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Choosing finishing materials, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, we definitely prefer the favorite or most liked shades. However, it often happens haphazardly, randomly. And in the end result often falls short. To avoid mistakes, you should guide the choice of some simple rules.

Despite the fact that the history of monolithic house-building has not much time (seriously build housing out of steel reinforced concrete in the early twentieth century), she managed to acquire its myths. Interestingly, most of the "legends of the monolith" tell, for some reason, in Russia, where technology and is widely used just a few decades. Try to make out the main "horror stories" about this advanced construction method, and to find their origins.

Modern living room is not only the center of the entire apartment, but also a place where guests gather during the holiday and its owners, their friends or guests. In the living room with cozy interior might be nice to have even a normal night. If you find it difficult to design a living room, and I want to do something unusual and memorable, it is best to contact an experienced design professionals.

Today for anybody not a secret that the most rational at the construction site may be unfolding modular building housing complexes. Typically, these buildings consist of individual modules – huts, and therefore is called the modular buildings.

In all ages, during the existence of mankind, we are constantly looking at Africa as the cradle of true homeland, in the broadest sense of the word. People who think creatively, creative, always finding inspiration in the cultures of other peoples, especially if these people so Dickie, original, even primitive, as the peoples of Africa. Culture of African peoples can be traced aggressive beauty and feline grace.

If by a happy coincidence you are the owner of a country house with an antique and reliable furnace heating, you will certainly require to learn those simple but important rules about how to use the stove. This will help to operate the heater safest and most efficient manner, and prolong its service life.

It is well known that children's bodies are very sensitive to various kinds of inconveniences in my life. This, of course, applies to such an important phase of life, like a dream. At night spends more time than an adult, and it is very important to create him for this process comfortable environment.

The suburbs has always attracted as residents of the capital and buyers from other regions. For the first it was always the opportunity to get out into nature in permanent or temporary form, and for a second - a way to be closer to the capital with her attractiveness. The formation of a Large Moscow to the South-West made these tasks more real than previously.

The First step in design is to visually imagine how it will look in your room at the end. You can seek the help of a professional designer, what would that show you how to maximize space and proposed options for the decor of your room.

What building materials do you usually use? Hand on heart, most likely imported. The dominance of imports did not begin yesterday. If at first these were mostly functional expensive products such as coatings or additives in the concrete, today in Russia even import dry mix. And what about tomorrow? Brick and lumber? And the internal production of all entirely on imported technologies and equipment.

One of the most popular services on working with glass is an architectural rendering. This is a very simple and effective way to reduce the light transmission of the glass without the use of complex fixtures, curtains, blinds. Tinted window does not spoil the interior of the apartment or office that blends into the design showcases, facades of buildings.

Morocco... the Gold of the Sahara desert, the dark blue expanse of the Mediterranean sea, unusual for European culture...All in the African country steeped in tradition and craftsmanship, renowned worldwide for its Handicrafts and wood cutting boards. This southern country has always attracted and will attract to itself millions of travelers. And now each of us can create in your home a piece of this exotic country.

In the processing of wood inevitably accumulated waste in the form of sawdust and shavings. Just throw them a pity, because sawdust can serve as a fuel. Of course you can burn them in a conventional oven or fireplace, but more interesting they can present for a special furnace for sawdust.

Starting to create projects of interiors, it is necessary to get acquainted with styles that lend uniformity and harmonious combination of elements of the premises. The style is a Union of artistic practices and media that represent a direction in creativity. Style considered certain established forms and techniques of fine and applied art that characterizes a historical time period.

It So happened that in Russia of an apartment on the ground floor are considered to be undervalued. In this regard, as a rule, these apartments are pretty bad, if the seller does not make a good discount. However, if we approach the question of the sale of the apartment more carefully, leaving on the side of all its flaws and stereotypes human, it will be possible to sell the existing property is very profitable. How to sell apartment on the first floor is expensive, said the real estate market experts.