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The Flow of rumors and leaks about gaming NVIDIA generation Ampere actively growing, and continue at least until September 1, when the company will hold an official presentation. This time one of the user forums Chiphell previously noted accurate leaks, has published data on the configurations of video memory in various video cards GeForce RTX 30-series. According to the data, generation graphics cards gets 10 Ampere and 20 GB memory in combination with a 320-bit bus, 24 GB in combination with a 384-bit bus, and 8 to 16 GB in combination with the more usual bus width of 256 bits. Memory type, and its frequency is not specified, but according to previous rumors, all future GeForce RTX 30-series will get the memory GDDR6X.

In a resource VideoCardz was latest information about graphics processors Xe from Intel. As it turned out, the "blue" 2018 develop another graphics architecture that has the symbol Xe-HPG. According to the source, the chips based on it will be used in gaming graphics cards Intel. They will be presented in the middle and high-end desktop segments. In the architecture of the Xe-HPG Intel has embodied all the virtues and advantages of the architecture of the Xe-LP (graphics performance), Xe-HP (scalability) and Xe-HPC (computing power). The developer has not officially confirmed this information, however VideoCardz indicates that in gaming graphics cards on the basis of Xe-HPG will use GDDR6 memory standard. As for solutions based on the architecture Xe-HP, in...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — one of my favorite games modders. In the five years since the release they have released for the RPG from CD Projekt RED a wide variety of modifications, including one that adds firearms. And now added to the list of project Witcher 2 Overhaul. This modification from ridman aims to recreate the third part of the atmosphere of the sequel. After the installation of the project "the Witcher 3" will be largely like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Weather conditions will change, will be branded fog that often envelops the area near the Flotzam and marshland will acquire a greenish tint. Lighting will also be transformed, as it is an important element of the atmosphere. In addition, in the third part of the sequel will move the...

Enthusiasts build in Minecraft incredible structure and in other ways realize their creative potential. Recently, the team showed the audience how at the moment looks the biggest city in the project. And now the result of their labors was shared by YouTube channel EetzJosh. He built in Minecraft Tower of Destiny 2, which is a social location, where the Guards are going. For the construction of the said building enthusiast gone 168 hours and 226089 blocks that are in the game are the main building material.

The Official account of Huawei's social network Weibo has posted a picture of the updated laptop MateBook X, and also announced the date of his upcoming official announcement. If you look at the published image, it becomes clear that the Chinese manufacturer has revised the design of the portable computer. The updated model has become much thinner. Because of this, and probably had abandoned the use of the USB port Type-A — when the thickness of the device for it is just not enough space. In addition, on the left side of the laptop does not have a single USB Type-C connector, which is available in the original model MateBook X. it was Probably moved to the other side.

In the digital distribution store Origin has started a new sale, which includes games publishers, Electronic Arts and not only. Discounts through promotions reach 85 %. The offer is valid until August 18, the exact end time is not specified. As part of the sale can discounted known hits and novelties. The latter included Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, Rocket Arena and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Among popular projects, participating in the action, it is worth noting FIFA 20, Need for Speed and Battlefield Heat 1. Some suggestions are listed below (prices are in rubles):

Last year, Hasselblad has demonstrated its modular medium format system 970X 50C and even sold a limited number of complete Moon-Landing for $7500. Now the company has announced the full launch of sales kit and accessories. The set consists of a camera 907X, which essentially is a thin mount for the lens X1D Packed with electronics. Also, the set includes a digital bird II CFV 50C 50 megapixel sensor, 3.2-inch folding screen at 2.36 million and image capture system. With the lens X1D, and an additional control lever and the optical viewfinder, this set of devices forms a relatively lightweight and highly unusual system camera.

The Australian strategic policy Institute (ASPI) argues that in data centers, Huawei built in Papua New Guinea, it was found obsolete software to encrypt data and was used to poor firewall settings. In turn, Huawei says that the project "conforms to the industry standards and customer requirements". This was reported by the business newspaper the Australian Financial Review (AFR) with reference to the ASPI report, submitted to the government of Australia earlier this year. The construction of the data center in Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea was financed by a loan of $53 million provided by the Chinese Exim Bank.

In recent days, a host of new information on Cyberpunk 2077, from the clips of gameplay on vital areas of the protagonist and weapons to discuss "enemies-sponges" melee combat and destructible. Now, senior level designer of the project, miles Tost (Tost Miles) reminded gamers that Cyberpunk 2077 is first and foremost a role-playing game. In a video interview senior level designer said that Cyberpunk 2077 will offer a "much deeper" role-playing experience than with the previous game, CD Projekt RED — The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games announced Control Ultimate Edition and announced that the edition will be released on Steam as early as August 27. It was then that the PC version of the project will no longer be exclusive store Epic Games Store. Interestingly, in EGS, on PS4 and Xbox One Ultimate Edition will only appear on 10 September, i.e. two weeks later. Part of the announced edition includes the base game, add-ons, The Foundation, and AWE, free supplements in the form of photorika and "Expeditions", which is a difficult test, and other content that was released for Control. The price of the full version at the time of publication material to be announced. The announcement of the developers accompanied by a spectacular trailer with a demonstration...

The Company "Information satellite systems" to them. M. F. Reshetnev (ISS) intends in the coming months to complete the manufacture of telecommunication satellite "Express-AMU7". This was reported in the newspaper "Siberian Sputnik", published by the company. The spacecraft "Express-AMU7" is designed to provide high-quality communication services and broadcasting of consumers on the territory of Russia and foreign countries. The satellite is based on the platform "Express-1000", and almost all of the payload developed and manufactured by the Italian branch of Thales Alenia Space.

Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced that the game console of new generation of the Xbox Series X will be on sale in November this year. Unfortunately, the Redmond giant did not specify a more specific release date. However, according to the journalist of The Verge Tom Warren (Tom Warren), it can take place 6 November. Warren has shared a photo of the shipping carton with controllers for Xbox X Series, apparently taken in a warehouse of a shop. The box stated that inside the controllers it is impossible to show and sell until November 6, which may indicate the actual date of the launch of the new consoles on sale. Given yesterday's statement by Microsoft, the latest data can be far from the truth.

The Company Microids has announced that action-platformer Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will be released on Nintendo Switch in October. The game will offer "organically grown and stunningly improved visuals and sound, full of grass deep gameplay, incredibly hot and tasty action and a terrific story that will eat up glukkon, if you do not eat the fans." Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty to Nintendo Switch will be available in digital and physical editions, with the latter divided into standard and limited. The limited includes a copy of the game, a keychain, stickers and a box with a lenticular cover.

Recently, the British retail chain GAME has been discovered the position is called DEP PS4 N7. "DEP" is a Deposit. "PS4" is the name of the platform. But "N7" is already interesting because it is the symbol of the best fighters of special troops of the Alliance in Mass Effect. Gamers believe that this re-release of the trilogy role-playing space shooter, and it will soon be announced. The Reddit user was able to pre-order this position. So he found out that she is preparing to leave on 30 October. However, it is probably only a stub, but the real release date will be set after the official announcement. What gamers correctly guessed that the re-release of the trilogy of Mass Effect, confirmed an insider Shinobi. He also hinted at a October release on the...

Some time ago, the reporter and The Game Awards organizer Geoff Keeley (Geoff Keighley) conducted a complete presentation DualSense and even played with a controller in Astro''s Playroom — pre-installed PS5 platformer. However, the technical characteristics of the controller were not disclosed during the presentation. It partially fixed the Twitter user under the pseudonym Galaxyrain666. He published a photo DualSense, one of which shows the amount of battery. Just downloaded four images. Three of them show in detail the design of the device — both the front and rear. Thanks to these pictures we can estimate the size DualSense and how great it looks in hand. However, it is not a secret after the presentation, Jeff Keeley, but the capacitance and voltage of...