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Riot Games has announced that online shooter Valorant the launch of the third act. In this regard, the update map Icebox, new battle pass, the appearance of the weapons "Singularity" and changes in game modes. In a combat badge, "Act III," players will receive valuable rewards including skins for weapons, trinkets and graffiti. It is noteworthy that from this moment on, changed the system of weekly tasks that will now allow users to receive prizes. In addition, the in-game store became available a set of forms "the Singularity" for knife and weapons Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre and Ares. Buying it, gamers will also receive graffiti, keychain and card player.

And again on Amazon UK brings premature surprises. The site was discovered page action-adventure The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Nintendo Switch. This is one of the most beloved by fans of the series, which was released on the Wii in 2011. Action The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is chronologically takes place before all games in the series. The link is not in Hyrule, and cloud city Skyforce. However, Zelda not a Princess, and good friend of the protagonist. In the story the main character finds a sword of the goddess and learns about located under the clouds of a world ruled by the demon Lord Hirehim. Of course, he decides not to stand aside and defeat the evil.

In the online store Amazon UK has been seen the page yet unannounced racing game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. On the website there are only versions for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but early rumors pointed to the release of the reissues also on PC and PlayStation 4. Apparently, Electronic Arts is preparing for the announcement of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered in the near future. If you believe the information supplied by Amazon UK, the game will go on sale November 13, 2020. It is unknown whether it will be released on the Xbox and PlayStation Series X 5, but it is very likely.

Skywind is a large — scale modification on the basis of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, which is a remake of a beloved series of role-playing action of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The team working on it for years, shared new demonstration of the gameplay — "Battle in Nogama". Since the last demonstration Skywind's been a year. Seven months ago, the developers also released the latest video diary. According to the team, "Battle in Nordance" represents the progress made in the design regions of the world, sound effects, missions, 2D concepts, 3D modeling, mechanics, weather and atmosphere, sound system and much more.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games and DC announced Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle ("Who laughs last") — a set of villains from the DC comics, which will be released in digital version and the boxed edition on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch 17 Nov and next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, when they are on sale. Set "Who laughs last" includes 1000-bucks gear, the Joker, poison ivy and King Midas as well as a decoration on the back of "Triumph of joy", picks the "Bad joke" and "Revenge of the Joker" and the emotion of "Pick a card". Later, Epic Games talk about how mobile device users and PC to get this kit in Fortnite. Earlier in the game, outfit Harley Quinn and Catwoman, and picks "Bit Harley", "Harley...

Things don't always go the way we want. Studio 343 Industries announced that testing of the PC version of the shooter Halo 3: ODST will begin next week, although earlier it was stated period "in the first half of August." The developer expects that this test will start as scheduled, but noted that "anything can happen, and plans change accordingly". As part of testing, Halo 3: ODST players will be able to pass a significant part of the campaign, as well as participate in multiplayer competitive matches and play the Firefight mode. In addition to this, gamers will are available a number of cosmetic items that will appear in Halo 3 after Halo 3: ODST on the PC.

Researchers from Newzoo has published interesting data concerning the console service-subscriptions. In particular, the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus for example Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII. The global gaming market is now larger than ever. This year alone, 2.7 billion gamers will spend (estimated) $159,3 billion Revenue from console games will increase by 6.8 % yoy to $45,2 billion. A separate subscription like Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are becoming increasingly important. This year, according to estimates, they will bring the industry $5.8 billion, amounting to 13% of the market consoles and 4% of the gaming market as a whole.

On 18 August at the Royal rumble Apex Legends will start the 6th season called "Overclocking". Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment promised a new legend Rampart, new weapons, fresh combat pass, the rating mode system making items and much more. All this is demonstrated in the latest gaming video. First of all, in the new season of Apex Legends, the developers have updated "the Edge" to enable the soldiers to study the changed situation, to find new routes and explore new strategies. Also, the developers promised that the changes will solve the problems complained of by the community.

Next-generation PlayStation imminent, so information about this system continue to do that. According to the leaked information the new jobs PlayStation on developer role VR, PlayStation 5 will get their own helmet PS VR the next generation. In the vacancy seen by the staff of the resource UploadVR, Sony is looking for project Manager VR headset — it is explicitly mentioned that the objectives include the development of a virtual reality helmet the next generation. This not only means that Sony is going to leave behind the modern VR headset PS, but also to provide a helmet specifically designed for next-generation consoles.

Publisher Deep Silver and German Studio King Art have unveiled a teaser trailer for the Iron Harvest desenpenho RTS set in an alternate 1920-ies. Previously published videos on fractions Rusvet (resembles a mix between the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in an alternative past) and Saxony (Germany reconsidered). Now released a trailer focusing on Polanyi (giselakai Poland). There's no gameplay, and the video titled "Art of war" consists essentially of a single figure: the camera shows different parts of it under the VoiceOver, narrating the story. According to the story, in 1920, the smoke of the great war sweeps over the beautiful fields Polanyi. After the invasion of superior forces of the neighbouring States of Saxony and Rusvet death and devastation...

Research firm NPD Group has published a report on video game sales for July 2020, on the territory of the United States of America. It became known that the Ghost of Tsushima is the best selling game of the month and the most bystroprodavaemoy game Studio Sucker Punch Productions. Analyst Matt Piscatella (Mat Piscatella) reported that the total US consumer spending on the category of video games (which includes video games themselves, console and accessories) in July amounted to $3.6 billion, 32% more than in the same month last year.

The Flow of rumors and leaks about gaming NVIDIA generation Ampere actively growing, and continue at least until September 1, when the company will hold an official presentation. This time one of the user forums Chiphell previously noted accurate leaks, has published data on the configurations of video memory in various video cards GeForce RTX 30-series. According to the data, generation graphics cards gets 10 Ampere and 20 GB memory in combination with a 320-bit bus, 24 GB in combination with a 384-bit bus, and 8 to 16 GB in combination with the more usual bus width of 256 bits. Memory type, and its frequency is not specified, but according to previous rumors, all future GeForce RTX 30-series will get the memory GDDR6X.

In a resource VideoCardz was latest information about graphics processors Xe from Intel. As it turned out, the "blue" 2018 develop another graphics architecture that has the symbol Xe-HPG. According to the source, the chips based on it will be used in gaming graphics cards Intel. They will be presented in the middle and high-end desktop segments. In the architecture of the Xe-HPG Intel has embodied all the virtues and advantages of the architecture of the Xe-LP (graphics performance), Xe-HP (scalability) and Xe-HPC (computing power). The developer has not officially confirmed this information, however VideoCardz indicates that in gaming graphics cards on the basis of Xe-HPG will use GDDR6 memory standard. As for solutions based on the architecture Xe-HP, in...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — one of my favorite games modders. In the five years since the release they have released for the RPG from CD Projekt RED a wide variety of modifications, including one that adds firearms. And now added to the list of project Witcher 2 Overhaul. This modification from ridman aims to recreate the third part of the atmosphere of the sequel. After the installation of the project "the Witcher 3" will be largely like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Weather conditions will change, will be branded fog that often envelops the area near the Flotzam and marshland will acquire a greenish tint. Lighting will also be transformed, as it is an important element of the atmosphere. In addition, in the third part of the sequel will move the...

Enthusiasts build in Minecraft incredible structure and in other ways realize their creative potential. Recently, the team showed the audience how at the moment looks the biggest city in the project. And now the result of their labors was shared by YouTube channel EetzJosh. He built in Minecraft Tower of Destiny 2, which is a social location, where the Guards are going. For the construction of the said building enthusiast gone 168 hours and 226089 blocks that are in the game are the main building material.