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The Sign is the main form of advertising. The television channel can be switched, Internet advertising close, and that's the sign, that before the eyes can "disable" only by closing the eyes or turning away... but once the information is "considered" in the brain.

Laying PVC tiles with a mechanical click-lock can be performed independently without the involvement of experts. The flooring can be easily installed without any special skills, the installation does not require the use of adhesives, the substrate under the PVC tiles are required — these are just some of the features of laying this material. In addition, there is no need to use additional materials, tools, and installation takes little time.

Nordic countries and Baltic States green roof — a phenomenon familiar and natural. As in any region, where the lifestyle is dictated by the environmental conditions, the inhabitants of these edges are not fighting with the elements, and take the example of plants and animals and with nature to build a harmonious relationship.

Industry Representatives, designers and architects finally received for their products, projects and houses a durable and hygienic material dark colors that reduce the likelihood of lightening in processing and offering new opportunities of work with preservation of the entire "depth" of color. New technology DeepColour™ technology, developed by DuPont that enables designers, architects and artists to receive such rich dark colors, which they previously considered unattainable.

Modern design wall sconces are an excellent tool for interior decoration of the bedroom and creating a cozy warm atmosphere. Soft diffused light wall lamp soothes and improves mood. Tips and colorful photos will help You choose lighting fixtures for bedroom.

Choosing Wallpaper for your apartment, we often conservative in their vision of design. That is why we choose neutral "clothes" for our walls, monotonous and boring pictures. We are afraid to experiment and use in the interior of saturated bright or very dark shades, thinking that it will affect our way of life. Maybe you should try to think more creatively?

"are most Important weather in the house..." goes the popular song. But when used for home gas water boiler it is important to take into account the weather outside – then the room will create the most comfortable conditions, and the energy consumption is kept to the minimum necessary.

Despite the apparent and the hidden contradictions of the modern inter-state level, every observant person will notice that the vector of future changes directed towards the integration and merging. Maybe everything will happen for a long time and very slowly, but also not highly probable, that there will be a boost, accelerating a process that is already happening.

Unfortunately, we cannot influence the weather. But everyone has the perfect opportunity to create the weather in your house. The sky will be in our apartment — it's up to us. Because today there are so many ceiling coverings. Using the wizard you can run on the ceiling light cloud or to build an entire constellation. But first you need to figure out what the ceiling is better.

Furniture that can be easily transformed from one form to another, great for small apartments, kids rooms, and simple for modern interiors the trendy high-tech style. Convertible furniture is not only functional, but also original.

If you live and work in the big city, even while in the apartment or the office, every day is inevitably exposed to noise pollution, not less dangerous to health than a street smog or Smoking. The only obstacle to the varied sounds of the metropolis are Windows, sound insulating characteristics which we, unfortunately, are paying insufficient attention. It is necessary to understand, what is so harmful noise and how to protect his family from him.

Over the past several decades among domestic consumers formed the opinion that products from Europe is necessarily a quality product. And let it costs in half, and sometimes several times more expensive, but he's European. This is partly true, and if you take, for example, products for bedroom, mattresses from Germany or Italy a couple of years ago actually was considered expensive, but very good.

"Golden triangle" of St. Petersburg is one of the outstanding luxury zones of the Northern capital. Here was erected the first luxurious residential complexes is not for mere mortals. The picturesque territory of the Nevsky Prospekt, the embankments of the Fontanka and the Neva river for many years became a centre for the construction of real estate.

In recent years among residents of large cities there is a widespread desire to acquire a vacation property. And it's not a fad, but a desire to live in greater comfort, while having unlimited personal space. But how to become the owner of a cozy country cottage?

In order to make your bathroom unique, masters use a lot of different materials. They account for the various compositions, collecting the original colors. Especially successfully obtained combining the tiles in the bathroom.