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Toyota until recently kept silent about his program avtopilotiruemyh machines. The Japanese automaker has provided some information on test vehicles and the types of sensors used, but the public have seen very few cars in operation. This should change in 2020: Toyota said it will launch a test of a robotic taxi service in Central Tokyo using its fleet of automated vehicles SAE Level 4. SAE means Society of automotive engineers (Society of Automobile Engineers), and level 4 refers to the classification of the Autonomous vehicles that are able to perform all the tasks of driving under a certain set of conditions, such as weather or geography.

Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer (Gretchen Whitmer) announced recently that the competition NAIAS 2020 Mobility Challenge were selected by five providers of self-propelled vehicles for the first of its kind technology demonstrations in downtown Detroit during the NAIAS 2020. Among them is the Russian company "Yandex". In may, the Governor announced a competition Mobility Challenge, calling on industry innovators to show the development of technology and how automated and connected vehicles could change our lives, work and play. "We continue to remain a world leader, if we talk about the transformation of technologies of mobility and transport, improving the life and safety of residents and visitors of Michigan through a unique and innovative partners...

On a quarterly conference at Tesla one of those present at the event, analysts asked Elon musk (Elon Musk) how the company is ready to promote the popularization of electric vehicles, and will she be able under favorable conditions to share with competitors their components and technologies. It is no secret that the rate of self-expansion Tesla is often constrained by the capacities for the production of batteries. As he confessed Elon Musk, in the last quarter, all forces and resources were focused on increased production volumes Tesla Model 3 with the simultaneous reduction of costs, therefore, about the energy business of the company all in the heat of this "mad rush" completely forgot. It does not hurt Tesla in the near future to provide its roofing...

Huawei has officially unveiled the Chinese market a long-awaited product in the field of virtual reality — VR Huawei Glass. As the name implies, we are talking about a compact virtual reality headset, the cost of which is composed of 2999 yuan (about $424), and the beginning of sales will take place in December. Huawei VR headset Glass has a thickness of 26.6 mm lens only, which is almost a third less than the Oculus Quest HTC Vivo Pro. The weight of the device is around 166 grams. The device allows to adjust the interpupillary distance in the range from 55 to 71 mm, has the diopter adjustment for near-sightedness and comfortable when wearing.

Brand realme announced the start of sales in Russia smartphone new fifth series: realme and realme 5 5 Pro, equipped with quadricamere with support AI and OCTA-core processors Qualcomm Snapdragon. Smartphone realme 5 running 6.0 ColorOS based on Android OS is built on OCTA-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE processor up to 2.0 GHz. The device is equipped with a 6.5-inch IPS-display with a resolution of HD+ with a protective glass Corning Gorilla 3+ and a keyhole at the top for the 13-Megapixel front-facing camera. The ratio of the area of the screen to the surface of the front panel is 89 %.

Microsoft has announced that for the first quarter of the 2020 fiscal year, which ended for the company on September 30, net income totaled $33.1 billion, which is 14% higher than the result for the same period a year earlier. Thus the profit of the Corporation amounted to $10.7 billion, which is 21% more than last year. The company's results came in slightly above forecasts of analysts, whose average scores were in the area of $32,23, therefore, Microsoft shares rose on the latest bid. During the reporting period, earnings per share amounted to $1,38. Probably investors had $7.9 billion that Microsoft spent on the payment of dividends and the share buyback, which is 28% more compared with the figure for the same time period last year.

HP on Tuesday won a six-year litigation against suppliers, who were accused of setting prices: a jury in Texas awarded $176 million to the us computer giant. In October 2013, HP has accused at least seven manufacturers of optical disk drives — Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, NEC, Panasonic, TEAC and Quanta — in collusion with each other to get the PC collector to pay more than allow the fair market price. HP at the time, created a platform for online trading among suppliers of optical drives like CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, Blu-ray, DVD to get a good price for bulk purchases. But instead to stimulate price competition, manufacturers of optical drives, as HP said in its lawsuit, entered into collusion to raise prices and force the manufacturer to pay more. The case dragged on...

Following the earlier publication of the Taiwan resource DigiTimes, which States that Quanta Computer, apparently, will stop Assembly of the Apple Watch in 2020 due to low profitability of production, the Network reported that the smart watch Apple Watch Series 6 next year will produce Compal Electronics and Foxconn Technology Group (Hon Hai Precision Industry). Recall that Quanta is the main manufacturer of the Apple Watch in 2015. According to industry sources DigiTimes, Foxconn and Compal will receive orders for the Assembly of a smart watch Apple Watch the next generation, and the contract for the release of the Apple Watch models for the older generation, apparently, will be concluded with a Chinese company Luxshare-ICT.

Chinese company Innosilicon, which specializiruetsya on the design and production of custom LSI (ASIC) for cryptocurrency mining, reported on the preparations for the production of the proprietary chip on the lines of GlobalFoundries. More specifically, ASIC Innosilicon has been adapted for release within the manufacturing process 12LP (12nm Leading-Performance) GlobalFoundries. In particular, reports on completion of training digital design (taped out) ASIC Innosilicon support memory GDDR6. I should say that a year ago, Innosilicon announced the launch of a proprietary ASIC on the "advanced" lines Samsung. Since GlobalFoundries has licensed the process technology from Samsung, adaptation, development Innosilicon under lines GlobalFoundries was not supposed...

Canon has announced the development of its next flagship DSLR camera, the EOS-1D X Mark III. In this most perfect apparatus for the EF lens mount is still the focus of attention of speed, image quality and durability with a view to the most demanding professional photographers. While the manufacturer does not particularly go into detail, but all signs indicate that we are talking about a major upgrade for photographers who have used previous models from day to day. Not surprisingly, the heart of the future camera will be a completely new CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel AF in conjunction with the new Digic. This combination will be able to give not only the usual file formats like JPG and RAW and 10-bit file format HEIF, which will differ a small by analogy with...

The European southern Observatory (ESO) reports that the event, whose importance from a scientific point of view it is difficult to overestimate. The first was the formation of heavy elements in the collision of neutron stars. It is known that the process in which formed elements occur mainly in the depths of ordinary stars, in supernova explosions or in the outer shells of old stars. However, until now it was unclear how does the so-called capture of fast neutrons, which formed the heaviest elements in the periodic table. Now this gap is bridged.

The Company Fractal Design presented a new power supply SFX Gold Ion. The product is made in a compact form factor SFX-L and awarded with certificates of energy efficiency 80 PLUS Gold, which is reflected in the title. In a series of Ion SFX currently available power supply capacity of 500 and 650 watts. The manufacturer notes that the product is used high-quality components including Japanese capacitors with high reliability and durability. Note that on the +12V line power supply units capable of supplying nearly all of its power.

Perhaps in the future Apple will release a smart ring. Of course, this may not happen, but in this direction of developing the thoughts of the engineers Cupertino giant, judging by the recently seen the application filed in the U.S. patent office. It describes the principle of operation of a small device that can be worn on the finger. Under the plans, smart ring combines a processor, microphone and module for wireless connection. There are sensors for recording movements and a small touch surface, and rotating head for navigation. Apple plans such a device is not regarded as independent.

The Company HTC has presented available blockchain smartphone called the Exodus 1s. The device is able to function as a full node in the bitcoin chain. This means that the new product can be used for verification of transactions, regardless of centralized third party services. Even the owners of the Exodus 1s will be able to trade, lend or exchange the cryptocurrency. The smartphone received from the developers of a 5.7-inch display that has a aspect ratio of 18:9 and supports a resolution of HD+. Above the display is placed front camera, built on the basis of a sensor of 13 MP. Another 13-megapixel camera located on the back side of the case. Here was a place fingerprint scanner.

Toyota will display ready for serial production version of the new electric car at the upcoming motor show in Tokyo. We are talking about the ultra-compact vehicle electric traction, which is represented under the name of Ultra-Compact BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). The automaker says that the vehicle is intended for making daily trips on small distances. It mainly focuses on the elderly and novice drivers. The company said that the car was designed to "ensure freedom of movement for people at all stages of life." The compact two-seater can prove to be indispensable in the everyday lives of elderly people who can no longer walk long distances. The development of Toyota will help you get to the store or hospital, and will also be useful if you want to bring...