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Designers are constantly improving methods and technologies ceilings. Today the are used for these purposes mainly, ornamentation or composition of the lamps, and one of the most effective ways is to create entire art paintings using manual spray painting or printing.

The First thing we see, going to the bathroom is the door! The interior element can tell a lot about the destination of the room and its owner. However there are doors that zagovorcheski silent, being faceless, or disgust because of untidy appearance. Probably, you would not suit it. To interior doors have always been expressive and friendly they have to choose knowledgeably.

According to the site one of the trends in modern design bathrooms is a combination of baths and bedrooms. Bedroom, forming a single space with bathroom, appear not only in private homes but also in the urban open-plan apartments.

The Process of attaching the plywood sheets has a certain specificity, due to their layered structure. In each case we have to choose a specific method of installation is appropriate in any situation the solution does not exist for them. How to choose the type of attachment depending on the type of plywood and destination of the product?

SMART Technology is known to us mainly thanks to Apple, which announced HomeKit system for the smart home last year and successfully fulfilled his plan in mid-June of this year. However, the “smart home” is the control electronics, not only with the iPhone, it's software that combines household appliances into a single system using a data transmission technology. Thus, the device may be a smartphone, and a TV, and the web camera when connecting to the data network. What are the devices that will make your home a smart home?

That gardens can be not only a continuous series of beds has long been known. Even in purely practical and economical Soviet times, people tried to allocate on a plot of at least a small corner, to arrange a place to relax, socialize and useful entertainment.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately not all of us starting the repair, you can seek the help of qualified designers and specifiers. And therefore in the case are our personal views about how to make home beautiful and functional. But even the best ideas sometimes fail. How to avoid mistakes and to realize all their ideas?

So you are tired of every winter to seal old Windows with paper or tape, to endure the cold and drafts, to walk around the house in two sweaters and wool socks. And you finally decided to install new plastic Windows, but not sure how to approach this task. With the help of experts of the window industry, we have prepared a step by step guide which will help you avoid the most obvious mistakes and disappointments.

Wallpaper used in the decoration of interior design, not only for many years are at the peak of popularity, but not going in the near future to take their positions. This is primarily due to their huge variety, and lots of original new products that offer each year designers. Look at some of them.

Everyone wants to feel cozy and comfortable coming home, where as at home I want to relax, unwind and gather strength for a new day. However, one of the main problems of multi-apartment houses is soundproofing. If you're remodeling, lives a family with small children or just noisy neighbors, we want to be careful about soundproofing your apartment.

Buy quality modern housing in city Korolyov offers the Atlant invest. Three-storey brick-monolithic buildings LCD "Valentinovka Park built on the author's projects. Each house apartments for sale convenient layout size from 30 to 93 square meters, you can purchase one-, two - or three-bedroom or Studio. Also provides residential lofts.

Perhaps, the greatest space to occupy any interior wall. That is why their decorating needs special attention and taste. Obviously, the bare walls and empty, and immoderate quantity of jewelry on the walls equally bad effect on the interior space.

In the middle of the summer the company "Bosch Thermotechnology has introduced on the Russian market its new development – atmospheric gas floor standing boiler Bosch GAZ 2500 F. the line includes five models ranging from 20 to 50 kW. Thanks to this power heat and hot water can be obtained not only small private houses and cottages with an area of up to 400 sqm

Each of us periodically visits the desire to change something in the interior, to add something new or to allocate some area of the interior. A complete update of the design of the apartment is an expensive and time-consuming process, which is very often compared to fire. What to do when the changes you want, and the opportunity to spend time and money there? Take advantage of the latest innovation in the world of design wall decal.

To Build a house with minimal cost and in the shortest possible time will help a unique technology using SIP panels. These panels are a special "sandwich", which consists of two OSB boards, and between them invested a layer of polystyrene foam. The company is Building together produces these panels in the form of a finished wall with dimensions of 2.5 m x 1.25 m thickness.