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Microsoft announced the completion of a series of Surface tablets a new budget model Surface Go, rumors of which ply on the Network the last couple of months. New positioned as a device for learning, differs from its predecessor Surface Pro more compact dimensions and a low price. The price starts from $399 in its basic configuration. Go Surface dimensions of 244 × 175 × 7.6 mm, weight is 520 g. the Microsoft Surface Tablet Go equipped with 10-inch touch PixelSense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and a resolution of 1800 × 1200 pixels.

This week, July 13, will appear in Russia in the sale of the smartphone OnePlus 6. It will be available in three versions — 6 GB of RAM and flash storage capacity of 64 GB, with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory and a version with 8 GB of RAM and a flash drive 256 GB. Compared to the predecessor OnePlus 6 has higher performance with eight-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and improved the original shell OxygenOS. Optimization of computing processes allows not to waste resources on processing the other elements of the operating system and applications, so that the productivity is increased by 30% and energy consumption reduced by 10 %.

July 10, will start selling "Yandex.Station" — first device of its own design of "Yandex". According to the Russian IT-giant, the demand for novelty was very high. "Yandex.Station" is a smart speaker with a voice assistant "Alice". The device debuted at the end of may. The gadget plays music, finds movies, cartoons, TV shows and commercials and shows them on the TV. To voice assistant "Alice" can be accessed with the instructions: for example, ask to set an alarm or tell a bedtime story.

Available online sources was information about the mysterious Xiaomi smartphone, which appears under the code name of Beryllium. The unit will treat the devices top level. Its Foundation will be a Snapdragon 845, which contains eight cores Kryo 385: four of them operate with a clock frequency of 2.8 GHz, four — up to 1.8 GHz. Graphics processing deals with the Adreno controller 630. Part of the chip is the Snapdragon LTE modem X20, which theoretically allows you to download data using mobile networks at speeds up to 1.2 GB/s.

In conditions of relative calm in the market of graphics accelerators AIB partners of AMD and NVIDIA produce a point update of the model series, with emphasis on the budget cards. In particular, MSI has seen fit to release a 4 GB version of the adapter Radeon RX 550 LP, notable for its low profile design. The full name of the new product looks like Radeon RX 550 4GT LP OC, and the suffix "OC", it is clear that without the factory overclocking, he has not done. Because of the strict limitations of the size of the cooling system, which should fit low-profile cases, the manufacturer had to resort to using two fans with ~50 mm impeller instead of one large. However, Micro-Star decided not to skimp on the heatsink for the VRM MOSFETs — it can be seen under the...

Well-Known manufacturer of air cooling systems its in recent years significantly reduced the rate of replenishment of the range of CPU coolers. Nevertheless, the company tries to keep the brand without resorting to mass production budget coolers without heat pipes and maintenance-free DLC. After the two versions of the cooler ARO-M14, which combines a radiator like the "classic" HR-02 and the 140-mm fan, the manufacturer introduced a new modification of the cooling system Silver Arrow — Silver Arrow TR4. As you might guess, it is designed to remove heat from the "hottest" and most productive processors AMD Ryzen Threadripper in the form factor Socket TR4. Obviously, the release is timed to the forthcoming debut of the second generation chetyrehlistnyj CPU...

Company Sharp has introduced a new laser diode green glow that emits a predetermined wavelength of high intensity directly without the use of auxiliary fluorescent materials. Previously, these tasks had to use emitters with a blue-violet range with an appropriate phosphor. It is easy to understand that the lack of intermediate steps in the form of the phosphor greatly enhances the efficiency of the semiconductor device, which, moreover, can create brighter light output. Comparison of the strength of the light flux of the old laser (30 mW, left) and new (130 mW, right)

Motherboard Manufacturers continue to slowly reveal their cards in relation to the range of models, combining the B450 chipset and CPU socket AM4. The lack of resolution from AMD does not prevent some companies to publish not only names, but also detailed images and features new matplot. Not waiting for the "go-ahead" from Sunnyvale, Gigabyte Technology announced via its official website product description B450M DS3H addressed to economical users. The Board is made in the form factor Micro-ATX and is 244 mm in length and 215 mm in width. Despite the straightforward circuit design, Gigabyte DS3H B450M can attract the attention of the public support overclocking Ryzen, A-Series and Athlon in constructive AM4 (TDP 105W), the presence of a VRM heatsink, two...

Xiaomi introduced the practice of using sub-brands and subsidiaries, in financing which it participates directly, to release non-core products. This approach provided the company needs popularity, because the brand Xiaomi are somehow connected at least 3-4 new items per week. The current weekend was no exception: it became known about the beginning of sales of wireless headphones Quiet Smart Heart Rate Headset developed by the company-partner of the Quiet, and promoted the Chinese Grand. Quiet Smart Heart Rate Headset is in-ear Bluetooth headset aimed primarily at audiophiles, the leading active lifestyle. The headphones are connected with a cable and have a behind-the-ear fastening for a secure fit while running. However, the main "trick" Quiet Smart Heart...

Aerospace company Virgin Galactic announced a partnership with two Italian companies, with whom plans to build in Italy the spaceport. One of them is the company Altec, owned by the Italian space Agency (ASI), the second — largest Italian private aerospace company Sitael. Virgin Galactic explained that the goal of the partnership is to have the appropriate spacecraft on the future of the Baikonur Spaceport Grottaglie, which will be run as private commercial flights, and the flights under the programs of national agencies, including ASI.

Monitors with the usual aspect ratio of 16:9 to occupy a dominant position in the market, at the same time for the hearts and wallets yet few fans extra-wide LCD displays is a serious struggle. Some time ago we reported about the plans of Samsung Electronics for the production of some unusual monitors with a resolution of a concave matrix of up to 5120 × 1440 pixels (aspect ratio 32:9). The flagship model is not yet ready to see the light, but one of her "zamestitelei" — C43J89 — completely. Samsung C43J89 represents a 43.4-inch monitor series CJ89 with an aspect ratio of 32:10 and the standard resolution of 3840 × 1200 pixels. Matrix with a radius of curvature 1800R (1.8 m) is manufactured by technology VA stands out from the conventional screens only a...

Various studies suggest that travel in robotic cars will trigger a higher risk of seasickness. The company Citroën has proposed an original solution to the problem. Sea-sickness is expressed in the sensations of nausea and motion sickness because of the monotonous vibrations. Cause this condition may be a conflict between the signals coming into the Central nervous system from the vestibular apparatus and organs of vision: the vestibular apparatus detects repetitive movements, and eyes see a stationary object, say, a computer display in the car or book.

For many years, Intel was known as the undisputed leader in the field of advanced semiconductor production standards, mastering them well before the competitors. This position has allowed Intel to market the chip, to resist which the competition could not cost structure, that translates into an incredible level of profitability. But in recent years the leadership of Intel in the field of technological processes began to slip away due to constant delays in the development of the technology of mass 10-nm production. In fact, for 4 years the company operates a 14-nm process technology, squeezing out all the juice. Today, Intel not only ceased to be the undisputed leader in this field, but actually behind. With its main competitor — Taiwan Semiconductor...

Federal service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) notes the increase in discipline on the part of the organizers of Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas. Recall that in 2014 the owners are public hotspots in our country are obliged to identify users. The procedure can be accomplished in several ways — according to the passport or the Unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA), mobile phone number, login and password from the Unified portal of public services (EPGU).

If you believe the analysts, trends and common sense, then soon the fashion for power semiconductors will dictate electric cars, although power home electronics and solar power will also contribute to the improvement of the electronics associated with efficient electric power. But electric cars as a stand-alone system will play a major role in the improvement of power semiconductors. The loss in power and leakage (in the voltage conversion) is invalid and must be minimized. The wireless charging system of the BMW (BMW)