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One of the obvious reasons why holiday homes and cottages so popular among inhabitants of big cities is the desire to be closer to nature. At the moment there is much architectural solutions to housing let in as much light and air and to feel the unity with nature, without leaving your own home. Which one is right for you? See more of air and light!.

Warm floor – not a luxury but a means to securely protect your family from cold and eternal winter colds. But "smart" technology needs to be properly managed, and it responds to the thermostat-it sets the temperature and saves the system from overheating. How to choose this important instrument to ensure efficiency, safety and convenience? We counted seven important factors, which will provide the perfect "weather in the house". Read more >>>

Traditional water heating is widely used for residential and administrative buildings. But when it comes to heating facilities large areas (production halls, warehouses, hangars, agricultural facilities, etc.), require more efficient and effective solutions – such as air heating systems. Read more >>>

Dear friends! The portal "Your House" congratulates you with New Year! .ny-2015 { width: 670px; padding: 0; margin: 0 auto; overflow: hidden; } .ny-2015 ul { position: relative; width: 4690px; height: 550px; list-style: none; padding: 0; margin: 0; } .ny-2015 ul li { position: relative; float: left; list-style: none; padding: 0; margin: ...

The Housing frame structures, built using canadian technology allows to maintain an acceptable indoor temperature at any time of the year. In the summer season timber frame houses have always the freshness and coolness, in winter warmth and comfort. Read more about the advantages of construction a frame house, read the article "In our homes all year round good weather".

Choosing a system "warm floor" to protect loved ones from colds and to add comfort in everyday life, you need to carefully consider the choice. Let's see what it is that you need to pay attention first in the article "How to avoid mistakes when choosing a film warm floor".

Unfortunately, in our life it often happens that the choice of technology and equipment that should serve us for many years, we sometimes overlook important characteristics that provide significant savings over the entire life of the product. Instead, we make the decision based on what is on the surface — reasonable prices. How to make the right choice, read the article "the Efficiency of Global sinks or avaricious pays twice".

Hiring experts and developing design projects, we strive to create for themselves the ideal life. But even well-designed interior, perfect and harmonious detail, is neglected and unsightly if it is too messy. Several options how to organize the storage system in the article "Organized system of storing things. Non-trivial solutions to traditional problems".

A House without flowers seems boring and cold. They make our life more harmonious and bring aesthetic pleasure. Green residents help us to relax after a hard day's work and tune in to a positive. This is especially true in winter, when not enough natural greenery. In the article "will Add to the house of green: 25 ideas interior design colors" presents a few ideas that you can implement either, rebounding from them, create your own.

Child in the family is not only joy, but also a great responsibility for his health and education. Caring and loving parents should create the most comfortable conditions for life of the baby. How modern and to do it correctly, read the article "the development of a child's room. Manual for parents".

The Process of laying tile – work responsible, which requires not only accuracy, but also specific knowledge. Moreover, the process of grouting and sealing between plumbing devices and the coating of the walls should be given considerable attention. It is important to remember that it is always much easier to prevent grout early, than to use more "global" methods for removal of old grout and installation of new. Read more in the article "How to prevent mould infestation intertiled seams...

The Claims are an integral part of any company, regardless of its size and scope. Each claim can be seen as a necessary evil or benefit from it. We offer a few "bad advice" on dealing with the customers and consumers in the article "Harmful advice to combat the dissatisfied customer".

The First means in case of shortage of free space in a city apartment — available insulation loggia or balcony. This procedure has long been customary, however, to result in the added living space was really warm and comfortable, you need to remember a few rules. Read more in the article "Pushing the boundaries of the habitat. Comprehensive insulation of balcony or loggia".

When the temperature outside dips well below zero, and begins to darken immediately after lunch, it's time to do a home improvement. So it was varied and fun that prevailed comfort and never want to leave — except that the mood, an invigorating walk. And will help you in this article, "10 ways to cope with winter depression."

By the way it looks the front door, one can judge the inhabitants of the house, hidden from our prying view reliable metal back. To overemphasize its importance is impossible. And her choice should be approached responsibly. Read more in the article "What should be the main door: main recommendations".