutions for the home are designed primarily to save money, helping to ease the burden of utility payments and at the same time to ensure a comfortable stay in the city apartments and private houses. Let's get acquainted with some of them closer. Read more in the article "Innovation is not a luxury!".

To Exist at the cottage without electricity agree not everyone, so the price of land in these arrays is not very high. But this disadvantage can be an advantage. Significantly save money when buying villas, organize lighting and provide basic amenities without centralized power. Read more in the article "Energy issue. Electrificarea suburban area with own hands".

Surely your happiness envy surrounding " certainly, since you dare to invest in participatory construction and so from day to day will receive the coveted key and the certificate on the property right to the apartment. And now, increasingly, you look in the shops finishing products and sanitary ware, electrical goods and furniture salons, because you just decided for myself - in a new apartment you will be all new. But don't hurry, otherwise the money that you have prepared for the purchase of furniture and other interior items...

What draws the attention of the young man, when he first comes to the girl? We conducted a survey and offer you How to quickly prepare to meet guest, if the chosen one.... read More in the article "Again visitor to my neighbor, or How to impress a man."

Investments in office commercial property for many years now rightly considered one of the most profitable forms of investment. And yet it is obvious that the developers strive to reduce costs for construction and operation of business objects. Consider the solutions of this task in the conditions of constant growth of prices for energy, building and finishing materials. For more information, see "Building a business center: cheap, but not angry."