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A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose

Modern prose for adults and fantasy, pathos, intelligence and lies.

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Different, but professional and honest pathologists with almost 100% probability will give the same conclusions about the causes of death of particular deceased. the Story is popsee time... And different, but professional and honest historians will probably make similar conclusions about the time periods deceased of the particular era. But to feel time itself, a particular era, we just live in it: to be a witness to, participant in or a Creator of events, an executioner or a victim of the time. But if failed at that time to be born and to live, to take note of the conclusions of the aforementioned historians to rethink them or to become a historian... with Difficult feelings, so to touch the soul of the deceased to time, we refer to the original works of...

I deliberately did not vote for the Constitution of 1993; for the populist, "anti-privileges" part a "conductor," and assigned them a relative of the oligarchs; for the lawyer, a retired KGB Colonel, assistant "beacon of Russian democracy" and the nominee's family referred to "fighter benefits". will Not vote for a "package" of new amendments to the basic law of the Russian Federation, although the last President of the Russian Federation in comparison with their predecessors, — the assistant to Mishanya combiner and a promising volleyball player Boriska — is clearly higher at the professional and human qualities, and some amendments to the basic law have the right to life. Read more... an open letter to the "intellectuals" against the new amendments to the...

Tuesday, March 10, acting Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to zeroing its presidential terms, if it deems it necessary, the constitutional court. that the court will support such an initiative, almost no one doubts there, but it will allow the guarantor of the Constitution be re-elected for the fifth and sixth terms, and in the end to stay in power until 2036. It would be foolish to associate all that is good or bad, over the last 20 years in the country, with the name of the last President of the Russian Federation. But his personal merits are indisputable. Read more... 20+ question to Putin: he, however, believes that Russia saves? - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights reserved.

The Head of the Duma Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov considers it unnecessary to amend the Constitution amendment to ban officials to have property abroad. Previously, the newspaper "Vedomosti" with reference to sources reported that the ban on ownership of foreign real estate are not included in the draft amendments to the Constitution, as dozens of parliamentarians and officials would have to abandon her or to leave their posts. "why should be banned? If the official declares their property, why should be banned, and if he does not declare, then it's another issue," said Krasheninnikov RIA Novosti. Read more... the Russian gobarghati showed his foreign face - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights reserved.

TV shows, TV series... Dr. house, Dr. Richter, and now, doctor Trigger, or rather, images of unreality from Horny "Trigger". Of course, the Moscow Streltsy family is not Capwell from Santa Barbara to stretch the new body-on melodrama 2137 series, stringing the series-weekdays psychologist, practicing using the "trigger-Shocker", the "criminal and the detective skewer" probably will not work. But we must pay tribute: this product is the scenery of Moscow and Metropolitan spirit, so beloved by many producers of the television "soap", made professionally, with a clear claim to toughness, psychology, with good actors and how the attributes of real life. Read more... Pictures from a Horny unreality "Trigger" - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights reserved.

"History as a science is a perpetual mobile in creation of myths And their subsequent exposure through new myths!.. And we're living witnesses... Why do we need these historians?" — says the hero of a modern novel about Russia. I'm a witness of that time, which told us offscreen voice citizen K. A. Sobchak in the movie called "Sobchak Case" on the First channel. the time caught up with me in adulthood, and this new pseudo Kinomir about the events of the past days explicitly designed not for people but for people who grew up in diapers and that time did not find. Read more... the Sobchak Case... Gorbachev, Yeltsin and their ilk very much alive! - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights reserved.

The Deputy of the state Duma Boris Chernyshov offered to provide a discount for payment of housing and communal services to people who refuse paper receipts, reports RT. to Read such residents of the Russian Federation recommend discount the idiocy of some deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, no wonder people dubbed it the establishment Gosduroy. A better thought would be the head, not the rear seat, and made an amendment to the Constitution or the applicable Law that change the utility tariffs for the population can not more often than once in three years, and the level of official inflation over the past year. Read more... About discounts on real idiocy and ridiculous discounts on utilities - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights...

Every third Russian (less children and elderly), according to freelance narcologist of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation E. A. Brune, "quiet alcoholic". Nobody, it seems, on the gr. Brune was not offended — so I can also say that every third Russian "silent rogue" or "silent rogue". And, in General, we all, quietly, and potential criminals. For example, the chief psychiatrist of the country Yevgeny Bryun may be accused of fraud because of the scandalous history with the introduction of the end of 2019, the new medical references for drivers. But the shouts of "Life thieves!" at the Banquet of the security forces has interested investigators of the TFR in the Tyumen region. Read more... About "Life thieves!", God in the Constitution and the...

"France is Paris. He thinks the province is just as important as what you think our feet" — so, apparently, argue some inhabitants of the capital, who consider themselves the elect, that is, to the elites of a state. Another question: who are these elite, where and how they arise and what they are essentially?.. And the most important question: do we need them all in such a modern state, where there is a vibrant civil society and a balanced democratic system of government? it Can be assumed that such questions concern the residents of the mini States in Europe and giants, like China and India in Asia. Read more... pregnant Krasnoyarsk meteorite and the global information explosion - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights reserved.

The Film "Gravity", in the center of the plot which the first contact earthlings with aliens, grossed more than $ 1 billion with a budget of 380 million. Therefore, it is clear that there will always be people ready to surprise the world and "surpass Hollywood." the people's artist of Russia Oleg Menshikov, who played the role of General Lebedev in the new film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "the Invasion," noted the high technological level of the tape, though it's not film-making, and something like cooking... Less serious, but noticeable pop laughing at this film, even without seeing it. Another, less noticeable, to become more visible, calls this film "brilliant". Read more... Attraction, the invasion, and then turning away from life and the buzz of fantasy...

Technological way of life and life itself is changing scientific knowledge, not art and literature — they are behind the scientific and technical progress. In Russia also came the fifth technological way, but our economy, science and technology do not match the level of the most advanced countries of the world. However, we, and the world, covered the global information space where the present, including fiction. recently we got rid of the totalitarian Communist ideology of the Communist party from the USSR, and a lot more from what, for example, the state monopoly on the publication of Glavlit, the literary Fund and professional writers — creators of this fiction. Read more... About fiction with comics and our lives - VLADIMIR HOTELOV.

Former head coach of London "Arsenal" Arsene Wenger shared his thoughts on Russian football: "About Russian football, I always think only one: why so few talented players? In a vast country of 150 million population, and only a few names. Why? Apparently, you have systemic problems that no one took while to decide." And a former football player of "Zenith" Konstantin Zyryanov says the following: "If composition were only the most talented players we have grown not one generation of Champions of the world". the Conclusion is simple and obvious: in any business there is a beginning and this beginning people, the people, as a community, forming a system of "state-society". Read more... About the Guinness book of records, showman Solovyov and coach Arsene...

I had a friend that sometimes spoke to those who pestered him: — Free as a fly in flight! We, two-legged, — I will not further clarify — also free, like flies in flight, but our flight, literally and figuratively, just thinking. And that our freedoms end. And when you look at the TV channel "Culture" program called "In search of freedom. The road to heaven or road to nowhere?", inside may, they — free thoughts, although at this moment he is sitting in a prison cell. Read more... This sweet word freedom, and it is a Paradise or a dead end? - VLADIMIR HOTELOV.

For our football watch for a long time, ever since the time when young and not too technical, but very fast winger "Spartacus" Valery Rheingold rapidly ran along the edge of the field from all the defenders of the Soviet Championships and then did the crosses and canopies in the penalty area of the opponents. And there they frequently and skillfully used frontline Yuri Sevidov... then In time the USSR national team was quoted in the world is high and has always been, as they say now, in the top. Read more... All our life is a game... and not just in football! © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | VLADIMIR HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: power, society, politics, sports

I recently Wrote a satirical pamphlet on the topic of the day "Strength — in truth" our life about different news and posted in social networks. There it zero attention, although the pamphlet ends with a verse from the song-horror: Children in the village found a machine gun — more in the village no one lives! But today, August 18, 2019, in the Ulyanovsk region there was a terrible murder of an entire family — a teenager killed three adults and two young children, with whom he lived. Read more... Timur from the village Patrikeevo without a team, but with an axe and no guns © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: act, people, people, society, media