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Although it may seem that ASUS has left the market for a smart watch after the release of the ZenWatch 3, it is not so. Launched today at Computex 2018, the company introduced a smart watch VivoWatch BP, which is the successor model VivoWatch, which was released about three years ago. Compared with the predecessor, the novelty has a number of improvements and new features, the main of which is the ability to monitor blood pressure — a rarity for wearable devices in this form factor. The only direct competitor to the BP VivoWatch, smart watches Omron HeartGuide presented at CES 2018, which is also due out this year.

In the framework of the exhibition Computex 2018 ASUS showed that they are ready to provide gamers and enthusiasts with almost all the necessary components to build a desktop PC, including DLC, enclosures, and power supplies. Debut ATX-compatible power supply under the brand ASUS ROG will be the Thor modular 1200W Platinum. As you might guess, it is designed for a constant load of 1.2 kW and have a certificate of energy efficiency 80 PLUS Platinum. The name of the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum was in honor of the Scandinavian God of thunder and storms, the Torah, although the device, in contrast, promises to be quiet and use energy for exclusively peaceful purposes and with an efficiency of about 90 %. The unit is decorated with a relief vent, logos Republic of...

Xiaomi has organized a fundraiser for release device intended for medical Express-examination at home. The technology, dubbed Smart HiPee Health Wizard is a portable diagnostic machine, cylindrical shape, weighing only 40 g, which has one single button and a small display. System HiPee Smart Health Wizard is designed for those who do not have free time to visit doctors, but at the same time wants to somehow monitor their health. The device allows you to define a number of biological indicators and on the basis of the data collected to contribute to the timely diagnosis of the disease. Functionality HiPee Health Smart Wizard limited 14 different tests for which does not require any medical skills, or even theoretical knowledge in a designated area. Xiaomi...

The HMD projects a new Global productive Nokia smartphone with the code name Phoenix. It is reported by the editor of the site WinFuture Roland Quandt (Roland Quandt), known for its reliable leaks. It is noted that the basis of the device will serve as a platform Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 710. The composition of this most recently introduced processor includes eight cores Kryo 360 processor up to 2.2 GHz. Graphics processing task controller Adreno 616. The chip contains engine Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine that is responsible for the acceleration of operations related to artificial intelligence.

Most gaming monitors are currently unable to offer the diagonal in the range from 24 to 34 inches. Therefore, the announcement of the 65-inch displays NVIDIA BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display) has attracted a lot of attention during the announcement at the January CES 2018. Unfortunately, the company did not report the run time of devices. Now in Taipei, at the Computex 2018, has been corrected: impressive game panel should appear on store shelves before the end of the year. At a press conference, NVIDIA said BFGD monitors will be released by the end of summer. But then the Manager of public relations NVIDIA's Brian Del Rizzo (Bryan Del Rizzo) was corrected in an interview with reporters, indicating that the device should wait for the end of the year.

The Claim of the U.S. government to the company ZTE, is due to a violation of applicable trade embargo has had serious consequences for the Chinese manufacturer of the ban on cooperation with American firms. Long discussion and subsequent constructive approach to soonest settlement of the conflict have borne fruit: manual ZTE announced the removal of these sanctions and the resumption of the partnership. However, to determine the final conditions of the "settlement agreement", the parties still failed. Initial information about the success of the ZTE representatives in the negotiations with the representatives of the Trade Committee the United States had a number of inaccuracies. The US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) was forced to personally comment...

In the current generation of consoles, it was decided to release an improved, more powerful version of devices to suit those who wish to enjoy the beautiful graphics. Talking to the Daily Star newspaper, Director of God of War shared that he believes a gradual hardware upgrades are a good thing. The Director of God of War Cory Barlog (Cory Barlog) commented on PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the future of the console. According to him, the device upgrades within the same generation is very useful to developers, as there is no need to re-learn to work with iron.

During Computex 2018 in Taipei, ASUS unveiled a new gaming monitor: they became curved 49-inch monster VG49V with a resolution of 3840 x 1080 (aspect ratio — 32:9). The company calls this widescreen resolution Double Full HD because in fact, it is about twice as large panel in comparison with conventional Full HD (1920 × 1080). Of course, the features do not end on an unusual resolution and curved panel, the monitor is able to offer the frequency up to 144 Hz. It supports the AMD FreeSync technology, which is responsible for the synchronization frequency of the display with the speed of the output frames to the graphics card, achieving maximum smoothness and absence of discontinuities of the screen caused by frame blending. As for connectors, VG49V endowed...

Until recently, unlike Ford or Volkswagen, the automaker, Fiat Chrysler has not been much activity in the market of environmentally friendly cars. But seems the company now wants to catch up. In the framework of the announced five-year plan for Fiat Chrysler is going to produce by 2022 more than 30 car models with different degrees of electrification, that is completely on-the-go electric and plug-in hybrids or traditional hybrids. In the framework of the implementation of its plans the company intends to invest 9 billion euros in the development of these environmentally friendly cars. Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images

In 2015, Intel has invented a new kind of sky show based on the managed glowing drones Shooting Star. These technological fireworks have all chances to leave fireworks in the past, at least for significant events that increasingly cannot do without this technology. An example of this can serve the Olympic games in Korea, which were involved in 1218 drones, premiere DC, Disney and other entertainment events. Now they were joined and held in Rancho Palos Verdes (CA) conference Code. Rose in the air 200 bright mini drone Intel to display in the firmament logo and style of the conference.

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) has determined the new mission in the framework of the comprehensive program Solar Terrestrial Probes. The project is called Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP). The device is expected to define the boundaries of the heliosphere — the special field of the circumsolar space, which is a kind of "bubble", inflated by the solar wind. This formation protects the internal space of the solar system with the planets from cosmic radiation.

The development of the market of discrete graphics is largely dependent on the cost and availability of high-speed memory chips. Today it is obvious that professional graphics cards and accelerators above average need successor GDDR5/GDDR5X, and the company of Acer, like its competitors Samsung and SK Hynix, close to begin mass production of chips GDDR6, which promises to be a great alternative to memory HBM2. To attract customers and investors for its new developments in the field of video RAM, Toshiba has published the report, which focused on the differences between types of memory and GDDR6 GDDR5X, features of their interaction with graphical processors and high-speed performance. The move to GDDR6 VRAM will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs for HBM2...

About the preparation by AMD 7-nm flagship graphics accelerator Vega 20, which will replace the current Vega 10 we already know from the end of April (and the first details sounded back in January). Appeared even the first tests of this video card 3DMark 11 seem professional performance (if you consider the amount of memory to 32 GB). As the resource TweakTown, referring to his informants, the graphics unit AMD Radeon Technologies Group plans to officially present the Vega 20 the public in the coming days: it will happen supposedly at the event Computex in Taipei, 2018. Sources confirm that we are talking about a solution for workstations and professional market.

In early January, as the bombshell has spread the information that Intel and Micron will stop joint development of multi-layer 3D NAND memory, since the fourth generation or specifying, after the completion of the 96-layer memory. There has been some speculation that Intel is going to rely on the memory of the XPoint 3D, although the company will continue to improve this type of non-volatile memory hand in hand. What happened actually? The answer to this question may lie and, most likely, lies in the intention of Acer to change the architecture of cells in 3D NAND. The 3D NAND memory may use a different type of cells: a charge trap or floating gate

Automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced the expansion of cooperation with Waymo (holding Alphabet), ordered his 62,000 minivans the Chrysler Pacifica for its fleet of driverless cars. Currently Waymo tests 600 self-propelled vehicles based on Chrysler Pacifica. Later this year the company specializing in the development of Autonomous driving technologies, plans to launch in the U.S. of a self-propelled taxi. On a large order Waymo was announced on the same day when it became known that the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Corp. is investing $2.25 billion in the unit to develop self-driving car General Motors Corporation. However, the fact that the FCA will put "daughter" Alphabet large batch of minivans, was known in January, but did not reveal...