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What we notice when the estimated interior? Aesthetics and beauty. Practicality. Modernity and fashion. And last but not least we pay attention to how colors affect us and their combination. In the end color always choose according to their own taste. But to evaluate how successful the choice.

The interior of the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms where spills a lot of water, requires special materials. But if the classic version with tiles too traditional for you, then pay attention to the laminate. Don't be put off by this idea! The days when laminate was swollen with a little moisture, have already passed, there are new types of flooring — moisture, water-resistant and waterproof.

The Construction of structures made of plasterboard business, though simple, but very important, - has its subtleties, to understand in which working with drywall will become "easier". In this article we will tell you about the edge of the gypsum Board, because of its type, and the method of sealing joints between sheets depends on the integrity and strength to the whole structure.

The only rule for organization of space bedrooms: nothing should cause irritation. In the end, the bedroom is the alpha and omega of every day — working or holiday, heavy or dizzy great. And you can always find a way to change the interior in a better way.

Unpleasant to experience in the comfort of your house or apartment cold. Surely you had to experience such discomfort in the fall or in the spring when the Central heating is still (or already) there, and heat in the house is not enough. What can be done to keep the house a pleasant temperature?

Wooden houses are not a relic of the past. They are incredibly relevant today. However, the building already looks little like an ordinary peasant's hut. They have all the amenities. And even the bathroom in a wooden house now is not nonsense. To equip it, knowing some details is not difficult. Let's try to consider them.

If you want your kitchen, dining or home mini-bar look stylish and expressive, transparent chairs will become fashionable and topical solution. I would particularly like to note that transparent plastic reveals its positive characteristics, if used in smaller kitchens. This transparent furniture will be like to float in the air, creating an indescribable atmosphere of spaciousness and lightness.

Standard apartments in standard houses one of the realities of our time. And although the quality of construction from year to year is growing, and the external appearance of residential buildings becomes more attractive we still feel the repetitiveness of layouts, despite the variety of finishing materials. However, there are solutions that will allow to give the apartment a unique, inimitable look.

When selecting a specific model of plastic Windows consumers usually pay attention to the characteristics of metal sheets and glass, features of hardware very few people are interested. But in vain, it largely depends on the reliability and durability of operation of the design. From an engineering point of view hardware is a fairly complicated design, has a few adjustments, allows the shutters to move in different planes.

Entrance doors must have a number of characteristics that ensure high durability, airtight and water resistant, heat and sound insulation, vzloma - resistance, and reliability in operation. All these criteria can match doors of special design, made of metal.

Is Told about the history of green building, BREEAM and LEED certification. Deals with the Russian GOST standards governing the environmental requirements for residential multi-storey buildings. The calculations that clearly indicate the effectiveness of modern solutions and materials. An example of a residential neighborhood "micro-city in the forest".

In life often there are situations when repairs need to be done very quickly. For example, if moving to a new apartment and its arrangement is only 4 weeks standard vacation, or to update the housing need to catch the time of discharge from the hospital the couple. This task can seem overwhelming, however, do not despair. To make the repairs for a month — actually, not only "cosmetic".

Repair needed and time and not enough money? Let's see what we can do on your own. Because the work is at least not cheaper materials, and the qualification of hired workers is a lottery. Performing at least part of the work on their own, we will save half of it deferred money. But to save time we will help of modern technology.

The Kitchen and bar are United by the fact that these are favorite places for meetings and intimate conversations. Each of them has inherent advantages that have long and not without some success, the designers are trying to combine. For example, in any city there is a bar with interior of home cooking. And firmly established of all kinds the bar.

Drywall is the material with which humanity has known since 1894, when American Auguste Sackett glued gypsum cardboard sheets. At the end of the twentieth century dry construction using drywall gained popularity and has been maintaining it well into the new Millennium. And all thanks to the exceptional material properties - simplicity and high speed of installation, excellent sound quality, light weight and environmental friendliness. Plaster does not emit volatile compounds, vapor permeable, absorbs excess moisture and gives it back, if the climate becomes too dry.