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In this environment, the market capitalization of Tesla has exceeded the capitalization of the Toyota, thereby making the brainchild of Elon musk the most expensive automaker in the world. Tesla's shares rose 5 %, reaching a new record high of $1135, which allows us to estimate the value of the company at $206,5 billion, compared to the same indicator of the Toyota at about $202 billion In fact, the market capitalization stresses the great enthusiasm of investors in relation to Tesla. The company's shares this year increased by 170 %, as investors continued to invest in the American manufacturer of electric cars.

The Company Enmotus introduced a series of hybrid M. 2 NVMe SSDS FuzeDrive on the basis of chip flash memory, manufactured on technology SLC (Single Level Cell) and QLC (Quad-Level Cell). According to the manufacturer, the drives use a technology called artificial intelligence and possess up to 25 times more time duration compared to conventional SSD drives on the basis of the QLC-memory. Names FuzeDrive and StoreMI can be known to owners of PCs based on AMD Ryzen, because for them, these technologies were developed by Enmotus together with AMD. They allow you to combine hard drives and solid state drives into one logical volume, speeding up the load time of OS and games. Developed Enmotus sshd FuzeDrive also have built-in support similar functionality and...

In the Network there are more reports of car owners Tesla that the Autopilot system is beginning to really make a active maneuvers to avoid an accident. Resource Electrek has posted a video shared by the owner of an electric car Model 3 Russ Lepage (Lepage Russ) from the province of Quebec (Canada). In the video, recorded using TeslaCam shown as bold maneuver managed to avoid a collision with a deer, which could lead to tragic consequences. And Lepage argues that the autopilot did it automatically.

The Appearance of the device in the database of the Federal communications Commission (FCC) said in favor of the fact that the international variant of the smart hours LG Watch is almost ready for announcement. Recall that Oppo Watch on the basis of the Snapdragon Wear 2500 was introduced in China in March this year. The device is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and flash storage capacity of 8 GB. Smart watch is available in two sizes — 41 mm and 46 mm. Both options received support from eSIM. This means that users will be able to connect to mobile networks, including LTE, which is also stated here.

As we reported, Apple is now making every effort to reduce delay in the start of supply of the new iPhone. However, the resource DigiTimes reported that sales of vehicles will be significantly lower figures, formerly called. We are talking about the first Apple smartphones that support mobile communication of the fifth generation (5G) in the millimeter range. Previously it was assumed that this year the "Apple" of the Empire will be able to realize from 30 to 40 million such devices, but now it made much more modest forecasts.

The American aerospace company SpaceX announced the successful launch of navigation satellite GPS third generation on the order of the Cosmic forces of the United States. For the first time since the launch of the satellite for military purposes the company received permission from the Pentagon to the landing of the Falcon 9 rocket with the aim of further reuse. The launch with the 3.7-ton satellite on Board was made on Tuesday at 16:10 time East coast USA (23:10 GMT) from pad Space Launch Complex 40 U.S. air force base at Cape Canaveral (Florida).

New leaks show that Apple is reportedly testing an interesting new feature for iPhone. Apparently, the company launches a macOS on the iPhone and plans to use the docking station for full desktop environment when the phone is connected to the monitor. This news comes after Apple during WWDC announced plans to transfer desktop Macs to their own ARM chips instead of Intel x86. For developers the company has even started selling the Mac Mini on ARM processors Apple A12Z that are running the beta version of the macOS platform 11 Big Sur, was able to perform a software x86 emulator Rosetta 2 (extremely effectively).

Although Apple has recently announced the translation of its desktop processors with the ARM architecture of its own design, the new Mac on the Intel chips we'll see. For example, in the database benchmark Geekbench 5 showed a record of the testing of the new Apple computer, which most likely is a new model monoblock iMac is scheduled for release in the second half of this year. According to the test computer is built on unrepresented officially the Intel Core i9-10910. It brings together dozens of cores and operates at twenty threads, and its base frequency is 3.6 GHz. Apparently, this is a special version of the chip Core i9-10900 with the increased base frequency (2.8 GHz), issued specifically for Apple. Intel regularly delivers exclusive versions of...

On 5 August it is expected the presentation of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z 5G Flip with a flexible display. On the website of the Chinese center for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA) there were images, giving a complete picture about the appearance of this device. As you can see, in terms of design the device is similar to the original model Galaxy Z Flip which does not support 5G. Internal flexible screen has a size of 6.7 inches diagonally and has a resolution of FHD+ (2636 × 1080 pixels). On the outer side of the housing is a 1.05-inch auxiliary display with a resolution of 300 × 112 pixels.

It is possible that for missions "Venera-D" will set up a special camera system, which will allow you to shoot panoramas of the planet and the fit of the research unit on its surface. About the project, as reported TASS, told in the Department of optical and physical research space research Institute (IKI) Russian Academy of Sciences. We are talking about the development of a special video system that can function in extreme conditions observed on Venus. The surface temperature of this planet is about 460 degrees Celsius and atmospheric pressure 92 times greater than on Earth.

Federal communications Commission (FCC — Federal Communication Commission) of USA has announced that Huawei and ZTE a "national security threats", officially banning American corporations to use Federal funds for the purchase and installation of equipment, the Chinese telecommunication giants. The Chairman of the American independent government Agency Ajit Pai (Ajit Pai) stated that the basis of this decision lay "solid evidence". Federal agencies and legislators have long claimed that, since Huawei and ZTE are subject to Chinese law, they may be required to "cooperate with the secret services of the country." Chinese technology companies have repeatedly rejected these claims.

Apple's key business segments which become the target of several antitrust investigations in the European Union, rejected the allegations of market dominance, stating that it competes with Google, Samsung and other companies. This at a speech at the Forum Europe conference, said the head of the Apple App Store and the Apple Media Services Daniel Matray (Daniel Matray). "We compete with a variety of companies such as Google, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, LG, Lenovo and many others. In fact Apple does not occupy a dominant position in any market, we face strong competition in all categories, tablets, Wearables, desktops and laptops, maps, music, payments, messaging and more," said Mr. Matra.

Samsung officially introduced a series of consumer solid state drives SSD 870 QVO. Its product range includes devices for data storage with a volume of 1, 2, 4 and 8 TB. Compared to the models of the series 860 QVO in the new drives, the company promises a 13 percent performance increase on the level of random read and write. The QVO Samsung series 870 SSD is made in 2.5-inch form factor and uses to connect SATA 3.0 bandwidth of up to 6 Gbps. the Device is suitable for use in desktop and laptop computers.

The journalists Thurrott brad sams (Brad Sams) said that initially Microsoft was going to release the Xbox Series X until the fall of 2020, but pandemic coronavirus has made adjustments to the plans. He also shared information about the Xbox Lockhart — there is a high possibility that the console won't be made in the form of a cube. The material Thurrott sams claims that the Xbox Series X could come out at the end of August, if not COVID-19. At the same time, the launch of the Xbox, codenamed Lockhart, was to be held in mid-October. According to the latest rumors, the announcement of the Junior model will occur in August this year online event in the framework of the Xbox 20/20.

Car company Ford has announced the opening of in the United States point-of-service orders for all-electric crossover Mustang Mach-E. This means that the users that reserved the purchase of new items, will now be able to officially pre-order. Ford also announced that it has decided to increase the engine power Mach-E. all-wheel drive version of the Mach-E with extended range now has the engine power to 346 HP and torque in the amount of 428 lb-ft (580 N·m) instead of 332 HP and 565 N·m of torque. The electric vehicle can reach a speed of 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) on mid 5-second range.