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The Trend of the modern market of low-voltage lighting systems with led light sources. The main advantage of low voltage LED lamps over similar devices with traditional lamps (fluorescent, hid, sodium) – low power consumption, which is especially important for emergency lighting systems. In addition to the efficiency of such lamps have other advantages, which you can read from this article.

The camera Teams of unilateral service, which belong to the CSR, are chosen to equip different items. The objects associated with the work of enterprises in agriculture, oil and light industry, as well as related to different types of transport: underground, railway and water transport.

Today, manufacturers offer roller shutter system has two segments — standard and economical. Than they essentially differ from each other and is it worth paying more responsible expert in the field of roller shutters Stanislav KUZMITSKY, Deputy marketing Director of LLC "Alutech Incorporated" — one of the leading factories producing roller shutter systems in Eastern Europe.

A Choice between bathtub and shower is one of the most painful. Sometimes it even causes conflict in the family. However, designers recommend to calm down and not to spoil each other nerves: are there planning decisions that allow you to place a bath and shower even in standard small bathroom. Consider some of them.

Affordable, durable work, beautiful design – that's what awaits the buyer of garage doors. But with the right approach it is possible to save even on such a serious design. You only need to know the leaders in the portal market and to be aware of their latest innovations. The range of ALUTECH gates, for example, a new economical series Trend.

Self-Leveling floor is self-leveling screed of mineral or polymer mixtures. The main purpose of filling the floor to create a flat surface on which in the future will be laid parquet or laminate Board, linoleum, tile or other materials. Also self-leveling floor can be used as a topcoat, as it combines not only strength and durability but also aesthetic appearance. This kind of self-leveling floors, we'll tell you more.

Catch phrase "how to start and finish" is perfect for repair subjects. And we should not be surprised that the folklore is right! Because of the correctness of the launch will depend largely on the final result of your efforts, both physical and material. And no matter what repair is planned, cosmetic or capital. In any case, good planning will help to finish all work on time and to protect herself from emotional breakdown.

Among the industries most affected by the economic crisis, construction, until recently, been one of the drivers of the domestic economy. And unfortunately, despite some growth by the end of the third quarter, an optimistic Outlook can not be named: according to the forecast of the HSE, only the housing market this year will decline in value more than 1.5 times. Approximately the same picture and in the construction industry.

"When will the repairs?" – the most common and burning issue both for customers and builders. Experts of the leading manufacturer of building materials Sika group – told about the main rules of quick and quality repair, also have developed a set of materials that will greatly reduce the time of repairs.

Bathroom is an important place in the house. Here people start and end their day: a charge of positive mood in the morning and relax in the evening. Pay attention to every detail in the decoration and choose the right materials so that your bathroom should meet the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Led lighting systems are one of locomotives of development of the lighting industry even in the current crisis. This contributes to their high efficiency, which is 2-3 times the efficiency of traditional lamps with discharge lamps, and long service life.

Stairs of natural stone from time immemorial, adorned the palaces and castles were the sign of greatness and prosperity. Today, these heavy duty and durable materials firmly established in the Arsenal of designers and architects and are found in the interiors of different styles.

Cabins are mobile structures designed to ensure the normal activity of people in places of lack of adequate living conditions. The modern market of such products is quite wide and varied. You can verify this by looking at the catalogue touches on But in order to buy design as functional as possible and meets all your requirements, you need to know some nuances. How to choose the shed and will be discussed later.

The Market of products for construction and repair is one of the most difficult in Russia. To be an entrepreneur it is very difficult today: fierce competition and crisis do not forgive mistakes. However, there are proven recipes for business development even in difficult times.

So we arranged that determine the quality of any products mostly by their appearance. Rosy Apple seems tastier pale and clean and shiny car is more reliable and faster than dirty and dull. But in the modern world, an attractive appearance of goods says nothing about their consumer characteristics, reliability and quality.