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During a press conference at the headquarters of Huawei in Shenzhen to reporters TechRadar found out from representatives of the company that bendable smartphone Huawei Mate X unlikely to be released until November. In other words, the manufacturer has again postponed the launch because the last official date was September. However, the company believes that Mate X will be on sale until the end of 2019. Reporters also learned more interesting news: the next Mate X can be more screens and it may appear next year. Where will you display these screens — it is not quite clear. Perhaps the company is considering the form factor, close to Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is bent not out and inside has a secondary screen?

, Silicon Lottery is sort desktop processors with the subsequent sale of selected instances for which it is guaranteed to acceleration of certain clock frequencies. Along with this, the company collects statistics on overclocking different CPUs, and now, a little more than a month after release, published the statistics for the senior Ryzen AMD 3000-series (Matisse). It is worth noting that the store selects the processors that can not only achieve a particular frequency across all cores, but also to work stably at this frequency under load. For conducting stress tests, there are packages Linpack, Prime 95, and the like. Testing on AMD processors is performed using AVX2 instructions.

Space Observatory "Spektr-RG" in the course of observation of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A, which is located in the center of the milky way at a distance of 26,000 light years from Earth, recorded an unusual activity. This was during an interview with the Director of the space research Institute of RAS Mikhail Pavlinsky. In an interview it was said that the said black hole has a low x-ray luminosity that always raised questions among researchers. Is fixed periodically flare activity due to the fact that the intensity of flow increases to two orders of magnitude. At such times, the object attracts the attention of astrophysicists and astronomers.

Reportedly network sources, the Ministry of higher education and science of the Russian Federation last month alerted its subordinate organizations on the establishment of new guidelines governing the cooperation of Russian scientists with foreign and international organizations, and foreign citizens. The document toughening the rules for contacts with foreign organizations. For example, scientific organization from Russia will be obliged to notify the Ministry of education about the upcoming meeting with foreign colleagues for five days prior to the event. In addition, at the same time must submit a list of employees who will participate in the international meeting.

Israeli company Corephotonics, specializing in the development of technology for cameras, has filed a massive lawsuit, which alleges that Apple knowingly used the iPhone its patented technology, dual cameras, and then tried to conceal the offense similar patent applications for registration of intellectual property. Corephotonics in the lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court for the Northern district of California, alleged the infringement of ten patents relating to methods of deploying systems with two cameras in portable devices as well as technologies associated with modern hardware for image processing. Among the major Apple products, which infringed the copyright of the Israeli company, named the IPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone...

Reportedly network sources, AMD is currently testing Ryzen Threadripper HEDT processors of the 3rd generation. Received the results of testing data recently appeared in the database benchmark Geekbench. The report said the 32-core AMD processor Sharkstooth, which is able to handle 64 thread and has a nominal clock frequency of 3.6 GHz. The product is called AuthenticAMD Family 23 49 0 Stepping Model, and its specifications do not correspond to any of the processors EPYC 2nd generation. Based on this we can assume that we have one of the models client segment Ryzen Threadripper.

Research and development of core technologies usually start many years before release to the consumer market. Currently, the spread of technology 5G. This means that the industry is gradually beyond 5G. Despite the evidence that 5G needs improvements, already has a full base platform suitable for conducting further research. Network sources report that the experts of the research laboratory of Huawei Labs in Ottawa began the development of communication technologies next-generation (6G). Currently this technology does not have any official standards, and studies of large technological companies in the field of 6G, probably staying at the theoretical stage.

After a detailed list of characteristics of the console next-gen Xbox in the Network there are new details about the future of the PlayStation 5. Well-known and pretty reliable source of leaks with alias Komachi published information on the clock frequency of the GPU of the future Sony console. The source provides data on the GPU Ariel, part of a single-chip platform, code-named Oberon. This single-chip platform is likely to be an engineering sample platform Gonzalo, which will form the basis for future Sony PlayStation 5.

At the beginning of this week contract giant Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) reported on the results of operations in the second quarter of this year, and the consequences of a "trade war" on the financial performance of the company affected the most obvious way. Net profit of Foxconn has been declining for the third consecutive quarter, over the past reporting period it decreased by 2.5% to $541 million Is the lowest value since the third quarter of 2013. This is not to say that Foxconn is a large margin of safety, to bring profit to the victim of a "trade war" — the profit margin on the operating level does not exceed 1.34 percent. Image source: Nikkei Asian Review

Users Typically expect from new smartphones increased performance compared to previous models. However, recently one of the characteristics of new iPhone and Android devices does not change significantly. We are talking about the battery life of the devices, since even the use of massive lithium-ion battery with capacity of 5000 mAh can significantly increase this parameter. The situation may change in case of transition from the use of lithium-ion batteries to power sources based on graphene. Reportedly network sources, the South Korean company Samsung is the leader in the development of batteries of a new type. The report said that the tech giant could introduce a smartphone with Grafenauweg battery in the next year, but most likely it will happen in...

In early June, rumors about doubt AMD should release a new processor family Ryzen Threadripper reached the leadership of the company Lisa su (Lisa Su) together with the specialists of the marketing service I began to explain that the emergence of the 16-core model Ryzen 9 3950X forced to rethink the positioning of the series of products Ryzen Threadripper and developing a new marketing strategy will take some time. However, even these words of the representatives of AMD spawned new rumors about the readiness of the company in the fourth quarter of this year to submit Ryzen Threadripper with 64 cores. Some sources even called the probable designation of the fourth generation core processors — Genesis Peak, looking into the more distant future. Image source...

At the end of may this year, Intel announced a new flagship desktop CPU Core i9-9900KS, which will go on sale only in the fourth quarter. And yet a record of the testing of the system with the chip found in the database benchmark 3DMark Fire Strike, due to which it can be compared with the usual Core i9-9900K. To begin with we recall that released last year, Core i9-9900K new Core i9-9900KS will differ higher clock frequencies. Base frequency of new products has increased from 3.6 to 4.0 GHz but the maximum Turbo frequency remains at 5.0 GHz. But if the Core i9-9900K to this frequency automatically can accelerate only two cores, the new Core i9-9900KS mark 5.0 GHz will be able to achieve all eight cores.

Earlier on the Internet there were reports that the company Razer suspend the development of the business associated with the production of gaming smartphones. According to reports, the company is developing a successor for the previous model, which is expected to be released later this year. Presented in the fall of last year, the Razer device Phone 2, received the productive hardware component and the display at 120 Hz, is currently available in two configurations. We are talking about device versions with 8 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, and 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB ROM. In the Internet appeared photos of the prototype device, which has in its equipment a built-in drive capacity of 512 GB. Perhaps if this version of the smartphone will appear on the market, then...

Like many other manufacturers of graphics cards, MSI will soon release its own version of graphics accelerators Radeon RX 5700-series. The Taiwanese manufacturer has already started advertising the future by publishing their partial images or photos of prototypes. Now the resource CoolPC published pictures of MSI Radeon RX XT 5700 Evoke OC entirely, and resource VideoCardz has shared images accelerator 5700 Radeon RX OC Mech. Captured in the photo, Radeon RX XT Evoke 5700 OC is one of the models that have received many observers around the world. As can be seen, the novelty has received quite a large cooling system with a casing of simple form, which is made in gold color. Looks new very attractive. The cooling system is includes four heat pipes, copper...

Yesterday, French site Cowcotland has reported that the supply of the reference Radeon RX 5700 Radeon RX XT and 5700 fold, clearly indicating the applicability of this statement. The source explained that the manufacturers no longer receive from the company ready graphics cards of reference design, and now they have to release products series Radeon RX 5700 own design. For AMD it's quite a common practice: reference product designed to saturate the market in the first weeks after the announcement, then it is taken by partners. AMD itself, of course, the card is not produced the production of reference solutions of the "first wave" has been a trusted contractor that is its products the company distributes to other manufacturers of video cards. Colleagues...