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The Company officially unveiled Doogee smartphone Doogee V, which is equipped with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. One of the most important elements of the smartphone is now generally does not issue. However, to unlock the device touch the screen anywhere will be impossible — the scanner is located at the bottom of the screen. The screen is made by technology AMOLED and has a diagonal of 6.21 inches, aspect ratio 19:9 and resolution 2248 × 1080 pixels. The stated ratio of the area of the screen to the area of the front surface is 94,85 % and in the upper part of the screen is a ledge in the style of iPhone X, which is the slot of the speaker, front camera and the necessary sensors.

Information about the success of the ambitious the anniversary of the iPhone X is contradictory. Many analysts argue that the phone does not enjoy sufficient popularity, so some of the suppliers, Apple reportedly cut production of the components. I think there are many reasons due to which iPhone X has become so large-scale event in the smartphone market as expected. Analyst Michael Olson (Michael Olson) Piper Jaffray recently conducted a survey among iPhone users about this topic. In the questionnaire, among other things, the question was asked: "now you are an iPhone owner and not updated yet on the iPhone X. Why?". As a response was offered four options. 31 % of the participants said directly that the phone is too expensive. It's hard not to agree...

Daimler said that already in the current semester will appear on the market the first cars equipped with an intelligent head light system, Digital Light. On the platform Digital Light we are told at the end of 2016. The idea is to use the headlight design of a digital projector. The system includes two controllers, each of which manages more than a million microthermal. As a result, the light is divided into more than two beams, each of which can vary independently of the others.

Motorists, regardless of their country of residence and social status, can be divided into two camps. Some choose a vehicle based on its technical equipment, while others put the priority of the original (or appreciate strict, restrained) design, guided by when buying a car solely through the eyes. Geneva motor show is ready to offer the second category, a huge number of exhibits, meeting with them on the road seems unlikely. We are talking about the demo samples of advanced engineering and design imagination — concept cars from leading manufacturers. Such projects embody the most bold ideas and extravagant solutions. And often they can be traced or reference to past cars in deference to the history of the brand, or hint at the stylistic features of future...

Human personality is evident in all aspects of our lives. Each person with their own personality, demeanor, style of communication, as well as gait and running technique. The last two points as time was the basis of the scientific work of specialists at Harvard University, the financial support which was provided by the Agency defense advanced research DARPA projects under the Ministry of defense of the United States. Under the auspices of DARPA, Harvard scientists have begun to develop soft exoskeleton that is configured based on the physiological characteristics of the patient with visual fine motor skills. It is curious that demonstrated equipment initially focused on the military. Due to the soft exoskeleton adapts to individual needs, could be easier...

BenQ has introduced a DLP projector TK800, which can be used in a home theater system with support for HDR and 4K. TK800 is designed for consumer applications, supports football and sports modes, providing a realistic display of sports. BenQ TK800 projects the image with a resolution ranging from VGA (640 × 480 pixels) to 4K UHD (3840 × 2160 pixels). The same as the one released last month 4K projector HT2550, the new model supports HDR (High Dynamic Range), while providing higher brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens. For comparison, HT2550 the figure is 2200 ANSI lumens. Coverage of the color gamut of Rec. 709 the projector exceeds 92 %. The contrast is 10,000:1.

The Company ASUS announced motherboard Prime J4005I-C, is designed to create compact systems based on the hardware platform Intel Gemini Lake. The product is made in the format Mini-ITX: dimensions are 170 × 170 mm. the Board is initially equipped with a processor Celeron J4005, which has two processing cores with a nominal clock frequency of 2.0 GHz and the possibility of increasing up to 2.7 GHz in turbo mode. The composition of the chip includes a graphics accelerator Intel Graphics UHD 600 frequency 250/700 MHz. The processor is content with a passive cooling system, which produces noise.

Non-profit organization "Russian quality system", abbreviated Roskoshestvo, once again, has updated the rating of smartphones. In February 2018, it added 27 models, just as on the website of Roskoshestvo shows the test results 337 devices. As usual, the tests were conducted in conjunction with the International Assembly of the consumer testing (ICRT, International Consumer Research and Testing Ltd). Each device was tested in 20 areas, such as durability, functionality, performance, sound quality and video quality of the rear camera, autonomy and others. Among them there were also one new test the water resistance. Of course, this test is administered only to those device manufacturers who officially declared protection from moisture specifications. It meant...

Huawei has started sales of the new smartphone — camera Mate SE, which uses proprietary Kirin processor 659 and the Android operating system 7.0 Nougat. The SE model Mate, in fact, is an improved version of Honor 7X. The grandparent legacy of 5.93-inch display format Full HD+ with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18:9. Also, do not change the camera system: rear mounted double block 16 and a 2-megapixel sensor front — single 8-megapixel sensor.

Much water has flowed since then, as Cooler Master has introduced under the brand CM Storm Trooper case spacious and Stryker for high-performance gaming systems. Six years later, these products seem archaic, but the same can be said about other older-model Full-Tower. The new version of the Trooper and Stryker, the manufacturer has decided to promote under the brand Cooler Master. In fact, Trooper and Stryker SE SE are one and the same model in different color options — black and white / black respectively.

Before the end of this year, the Russian e-school will work in full. It is reported to the network edition of "RIA Novosti", Recalling the statement of the Deputy Minister of education and science Paul Zenkovich. The project in question, worked out by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in the framework of the execution of the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the creation of an open information-educational portal on the Internet, facilitate the implementation of educational programs of primary, basic and secondary General education with the use of e-learning and distance educational technologies.

Xiaomi, which manufactures smartphones, tablets, fitness wristbands and smart watches, and everything that you can imagine successfully launched commercial activities in the Asian region and gradually moving towards Western Europe. However, tasty and not yet available for Xiaomi smartphones remain the United States. The appearance of gadgets Mi-Familia in the United States will provide the Chinese company is strategically important and financially reliable market for branded products. In an interview with the newspaper The Wall Street Journal the Chairman and co-founder of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) said that his company for a long time studied the prospects of the American market. And now she is ready to take decisive action to promote the brand so...

Race electric cars are becoming more diverse, entertaining and of more popular, pushing automakers to develop a unique "green fireballs." Part of the Volkswagen Group's Spanish brand Seat is not going to sit on the sidelines and plans to the end of the year, bring on the racing track Cupra model e-Racer, which debuted at the Geneva motor show. Cupra racing electric car e-Racer is a fairly modified version of the production model Leon Cupra TCR, than at the first meeting makes it clear stylistic similarity of the cars. However, under the bonnet of the Cupra e-Racer no petrol power unit. In its place came four electric motors with a total power of 300 kW (equivalent to 408 HP), which is in turbo mode, the pilot-the driver will be able to squeeze organic 500...

HTC U11 is one year old, and it is time the Taiwanese company to introduce the heir. This device, codenamed Imagine and estimated market called U12, apparently, has already been demonstrated about a month ago at the event dedicated to the industry of 5G. Developers of third-party firmware team LlabTooFeR, the previous time reporting accurate information about upcoming products from HTC, shared the main technical characteristics of U12. The device will supposedly receive a 6-inch screen with a resolution of QHD+ — apparently, the aspect ratio of 2:1 will continue. In line with other flagship solutions 2018 the smartphone will have a single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, up to 6 GB of RAM and an impressive 256GB of flash memory.

Clothing of denim is unlikely to go out of fashion in the next 10-20 years due to its practicality, diversity of color and design solutions, as well as affordability. Legislator of the denim industry is considered to be an American company Levi Strauss & Co., which not only proved to be a devotee of the traditional style, but also as an experimenter and innovator. Manufacturing process of denim pants is quite simple, if not to take into account one small detail. Model, the "chip" which is the effect of a distressed or aged from the time fabrics are considered to be more complex and costly to manufacture. Levi's sought it by exposing the material to a specific chemical composition, that the company has spent additional time and money. To change the approach...