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A Quality General lighting is a prerequisite for all industrial and public facilities. Comfortable light levels allows personnel to interact with workspace, without straining your vision, ensures the safety of people and increases productivity.

There are Always so many things to store in the bathroom, and, as a rule, places for all belongings missing. We try to cram everything into the cupboard under the sink, make small wall-mounted shelves or the edge of the bathtub, but only from the aesthetic side it looks like this method of storage in the bathroom is not very. Let's look at the several interesting and stylish ways of organizing storage in the bathroom that will help to avoid the feeling of chaos and clutter space.

Until recently the bathroom was almost the only purpose of a bath and Laundry. Today this room in the house where you can retire and relax, to put in order ourselves and our thoughts, to dream and to think about the pressing issues. But because you have to feel comfortable, and all the items in the bathroom should facilitate this.

Where to get an ideal building material for interior work, which will be perfectly smooth base for finishing walls, ceilings and floors in wet rooms? So it was as smooth as drywall, but had the strength of concrete? Light and thin, non-flammable, ecological? That is moisture and withstand shocks? And so it is easy to mount and put in the end? Questions of this kind are quite common not only on artists, builders and designers. However, these requests to manufacturers of building materials have something to answer. One – for sure! And stuff that brings these advantages - cement Board.

For the modern man one of the few means of expression is his home, especially if it's not an urban apartment and private house. Here the owner may, in accordance with his aesthetic taste to change everything from the interior of the premises to the General architectural style of the building and used colors. It is the variation of colors and their combinations are one of the most accessible tools for giving the individual a private home.

Before starting the repair of apartments, offices, country houses any zealous owner trying to assess the qualitative performance of a building material. No exception and the traditional ceramic tiles, and its modern equivalent — granite.

Installation of plastic pipe does not lose its relevance for many years. This is not surprising, because they have a lot of advantages over the analogues from other materials. Many people think that the installation of water supply system of plastic pipes with their hands requires a huge amount of knowledge. This is partly true, but to do this work can anyone who at least once in life held in the Ruth wrench. And strictly adhering to the detailed instructions you can save a lot of money on the services of a specialist.

A Narrow kitchen with a width of 2 meters, even with a large long – room which is suitable for a role working in the least degree. The difficulty here is everything: large equipment , opening doors, as they simply block the passage, dining table, turning into an insurmountable obstacle, and so on. The interior of the kitchen is 2 meters or slightly more, is entirely determined by placement of furniture and kitchen appliances.

Experts have long said the so-called "mediaplaza" – the steady decrease in the effectiveness of traditional marketing channels. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns is constantly decreasing, while their costs are rising. But even to today's sophisticated consumer, who are, it seems, no surprise, it is possible to find approach. Just need to find the right keys.

The Main purpose of a coffee table — organize the space, to complement the soft zone some functionality. The table top it usually is fairly low, so you can use it sitting down: stretched out his hand and took the right thing. So low, paired with soft zone — and what else?

Love of Halloween was brought up in our multicultural environment, in which we are immersed from birth. Deep meanings of any holidays not intended for mass consumption that, in General, and for the better, but the paraphernalia of the eve of All Saints Day beckons. Here are some ideas how to bring into your life bright colors and take part in the madness.

Despite the huge range of radiators, the majority of new apartment buildings set the standard battery model, and what can we say about the old Soviet apartments with panels accordion-fold. Not always have the opportunity and the feasibility to change the battery to a more modern, and the appearance of old may not fit in the interior after the repair. In this case, we recommend to pay attention on the screens for radiators.

Scientists have proved that even the ancient tribes sought to create comfort in your home. And this at a time when they hunted mammoths and did not know what electricity is. And as modern inhabitants and all have as their priority the creation of real comfort. Everyone wants to enjoy coming home, where reigns a warm atmosphere, which does not want to leave. How to surround himself and his family such comfort and create your special "home order"?

Often, at the stage of creating the design project, or repair work, especially when you make them yourself, there are errors in the zoning of rooms and furniture arrangement. The realization that you are not comfortable in their own home, may not be immediate. However, if mistakes were made, nothing wrong with that. To update the interior by moving furniture. We have combined the advice of designers to create the instructions for turning your home.

When making repairs or replacing old electrical cables, all face the need to make the correct calculation of the electrical wiring in the apartment. Ignorance in this matter is unacceptable, because the quality of the transaction depends on the fire safety and normal operation of all devices.