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A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose

Modern prose for adults and fantasy, pathos, intelligence and lies.

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"France is Paris. He thinks the province is just as important as what you think our feet" — so, apparently, argue some inhabitants of the capital, who consider themselves the elect, that is, to the elites of a state. Another question: who are these elite, where and how they arise and what they are essentially?.. And the most important question: do we need them all in such a modern state, where there is a vibrant civil society and a balanced democratic system of government? it Can be assumed that such questions concern the residents of the mini States in Europe and giants, like China and India in Asia. Read more... pregnant Krasnoyarsk meteorite and the global information explosion - © VLADIMIR HOTELOV, 2012-2020 All rights reserved.

The Film "Gravity", in the center of the plot which the first contact earthlings with aliens, grossed more than $ 1 billion with a budget of 380 million. Therefore, it is clear that there will always be people ready to surprise the world and "surpass Hollywood." the people's artist of Russia Oleg Menshikov, who played the role of General Lebedev in the new film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "the Invasion," noted the high technological level of the tape, though it's not film-making, and something like cooking... Less serious, but noticeable pop laughing at this film, even without seeing it. Another, less noticeable, to become more visible, calls this film "brilliant". Read more... Attraction, the invasion, and then turning away from life and the buzz of fantasy...

Technological way of life and life itself is changing scientific knowledge, not art and literature — they are behind the scientific and technical progress. In Russia also came the fifth technological way, but our economy, science and technology do not match the level of the most advanced countries of the world. However, we, and the world, covered the global information space where the present, including fiction. recently we got rid of the totalitarian Communist ideology of the Communist party from the USSR, and a lot more from what, for example, the state monopoly on the publication of Glavlit, the literary Fund and professional writers — creators of this fiction. Read more... About fiction with comics and our lives - VLADIMIR HOTELOV.

Former head coach of London "Arsenal" Arsene Wenger shared his thoughts on Russian football: "About Russian football, I always think only one: why so few talented players? In a vast country of 150 million population, and only a few names. Why? Apparently, you have systemic problems that no one took while to decide." And a former football player of "Zenith" Konstantin Zyryanov says the following: "If composition were only the most talented players we have grown not one generation of Champions of the world". the Conclusion is simple and obvious: in any business there is a beginning and this beginning people, the people, as a community, forming a system of "state-society". Read more... About the Guinness book of records, showman Solovyov and coach Arsene...

I had a friend that sometimes spoke to those who pestered him: — Free as a fly in flight! We, two-legged, — I will not further clarify — also free, like flies in flight, but our flight, literally and figuratively, just thinking. And that our freedoms end. And when you look at the TV channel "Culture" program called "In search of freedom. The road to heaven or road to nowhere?", inside may, they — free thoughts, although at this moment he is sitting in a prison cell. Read more... This sweet word freedom, and it is a Paradise or a dead end? - VLADIMIR HOTELOV.

For our football watch for a long time, ever since the time when young and not too technical, but very fast winger "Spartacus" Valery Rheingold rapidly ran along the edge of the field from all the defenders of the Soviet Championships and then did the crosses and canopies in the penalty area of the opponents. And there they frequently and skillfully used frontline Yuri Sevidov... then In time the USSR national team was quoted in the world is high and has always been, as they say now, in the top. Read more... All our life is a game... and not just in football! © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | VLADIMIR HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: power, society, politics, sports

I recently Wrote a satirical pamphlet on the topic of the day "Strength — in truth" our life about different news and posted in social networks. There it zero attention, although the pamphlet ends with a verse from the song-horror: Children in the village found a machine gun — more in the village no one lives! But today, August 18, 2019, in the Ulyanovsk region there was a terrible murder of an entire family — a teenager killed three adults and two young children, with whom he lived. Read more... Timur from the village Patrikeevo without a team, but with an axe and no guns © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: act, people, people, society, media

Latest news on the Internet. A pamphlet on the topic of the day Plumber with a scientific degree of candidate of technical Sciences, radium Radiant softly sang their favorite song-horror: Children in the basement played in the Gestapo — died from torture plumber Potapov... Then, the radium began to read aloud, Internet-native news in the search engine "Yasha", commenting on them: — the Dyatlov Parfentiev said of his departure from Russia because of the political situation... hmmm. Died PR Director of Gum Thekla Zweig... Sad... Dobchinsky urged to speed up the appointment in the "slotlandcom format"... the attorney General Maidenii reported on the status of former President of Svinarenko in criminal matters... Read more... Pamphlet "the power is in the...

"There are two kinds of nonsense, — said Pushkin. One occurs from a lack of feelings and thoughts are replaced by words; the other, from completeness of feelings and thoughts and lack of words to Express them". while Still in school, I read and have heard from people writing that they are, figuratively speaking, went out, grew out of Gogol's "Overcoat"". Read more Pushkin, Gogol, textologist bullshit and modern prose © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: culture, literature, society

As a reader, I thoroughly "immersed" in the fiction, in the last 30 years, twice in the late 80's of the last century, when there was much that could not appear earlier, because it was forbidden. And at the end of the first decade of this century, when age was a subject with a sufficient limit of free time. the First dive was quite short: deposits standing of the forbidden were not as extensive, and can already and not so interesting. Read more... Modern "literary deluge" and how we, the readers, to survive © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: culture, literature, society

Our life is a theater... or a reality show?! the government, like the system — learned from the Soviet era, "the servant of the people". But let's not talk about the past talk about the present, about our, the Constitution, democratic and social state, where power must be the servant of the people, not in words but in deeds. Actually, the government at various levels is very good, mostly, their, superiors, among themselves, and the people at last — that will remain. Read more... One Putin, two Putin, Putin... three 17 times Putin, and where is the power? © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: GDP, government, society

Here to my site strayed from "Yasha" in query: "the place of the horse in modern Russia". I think for our time, for people living in Russia, is a very suitable structure for most queries on hot topics. for Example, "the place of literature in contemporary Russia". Obviously, it is a place for books "of hyperfix"! Scored a request in the "Yasha" and in the top of the issue recognized that "...unfortunately, in modern society the role of literature is constantly belittled. And that is the great paradox of the 21st century. With all the modern technology, with the existence of virtual libraries, electronic devices for reading or listening to books, readers reduced..." Read more... the Place of literature in Russia and the flourishing of literary fictions...

When I look at this "glossy" portrait "of the prima Donna of our platform", you somehow remember the expression "cult of personality" and different from those of the Association. In the "Dictionary of the Russian language" Ozhegova a word "cult" means — religion: service to the deity and related actions, rituals... In many dictionaries, even encyclopedic, there is nothing about the role of personality in history, about the cult of personality in the state, in society... But we do without Wikipedia know (and many!), what it is, so imposing and creating a cult of personality of a particular person in the state, in society, in culture many perceive without much enthusiasm, disapproval and even fear. Read more... a Cult of personality, a disgusting part of...

A Story about the meaning of life and happiness. Humor with irony Recently, Ivan Mikhailovich Ivanov learned that, it turns out, is international Day of Happiness established by the United Nations. And today, during lunch, he accidentally heard on the radio that "...we are not hamsters: eat, NAP and mug to the grave..." "No, guys, we are worse than hamsters, — Ivan thought, not agreeing with a radio. The main difference resides in the fact that hamsters don't know what they're hamsters, and now we know... If it were otherwise, the planet Earth, as proven by science, would be very different without us, at least, nicer, cleaner... Read more... Story "Days of happiness" © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink...

Look at these intelligent...!! In the media there is another passage from the Russian pop music, in the person of its representative, the leader of the group "time Machine" Andrei Makarevich. Forbid to shout to multiple speakers. Because it just cripples the psyche of the people. Forgive me, but generally 80 percent of the population — are idiots. You have to accept it as a given. (From an interview in "") Read more... a time Machine and generator stupid Makarevich © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2019 All rights reserved. | Vladimir Hotelov | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: society, pop music, media