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The Head of Tesla Elon Musk has announced a new lap record of the ring raceway Laguna Seca for 4-door auto transport, established during testing of the Model S electric vehicle powertrain Plaid and experimental version of the chassis. The car has passed the track in 1:36,555, improving the previous record achievement for 1 s. After the recent launch of Porsche Taycan Musk, it seems, seeks to demonstrate that Tesla produced electric cars are still the most efficient car available at the moment.

Fujifilm has announced the X-A7, a new mirrorless system camera entry level with some key improvements in comparison with the precursor X-A5. New 24-MP sensor APS-C (6000 × 4000) offers 8.5 times more points of phase AF than the previous model and includes support for 4K video recording at 30 fps — X-A5 allowed to record video in 4K only at 15 frames/s. Indicators of the burst, however, remained at 6 frames/s. X-A7 rotary offers a 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD with super high resolution (of 2.76 million pixels), which is the primary means of interaction with the camera controls. On the back there are only a few physical controls. Camera with complete lens weighs only 455 grams.

Reportedly network sources, carmaker Daimler has signed a contract to supply lithium-ion batteries with a Chinese-American company Farasis Energy, which is currently undertaking the construction of a plant in Eastern Germany. According to Markus schäfer (Markus Schaefer), a member of the management Board at Mercedes-Benz Cars, the signed contract will help to increase the production volume of Mercedes-Benz cars that run on electricity. He also noted that manufactured the batteries will be supplied to several factories Daimler. The energy required for the production of lithium-ion batteries, will be produced from renewable sources.

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is preparing to ban flavored electronic cigarettes across the country in connection with a vaping caused lung disease and death in the United States. At the moment we know about the six confirmed cases of death fans of vaping in six States. The centers for control and prevention (CDC) reported that as of September 6 was registered in 33 States with more than 450 diseases, perhaps related to vaping. Evan Vucci/AP

Smartphone Redmi 8A will be another entry-level smartphone. It is expected to be submitted with the Redmi device 8. Earlier, there were images that allegedly show a Redmi 8A, but it seems that actually the device has a different appearance. Design Redmi 8A was revealed by the Chinese center for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA), on the website which published several images of the examined smartphone. The design of the rear surface of the body is reminiscent of previous models. The main camera is based on the same sensor, the same as it was in Redmi and Redmi 7A 6A. However, the camera moved to the Central part, whereas it's predecessors it was located to the left. Under the camera is the led flash. The middle part of the back side of the...

Tuesday, September 10, Apple unveiled the next generation of its smartphones, which consists of three models — iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Russia's taking pre-orders for them will start on 18 September and sales will start the 20th number. On this day, which falls on Friday, is expected to boom in traditional stores. However, those who want to be among the first owners of the new "ablational" in our country, needs to plan well in advance. However, to stand in line for a few days to the promised date is not mandatory. If the budget allows, you can just buy a place and shortage of such proposals no. For this moment people are ready day and night to be on duty near the shop

At a technology conference Deutsche Bank interests AMD has made financial Director Devinder Kumar (Devinder Kumar), and most of the questions he tried to answer honestly, although some technical details and would prefer to present the mouth of his colleagues that the event was absent. When talking about the importance of the hardware ray tracing for the gaming industry, the financial Director of AMD referred to the position of the head of the company Lisa su (Lisa Su), which considers the function of one of the defining competition in the segment. However, he also mentioned that to implement hardware acceleration of ray tracing in its products, AMD thinks it's necessary later, and the moment has not yet come. In the course of communication with the...

Last week, the Intel company has circulated an innocuous notification that processors for embedded systems Celeron N3350E, J3355E, J3455E and Pentium N4200E to be transferred to the new stepping F1, with the attendant abolition of the letter "E" in the model designation. Supplied processors new stepping should be not less than fifteen years, as required by the life cycle of many products, in which they are used. When moving to a new stepping, the company promised to fix a number of defects that degrade the signals in some interfaces over time. The latter has recently come to the attention of our foreign colleagues than immediately caused a wave of narrow-minded judgments about the fragility of this Intel product. Image source: Intel

Last week, NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress (Colette Kress) had the honor to represent the interests of the company at the Citi technology conference, which allowed the MC of the event to hold interesting Parallels with the comments of the representative of Intel, which we discussed at the weekend. First, the host asked Ms. Kress whether NVIDIA as opposed to the Intel exit on the market of discrete graphics to offer their CPUs. Strictly speaking, NVIDIA has long offered CPUs that are known to us under the brand name Tegra, but they use ARM-compatible architecture, and gradually withdrew from the consumer segment, except for Nintendo game console Switch. To produce more efficient CPUs with the aim of competing with Intel, NVIDIA is not going to. Colette Kress said...

Russian telescope ART-XC aboard the space Observatory "Spektr-RG", began to perform an early scientific program. During the first scan of the Central "bulges" of the milky Way galaxy have been recorded new x-ray source, called SRGA J174956-34086. For all time of observations was discovered by humans about a million sources of x-ray radiation and only dozens of them have their own names. In most cases, they are called uniformly, and the name becomes the name of the Observatory, opened the source. After opening a new source of scientists have to continue research that will help to define its nature. The source may be distant quasar or located relatively close star system with a neutron star or a black hole.

Chinese company Huawei will present its flagship smartphone series Mate 30 on 19 September in Munich. A few days before the official announcement in the Internet appeared the detailed technical characteristics Mate Pro 30, which was published by insider on Twitter. According to reports, the smartphone will get a display Waterfall with strongly curved lateral sides. Excluding the curved sides of the display equal to 6.6 inches, and with them is 6.8 inches. Applied panel supports a resolution of 2400 × 1176 pixels (corresponds to the format Full HD+). Fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen area. It is also reported that the display is made by technology AMOLED, and the refresh rate is 60 Hz.

Experts of the Inventive Retail Group predicts a steady development of the Russian market of smartphones trade-in in the next few years. Named the group manages the specialized electronics stores, children's and sports goods. Inventive Retail Group consists of 86 shops re:Store Apple Premium Reseller' 91 brand shop Samsung, four Sony Centre showrooms, four stores Huawei, 85 certified LEGO shop, 23, Nike branded stores, 39 stores STREET BEAT, four stores STREET BEAT KIDS and eight stores UNOde50.

Aerospace company SpaceX is in full swing preparing the next test flight of a prototype interplanetary spaceship Starship, which was announced on Twitter its founder Elon Musk (Elon Musk). In the preparatory works, the company filed this week documents to the Federal communications Commission (FCC), which specify maximum height of flight of a prototype spacecraft of 74,000 feet (22.6 km). It's still far from the orbit of the Earth, but still much more compared to about 500 feet (152,4 m) in height, which made the jump prototype Starhopper in the past tests. In the submitted documents are requested the necessary permissions for the communication with the prototype of the spacecraft during his stay in flight.

Researchers from the group of system and network security free University of Amsterdam (VUSec) spoke today about the new types of attacks, which were not protected Intel server processors. The vulnerability was called NetCAT (abbreviated from Network Cache Attack), and it affects all Intel processors that support mechanisms DDIO (Data Direct I/O Technology), and RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access). The researchers showed that a computer with an Intel processor, which enabled both of these functions, can be attacked through the network, causing the attacker can gain access to certain data residing in the cache memory of the processor. For the full exploitation of the vulnerability, the attacker needs to track the time the CPU spends on the processing of...

10 October in Moscow on the territory of Technopark "Caliber" will be held IV international conference "Russia in the global market of 3D printing: your own path or global context?", organized by the Technopark "Caliber" in conjunction with the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow, Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry and the Moscow Polytech. Additive technologies — one of the main specializations of Technopark residents are such large players of the market like 3D Group, ITK Andprint, Cubic Prints, LLC "MIT "Satellite"" and others In the eponymous children's animation Technopark younger generation is learning the basics of 3D printing on unique children's 3D printers.