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Narrow kitchen 2 meters wide, even if the length of the room, are the least suitable for the role of the worker. The interior of the kitchen is 2 meters or slightly more, is entirely determined by placement of furniture and kitchen equipment, and how to do it, read the article "How to effectively organize the interior of the kitchen is 2 meters?".

The Effectiveness of advertising campaigns is constantly decreasing, while their costs are rising. But even to today's sophisticated consumer, who are, it seems, no surprise, it is possible to find approach. Just need to find the right keys. Read more in the article "the key to the heart of the consumer".

The Main purpose of a coffee table — organize the space, to complement the soft zone some functionality. The table top it usually is fairly low, so you can use it sitting down: stretched out his hand and took the right thing. What other tables are read in the article "How to choose coffee table: main recommendations".

Despite the huge range of radiators, the majority of new apartment buildings set the standard battery model, and what can we say about the old Soviet apartments with panels accordion-fold. Not always have the opportunity and the feasibility to change the battery to a more modern, and the appearance of old may not fit in the interior after the repair. In this case, we recommend to pay attention on the screens for radiators. Read more in the article "Screens for radiators in inter...

Scientists have proved that even the ancient tribes sought to create comfort in your home. Everyone wants to enjoy coming home, where reigns a warm atmosphere, which does not want to leave. How to surround himself and his family such comfort and create your special "home order" read the article "10 secrets of creating an atmosphere of coziness in the house."

When making repairs or replacing old electrical cables, all face the need to make the correct calculation of the electrical wiring in the apartment. Ignorance in this matter is unacceptable, because the quality of the transaction depends on the fire safety and normal operation of all devices. Read more in the article "How to calculate the electrical wiring in the apartment."

Wallpaper – one of the most common finishes, but it is by far the easiest. In any interior, they can look organic and vivid. But this can be achieved only if you choose the right Wallpaper design. Read more in the article "Options for Wallpaper designs for living room".

In order To make the home atmosphere warm and cozy it is imperative for accessories, and not any, and sincere. In order not to break the long head and not to look for exotic solutions, try to use this design course, how to choose for this role the carpet. Read more in the article "the Carpets in our house".

Designers continue to invent such a simple thing as a bed. And every time these inventions find their audience. In the article "Sleep to dream: 12 modern beds" we look at what's new in this invented, seemingly, already solved a segment of bedroom furniture.

Elegant door in the interior plays the same role as cufflinks for a respectable person. Interior doors give great scope for design imagination. About the pros and cons of this or that door, read the article "How to choose interior doors: key tips".

To diseases of her own child can not get used neither mom. Causes of frequent colds and viral diseases, all the decent monsters, hiding in the nursery. Adopting tips that will help to deal with them in the article "How to defeat the monsters in children: 4 important advice for parents".

Persistently strives to push the boundaries of its environment, and if not – then at least make them transparent. One of the interesting implementations of the concept of transparency, suitable for a city apartment and a country house – a bathroom with glass walls. Read more in the article "Expanding the horizon: transparent bathroom".

What we notice when the estimated interior? Last but not least we pay attention to how colors affect us and their combination. In the end color always choose according to their own taste. But to evaluate how successful the choice. Read more in the article "Colors for kitchen: I don't need it."

The Construction of structures made of plasterboard business, though simple, but very important, - has its subtleties, to understand in which working with drywall will become "easier". In the article "Edge of gypsum Board is an important guarantor from cracking," we will talk about the edge of the gypsum Board, because of its type, and the method of sealing joints between sheets depends on the integrity and strength to the whole structure.

Wooden houses are incredibly relevant today. However, the building already looks little like an ordinary peasant's hut. They have all the amenities. And even the bathroom in a wooden house now is not nonsense. To equip it, knowing some details is not difficult. Let's try to consider them in the article "Bathroom in a wooden house".