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According to rumors, in may, the company SpaceX will begin to output in low earth orbit the first satellites of the new Starlink group for planetary satellite Internet. In just a few years for Starlink network will be launched 12 satellites 000. Each of them will carry a solid metal part in the form of motors orbit correction, and a fairly large antenna-mirror silicon carbide for high-speed laser communications between satellites to reduce delays when transferring data via the satellite network. iStockphoto

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary images of Jupiter obtained with the orbit of the planet, published the National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA). In the picture, there are multiple vortex formation in the gas giant's atmosphere. In particular, in all its glory sealed the most recognizable feature of the major planets of the Solar system — the so-called Great red spot. This colossal storm has a size of about 40 thousand kilometers in length and 13 kilometers in width.

News about Intel graphics processors not much happens. After details about the architecture and performance of integrated graphics Intel 11 th generation at our disposal there is information about the characteristics of different models of future built-in GPU. The source of the leak was the company Intel, specifically its new graphics drivers for Windows 10 (version We are interested in all the info is in one of the INF files included in the driver package. Here are 11 versions of integrated graphics Intel 11-th generation, which is divided between the series Iris Plus Graphics, UHD and UHD Graphics Graphics LP (low power). And they all treat the graphics of GT2 and will appear in the processors Ice Lake.

The Company OPPO announced the successful completion of its first 5G smartphone testing for compliance with the standard 5G CE, which was conducted by the international regulatory Agency Sporton International Inc. 5G-version of the smartphone OPPO Reno got a 5G CE certificate from CTC advanced GmbH. This means that the device is approved for use in 5G networks of the countries of Europe. 5G CE certificate confirms the compliance with the conditions determining the possibility of entering the European market, including the requirements for different wireless settings, levels of electromagnetic radiation, health safety and human life.

Intel Corporation, according to the website Tom's Hardware has decided to discontinue further development of the modules Compute Card — small computers with dimensions comparable to the size of a credit card. Compute products Intel Card was presented at the consumer electronics show CES 2017. The idea was to create a computer module that will be installed in a special slot of a station with a display. Such a station could take the form of a laptop, desktop cased PC, terminal, etc.

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the design of customized LSI (ASIC) ― this is not a simple or quick process. But you want and need to make it faster: today issued the algorithm, and a week later took the finished digital project. The point is that overspecialisation BIS is one piece product. These are rarely needed by the millions, for which you can spend any amount of money and human resources, if it must be done promptly. Specialized and the most effective solutions for their tasks, ASIC should be in the development of cheaper, which becomes megachilini on the modern stage of development of machine learning. On this front is not enough baggage accumulated in the computer market and especially the breakthroughs GPU in the direction of machine...

United company "Coherent | Euronetwork" has summed up the results of the Russian market of gaming notebooks for 2018. Growth in the period from January to December was significant — 67 % in quantity and 60 % in monetary terms. The most popular gaming laptop in Russia according to the "Coherent | Euronetwork" declared the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52-56Z7, second place was Lenovo Y520 Legion-15IKBN, bronze went to the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51-55P9. According to the "Coherent | Euronetwork" only in 2018 in Russia has sold 237 000 gaming laptops for the total amount of 16.5 billion rubles. Among the brands ASUS is the leader with a market share of 28 %, which is bypassed MSI (22 %) and Acer (17 %).

Production Site for Skyworth TV in Russia will be the factory of Chinese electronics vendor TVP CIS in St. Petersburg, where he also produced the Philips TV. Other key partners named Horizont and ELKO Russia (offline distributor). The company expect to double sales of its TVs in the local market during the year and bring the annual production capacity in Russia to a few hundred thousand TV. One of the main online sales channels will be the site as was announced in August last year. The cooperation agreement the representatives of the companies signed yesterday. Company Skyworth was founded in 1988, it manufactures TV and other multimedia equipment under its own brand and for other companies. In the Chinese TV market ranked first, and at the global,...

This year, the first Chinese manufacturer of chips in the face of the largest domestic contractor company SMIC will start to produce chips with technological norms of 14 nm and FinFET vertical transistors. Second Chinese chip maker, who also mastered the 14-nanometer technological standards and FinFET transistors will be the company Shanghai Huali Microelectronics (HLMC). On Thursday at the opening of the exhibition SEMICON China 2019 was announced by the Vice-President of HLMC research and development Shao Hua (Hua Shao). The introduction in production of 14-nm process technology, developed in China, the company Huali Microelectronics outlines at the end of 2020. The company has 28-nm process technology HKC and preparing for the introduction into...

In the Summer of last year, Thermaltake introduced a compact gaming PC Mini MEK. Now the manufacturer has finally decided to release this small but powerful computer, along the way making some changes compared to the original configuration. The basis of the MEK lies the Mini six-core processor Intel Core i7-8700, which works with frequencies 3.3 V/4.6 GHz. Apparently, the compact body allows to use a large powerful cooling system, and therefore used a CPU with a locked multiplier. But it is worth noting that initially MEK Mini is supposed to be based on the Core i7-8700T with "crippled" the TDP and frequencies.

The Following detailed description of the architecture of the future Intel integrated graphics of the 11th generation (Gen11) in the Network appeared new information about its performance. Known source of leaks with alias Tum Apisak found in the database benchmark game Ashes of the Singularity test results built-in Intel graphics of the new generation. To begin with we recall that the built-in Intel 11-generation GT2, used in processors for the mass market, will include up to 64 execution units (Executive units, EU). For comparison, the current integrated Intel GPU GT2 have only 24 EU. Therefore, the performance increase from the integrated graphics of the 11th generation will be ensured not only by architectural changes, but also due to the increase of...

Yesterday, Intel unveiled its new discrete graphics accelerator, but any details about it are not reported. Along with this resource TechPowerUp released new details about the architectural features of the built-in Intel graphics of the 11th generation (Gen11). It is important that in a somewhat modified form of this architecture will find application also in the discrete GPU from Intel. On the published illustrations of technical documentation Intel we are talking about GT2 graphics version of the 11th generation. This class of built-in GPU usually has the largest distribution, as it is used in the desktop and mobile Intel Core processors of the series S and U focused on the mass market segment.

Company Xiaomi has announced the upcoming release in Russia of the smartphone Redmi Note 7, belonging to one of the most popular series — Redmi Note. Like all members of the series, the new product features a large display and long battery life. The smartphone will be available starting March 28 at a price of 13 990 rubles. An overview of the device can be found here. "The family Redmi Note is very popular among our customers and the Redmi Note 7 is the most significant update in the history of this model range," said Yu man, the head of Xiaomi in Russia and the CIS. He said the best-in-class camera, latest Intel processor, robust housing, capacious battery and the "very attractive price" news.

The Problem of secondary use involved in the manufacture of electronics materials has long been discussed, and versatile. There are many governmental and industrial programs that encourage the removal of "good" from a broken or obsolete electronic components. There are also opposite examples. Crushed in the junk electronics along with the gold, silver, platinum and rare earth elements is used as filler for the manufacture of the coating for the roadway. Such a plant, for example, working in Tennessee, United States. Also a kind of way out of the problem of waste management. But most programs are still considering the re-use of valuable resources. The stages of extracting magnets from hard drive (iNEMI)

Site "Yandex.The market" explored the demand for tablet computers and wireless headphones Apple in advance of the presentation, which the "Apple" of the Empire is scheduled for March 25. It is noted that wireless earphones are gaining popularity: if in the middle of March 2018, they accounted for 51 % of demand in the category "Headphones and Bluetooth headsets," in the same period of 2019 — already 69 %. And the number of transitions from "Yandex.Market" in the Internet-shops offers wireless headphones for the year increased by 93 %.