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In the field of semiconductor production Taiwan contract forge TSMC is well ahead of its competitors. The company quite radically increased its investment so that its advanced 7-nm process using lithography in the extreme ultraviolet range (EUV) is now in the process of mass production. Yet before the serial print crystals with the use of 5-nm still has a few months to learn a 3-nm process at TSMC flows smoothly. At its recent meeting for investors and analysts the Executive Director and co-Chairman of TSMC C. C. Wei (Wei CC) said that research and development in the field of 3-nm are successful. In addition, early clients of the company already involved in the development of technical requirements for the new process technology, which is designed to...

According to the publication Bloomberg, Apple's supply chain is currently focused on production of components for 75 million iPhones in the second half of this year. This is approximately the same as in the same period last year. These indicators say that Apple expects to see a stabilization of demand for the iPhone this year after a gradual decline in sales recently, which the company largely compensated by the increase in average prices. Analyst Jeff PU (Jeff Pu) of GF Securities suggests that the new iPhone will grow to 74 million units in the second half of 2019 is about 7 % above its last year's estimates. At the same time, TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) predicts that Apple will sell 75-80 million smartphones in the second half of...

Today, the company SK Hynix conducted a quarterly report conference, which led to an unexpected result. The company has recorded the worst three years of financial revenues, but it did not upset investors. The mood of the financiers immediately took the statement of the leadership of SK Hynix that Japanese restrictions on supply to South Korea raw materials for the production of chips will result in a reduction in the production of memory and other semiconductors. It is easy to think that the market for DRAM and NAND products based on them froze in anticipation of the new rising prices for these categories of goods. Shares of SK Hynix in the Wake of this news has risen in price by 3 %, while Samsung shares ― 1 %. It seems a trifle, but the market...

First free (without a leash) the jump of a prototype interplanetary missiles Starship ― Starhopper ― deferred at least a day. Late last night the engine Starhopper few seconds after ignition was accompanied by a sudden release of flame in the upper part of the prototype. Automation immediately stopped the engines, and nothing terrible happened. According to the representative of the company SpaceX, the system is in the early stages of testing and lining in this case — the usual case. The previous attempt at jump ― vertical take-off prototype to a height of 65 feet (19.8 meters) and subsequent fit ― company has taken ten days ago. Then the fire was more ambitious. A flash of flame engulfed the entire ship. At the same time, as we can see, the second attempt...

In the database of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) found the record of registration of new engineering samples desyatiletnij desktop Intel family Comet Lake-S. on the basis of the EEC referred to test samples of older processors Comet Lake-S, which has ten physical cores. These samples are as close to their final versions and is designed to test system integrators and motherboard manufacturers (Qualification sample). Also note that the samples are referred to as part of some developer kits.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold at the Unpacked event back in February and stated that it will go on sale in April. But this did not happen, as the first reviewers started to report problems with the reliability of the screen and the housing. In the end, the Korean company has postponed the launch of the device, deciding to further test and Refine. Now, the company announced the final phase of testing Galaxy Fold and that the device will arrive on the markets of several countries in September (the details of exact dates and countries Samsung promises to announce later). Innovative flexible smartphone with enhancements designed to improve its reliability.

LG is preparing to launch production of flexible OLED panels, slated to begin this year in South Korea. Reportedly network sources, Apple is interested in making a deal with the South Korean manufacturer. In the case of partnership agreement between the two companies flexible OLED panel LG may appear in a future iPhone. Earlier in the Internet there were reports that one of the models of the iPhone of 2020 will have a flexible display. The partnership between Apple and LG is not something incredible, because the South Korean company for several years produces displays for the iPhone, although not acted as the main supplier. For a long time the main supply displays for Apple smartphones was made by the company Samsung. If LG and Apple reach agreement, then...

Recently accepted to consider "escape route" from China manufacturers, which have become hostages of the political situation. If in the case of Huawei, the American authorities could ease the pressure on its allies, the dependence on Chinese imports will disturb the country's leadership, even when the staff updates. Under the onslaught of information attacks of recent months, the layman might get the impression that the producers are urgently moving the enterprise from China, and a similar migration for them is not very profitable. Publication in the pages of the website EETimes, which debuted in the edition of ESM China provides reassurance that the growth of the Chinese economy and the average income of employed workers have long made the neighbouring...

It is Expected that the fourth quarter will appear the processors Ryzen Threadripper third generation, which will offer up to 64 cores and architecture AMD Zen 2. They managed to leave a mark in the last news, under the symbol "Castle Peak", which is related to geographical designations of the elements of the mountain range in the U.S. state of Washington. The participants of the forum after analyzing the software code of the new version of the utility AIDA64 found references to two new families of AMD processors. The first was comparing a combination of symbols "K19.2" and the symbol "Vermeer", the second established a correspondence between the "K19" and "Genesis". It should be understood that in the hierarchy of alphanumeric notations...

To some it may seem strange, but by themselves not even grow apples and pears. Rather, they grow, but this does not mean that without proper care from specialists with fruit trees, it will be possible to obtain an appreciable yield. Facilitate the work of the gardeners come from the Japanese company NEC Solution. On the first of August she introduces an interesting service for the surveying, 3D modeling and analysis of the crowns of fruit trees. 3D image of the crown of the fruit tree to analyze and make recommendations on the formation of (NEC)

Gradually rumors about the new MacBook Pro with 16-inch display is becoming more. This portable computer has become the most powerful among all the MacBook, and therefore its price will be not small, and as reported by Taiwanese resource UDN. According to the source, base configuration MacBook Pro with 16-inch display will cost 90 000 NT$, which is approximately equal to $ 3,000 or 183, 000. For comparison, the basic configuration 15-inch MacBook Pro now worth in the USA from $2399 (151 000). So the higher cost of the 16-inch model looks quite natural. By the way, in Russia the price of 15-inch MacBook Pro starts from $ 199 000 rubles for tax purposes, so the 16-inch version will cost even more.

Fujifilm is preparing to enter the market of cameras with the device SX800. Are the camera supports 40 times zoom and is specially designed to ensure security at international borders and large commercial facilities. The camera is equipped with a lens with a focal length of 20 to 800 mm and additional digital zoom. The device is able to form clear images of distant objects thanks to the use of high-performance technology of optical stabilization of images, high quality lower level of thermal fog, as well as high speed focusing. The developers say that the full equivalent focal length the Fujifilm SX800 is 1000 mm, which means that the camera is able to focus on license plates of cars that are at a distance of 1 km.

Yesterday held a formal event in which was presented the smartphone Honor Honor 9X and 9X Pro. Now, will the President Honor Zhao Ming (Ming Zhao) said that the first smartphone of the brand able to work in networks of the fifth generation (5G), is in the process of development and laboratory testing. "Our partners in research and development are already testing the device, and it will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019," said Mr. Min. He also noted that 5G-smartphone Honor is an excellent device. In his opinion, in the future, Honor can become one of the leaders in the design of the smartphones in the era of 5G. It was also announced that 5G mobile will be Honor to have the support of network modes SA and NSA.

The Company's Loon, a subsidiary of the Alphabet, created to provide Internet access to rural and remote regions with the help of balloons, moving in the stratosphere, has announced a new achievement. Balloons company for over 1 million hours drifting at an altitude of about 18 km, breaking during this time, about 24.9 million miles (40.1 million km). The technology of providing the population in remote regions of the planet with the help of balloons has already passed the testing stage. Earlier this month the company announced plans to launch in the near future, "Internet balloons" in Kenya, country in East Africa, in conjunction with Telkom Kenya, the third largest in country mobile operator.

It would Seem that the era of audio cassettes over in the first half of the last decade. But despite this, they are still produced, and some companies even release new models. So, the Japanese company Nagaoka Trading, specializes in various audio equipment, has introduced a new compact cassette CT-series. The new series includes four models: CT10, CT20, and CT90 CT60, which can record up to 10, 20, 60, and 90 minutes of audio respectively. As expected, on each side of the cassette, you can record half of the allotted time.