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Minister David Davis, who was responsible for the separation of Britain from the EU, resigned in protest against the new strategy adopted by the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may. This event is a growing debate in the English media. Most commentators agree that this resignation is a big shock for the British government. However, the shock is more potential than held. Davis, writes the Financial Times, resigned after just two days after Mei insisted on a new strategy of "soft" branches, against which he objected. This resignation is a blow to the plan may, who was designed to be a compromise, uniting her team. Davis in recent months, more and more were pushed to the periphery, the FT notes. Because of this, he revealed a new strategy only at the last...

The Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has commented on media reports that the Russian side gave us the White house project future statements by Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald trump after the meeting in Helsinki, according to RBC. Peskov said: "I Can confirm this is the aspect that really being prepared". a Kremlin spokesman stressed that the exchange of documents, which set out their views on those issues on which there is a discrepancy and the issues being explored where the convergence was a normal practice. let's Remind, the meeting of the leaders of the two countries will take place on July 16.

The Planned decriminalization of articles of the criminal code on responsibility for the comments, likes and reposts messages in social networks will be partial, informs "Interfax" with reference to sources familiar with the preparation of the bill. According to them, it is proposed to introduce administrative liability for the first violation of this kind, and for the second and subsequent still be prosecuted under the criminal code. "Unintentional, accidental actions of Internet users do not fall under the criminal article" — explained sense of amendments, one of the sources. "In fact, such a proposal, if it comes from the government, confirms the correctness brought us the bill. Even in this form, it would have been nice, of course," said one of the...

The international football Federation (FIFA) has recognized the Russian national team the best in protection in world championship which passes these days in Russia. Players of the Russian team, made 259 staggers selections and saves in five matches played on a home world Cup. We will remind, Russia for the first time in modern history came in the quarterfinals of the world Cup, but lost to Croatia in the first penalty shoot-out. the Russia Midfielder Denis Cheryshev took third place in the list of the best scorers in the 2018 world Cup — he scored four goals. As much of a Belgian Romelu Lukaku, but Lukaku for one assist more, but because he settled for a second place ranking. The top scorer at the moment is the captain of England's Harry Kane (six goals...

First Vice-Premier of RF government, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, speaking at the State Duma, reported an increase in real wages by 9%. at the same time in 2019, the Ministry of Finance expects slower growth in real wages, reports IA REGNUM. From the "Main directions of budget and tax policy in 2019 and the planning period of 2020 and 2021 years", it follows that in the future year "growth rate of real wages will decrease with the expected 6.3% in current (2018) year to less than 1.0%". Earlier, the head of Rosstat Alexander Surinov said that inflation for the Russians with the highest and lowest income is different — and, contrary to custom, in the first five months of 2018, it was higher for the rich.

In Russia have returned from Syria, the Russian military and 27 aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Federation videoconferencing, reports "Interfax". "Only the permanent stationing of the air base Hamim in Syria returned to Russian airfields, 27 aircraft and helicopters, the specialists of the flight crew, medical team and soldiers of the military police," — said in the Krasnodar region. On military airfields in Krasnodar region after a multi-day trip in Syria returned three pairs of su-25. With September 30 2015 in Syria is the Russian military operation. From December 2017 to begin the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Syria. In the Mediterranean sea on a permanent basis there is a Russian squadron armed with cruise missiles "Calibre".

Scientists from Ghent University and the Belgian Royal meteorological Institute in Brussels in cooperation with the employees of the organization the Flemish radio and television (VRT) used sports newsreel footage to track changes caused by climate change in recent decades. To research for professional road Cycling race "Tour of Flanders", which is held annually in April. The researchers looked at over 200 hours of video recording of the race from 1981 to 2016. They chose twenty of the trees growing along the route that was in the picture every year. For each tree noted whether it lists on the day of the race, and if so, what is their size. the Old footage shows that the spring leaf breaking occurs earlier. In 1980-ies in the trees in April were almost no...

The Company "Natali Turs" plans to resume the sale of tours within one to two weeks. This, according to "Interfax", said the head of the company Vladimir Vorobyov. Earlier, "Natalie tours" has announced that it cannot guarantee the enforcement of obligations on tourist trips. "Tours, which were booked beginning October 1, 2018, and further, not discarded. We stopped the sale of new tours in connection with the situation, because you need to make a shake-up of the product, supplier, and it will take some time — from one to two weeks will be required for new agreements," — said Vorobyov. On July 4, is scheduled to meet with major network agencies to decide how to continue further cooperation. "We see the possibility how the situation can be corrected to...

In key ministries will appear as Deputy Minister for digital development, reports TASS. According to Nikolay Nikiforov, Konstantin Noskov, the new position will create on behalf of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. A list of key ministries is not named. the So-called Chief Digital Officer (CDO senior Manager or Director of digital transformation) will be subject to the relevant Deputy Prime Minister, told the Center for strategic research. In 2017, approved the program for development of digital economy until 2024 with a total budget of three billion rubles. Dmitry Medvedev has defined its purpose, the introduction of digital technology "across all areas of life", including in public administration.

Member of Yabloko, municipal Deputy in the Moscow district of Shchukino Maksim Kats in his blog laid the blame for the lack of opposition candidates in the upcoming elections of the mayor of Moscow on former ally of the party Dmitry Gudkov. Katz said: "First, we prepared the nomination of Dmitry Gudkov from Apple. It would be a very strong story, Dima until December of this year, United are different opposition groups, was in fact the leader of the opposition in Moscow for sure. He was supported and we Khodorkovsky, and Democrats, such as Khakamada, Venediktov and Ryzhkov, and many municipal deputies together with the whole party." However, the plans violated the election Gudkov Chairman of the Party of change, the former "Civil initiative", says Katz...

The Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the upcoming meeting of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his us counterpart Donald trump has not changed, according to RBC. on the 16th of July in Helsinki is scheduled to meet the heads of the two States. Media reported that as the primary venue of the meeting between Putin and trump is considered Kingstad (Königstedt), in the suburbs of the Finnish capital. However, Peskov said that Villa Kingstad "never appeared" in the discussion meeting place: "the place will be promptly notified about any change of place can not speak".

The Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the forecast of analysts at Bank of America, according to which world markets will soon be faced with events like the 1998 crisis, according to RBC. Peskov said: "I don't know what they were guided, so I would not join any discussion." To the question", everything will be okay?" Peskov said: "Certainly". Investor George Soros earlier also predicted a massive financial crisis, but experts criticized this forecast is criticized. the President of Russia Vladimir Putin also warned of the threat of unprecedented crisis, but the forecast for the Russian leader it was a question of the political component of international relations.

The Most memorable event of June was the world Cup. More than half of Russians (56%) said this during the survey, the results of which were published by "Levada-center". the Respondents themselves had formulated the answer to the question: "What events of the past four weeks was remembered to you most of all". the Second brightness of the event was the proposal of the Russian government to reform the pension system — it was called 31% of respondents. With a large margin in third place is the higher prices for gasoline, utilities and products, along with low salaries and pensions, 13% of respondents. the" Straight line" with Vladimir Putin was remembered by 7% of respondents, other events associated with the President – 3%. the Most memorable event of June...

"Moscow Theatre-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakova" the new season will be "the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov", reports TASS with reference to the press service of the theater. With a new name, the theatre will get a new logo, reported in a press-service. 4 Sep new, 33-th, the season of the Theater of Oleg Tabakov will play "Wolves and sheep" on the stage of the Pushkin Theatre. the troupe Oleg Tabakov 60 artists. In late June, it included three of the graduates of 2018, June 23 received diplomas. the Founder and artistic Director of the theatre Oleg Tabakov died March 12. April 23, the new artistic Director was people's artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov. He headed the Theater of Oleg Tabakov.

The Head of the tour operator "Natali Turs" Vladimir Vorobev has declared on air of radio station "Echo of Moscow" about cancellation of all confirmed tours. Vorobyov said: "We do not see other developments, how to proceed with the cancellation of an already confirmed our services". the head of the company assured that the tour operator until suspending its activities, and in the near future the company management will discuss the framework for the return to customers of funds for the cancelled tours. Earlier it was reported that "Natalie tours", which works on Russian market since 1992 because of financial problems closed all holiday Charter flights, and some travel agencies refused to cooperate with the operator.