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On Wednesday, fourteen alleged members of an international criminal organization with ties with China, was charged with participation in the scheme the illicit trafficking of counterfeit iPhone and iPad, Apple has caused damage in the millions of dollars. According to the U.S. attorney's office in the southern district of California, the investigation was conducted 11 raids with the searches in the premises of local companies and private homes in San Diego, during which were confiscated about a $250,000 cash 90 and iPhone smartphones.

Gradually, the Network appears more and more information about the performance level of the new flagship desktop processor AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. This time the new flagship has been tested in the benchmark PassMark, which showed an extraordinary performance. As is known, the processor Ryzen 9 3950X has 16 cores Zen 2 and is able to run on 32 compute flow. Its base clock speed is 3.5 GHz, while maximum Turbo frequency is 4.7 GHz. The flagship is housed in a Socket AM4, respectively, targeting the mass market segment. The recommended price of new items will be $749, making it no longer such a massive chip.

Yesterday at a solemn meeting at the headquarters of the Chinese company Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology, it was announced that the chipmaker became the second in the world after Intel, who were able to start mass production of memory chips on the effect of changes in the phase state of matter. Sounds incredibly loud, but it is only on issue chip EEPROM for industry and electronic industry. However, in a cell-based EEPROM memory company AMT is the effect of the changed phase state of the substance. The memory usage of PCM in a re-writable EEPROM chip is allowed to increase the number of erase cycles from 100,000 in the case of the NOR-flash up to 10 million for PCM. Retention time information in cells at least 100 years at 25 °C. Chips produced using a...

The intellectual property Office of South Korea (Korean Intellectual Property Office KIPO), as the resource LetsGoDigital, published patent documentation on a number of new wearable devices from LG. We are talking about products designed specifically for the fair half of mankind. For example, LG offers two ladies ' wrist watches. Such gadgets get the slim and sleek body and a display of the round form. Refers to the presence of various sensors, including a GPS receiver, sensors for electrocardiogram and measurement of blood sugar levels.

Professionals of the company SpaceX conducted a successful ground-fire test of the engines and systems of evacuation of the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon. This was announced in the official SpaceX account on Twitter, and later more detailed information appeared on the website of the American space Agency NASA. Engine test were carried out near the landing zone at Cape Canaveral. We will remind, in April of this year, during the same engine test occurred emergency situation, which led to the explosion and destruction of the spacecraft. The further investigation of the incident conducted by SpaceX and NASA experts showed that the portion of liquid fuel in the system helium pressurization unexpectedly became the reason of ignition and explosion. Based on this...

Motorola returned to the market the razr brand in the form of a bendable smartphone based on Android, but that doesn't mean the company forgot about the classic design of the original. As a tribute of respect to the OG RAZR apparatus of the company included a secret mode "Retro razr" that turns a modern smartphone for $1499 USD in graceful likeness of its predecessor of 2004. This mode is by and large a shell for Android, which accurately recreates the original RAZR's user interface via software, until the classic boot animation. But Motorola has done a good job: the shell is fully functional. If you select messaging, will be launched on the messaging app Android. Pressing right will open the app settings and so on. Of course, you can dial the phone number...

German chain of retail electronics stores Mediamarkt-Saturn has released a conceptual video PlayStation 5, showing the console and the DualShock controller 5. Renderings are intended to show what the German retailer would like to see the next generation console from Sony. The final design for the PlayStation 5 is likely to be very different from what is shown in this video. However, the movie is interesting, for it includes some interesting features like wireless charging DualShock controller 5 or the touch screen at the top of the controller (it is possible this information based on some available store of information, not only on their own ideas). Anyone can see this video:

Earlier it was expected that SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International), the largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips in China will begin mass 14-nm FinFET chip production until the middle of this year. But in August, the company was able to establish only a risky trade and only recently has begun to commercial. This is a big step forward for China, because it is the first production line of FinFET transistors in a country which has built a lot of semiconductor factories. However, leading manufacturers have never developed the technology FinFET in China for geopolitical reasons and reasons of intellectual property protection.

Easar Russian company has created a spacecraft for burning debris in orbit. At the moment is designing the appearance of innovative satellite. The developers already have six variants of the external appearance of the device. Once the design is completed it is planned to select two or three optimal configuration and conduct mock tests. It clarifies that the unit will operate standalone and can be used repeatedly. The patent for the invention has already been registered by the Federal service for intellectual property.

The Company Simply does NUC and compact desktop format Next Unit of Computing (NUC) created by Intel. And now in such a compact form factor are now available for computers with AMD Ryzen, which were included in the family of Sequoia NUC. In total, there were two systems, called Sequoia Sequoia v6 and v8. Each of them built on an embedded processor AMD Ryzen Embedded with four cores and eight Zen flows. In the first case, Ryzen V1605B that works with frequencies of 2.0/3.2 GHz and has integrated graphics Vega 8. More advanced mini-PC Sequoia v8 got the chip Ryzen V1807B with frequencies of 3.35/3.8 GHz and more productive "insertions" Vega 11.

The Resource DigiTimes managed to hear the assessment of the current state of the graphics market in the presentation one of the participants of the chain of production — Power Logic, which supplies graphics cards cooling systems. A new venture in China should enable Power Logic in the next year to increase production by 20 % compared to the current year. This growth will need not only the graphics market. The company intends to offer its cooling system in the segment of consumer devices, base stations for 5G networks, servers, and automotive components. Image source: HKEPC

It is possible that the Eastern spaceport in the Amur region will serve as a platform for the implementation of the Russian lunar program. About this possibility, as reported by "RIA Novosti, said Deputy Director — head of organizational-administrative division of the branch of the state Corporation Roscosmos on the East Constantine Nikolenko. Recall that the Russian lunar program lasting several decades. At different stages of the planned study of the natural satellite of our planet with the help of automatic stations, the development of a manned lunar Rover, lunar base construction and the formation of settlements.

ASUS ROG Gaming Phone was the first smartphone with a 90-Hz display in 2018. After the launch of OnePlus Pro 7 this year, the trend of using 90-Hz screen began to gain momentum, and many vendors, including Google, began to offer the same for their flagship models. As reported earlier, Samsung also plans to include a 90-Hz display in its new flagship device Galaxy S11. But if you believe the latest reports, OnePlus will go even further in its flagship next year. According to reports, OnePlus 8 Pro will have a very smooth display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This, however, will not be the first smartphone which offers such: ASUS ROG II Phone has a display with a frequency of 120 Hz.

The Only major manufacturer of magnetoresistive random access memory Nevertheless, Technologies has reported record quarterly revenue from the supply of chip non-volatile memory STT-MRAM (Spin-transfer Torque MRAM). Chip STT-MRAM with a capacity of 256 Mbps using 40-nm process technology for producing plant NXP Semi and GlobalFoundries factory. In August, GlobalFoundries has started the production of 28-nm chips STT-MRAM with a capacity of 1 Gbps. Memory 1 GB STT-MRAM successfully passes the qualification tests, customers Customers, and the company expects to see her as the basis for caching drives in the enterprise market for data storage. Nonetheless, total revenue in the third quarter of 2019 calendar year to $9.2 million or 6% more than in the previous...

The Fact of preparation for the announcement of the budget Athlon 3000G no longer a mystery to our loyal readers. Today this model has been officially presented, and AMD in its press release called the novelty of the first Athlon processor architecture of the family Zen, which offers free multiplier to simplify overclocking. In fact, the additional zero in the numeric model designation must stress that this processor is something stands out among other processors Athlon generation Picasso, and this quality is certainly free multiplier. Image source: AMD