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After the launch of AMD processors Ryzen triumphantly returned to the market desktop PCs, but the laptops sector company is much more difficult to oust Intel's position. Fortunately, and here the situation begins to change. For example, recently, Microsoft introduced a laptop Laptop Surface 3, which can be equipped with special processors Ryzen 7 3780U Microsoft Surface Edition. This example was followed by Xiaomi: the company has officially confirmed earlier rumors circulating that the new mobile PCs under the brand name RedmiBook will use an AMD processor Ryzen R5 3500U. In addition, the company revealed the date of launch of laptops based on AMD solutions — the debut is scheduled for October 21.

MSI is preparing at least two versions of their own GeForce GTX 1660 Super, which has not yet been officially presented. Image accelerators GeForce GTX Super Gaming 1660 X 1660 and GTX Super Ventus XS has published a resource VideoCardz. The GeForce GTX 1660 Super Gaming X will be the oldest version of the GTX 1660 Super in the range of MSI, whereas the model GeForce GTX 1660 Super Ventus XS can be attributed to the more simple and thus more affordable solutions. Of course, the first novelty will have higher clock frequencies.

Reportedly network sources, the Chinese company Huawei has started to translate Executive staff and scientists associated with USA, its subsidiaries. In Huawei believes that with the staff, or otherwise associated with the United States, can interact with us agents trying to access the confidential information of the company. At Huawei believe that the covert activities of American agents could seriously hurt the company. Recently, the staff in managerial positions in the field of research and development, including Americans of Chinese origin, were transferred to other posts or left the company. Official representatives of Huawei had no immediate comment on this post.

Yesterday was the last day of Qualcomm's 5G summit in Barcelona. Leading scientist, head of Oppo in the field of 5G tan Hai (Hai Tang) were invited to participate in the 5G forum. At the event, he said that the 5G phones are in a phase of large-scale development. In addition, the company plans to launch the world's first smartphone with a dual-mode chip 5G (with network support to SA and NSA) from Qualcomm until the end of the year. Mr. Hai also said: "Thanks to the efforts of the entire industry 5G is in the stage of rapid promotion. While consumers in some countries and regions have already tested the phone with Oppo support 5G networks. We hope to produce better results for different countries using new generation of dual-mode products 5G".

The Us space Agency NASA showed two spacesuits that will be used by astronauts in the process of implementation of the Artemis project. The corresponding video was published on the Internet. The mentioned video shows a massive red-white-blue suit that you plan to use when working on the moon, as well as more slim suit orange. The second suit will be used by the astronauts during missions to the moon and back. It is noteworthy that in such suits, the astronauts can live for several days, if in the process of flight would occur the sudden depressurization of the spacecraft.

Xiaomi is constantly expanding the range of its products. The company recently released in China two gaming monitor — one with a massive 34-inch display and another with a 23.8 inch screen. Due to this, the company is now officially released the new product category — gaming monitors. Xiaomi Mi Display Surface 34 includes a curved 34" display (curvature 1500R) with a resolution of 3440 × 1440 (aspect ratio 21:9) and a frequency of 144 Hz. It is also worth noting support technology frame synchronization AMD Freesync, playback Blu-ray and a color gamut of the sRGB gamut 121 %.

The Roman Catholic Church held in the Vatican presentation of a device called eRosary, which is a smart electronic rosary. The device is aimed at attracting to the religion of the young generation, which likes various kinds of wearable gadgets. The product is made in the form of bracelet, which can be used not only during the reading of the prayers, but worn on the arm as a decoration and a fitness tracker. ERosary rosary consists of ten black agate beads and hematite, as well as cross, in which is embedded all the electronic components.

Gradually, more and more countries begin commercial use of networks of the fifth generation (5G), or preparing to do so. Several studies conducted by representatives of industry chains, showed that next year the scale of the introduction of 5G smartphones and services on the basis of the relevant communication technologies will increase significantly. According to the forecast of TSMC, the next year the demand for devices that support 5G will grow to 300 million units. According to analysts Strategy Analytics, smartphones with support for 5G will account for almost half of the total number of devices sold in the next five years. Analysts believe that in 2019 the proportion of 5G smartphones of the total volume of supply will be in the region of 1 %, and in...

Volvo has unveiled its first electric car Volvo XC40 Recharge, built on the basis of the compact crossover Volvo XC40. The novelty was the first model of new family of Recharge, which will include all-electric and hybrid cars. "We have said repeatedly that Volvo Cars sees its future electric — said håkan Samuelsson (Håkan Samuelsson), President and CEO of Volvo Cars. Today we are taking another important step to meet him, and presenting to the public the all-electric XC40 and a new family of cars Recharge".

In late August, the Chinese company OPPO presented the flagship series of smartphones Reno2. Today on the pages of our site left a detailed review in which Alexander Babulin highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses of the new interesting design; bright and finely tuned AMOLED display; good battery life and fast charging; good picture quality as on the back and front-facing camera; however, some lag in the benchmarks and high value. The latest news relate to the prices Reno2. Today OPPO has presented in London two smartphones Reno2 and their first Enco Q1 wireless headphone with noise reduction system. The company announced the expansion of its presence in the international market: in 2020 its products will be presented also in Germany, Portugal and...

Google officially announced the termination of support for its own virtual reality platform to Daydream. Yesterday took place the official presentation of the new smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL without support VR platforms Daydream. Starting today, Google stops selling headsets Daydream View. Moreover, the company has no plans to support the platform in future devices based on Android. Such a move is unlikely to surprise people who follow the development of virtual reality technology on mobile devices. Of course, Google Daydream contributed to the increase in the popularity of VR, giving users the opportunity to interact with the virtual world. However, this was not enough, because the whole industry related to virtual reality on mobile devices is not...

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi releases the different electronics and devices that can be considered "smart". A few days ago the company released an electric heater Smartmi 1s. And last month, she started collecting on-site mikronizirovanne the heated vest. Now the company has released the clothes under the brand name Cotton Smith to the public. According to the official description, the jacket can warm the wearer in very cold weather at temperatures down to -120 °C. This extreme value it is unlikely that someone will need, because the coldest region on Earth — Antarctica — has average -25 °C. Just the manufacturer tested the vest: at a temperature of -120 °C it is able to keep warm and function.

To the end of this month should see the Intel Core i9-9900KS, the main feature of which is the ability to maintain the activity of all eight cores at 5.0 GHz. Some related with the consumer qualities of the processor questions allows you to remove the study of relevant threads on Reddit where one of the first buyers of Core i9-9900KS, one of the practical tests on it. How he managed to get the processor up to the announcement while maintaining the ability to display it? It's very simple: one Czech online shop sold Intel Core i9-9900KS private person by mistake and now there is nothing stopping the owner of this instance to talk about it on the pages of relevant resources. Image source: Reddit, FR33_L35T3R

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) is preparing to start testing its fully-electric aircraft X-57 Maxwell (X-plane), one of the modifications which (X-57 Mod II) was taken by the space Agency's Flight research center. Armstrong. First will be ground testing, after which will come the turn of taxi tests, which will eventually be followed by flight. It's not clear when they will take place, but it is known that modification of the aircraft Mod III and IV, unlike the current version will have wings.

State Corporation Roscosmos and space research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI) report that in September Russian telescope ART-XC aboard the orbital Observatory "Spektr-RG" executed two deep sky survey. Recall that the unit "Spektr-RG" went into space on July 13 this year after a series of delays. This project aims to study the Universe at x-ray wavelengths. In the Arsenal of the Observatory — two x-ray telescope optics oblique incidence: this instrument eRosita, established in Germany, and mentioned a tool of the Russian ART-XC.