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For several months, Intel adds in your graphics driver patches that should allow you to run multiple GPUs on Intel Xe on the same system. Still, the changes related to Linux kernel, but they are now closer to the user — Intel has started preparing the infrastructure for operation of multiple GPU driver for Vulkan, reports Phoronix. It is reported that the Intel driver for ANV Vulkan began the preparatory work to implement support for multiple graphic Intel processors in the same system. Previously, the Intel driver ANV could work with only one Intel in the system, but fresh patches are able to recognize several GPU from Intel.

At the beginning of this month AMD announced its new mobile processors Ryzen 4000 series (Renoir), and now one of them — 4700U Ryzen 7 were tested in a popular benchmark Geekbench. Ryzen 7 4700U is the second oldest in the series 15-watt processors Ryen 4000U. This chip includes eight cores with the architecture of Zen 2, which operate on eight threads, so there's no support for SMT technology. The clock frequency of the CPU be 2.0/4,1 GHz. Integrated graphics is the Vega of the second generation in this case consists of seven computational blocks and works with a clock frequency of up to 1600MHz.

Some time there were rumors that along with the PlayStation 5 will be released an updated model of the PlayStation VR. Assumption recently confirmed by the publisher of Immersive VR Education (Apollo 11 VR and VR Titanic). The company issued a financial report, which mentions about the new Sony headset. PlayStation VR can be considered as the most successful virtual reality headset premium on the market. At last count, has sold 5 million units (sales of the leading competitor — the Oculus Rift — was about 1.5 million units). However, the PlayStation VR never offered the most advanced features — the main advantage of the headset is compatible with PlayStation 4, but Sony eventually will have to upgrade their VR technology to remain competitive.

Developments in the field of hybrid electronics, which combines traditional and optical technology being long. So, about the start Ayar Labs and developments we told you back in 2015. Today, in 2020, the company is ready to release of a production product. From the beginning efforts Ayar Labs were concentrated on the creation of a system of optical interconnect that can replace existing technologies SerDes. Today they reach a speed of 56 Gbit/s connection, ididots options with a speed of 112 GB/s but further increase in velocity seems to have stalled. Ayar Labs is your answer.

Oppo has released a smartphone Reno3 Reno3 Pro 5G and 5G last month at a special event in China. While both smartphones went on sale this month, is the next smartphone from this series — Oppo Reno3 Pro perforated dual front camera display. According to the image published by Mrwhosetheboss informant, the smartphone Oppo Reno3 Pro has a front 44-megapixel camera, which is the world's first smartphone with such a sensor on the front. The second front camera is 2-MP and acts as a depth sensor for a more spectacular self-portraits.

The representative of the company Ericsson announced Telecom giant to open in France new research center, the main activities which will be linked to the software development in the field of 5G. Recall, now, the Swedish company Ericsson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. In a statement, Ericsson said that "customer proximity is particularly important" for the company in the conditions when communication networks of the fifth generation are becoming more common around the world.

AMD, as expected, today started selling a new graphics card for medium level Radeon RX 5600 XT, and our test laboratory has prepared its review. The novelty is positioned as a solution for "ultimate" gaming at 1080p, and even before its release, it has managed to make a lot of noise. Radeon RX 5600 XT is built on the GPU Navi 10 with 2304 stream processors, 144 texture and 64 raster units. AMD said that GPU average framerate in games at 1375 MHz and the maximum Boost frequency 1560 MHz. It also has 6 GB of GDDR6 memory with an effective frequency of 12 GHz, which are connected via a 192-bit bus and have a capacity of up to 288 GB/s.

Company Sony will present its game console of new generation PlayStation 5 just two weeks, according to the resource ITHome with reference to the 4chan user, the previous leak which appeared to be true. In addition, Sony itself indirectly confirmed the imminent announcement of the PS5, officially lowering the price on the PlayStation 4. Sony will introduce the PlayStation 5 at the event PlayStation Meeting in new York, which will be held on 5 February 2020. The company now mentions PS5 in their official Twitter accounts, as well as it has changed its slogan to "It's time to play", which means "it's Time to play". Under this slogan and will be sold in the future PlayStation 5. Note that the close proximity of the announcement of the new console Sony has...

Last week there were reports that Samsung is preparing to release a smart watch Galaxy Watch the next generation. We now know their code name, which seems to hint at a classic, not sporty design of wearable devices. According to Galaxy Club, the smart watch Galaxy Watch (model SM-R840) the following generation in the South Korean company's code name for Noblesse (the aristocratic nobility). This is unlikely to indicate sporty design of the device. Probably should wait for something in a classic style.

Poco India Company published the first tweet by 2020. So we can assume that the company will soon be actively report information about the appearance of your new smartphone. Poco brand now operates independently from the parent Xiaomi. And her first phone number M1912G7BI a Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) dealing with standardization. By the way, Redmi note 4G K30, announced in December, has model numbers M1912G7BE and M1912G7BC. It is likely that M1912G7BI will just be renamed to Poco camera specifically for the Indian market. Interestingly, M1912G7BI first appeared on the website of the BIS in December as the Redmi device, but after selecting Poco in a separate mark is now listed over the last.

Plastic OLED screens, LG Display attracted the interest of many car manufacturers allowing the company to begin full-scale production of flexible displays with outstanding properties. As reported by South Korean sources, LG Display has started the production of plastic OLED (pOLED) in full. Unfortunately, the company shall not disclose the names of their customers, although certain about one of them. So, earlier it was reported that LG pOLED will be installed as a side panel in the car Cadillac Escalade. The new Escalade is expected to release in the second quarter of this year. The announcement will take place in February.

Fingerprint Scanning, iris and vein patterns may not be enough for reliable identification of a person. To increase the safety of biometric authentication, the Japanese propose to measure the value of the pulse wave of the person. Japanese company Japan Display together with scientists from the University of Tokyo have developed a flexible combined image sensor that combines a thumbprint scanner, a vein scanner and a sensor measuring the pressure pulse wave. With the first two we are familiar, but the third to the definition of personality is proposed to use almost for the first time.

It Seems that recently Google, Intel and hardware manufacturers are working hard to Chrome OS could be updated to offer innovation at the same time with laptops on Windows. Already released two devices in the framework of Project Athena. In addition to the devices based on Comet Lake was presented chromebooks based on Gemini Lake-R, for the educational market. Now the rumors about the solutions based on 10-nm Jasper Lake. Reportedly, future devices based on Chrome OS really soon, will get a 10-nm Intel processors from Intel Jasper Lake — this supposedly chromebooks are already in development. Fans of old Nintendo games would be curious to know the details about the used code name of one of these devices Dedede.

The network began to penetrate the first tests of mobile processors Intel 10-th generation, including the flagship Core i9-10980HK. Leaks come from different sources, with performance ratings and specific configurations of laptops for the fastest chip in the mobile segment, which will resist the decisions of AMD Ryzen 4000 Renoir. Series Comet Lake-H 10-th generation will include a few chips Core i9, Core i7 and Core i5, to have a power consumption of 45 watts and a high clock frequency. Intel at CES 2020 promised that we will see a clock speed of 5 GHz on the Core i7 chip and a higher clock speed version of Core i9 chip. Of course, the actual frequencies will depend entirely on cooling and thermal design gaming notebooks where these processors will...

Specialists of the Central scientific research Institute of mechanical engineering as the lead research Institute of the state Corporation "Roscosmos", offered to put on a surface and components of all satellites identification labels. It is expected that this approach will simplify the control over the spacecraft, and will also allow to determine the identity of space debris any state. This proposal was announced in the theses of the report of the experts of the Institute, which appeared in the collection for the upcoming academic conference on cosmonautics "Royal readings", which will be held in Moscow from 28 to 31 January.