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In recent years, our understanding of the landscaping surrounding the private country house, has changed significantly. The current homeowner wants rather comfortable habitat and aesthetically organized space. In this case, he will inevitably have to deal with one of the mandatory elements of landscape design - outdoor carpet. Read more in the article "garden paths".

Antiquity are often called the cradle of civilization. All the best modern culture, without exaggeration, owes to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Is no exception and the art of interior: who-who, and the inhabitants of Ancient Greece was an expert in creating a comfortable and beautiful environment. Read more in the article "notes of a designer: create antique interior".

In the Russian construction industry at least 70% of the volume of procurement carried out through tenders. Participation in the tender, with all its traps and pitfalls, it is easy to imagine in the form of a tense race, in which, when multiple participants can be only one winner. Read more in the article "the Tender: extreme racing circuit.

"Keep your feet warm" - says an old Russian proverb. This condition largely affecting our health are more difficult to perform, if the floors are cold. Especially when the bathroom is located, for example, over the cold basement. To solve the problem in several ways. Read more in the article "How to insulate the floor to be healthy?".

Hasty attempt to economize when choosing a technically complex products may lead to financial losses. One typical example is the purchase of plastic Windows. We spend a lot of money on them,but in the process of choosing among different options, the desire to save sometimes outweighs common sense and instead of warmth and comfort we get problems, frustration and unplanned expenses. Read more in the article "Save the ruble, has lost ten. How not to choose Windows."

The Fall of the ruble and the disruption of imported supplies of materials and equipment revealed serious problems in the construction industry and housing and communal services. Modern Russian regulations and laws impose rather strict requirements to the quality engineering solutions. But now to implement them in practice is required as soon as possible to establish production in Russia. Is this possible, read the article "overcoming the crisis in the working mode.

For any company operating in the construction industry, of particular importance is the choice of a reliable and responsible suppliers of materials, solutions and equipment. Try to imagine how you can look like a quantitative assessment of factors depending on their importance for partners in the article "Make a list of suppliers."

Choosing finishing materials, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, we definitely prefer the favorite or most liked shades. However, it often happens haphazardly, randomly. And in the end result often falls short. To avoid mistakes, you should guide the choice of some simple rules described in the article "Bathroom as the mirror of the soul".

Despite the fact that the history of monolithic house-building has not much time (seriously build housing out of steel reinforced concrete in the early twentieth century), she managed to acquire its myths. Try to make out the main "horror stories" about this advanced construction method, and find their origins in the article "8 myths about the monolithic construction.

The early 1960s in Russia was marked by the emergence of a new paradigm of urban development – residential districts. Today, the life of most of the prefabricated residential buildings, built on the Soviet project, coming to an end. Options to solve the looming problem two: to demolish or repair. In the article "Second life prefabricated houses, or overhaul of the facade in detail" learn about ways to the reconstruction of the facades of prefabricated houses, as well as recommendations for insulation and materials selection.

Modern living room is not only the center of the entire apartment, but also a place where guests gather during the holiday and its owners, their friends or guests. In the living room with cozy interior might be nice to have even a normal night... About how to do something unusual and memorable, read the article "interior Design living room".

In all ages, during the existence of mankind, we are constantly looking at Africa as the cradle of true homeland, in the broadest sense of the word. People who think creatively, creative, always finding inspiration in the cultures of other peoples, especially if these people so Dickie, original, even primitive, as the peoples of Africa... In the article "African ethnics in interior design", read about how to bring the mysterious and mystical Africa into your home or apartment.

Fading into oblivion old crafts together with the older generation of people. Few people already tell and show how matted the boots, to dig a well, to cover the roof shingled. The roof is of shingles is warm in winter and cool in the summer heat. How to make a shingle and out of the roof, read the article "a shingle Roof home and garden".

If by a happy coincidence you are the owner of a country house with an antique and reliable furnace heating, you will certainly require to learn those simple, but important rules about how to use the stove. The main principles and rules of the furnace stoves and fireplaces, see "How to use the stove".

The First step in design is to visually imagine how it will look in your room at the end. You can seek the help of a professional designer, what would that show you how to maximize space and proposed options for the decor of your room... read More in the article "design of a small bathroom".