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Personally, I have an ambiguous attitude to the already traditional meetings of the Russian President with his people in the media, and his annual hours-long press conferences with representatives of the same media. Especially after the tragedies that befell our country at the end of this leap year... Appeared petition with a demand to expel Russia some scandalous network "gourock" Metropolitan gloss with glamour, which gave the Internet another PR provocation of the terrible plane crash... Read more About each creature on the pair with Russian the Internet-garbage © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2016 All rights reserved | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: power, people, society, media

I, like many, studied in the Soviet school... Our school and the pioneer squad were named Zoe and Shura kosmodemyanskiy. Remember how we came to their mother for a meeting with the pioneers and Komsomol schools, and was even in our class had an interesting conversation... the pioneers took me the second time, a Komsomol member, I was not in the party (of course!) was not... and like many people of my generation, the Soviet system did not like (had something). Now I dislike our homegrown liberals (or lib — tards), especially capital, because they are always ahead of the rest and want to be on everyone's mind. Now, specifically, about Mr. Bilzho, a typical representative of this community. Read more... Peugeot, Bilzho and stinking mess... © Vladimir...

Want to read novels about love by contemporary Russian authors?.. Modern novels where a romance novel, detective, and Thriller in one book?! Then read action-Packed novel "Disbelief" about love and the vicissitudes of life. It is a modern Russian prose about love without the beautiful, but false notions of the authors of pop and empty pseudointellectual zaum "postmodernists". The prose of Russian life, where most people don't care about gloss and glamour to sophisticated, but barren of the intricacies of someone composed of stories. But sometimes a love story, crime fiction and psychological Thriller intertwined, inextricably and tragically, in real human lives. And it's not fancy mixing of literary genres in life, but the essence of diversity and...

I believe that the vast majority of the Russian population did not really hear about it, and even more have never been there and hardly ever visit pompous Yeltsin Center in the glorious city of Ebola (the name of Yekaterinburg was not invented by me, and one hyped now writer). But thanks to the Director N.Mikhalkov theme of the Yeltsin Centre with the question of the legality of its existence was in the TOP news in the Russian media. I, frankly, drum, Grand Yeltsin Centre is in fact what "ideas carries the weight," as more recently (in historical terms) talking to his subordinates as the first Secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional party Committee Boris Yeltsin on the role of the only party in the USSR... But it is perhaps the second question... Read more...

The leader of the group DDT Yuri Shevchuk argues that " be happy means to be fools." He commented on the results of the opinion poll, which showed that 2% less Russians began to feel happy, reports NSN . Unrequited love was the cause of the suicide of the champion of Russia on bench shooting Vladislav Loshakova, says Life. According to the publication, shortly before the death of the athlete broke up with my girlfriend. In addition, it was found that a few months before the death of the Mules was expelled from the Russian medical University named after Pirogov for truancy and a failed session. Read more... And what sings Shevchuk?.. For happiness or for money?! © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2016 All rights reserved | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments...

News Flashed on the screen: ...Iran may give Russia an air base in Hamadan... ...the Cubans in Miami staged Feuerbach the death of Castro... ...Detainees in the DNI journalists of "Rain" arrived in Russia... , Controversial photographer David Hamilton was found dead in Paris... ...Unknown opened fire on buses in the South-West of Moscow... somehow remember the words of our sages about life, which really only birth and death... And between them a reflection of life, like a dash of History as the eternal hum of the Universe... Read more About the dash of life © Vladimir Hotelov,2012-2016 All rights reserved | Vladimir HOTELOV | Permalink | Comments: none | Tags: history, people, society