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Every woman dreams of a cozy kitchen. And many are wondering how to decorate the kitchen with your hands to combine the individuality and comfort. The article "Decorate the kitchen with their hands", we describe how from old kitchen to make a unique and cozy nest.

If your region of the heating season lasts 8-9 months, and fell suddenly in July, the snow does not surprise anyone, then you certainly know the true value of home heat. For a comfortable microclimate in a city apartment or a private house literally has to fight with a harsh climate and more expensive energy resources. In the article "Three ally in the battle for the warmth" read about this unequal battle the inhabitants of our Northern territories.

Interior Design begins with a door. Only upon entering the apartment, we can say a lot about who lives in it. This is why many designers are advised to start with the design of the apartment with the door handles. Read more in the article "Door handle – need or art?".

The First thing we see, going to the bathroom is the door! The interior element can tell a lot about the destination of the room and its owner. However there are doors that zagovorcheski silent, being faceless, or disgust because of untidy appearance. To interior doors have always been expressive and friendly they have to choose knowledgeably. Read more in the article "How to choose interior doors?".

According to the site one of the trends in modern design bathrooms is a combination of baths and bedrooms. Bedroom, forming a single space with bathroom, appear not only in private homes but also in the urban open-plan apartments. Read more in the article "4 the question of creating a modern boudoir".

That gardens can be not only a continuous series of beds has long been known. Properly plan the placement of all necessary functional areas, to think over their relationship and to arrange everything nicely today can own. And add the plot style, charm and personality will help the presence of ingenuity, imagination and basic skills of applied art. Read more in the article "Gardening hand-made".

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately not all of us starting the repair, you can seek the help of qualified designers and specifiers. And therefore in the case are our personal views about how to make home beautiful and functional. But even the best ideas sometimes fail. How to avoid mistakes and to realize all their ideas, read the article "7 mistakes when creating an interior".

So you are tired of every winter to seal old Windows with paper or tape, to endure the cold and drafts, to walk around the house in two sweaters and wool socks. And you finally decided to install new plastic Windows, but not sure how to approach this task. With the help of experts of the window industry, we have prepared a step by step guide which will help you avoid the most obvious mistakes and disappointments. Read more in the article "for the first time In a new window".

Wallpaper used in the decoration of interior design, not only for many years are at the peak of popularity, but not going in the near future to take their positions. This is primarily due to their huge variety, and lots of original new products that offer each year designers. Will explore some of them in the article "news in the world of Wallpaper".

Everyone wants to feel cozy and comfortable coming home, where as at home I want to relax, unwind and gather strength for a new day. However, one of the main problems of multi-apartment houses is soundproofing. Read more in the article "sound Insulation in the apartment."

Perhaps, the greatest space to occupy any interior wall. That is why their decorating needs special attention and taste. Obviously, the bare walls and empty, and immoderate quantity of jewelry on the walls equally bad effect on the interior space. Read more in the article "What to do with empty walls?".

In the middle of the summer the company "Bosch Thermotechnology has introduced on the Russian market its new development – atmospheric gas floor standing boiler Bosch GAZ 2500 F. On the technical characteristics and advantages of the new model, read the article "Atmospheric gas boiler Bosch. Efficiency 92%".

Any repair begins with plans and calculations: what, how and how much. And right behind them should be the most interesting – the selection process. Whether it will be successful, not least depends on the places of choice, that is, shops and trading companies to which we refer. So nice to have at least a General idea about where to buy. Read more in the article "shopping for repair".

We always welcome the arrival of autumn. After all, autumn is the perfect time to upgrade! And what could be better than redecorating in your home! Not to be mistaken with the choice of one or another piece of furniture, we bring you some of the trends decoration 2015 in Furniture and home decor. Trends in interior design 2015".

To Make the repairs itself - the great temptation. Is because it is expensive. And here you enthusiastically take up brushes, spatulas, and hammers... And after a couple of weeks find: Wallpaper glued unevenly, ceilings in divorces. Don't be discouraged. Much can still be corrected. Read more in the article "the Repair work on the bugs".