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Available To order ultra compact computer Azulle Access3, made in the form of a chain with an HDMI connector for connecting to PC monitor or TV panel. The device relies on Intel Apollo Lake. Buyers can choose between chips Celeron and Celeron N3450 N3350. The first of these processors contain two processing cores with a frequency of 1.1–2.4 GHz and a graphics accelerator Intel HD Graphics 500. The second chip has four cores with a frequency of 1.1 to 2.2 GHz and Intel HD Graphics 500.

NVIDIA first told how much revenue it could derive from sales of its graphics accelerators for the market of cryptocurrency mining. The demand on the GPU from cryptocurrency miners in the first quarter was stronger than expected and has brought the company an income of 289 million dollars. In particular, analyst Christopher Rolland (Christopher Rolland) from the Susquehanna on the eve of the report suggested that sales of NVIDIA accelerators for this market will be about $ 200 million. Patrick T. Fallon | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Chinese Xiaomi are still going to enter the American market, despite the history of ZTE and Huawei, against which the U.S. government is actively fighting and introduces new legal barriers. The first step, the company prepares for an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange (going to attract about $10 billion), will release in the U.S. of products for the smart home. Although Xiaomi is primarily known for its cheap and pretty high quality smartphones, the company offers hundreds of products that range from chargers to intelligent lights, air filters, bicycles, gyrometers, tools and so on.

As we previously reported, the world's first plant for the processing of glass substrates (substrates) generation 10.5 G up and running in China. Prior to this, the most advanced production many years was the plant of the company Sharp in Japan, which operated in the substrate generation 10G. With the new production facilities in technological leaders came to the Chinese company BOE Technology Group (BOE). The BOE generation plant of 10.5 G started to work in December of last year in Hefei. The company is building another plant of this generation that will be commissioned near the city of Wuhan in 2019. The third generation plant of 10.5 G was built and put into operation in the first quarter of this year, the company LG Display. To provide the company BOE...

The Company System76 announced a new modification of the portable computer Galago Pro, built on a hardware platform Intel Kaby Lake Refresh (the Core of the eighth generation). The original version of the Galago Pro debut in March last year, having a display size of 13.3 inches diagonally. Presented now the model features a 14-inch screen. Both laptops have identical dimensions — 329,6 × 225,0 × 14,2 mm. to Equip the device with a larger display while maintaining the same size managed by reducing the width of the display part.

Range motherboard ASUSTeK Computer added days unordinary model based on the combination of processor socket Intel LGA1151 and chipset H310. Feature of the new product ASUS Prime H310T is its form factor — Thin Mini-ITX, which is not only small in length and width (17 × 17 cm) made in the devices, but the minimum height of the parts 2 refer to note that the Taiwanese manufacturer was the first and maybe the last who decided to bring to market Thin Mini-ITX Board for processors Coffee Lake-S. Model Prime H310T is designed to fit the most power hungry Core processors, the 8th generation in 1151-pin version — Core i7-8700K, Core i5-8600K and Core i3-8350K. In principle, this was to be expected, since a similar fee the previous series — Prime H110T — supports...

In the coming weeks, Lenovo will bring to market many different laptops belonging to families Ideapad Ideapad 330 and 330s. This became known thanks to the latest publications in the foreign press, as well as the appearance of the pages for the individual products on the website of the Chinese company. The manufacturer expects to offer the device for every taste and budget. Common for them to be uncluttered in appearance, the possibility of opening to 180° (to the zero angle between the screen and keyboard), and availability in at least three color options. Ideapad 330 (14 inches)

Before Computex 2018 Chinese manufacturer of cooling systems, ID-Cooling has decided to introduce a new processor DLC Chromaflow 240 with an outstanding technology — pixel (addressable) RGB led. The latter is made in the form of rings on the cover of the waterblock and on the inner surface of the fan frame around the impeller. Note that all CPU liquid cooling ID-Cooling have at least one area of illumination. Applied specs indicate that she is aiming at a mainstream market segment DLC. The presence of a "dual" radiator advanced system with LED-backlight and enabling the delivery set adapter set power supply and remote control, talking about what among the most cheap liquid coolers Chromaflow 240 definitely will not be present. The design consists of a...

The Second wave of announcements of graphics cards on the ASRock AMD chips Polaris gave the answer to the question whether the Taiwanese manufacturer to release the accelerator for cryptocurrency mining. Despite the fact that the products ASRock Phantom M1 Radeon RX Gaming 4G Phantom 570 and Radeon RX Gaming M1 570 8G is not described on the company website as "MINERGIE", they can safely be considered such. The main feature is the presence of only a single video output Dual-Link DVI-D support resolution 2560 × 1600 pixels. Another "clue", however, is indirect, — the use of the cooler "a La Zalman", which promises to be quite noisy under load. Externally, the boosters are identical and, by default, operate on the same frequencies 1244/1750(7000) MHz for core...

Announcements not common on mobile devices like the ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 always be the center of attention of the press. However, a great demand for low-cost solutions — such as the VivoBook VivoBook Flip 14 and Flip 12. According to the site Notebook Italia, all of the above models will be presented at the June Computex 2018. It is clarified that, with respect to VivoBook Flip we are talking about the updated "2-in-1" lower price segment, which will receive SoC Gemini is chips Lake Apollo Lake. Flip VivoBook 14 (2017)

A taxi Service, Uber will resume in the next few months of testing self-driving vehicles, suspended after an accident with a deadly outcome with the participation of the prototype of an Autonomous vehicle in Arizona in March of this year. This was stated on Wednesday by CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (Dara Khosrowshahi), speaking at the second annual conference of the Uber Elevate in Los Angeles. Khosrowshahi said he expects the return of Autonomous cars on the road shortly after the release of the report of the National Council for transport safety of the USA (NTSB), as its division of the Uber Advanced Technologies Group conducted a full analysis of the causes of the accident.

Led lighting has invaded not only in everyday life but also started to gain popularity in the field of growing plants. Amateurs of gardening, gardeners and farmers are not the first year watching the news in the field of LED lighting. Sorry, the product range is still limited and components often have to pick up yourself. For example, Samsung is only now beginning to put a powerful red led — it is well known that plants grow well and bloom readily in the case of the predominance of the red component in the spectrum. Samsung

Range of enclosures Cooler Master continues to expand with new MasterBox, encompassing the usual elements and original solutions. This time the Taiwanese manufacturer has decided to please fans of "racing" appearance of components Mid-Tower case MasterBox MB510L. The product will be available in four color options frame front panel — red (SKU MCB-B510L-KANN-S00), black (MCB-B510L-KANN-S01), white (MCB-B510L-KANN-S02), and blue (MCB-B510L-KANN-S03). The front panel has a "carbon fiber" texture, but count on the fact that it really is made from carbon fiber, of course not. The main materials used in the production of MasterBox MB510L are steel, plastic and apparently acrylic. The novelty, among other things, has a clear left-side panel and the ability to...

The head of the U.S. Department of transportation (FAA) Elaine LAN Chao (Elaine L. Chao) announced 10 projects that were approved by the government for implementation in the framework of UAS Integration Pilot Program submitted by the President of Donald trump at the end of last year. It is expected that the program will allow the Department to understand how they should be carried out the separation of powers for control of the use of drones between the Federal authorities and state governments to give impetus to its development, subject to appropriate measures to ensure safety for others.

Expectations of the imminent announcement of the Phantom 5 with interchangeable lenses and other innovations yet to be realized. Is a new generation of Chinese company DJI introduced a modified model of the popular consumer drone Phantom for movies, 4 Pro, received the prefix V2.0. In General, he has not undergone any major changes, but got two major improvements. First, DJI has fixed this omission as a lack of a better standard radio OcuSync, which first appeared in the compact Drona Mavic Pro and, in contrast to the Lightbridge, you'll be less delays and the ability to transmit video in Full HD resolution at close distances.