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US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) recently gave another tip Apple to move its production to America, in order to avoid tax increases due to the unfolding trade conflict with China: "the Prices of Apple products could increase because of the huge fees that we may impose on products from China. But there's always a simple solution, in which the duty would be equal to ZERO along of course, with tax incentives. Make their products in the United States, not in China. Start building new plants now. That sounds exciting! Make America great again!".

As we reported in the coming weeks and over historical the Dawn mission to study Ceres. National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) has presented a unique image of the dwarf planet. Recall that Dawn arrived at Ceres in early March 2015 after the completion of the first phase of his mission, which studied the asteroid Vesta. The probe transmitted to Earth pictures unusual bright spots on the dwarf planet, which scientists have found, represent salt deposits.

From the official debut desktop Intel Core processors, the 9th generation (Refresh Coffee Lake) just a few weeks away. On October 1 we may be witnessing the announcement of the eight-core models CPU Core i9-9900K and Core i7-9700K, as well as six-core Core i5-9600K. It is logical that with the approaching date of the presentation of the new family of powerful processors for the platform LGA1151 the results of their testing to slowly seep into the Network. Of all desktop processors Coffee Lake Refresh only Core i9-9900K will support Hyper-Threading

Samsung and SK Hynix, according to the latest reports, decided to adjust their plans to expand production capacity, designed for the production of chip memory (DRAM) and solid state memory (NAND). Manufacturers faced with lower demand and try to avoid losses. In recent times the prices of memory chips were mostly up, especially it concerned random access memory (DRAM), but also touched on the solid state flash memory (NAND). However, this situation is changing for the better for the consumer side. Not so long ago we wrote about the fact that the price of RAM will start to decrease because of declining demand, the flash memory due to excessive production.

During a speech at the conference Citi Global Technology Conference financial officer of NVIDIA Corporation and Colette Kress (Colette Kress) shared with the public the company's plans regarding the future of its current GeForce GTX 10 series. Usually with the release of a new generation of graphics cards, the old fades into the background relatively quickly leaves the market. However, if new graphics cards generation Turing and the current models of generation Pascal NVIDIA is planning to do a little differently and not be so quick to write off the latter.

Despite the appearance in the nearest plans of NVIDIA to market GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, GeForce GeForce RTX and RTX 2080 2070 family of Turing (12 nm), many gamers are focused on purchasing more modest adapters for the game in a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and 2560 × 1440. One of the nominees in this context is accelerator GeForce RTX 2060. According to one version, it will be named "GeForce GTX 2060" due to the relatively poor performance in the scenes where technology is being used in ray tracing. So NVIDIA is supposedly going to "force" gamers to shell out for the more powerful GeForce RTX index 2070 or 2080. Indication that the adapter GeForce RTX 2060 have to wait long, in fact, missing. Previously we mentioned about the intention of the Californian chip...

Microsoft and Google have extended an invitation to the event, which is expected to be the debut of new computer and mobile devices: both presentations will be held in early next month. So, Microsoft has scheduled the announcement on 2 October. The event will be held in new York, USA. What exactly will manifest to the world the Redmond giant is not specified. Network sources report that the company will introduce new devices in the family Surface. This, in particular, can be a laptop Surface Laptop the next generation, the updated Surface Pro tablet, an improved one-piece Surface computer Studio, etc.

With the recently announced processor Athlon AMD 200GE fans had the opportunity to collect or order entry-level PCs on the basis of processor architecture and graphics Ryzen Vega (both in one APU at a price of $55). Updated press release is significantly different from what was sent "zhelezyachnye" publications ahead of the official announcement of the Athlon model 200GE, shed light on the immediate plans of the chip maker from Sunnyvale to expand the range of budget processors in the AM4 linings. Connector AMD AM4

The Japanese manufacturer of cooling systems Scythe expressed their intention to support the initiative of the company ASUS — TUF Gaming Alliance — issue of the eponymous series CPU coolers, which is a variation of the current products of the company. In the foreseeable future in the offerings will include Scythe coolers Choten TUF Gaming Alliance, Kotetsu Mark II X TUF Gaming Alliance and Mugen 5 TUF Gaming Alliance. They are United by the bright lights of the fan (s), the presence of decorative elements in the colors of the family ASUS TUF components (black/yellow or black/orange) and the use of several heat pipes with Nickel coating. The firstborn Scythe in the above-mentioned series will be cooler with the longest name — Kotetsu X Mark II TUF Gaming...

In the Network appeared information about the new version of flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi SE 8, released in may this year and became the first mobile device is equipped with chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. Many believed that it would be a "Lite" option, which will join the family of Mi 8, however, according to rumors, will be joined by a model with a fairly large screen. The first specifications of the upcoming announcement of the device was published in social network Weibo. Smartphone called Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth (perhaps 8X Mi) will have a 6.26-inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 710.

At the beginning of summer at Computex 2018, ASUS unveiled its first maintenance-free liquid cooling system, named Ryujin ROG and ROG Ryuo. And now ASUS has started sales of the model ROG Ryuo. A key feature of the cooling system of ROG Ryuo is integrated into the cover of the pump LiveDash OLED display. It has a size of 1.77 inches and has a resolution of 160 × 128 dots. The display can show system performance, or image specified by the user, including animated (supported formats are JPG and GIF). Along with the display features and RGB-backlight, compatible with ASUS Aura Sync.

Originally Qualcomm said that the wide availability of 5G networks will come in 2020, but now the company said that the could achieve it a year early. "It was assumed that the 5G network will appear in 2020 — said the President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon (Cristiano Amon) in an interview. — In spite of the serious crisis we are experiencing, we have maintained a high level of expenditure on research and development to accelerate the deployment of 5G for more than a year." Qualcomm said that in the U.S. mobile broadband 5G will be deployed by April 2019. According to Mr. Amon, the network operators in the country are going to develop the standard, adding that they will be able to achieve a fairly wide coverage relatively quickly, 5G adding equipment to...

9to5Mac has shared a new information about future Apple smartphones, which will be presented to the public on September 12. According to two anonymous sources, the device with a 5.8-inch OLED display will be named the iPhone Xs and larger 6.5-inch smartphone — iPhone Xs Max. Starting with the iPhone 6 Apple to release two smartphones of the same generation but with different screen sizes, indicating larger version of the marked Plus. If the rumors are true, the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max the company is going to break with this tradition. Earlier versions Plus, as a rule, offered not only a larger screen and improved camera, that is was indeed a flagship, more sophisticated models. Perhaps the decision to change the marking "Max" accepted because now with the...

Immediately after the announcement of NVIDIA professional Quadro RTX, Samsung announced that these graphics accelerators are used for its memory chips of the type GDDR6. And now other manufacturer of memory chips, a Toshiba company, has announced the continuation of cooperation with NVIDIA to supply its memory chips GDDR6 for GeForce RTX. Graphics cards Quadro RTX used Samsung memory, because only this manufacturer currently supplies chips GDDR6 bandwidth 16 GB/s in one contact. In turn, the GeForce RTX is less fast memory, which can offer Acer.

Along with the processors Ryzen Threadripper second generation many expected to see the new AMD X499. And when this happened, the impression that AMD completely abandoned plans to release it. Now, however, the source reports that in fact it is not, and the idea to release the AMD X499 is still alive. It was quite logical to expect the release of a new chipset and new motherboards based on it last month, together with the second generation of high-performance desktop processors Ryzen Threadripper. Because processors Ryzen 2000 series was presented to the AMD X470, which is not too different from X370, but AMD did not stop. But it was decided that the new Ryzen Threadripper far enough and the actual motherboard X399.