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The Company Phison, known to many of its controllers for solid-state drives, introduced during CES 2019 new controller, code-named PS5016-E16, which is designed for M. 2 drives and NVMe capable of providing data transfer rate of more than 4,000 MB/s. However, the maximum theoretical throughput of four lines PCI Express 3.0, through which you connect modern solid-state drives M. 2 NVMe, is only 3940 MB/s. So how Phison managed to get around this limitation? It's simple: the controller PS5016-E16 designed for NVMe SSDs format M. 2 is a new generation that will use the PCI-Express 4.0.

Apple has held talks with Samsung Electronics and MediaTek, along with the existing provider Intel on the delivery of modem chips 5G for iPhone 2019. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the testimony of the head of Apple in the court session, held on Friday in the framework of the trial between Qualcomm and the Federal trade Commission, accusing the chip maker of abuse of a dominant position on the market of modems, expressed in the use of anti-competitive practices in patent licensing. During the period from 2011 to 2016 Apple relied on Qualcomm of San Diego as the sole provider of such chips that connect iPhones to wireless networks. Starting in 2016, Apple has divided the delivery of the modems between Intel and Qualcomm, and in 2018 moved...

MicroLED Displays, like OLED, simple LEDs and the LEDs of the backlight in LCD screens, is produced approximately equally: a source of blue radiation, which by means of color filters or phosphor is converted into red and green spectra. The filters are passive, and the phosphor is extremely inefficient from the point of view of energy costs. The solution was found in the form of quantum dots — special additives in the form of microparticles which absorb yourself in the blue spectrum and effectively radiate the pure spectra with different wavelength depending on the sizes of these incremental micro-particles, red and green. On sale you can find the monitors and TVs with lights on quantum dots and will soon begin to go OLED for quantum dot, in which the...

Among the new products presented by HP at the electronics show CES 2019 (Las Vegas, NV, USA) that included a desktop computer all-in-one EliteOne 800 AiO G5. Monoblock equipped for 23.8-inch Full HD display (1920 × 1080 pixels) with optional touch support. Examples are the motherboard on the chipset Intel Q370 and Intel Core processor. In the composition of the graphics subsystem, depending on the modification applies an integrated Intel or discrete accelerator AMD Radeon RX 560 with 4 GB memory.

Patriot shows at the exhibition consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019 Las Vegas (NV, USA) latest solid state drives (SSD). In particular, the series Viper 2.5-inch form factor. The applied controller Phison S12 for connecting to the computer is a standard interface Serial ATA 3.0. In family includes models with a capacity of 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. Speed sequential read reaches 550 MB/s, sequential write speed — 530 MB/S. Products are able to perform up to 100 thousand operations of input/output per second (IOPS) during random read data and up to 99 million operations with arbitrary record.

Recently, we wrote about the fact that the graphics card is the Titan V, though deprived of the RT-kernels, but very good shows itself in ray tracing in real time in the game Battlefield V. This could suggest that RT-kernel is not required for ray tracing, but a user forum Overclock3D alias Kaapstad decided to test it in practice. To check it was decided to compare the graphics card Titan V on the GPU Volta, on the basis of RT-cores video card RTX Titan GPU Turing with RT-kernels. Both the graphics accelerator has been tested in the new 3DMark Port Royal, which is designed to determine the performance of graphics cards in ray tracing in real time. In both cases the GPU was overclocked Titan V to 1995 MHz, and Titan RTX to 2100 MHz.

The First smartphone under the independent brand Redmi Xiaomi company presented on 10 January — it was Redmi Note 7. The main feature of the model is the rear camera with a 48 MP sensor size 1/2”. However, due to problems with the supply of components instead of the originally planned sensor Sony IMX586 the manufacturer had to use a Samsung sensor GM1. As for a PV panel Sony, according to the latest reports, Xiaomi will use it in Redmi Note 7 Pro. According to the head Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun), the device will appear on the market after the Chinese new year. Redmi Note 7

Recently, AMD has introduced a new flagship Radeon VII, built on the 7-nm graphics processor Vega II. Soon after the announcement of the technical Director AMD mark Papermaster (Mark Papermaster) gave an interview to the news site The Street, which was about the future products of the company, including the graphics cards. According to the representative of AMD, the company has no plans to limit the use of 7-nm graphics processors graphics cards only in the upper price segment. Moreover, the less expensive Radeon 7-nm GPUs is scheduled to be presented before the end of this year.

Cooler Master also did not remain aloof from the CES 2019 and provided there is a maintenance-free liquid cooling system MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage. The product has a rather unusual pump, which you can observe the rotation of the rotor. Pump here combined in one package with a copper waterblock. Cover this design is made translucent and is equipped with an adjustable pixel (addressable) RGB led. When the backlight is enabled, you can see the rotation of the rotor of the pump that allows you to verify if it works. And when the backlight is off, we see only the Cooler Master logo on the lid.

The Company Team Group in conjunction with the company's success in CES 2019 presented memory modules T-Force Xcalibur Phantom Gaming RGB and solid-state drives T-Force Delta Phantom Gaming RGB. From the standard new versions differ only in the design but also the presence of the logo of Phantom Gaming. In a series of solid-state drives T-Force Delta Phantom Gaming RGB model with 250 and 500 GB and 1 TB. They are built on a 32-layer memory 3D TLC NAND flash from Toshiba and use the controller Silicon Motion SM2258. The sequential read speed reaches 560 MB/s and sequential write speed is equal to 500-510 MB/s.

At the time, as most of the leading electronics manufacturers in full swing engaged in the development of foldable smartphones, Lenovo plans to release a foldable laptop with a virtual keyboard. The company filed a patent application concerning the design of such a device, even in 2017. Patent application titled "Device with a folding display", filed by the company in June 2017, has been recently approved by the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO). After this patent was published on 10 January 2019 on the Agency's website. It describes a bendable device "2-in-1" that has a flexible display and a keyboard.

All motherboard with CPU Socket Socket AM4 unable to support the new PCI Express 4.0, reports Tom's Hardware, which was able to communicate with representatives of manufacturers of motherboards. At a recent event, AMD announced that its future desktop processors Ryzen 3000 on the architecture of Zen 2 will have support for the new PCI Express 4.0. These chips are made in the body AM4 Socket, which AMD does not cease to remind you, will remain valid at least until 2020. However, motherboards with Socket AM4 on current chipsets AMD 300 - and 400-series supports PCI Express 3.0.

In most cases, commercial and consumer drones are prohibited from flying over crowds of people. This is done for security purposes. But the parachute for drones from Indemnis cancels this restriction. The company reported that its system was certified in the United States and now allows operators to legally operate drones over the small groups of people. Similar certification was obtained for the first time. According to Indemnis, its system Nexus connects to the DJI copters and acts as a security measure in case of failure of the aircraft in the air. The system is equipped with sensors that can determine whether there are any anomalies during the flight. If something goes wrong, a parachute is launched with a ballistic launcher. The company claims that the...

According to the calculations of the group "M. Video–Eldorado" in 2018 the Russian TV market has returned to pre-crisis levels in 2013, in terms of sales in monetary terms. Over the past 12 months, the Russians have bought 6 million units, spending 150 billion. It is 13-15% more than the year before, and fifth of the specified amount of bought in online stores. The average price of sold in Russia of TVs has decreased by 5% $ 24, 000. The main factors that triggered the rise in demand in this segment, analysts are three. First, it is scheduled for 2019 the transition to digital broadcasting, which caused many of the need to upgrade equipment. Second, the increase in 2019 in the VAT rate and, consequently, the expectation of rising prices, and fears of...

Samsung has decided on the date and place of the presentation of its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 and started to send out invitations to the event to the press. Contrary to expectations, the Korean company decided to present its new flagship in Barcelona at the MWC 2019, and a few days before it started. The Samsung Unpacked event in 2019 will be held in San Francisco on 20 February 2019 22:00 Moscow time. And from many different rumors and leaks we already know, what can we expect from this presentation.