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AtmWood.Derevo-Promyshlenny Vestnik independent specialized Ukrainian Internet-edition the forest and the tree of the industrial theme.

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E-petition on the imposition of capital factory Fanplit outside the city received the required minimum (more than 10 thousand of votes) for adoption by the city Council. Vitali Klitschko, mayor of Kiev, has tasked the deputies of the city administration, the Executive body of the KSCA, the permanent commissions of city Council on environmental policy and on trade, entrepreneurship and regulatory policy, to consider an electronic document in the prescribed [...]

In the Volyn region law enforcement officers detained the master of the forest of the military forestry of the fraud with the forest. So, in the Volyn region 31-year-old master of the forest military forestry, using the position, realizing their entrepreneurial ability: illegally cut forest tree species are oak, which is not passed on the documents, and preparing it for sale. The investigators of the military Prosecutor of the Western region and field investigators of Department of protection of the economy in Volyn [...]

Starting from 2 March, six residents of the Ukrainian capital have addressed in medical institutions with complaints of tick bites. You can talk about the opening of the season the attack of these "bloodsuckers". As noted by the chief state Gospodarevskaya in Kiev Oleg Ruban, workers in the utilities sector is still not too late to conduct tick event. If after a tick bite, a person will begin complications, the responsibility for this [...]

In March of the current year takes effect LP No. 1832-VIII for making a number of changes to some legislative acts. In particular, the bill would increase penalties for transporting and collecting flora and fauna species in violation of the law, new restrictions for hunters, the restriction of the use of certain weapons. So, the fines will increase 10 times. Now a man trying to illegally export or import [...]

In the river, the activists noticed citizens who, without any permits, exactly as without protective equipment, cut down about fifty trees that reinforce the soil near dams, of different diameters (10-100 cm). As noted on his Facebook page, the activists of the organization "Spirit of the nation", it happened on the dike between the villages Karnaukhivka and Taroms'ke. Wood trunks with a length of 5-6 meters [...]

World wildlife Fund WWF stated that the five arrays of valuable intact forest landscapes (IFL), located in Russia, is under threat of extinction in the coming decades. Intact forest areas are virgin forests with no traces of human activities and roads. MLT applies to about a quarter of all forests in the world, but their area is catastrophic shortened [...]

On 22 March a meeting was held Christine Yushkevich, the head Goslesagentstva of Ukraine, head of the Forestry service of Slovenia by Damyan Orazepam and Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine Natasha Prah, during which a Memorandum was signed on cooperation in the field of forestry. - Now we with our Slovenian colleagues to collaborate for improvement of forest management, - said the acting head of SFA [...]

The Main purpose of industrial wood drying is quick bringing the material to the required parameters of humidity with minimal resources. There are many different drying methods. One of them is aerodynamic drying of wood. What is an aerodynamic drying of wood? In order to understand this, consider these points: - how to construct aerodynamic chamber for drying wood, the main principle of its [...]

Nine years ago, Ukraine joined global campaign "earth Hour", namely, to turn off their lights for 1 hour. In 2017, the Ukrainians offered to enjoy the dark 25 Mar 20:30 to 21:30. According to the organizers of the campaign, world wide Fund for nature WWF, this is the minimum that everyone can do to give nature a chance to rest at least an hour. [...]

In the Kherson region held a protest action, during which activists, social activists, organizations and caring people together to revive the man-made Oleshkovskaya forest. Event organizers said that all will be salesmen about 30 hectares of forest 40 thousand saplings of Crimean pine on the site of the infamous large-scale fire in 2007. This action will take place for the fourth year. - Strive to make each of you [...]

Any wood needs to be impregnated with compounds that can protect the material from adverse environmental influences. On the outer impregnation for wood we said, today we will talk about what are the impregnation for the wood interior. The tree, unfortunately, has no natural means of protection from influence of negative factors. And even indoors, exposure to wood not as [...]

The Tree was and remains a popular and affordable material for building, furniture making and decoration of premises. To ensure that it does not spoil and delight you for many years, the wood needs to be impregnated with protective solutions. Their purpose are to impregnate wood exterior and impregnation for interior use. In this article we will talk about how to impregnate the wood [...]

Activists invite all not indifferent people of Kiev will join in planting more than 10,000 trees on the territory of national natural Park "Goloseevskiy". The organizers of the event say that part of the funds for the planting were allocated from the budget of 10 thousand activists gathered for the purchase of planting material, transportation costs and tools. The gathering – March 18, Saturday, at 10:30. Place – Stella - "the National natural [...]

In the village of Zolochiv, Kharkiv oblast on 16 March, the staff of the national police seized a deck of oak with a cubic capacity of about 100 cubic meters worth 800 thousand hryvnias. As reports the Department of national police in the Kharkiv region, the forest was cut down illegally, and then brought to the warehouse. Concerning officials of one of managements of forest and hunting economy, appropriated the property of the company during deforestation, implementation and [...]

The Government of Ukraine decided in advance to get the money to turn our country into a raw materials appendage of Europe. Thus, the Europeans made a public stance of the Ukrainian authorities, which authorities are hiding themselves. This was stated by Valeriy Konovalyuk, the leader of the "New Ukraine", economic expert at his Facebook page in a comment on the EU decision to allocate to Ukraine 600 million Euro loan, [...]