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On 7 October on the initiative of corporate communications of the group KNAUF CIS for journalists construction publications was organized by the information and consultation tour of the stadium "Open arena". OOO "KNAUF GIPS" has the status "Official supplier of the stadium "Open arena" in the category "Construction and finishing materials". The stadium audience was given the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the stadium that combines the tradition of the legendary team "Spartak" and modern technology in...

If you want your kitchen, dining or home mini-bar look stylish and expressive, transparent chairs will become fashionable and topical solution. How to create an indescribable atmosphere of spaciousness and ease, read the article "Transparent chairs: beautiful, practical and bright".

Modern building must be built of materials that are safe for nature and humans, and also not have a negative impact on the environment. We even coined the term "green building". On how the environmental projects implemented in the segment of residential property, read the article "Eco-friendly residential property: a tribute to fashion or benefit?".

In life often there are situations when repairs need to be done very quickly. This task can seem overwhelming, however, do not despair. To make the repairs for a month — actually, not only "cosmetic". Read more in the article "Top 5 solutions for quick repair".

Repair needed and time and not enough money? Let's see what we can do on your own. Because the work is at least not cheaper materials, and the qualification of hired workers is a lottery. In the article "his Own hand — the Lord. How to save on repairs", we describe how doing at least some work on their own, we will save half of it deferred money.

The Kitchen and bar are United by the fact that these are favorite places for meetings and intimate conversations. Each of them has inherent advantages that have long and not without some success, the designers are trying to combine. For example, in any city there is a bar with interior of home cooking. And firmly established of all kinds the bar. Read more in the article "How to set the bar at home: key recommendations".

The Emergence of kitsch style is considered to be a turning point in the perception of faces new trends culture fashion, which replace well-established procedures, rules and standards of conduct. On the one hand, this may be due to economic instability in General, and with the sentiments that arise under too hard pressure from above. Read more in the article "Style kitsch in the interior of a modern apartment."

Laying PVC tiles with a mechanical click-lock can be performed independently without the involvement of experts. The flooring can be easily installed without any special skills at installation does not require additional materials. How independently to make installation of PVC floor tiles, read the article "Laying PVC tiles with mechanical lock".

Nordic countries and Baltic States green roof — a phenomenon familiar and natural. As in any region, where the lifestyle is dictated by the environmental conditions, the inhabitants of these edges are not fighting with the elements, and take the example of plants and animals and with nature to build a harmonious relationship. Read more in the article "Green roof: closer to the roots".

Industry Representatives, designers and architects finally received for their products, projects and houses a durable and hygienic material dark colors that reduce the likelihood of lightening in processing and offering new opportunities of work with preservation of the entire "depth" of color. New technology DeepColour™ technology, developed by DuPont that enables designers, architects and artists to receive such rich dark colors, which they previously considered unattainable. Read more cityt...

Choosing Wallpaper for your apartment, we often conservative in their vision of design. We are afraid to experiment and use in the interior of saturated bright or very dark shades, thinking that it will affect our way of life. Maybe you should try to think more creatively? Read more in the article "Designer clothing for your walls".

Mirrors are a versatile material, able to perform not only its practical function, display faces and figures of people, but also to expand the space, to create a unique play of light and shadow. Read more in the article "Mirrors in the interior: Checkmate prejudice and superstition".

Autumn - it's time to think about how you can insulate your apartment before the onset of cold weather. In the article "How to insulate an apartment for the winter" specialists Sika talked about the most simple and effective means of insulation of the apartment that do not require significant monetary and time costs.

Unfortunately, we cannot influence the weather. But everyone has the perfect opportunity to create the weather in your house. The sky will be in our apartment — it's up to us. Because today there are so many ceiling coverings. But first you need to figure out what the ceiling is better. Read more in the article "the sky above the house. Choose the finish for the ceiling."

If you live and work in the big city, even while in the apartment or the office, every day is inevitably exposed to noise pollution. The only obstacle to the varied sounds of the metropolis are Windows. Try to understand, what is so harmful noise and how to protect his family from him in the article "the Last line of defense against noise".