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Desire to take a steam bath or warm up in the sauna at home more feasible than it seems at first glance. Small home sauna is from 1 m2, reaching a height of just over 2 m. how to build a sauna in the apartment, read the article "enjoy your bath, or How to equip the sauna in the apartment."

In order to make your bathroom unique, masters use a lot of different materials. They account for the various compositions, collecting the original colors. How to lay tile so that to leave transformed the interior bathroom is just not want to, read the article "Tile and ways of its installation in the bathroom."

Parquet, laminate, tiles are the most common floor finish options. Almost any attempt to create a custom solution encounters overcome themselves and the views of the customer. And only the bravest, the idea of using familiar things can change attitudes and stereotypes. Read more in the article "Color and light: 10 ideas for unusual sex."

Artificially aged furniture will be a great addition to the decor of any room, decorated in a vintage, rustic, natural style or the style of shabby chic. How easy it is to make old furniture, read the article "How to wear out a tree? Technique of artificial aging".

Choosing the right material for the roof often becomes a question not only practicality, but also of prestige. It is the expressiveness of the roof largely determines the appearance of the building. There are important, not only the form of rays, but the roofing. How to choose roofing, read the article "What kind of roofing to choose: compare 4 types".

September for owners of country houses – it's time to think about heating. It is important to conduct routine inspection of all of its constituents, yet are the last warm days. After all, few people want with the onset of cold to be without a heating boiler or circulating pumps. Read more in the article "How to prepare the heating system of the cottage to cold?".

Its own bath or sauna is not just a dream, but a feasible reality. To bath brought only positive emotions and was beneficial to health, while building it is required to strictly comply with certain requirements. Read more in the article "How to warm a bath with your hands?".

The Use of fiber and its differences from other sheet materials – here are the most popular requests from the masters not only in search engines but also on the forums. Therefore, we decided to demonstrate all the advantages of this sheet in the article "fiber – supertile! What is gypsum sheet?".

Today for anybody not a secret the fact that plastic Windows have durable longer life and a great life. And yet, despite this, during the operation of plastic Windows, their owners often face problems that require a repair of Windows. Read more in the article "Causes of repair of plastic Windows".

Autumn renovated apartment is usually associated with the problem of lack of time. Capital restructuring in anticipation of cold weather and often lack of funds. In this situation, the owner faces the problem: as with minimal cost and maximum efficiency to insulate the housing. Read more in the article "How to insulate the floor. Technology, available to everyone".

A Series of floods and flooding that swept this rainy summer in the cities of the European part of our country, time has exposed all the problems of municipal engineering infrastructure. "Suddenly" it turned out that storm sewers, as the old buildings and put into operation just a couple of years ago, failing in its primary function – the drainage of rain water. Read more in the article "the condition of the storm sewer systems".

The Carpet in the room is not just a cover for not the first freshness sex or the ability to hide the defect in the wall: it has long been a universal assistant designer. The carpet in the interior of the house creates a special atmosphere of hospitality and coziness. The article "the Carpet in modern interior" picked up the most beautiful and modern pattern carpets, and following design tips, You'll be surprised how much will change his perception.

Almost the most important room of all rooms of the house is undoubtedly the kitchen. Everything in it must be rationally placed and convenient enough. Before purchase, is to measure the kitchen and figure out the plan. Do not neglect this rule, because despite the size of the kitchen, they must be taken into account in order to use the available meters to the maximum right. Read more in the article "How to choose kitchen?".

Today questions about space and space in the house very relevant, because all young married couples or grown up children want to live separately, have its own area and to equip it to your liking and preferences. But the current housing prices in the city for an average family with far from satisfactory salary remains sky-high. About where to find a large amount of space and how to build a cozy corner, we describe in the article "How to build a loft in PRIV...

Underfloor heating is a popular decision for additional heater housing. However, not everyone knows what are its advantages, how it can be in design and properties and how to choose the warm floor. Read more in the article "Everything you didn't know about warm floors".