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Hall is one of the important components of any house that protects it not only from drafts, cold and dirt, but also from unfriendly people. The hallway is the buffer between the outside world and your own world, which is concentrated in your home.

If you are even one day doing repairs, then you surely remember this is a pleasant yet slightly disturbing feeling from choosing new plumbing fixtures for your cozy nest. In your head there's a lot of different questions from "what kind of sink is ideal for the updated interior?" to "what is better to install: bath or shower?".

With the arrival of spring it is time to upgrade your metal objects in the country - a fence, benches, other dachas. Easiest way to do this using a paint which can be applied directly on the rust and without priming, saving you time and effort. Just 3 simple steps - and a rusty metal surface will be like new!

The importance of the industrial lighting is difficult to overestimate. It depends on the safety of working conditions, and the comfort of the staff, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity. It is no exaggeration to say that the lighting in industrial premises is an important factor in the efficiency of the entire production process.

Let's Not forget: the comfort of staying in nature depends on how this "nature" to furnish. Moreover in a literal sense: for example, if you wanted to watch the sunset on the waterfront, better get comfortable on the bench or chair. Discussed in this article will focus on garden furniture.

And the right Quality waterproofing surfaces made of concrete can reliably protect the material from damage due to exposure to moisture. Today, this problem is relevant because the increase humidity affects the condition of structures and finishing materials, affects the microclimate in the room.

If you are engaged in the improvement of a country house and many types of work performed independently, the information about devices that can help you in your work will be useful. And to start, is to say that the moving of various cargoes, including pots and tubs planted with plants and trees is best done with the help of trolleys.

Construction boom of recent years has generated a wide demand for a variety of flooring. Depending on the tastes and preferences of the owners of premises for floorings are parquet, laminate, carpet, tile and, of course, the linoleum.

Nowadays, there are so popular is the variety of decors applied not only in the decoration of different buildings, but also in the outer design of the building and decorating of the site, adjacent to the building is called landscape design. Landscape design in which both major and minor elements play an important role. And, very often, it would seem, at first glance, minor elements play a very important role in maintaining the overall style of the whole area surrounding the building.

Want to feel pride for their country? Then get ready to learn about what you don't know that Russia has Europe's largest enterprise for production of autoclaved aerated concrete (gas concrete) and its products are recognized as the best in Europe. All the details in an interview...

Fashion trends in interior design have the feature after some time again to return. Often in the background of the creation of new technologies and materials, again gaining popularity seemingly remaining in the past and already-forgotten trends. Such finishing materials include modern wall murals, which have recently confidently declare themselves.

Representatives of the construction business could not help comparing the current state of the industry crisis of 2008-2009 Then falling sales and increased competition felt literally everything – from the producers of materials for construction and repairs to developers. For example, the market of plastic Windows will try to understand, whether will work in the current environment, strategies, performance in the past difficult years.

The British say: if you want to do something well, do it yourself (If you want a thing well done, do it yourself). Every year the ideology of Do it yourself (DIY or "Do it yourself") is gaining popularity in the world. And this despite the fact that since the emergence of this trend community has been more than half a century.

Ceiling in old apartments with years crack, and not a whitewash or paint normally put already fails, quickly a microcrack, which become more noticeable... and now the repair must be done again. In this sense, the Wallpaper, including under painting, are much more durable solution.

What could be better than a hot summer day to enjoy a fresh and cool water? Outdoor or indoor swimming pool in the country – the dream of many people. But to buy a pool and set it on the plot is only half the battle. The water in the outdoor pool quickly contaminated by leaves, dust and other debris. If nothing is done to prevent it, then soon the water will become cloudy.