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AtmWood Tree-Promyshlenny Vestnik

AtmWood.Derevo-Promyshlenny Vestnik independent specialized Ukrainian Internet-edition the forest and the tree of the industrial theme.

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On the initiative of the State forest resources Agency of Ukraine in the city of Lutsk held a joint meeting of the Directors of the state forestries, managers and specialists of regional managements of forest and hunting sector of the two regions - Volyn and Chernivtsi. Held a meeting Deputy Chairman of State forest resources Agency of Ukraine Volodymyr Bondar for the participation of the head of the Volyn OLEH Alexander Quaterra and acting head of Chernivtsi OLAH Victor Sonyca. Considered the issue of timely silvicultural [...]

8 February the trial in the appellate court in the case about recognition illegal decisions of the Obukhiv city Council about the allocation and transfer of the leasehold LLC "Kyiv-Housing" 5.8 hectares of the forest Fund on Chestnut street for construction of a residential complex. The court satisfied claims of Prosecutor's office in full, and all decisions on the transfer of forest land of OOO illegal. But it is impossible [...]

When choosing material for the construction of the house masters are increasingly trying to find an alternative to the usual brick and precious wood. A great alternative to not so long ago have returned to our markets, is the arbolit. As the saying goes: "everything new is well forgotten old". And the material that appeared in the middle of the last century, popular again. Houses from arbolita have many positive characteristics. [...]

In Ivano-Frankivsk 29-year-old young man, the inhabitant of one of villages in Kosiv district illegally cut down in the forest, four tree species of spruce (spruce). The amount of damage was estimated at more than 27 thousand hryvnias. The guilt would-be lumberjack is fully acknowledged. Healthy trees cut down for their own needs. In fact the illegal logging criminal proceedings (article 246 criminal code). Man can [...]

On 9 February, the Ministry of economy of Lithuania signed an agreement on the establishment of a wood cluster, the first in the country, with the aim of enhancing the development of the furniture industry. It is reported that investment in the cluster can reach 540 million euros. The Minister of the economy, Virginijus Sinkevicius said: - it is Obvious that finally, increasing investments in our sector of the wood. We do not intend to subscribe to that will [...]

In Krasnograd district, Kharkiv region, in the forest of the village Popovka, the police found the oak trunks, the car "UAZ" with logs and a chainsaw. "Black loggers" had to cut 18 oaks. It turned out that it is a crime – the handiwork of local residents, 30 and 22 years. Parked near the truck, law enforcement found seven logs with a length of 1-1,5 meters, and there are eleven felled [...]

. one of the materials used in construction since the mid-90s. In those times it is mass produced in factories and were used widely for construction and insulation. Since that time much has changed, there are new, more advanced materials for construction, but the arbolit is still not losing its popularity. Today let's talk about its advantages and disadvantages, and [...]

In the Constantine district, Donetsk region stopped illegal activities of a group of men who carried out the illegal felling of trees. As the press service of the national police in the Donetsk region, SBU and police received information that in the forest of the Konstantinovsky district, unknown persons sawing trees. Arriving at the scene of the incident, the police saw six men aged 25-50 years (two of them previously convicted), [...]

Bukovina was again damaged by windfalls. In particular, strong gusts of wind destroyed 18 thousand cubic meters of wood on 300 hectares of forest in the forest areas of five forest Beregomet forestry: Falkowski, Dolishnya-Chepetskogo, Slovatskogo, Lopushne, Beregomet. Over the last two decades in Chernivtsi region windbreaks and windfalls, has damaged forests on an area of 150 thousand hectares, of which 3 thousand hectares [...]

Foresters from all over the Khmelnitsky region summed up the work for the past year and outlined plans for the coming year. The Board of management of lesookhotnichy economy of Khmelnytsky gathered the whole management team structure. Talked about the problems, which, unfortunately, today have a lot. But not paid attention to, and achievements. 2017 brought the foresters Khmelnytskyi region many achievements: they are among the best in the country [...]

Forest protection "Belotserkovsky forestry" in the period of thaw have discovered an unusual phenomenon: snow cover on jump thousands of small black insects. Similar piles of "snow fleas", according to Russian online publication, recorded in 2011 in Tatarstan in 2016 – in the Perm region and the Tula region, in 2017 in Orel. It turned out that it is glacier fleas [...]

In Chernigov Priluki local Prosecutor's office supported the public prosecution in court resident of the district, accused of illegal logging of wood (part 2 of article 246 of the criminal code of Ukraine). January 29, Prilutsky district court sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years with a probation period of two years. In addition, the court satisfied the claim of Prosecutor's office about the compensation of the damage caused [...]

From Now on, anyone can see the registries timber harvesting tickets, to verify the legality of forest products, to see the plans for afforestation and forest certification on the official website of SFA. As noted by Volodymyr Bondar, Deputy Head of SFA, one of the main tasks of the Department – ensuring transparency of information on forest management. Often, people see the tower and immediately reported it [...]

The current trend in the repairs of premises is covering the walls of various sheet materials. It is very convenient and allows you to solve in one fell swoop a lot of problems. In order that the sheet material firmly entrenched, was smooth and lasts a long time, it is necessary to crate walls. What is the sheathing of the walls and how to make your own hands – these are the main questions that we will help you to understand [...]

Kyiv regional Prosecutor's office reported about suspicion to the former head of the state Committee in Ivankov district, which transferred the property of the citizens of nearly 6 hectares of forest land without legal grounds. It turned out to a former official, abusing official position, signed the conclusion on approval of land management project on branch in private property of seven citizens of land plots outside the settlements [...]