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The word "Wallpaper" most often we mean paper rolls, at least — a fabric cover, in exceptional cases, metal or cork outfit for bare concrete and almost never a liquid substance intended to decorate our walls. It is a pity that about this unique coating we remember only in exceptional cases. But it is able to solve a number of problems associated with repair. But let's not make unfounded statements. Let us denote only the strengths and weaknesses of liquid Wallpaper in a hundred...

The Presence of wall clocks in the homes of modern man is caused not so much by the need to track the time as purely decorative aspects. Yes, a beautiful watch in the interior increasingly need to demonstrate the tastes of the owners, become the pride of them. How to choose watches perfectly tailored to the overall decorative style of decoration and ideological idea of the design of the room, read the article "Clock in modern interior".

Mosaic tiles, ceramic or glass long been popular, not only among professional decorators and construction workers, but house masters appreciated the ease of operation and stunning end result. Read more in the article "kitchen Apron of mosaic with own hands".

On 21 November in the hotel "Holiday Inn" was held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the VII all-Russian contest "Best construction website 2015", which took place in the framework of the exhibition "Moscow Hi-End Show". The contest was established by the construction portal in 2006, with the support of the Marketing group "Teckard" and aims to draw attention to local sites of building subjects, to identify the most interesting and quality projects, to stimulate the development of the construction of Internet resources. In 2015 ...

Choosing flooring for your home, quite often we dwell on the linoleum. And this is understandable. Linoleum is a perfect combination of price and quality. How to make the right choice and not be wrong, read our article "How to choose the linoleum: the main types and characteristics".

Each repair in the bathroom should start with a careful planning of the sequence of works. This is necessary in order to have an idea about future costs when buying building material. After all, when you can clearly visualize the end result, then it is easier to make the right choice. Where to start repairs in the bathroom, read the article "In what order does the repair in the bathroom?".

Sink – one of the varieties of shell. From all other options it is more depth compared to length and width. The second feature – mounting on flush with the top, otherwise the water when washing dishes or vegetables is on the table and on the floor. About how to choose a kitchen sink, read the article "the Kitchen sink: how to combine practicality and attractiveness."

Screen as a work of art can transform any apartment to bring in the standard "squares" a spirit long bygone era or simply be an unusual design element. And maybe even indispensable, unobtrusive zoning room. Variants of use of a screen in the interior hundreds. Some of them will be discussed in the article "Boudoir schemer, or a Screen in the interior".

The Theater begins with a hanger, and the apartment is with a doormat! Down with boring neutral colors and faded patterns add color and creativity to make guests come to your house with a smile and a joyful mood! How to update a boring mousepad with your own hands, read the article "Updating the Mat at the front door".

"Face housewife" some call a cooktop, the other reason a toilet. But before you begin treatment, you need to choose a worthy "person", where care will be convenient and people would be ashamed to show. In the article "Spansuly ideas, or How to choose the toilet" we will talk about the basic rules of choice of toilet.

There are Always so many things to store in the bathroom, and, as a rule, places for all belongings missing. In the article "Interesting storage system in the bathroom" we will talk about several interesting and stylish ways of storing the bathroom that will help to avoid the feeling of chaos.

Until recently the bathroom was almost the only purpose of a bath and Laundry. Today this room in the house where you can retire and relax, to tidy up yourself and your thoughts. And to feel comfortable in the bathroom, all the items in the bathroom should facilitate this. Mirror Cabinet for bathroom – one of those things. What locker to choose, see "Choosing a mirror Cabinet for bathroom right."

Where to get an ideal building material for interior work, which will be perfectly smooth base for finishing walls, ceilings and floors in wet rooms? So it was as smooth as drywall, but had the strength of concrete? Light and thin, non-flammable, ecological? A material that combines all the above advantages - cement Board. Read more in the article "Repair of wet rooms is easier than you think!".

Simple math tells us that in bed a person spends approximately 25 years of his life. This quarter of a century, was happy and calm, it is very important to create in the bedroom a cozy, relaxing atmosphere, and to choose the right bed, of course. And will help you in this article, "Five obvious principles to choosing the perfect bed".

Installation of plastic pipe does not lose its relevance for many years. This is not surprising, because they have a lot of advantages over the analogues from other materials. The installation of such pipes can be performed by everyone, who for once was holding a wrench. And how to do it, read the article "Installation of water supply system of plastic pipes with your hands."