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The United States last week imposed a 7-year ban on sale by American companies of components for ZTE, stating that Chinese manufacturer has violated the settlement agreement and made repeated false statements. The move is designed to attack the existing supply chain. "It is unacceptable that the Bureau of industry and security, U.S. Department of Commerce (BIS) insists on the unfair imposition of harsh punishment on ZTE still to complete the investigation of the facts, said ZTE in its first response since the announcement of the ban. — An injunction against not only seriously affect the survival and development of ZTE, but also to the detriment of all partners, including a large number of customers in the United States."

A Recent presentation organized by the management together with the Huawei Honor, became the site of the debut of the smartphone and ultrabook Honor 10 Honor MagicBook Notebook. The technical features of both the gadgets we introduced our readers on the day of release. However, the smartphone and laptop are not the only novelties, Honor prepared for launch. The latter also turned out to be brand headsets, multi-function selfie stick and charger. The sub-brand Huawei has expanded brand assortment of music three headphones model Sound Magic Honor 2, Honor Momentum Bluetooth Headphones, as well as Honor the Magic Diamond Wireless Earbuds. Each set will suit the tastes of a particular category of music lovers. For example, Honor Magic Sound 2 — wire in-ear...

Official presentation of the smartphone Meizu 15, 15 Plus and M15, rumors of which went to the Internet for the last time. The devices belong to different level. Headed family 15 model Meizu Plus, equipped 5,95-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of QHD (2560 × 1440 pixels). Applied powerful processor Samsung Exynos 8895, which contains eight cores and a graphics accelerator ARM Mali-G71. The RAM is 6 GB, and the flash module can store 64 or 128 GB of information.

For many years, Intel has developed and produced NAND flash and 3D NAND, along with the company Acer. Starting next year each of these companies will be engaged in independent development of new versions of layered memory. We will remind, in January, Intel announced that by the end of the year will complete the development of "third generation" of 3D NAND in a 96-layer chips and further its engineering teams and Micron will work separately (with the exception of developments associated with memory 3D XPoint). In "clean room" production complex IMFT (Intel Micron Flash Technologies)

After 2014 smart dynamics with the Echo virtual assistant Alexa, the Amazon company has significantly expanded the range of "smart" devices in this category. Apparently, the online retailer has set the task to secure the release of different smart speakers to perform tasks in various areas of human life. As reported by the online FactorDaily, currently, Amazon is testing in India special edition smart speaker, Echo, which can be installed in cars. Their sales can begin on a global scale this year. Unlike the joint project of the Amazon and Ford, these devices will not be tied to the user interface of the infotainment system of the car.

Mobile platform Windows Phone was officially recognized as unclaimed and forgotten by Microsoft developers as a nightmare. However, this does not prevent the adherents of the Windows 10 Mobile even after such statement to purchase a device running this OS. Until recently, buying a Windows smartphone remains possible through the official Microsoft store. But now Microsoft itself, realizing the futility of the concept Windows Phone, has stopped selling these products. The last few months the Microsoft Store actively implemented the remnants of Windows-based smartphones, offering to become the owner of devices based on Windows 10 Mobile at a very attractive price. For example, once a flagship smartphone HP Elite x3 c brand docking station can be purchased for...

Well-Known manufacturer of devices based on RAM and flash memory ADATA has officially unveiled the modules and the sets of RAM standard DDR4, United in a series of XPG Spectrix D41. The number of new proposals at the time of release was 30 pieces, and the list is, we believe, will be actively developed during the year. Among the features of modules ADATA XPG Spectrix D41 stands out bright RGB light, the use of 10-layer PCBs and relief of radiators for cooling the memory chips. Chip DDR4 before using the products XPG series Spectrix D41 pass a rigorous selection. The first time the collection will include the RAM modules with the effective frequency 2666 from to 3600 MHz. However, today ADATA says the prospect of the XPG index D41 modules DDR4-5000. And...

Apple has repeatedly stated its unwavering commitment to "green" technologies and in the process have expressed concern about the growing rate of environmental pollution. According to Apple, every bona fide manufacturer is obliged to help solve the problem of disposal of released electronics for recycling its components with reuse. A good example — taken Apple in the arms of the robot Liam, who for the last two years tirelessly engaged in the disassembly of the iPhone without a break for lunch and rest. However, it's time for Liam to upgrade to a more efficient model. It was automated mechanism named Daisy.

Last Thursday, AMD officially introduced four processor Ryzen 2000 family Pinnacle Ridge. As it turned out, at the same time with them on the website appeared pages with description and characteristics of the other two chips in a design AM4 — 5 and 2400GE Ryzen Ryzen 3 2200GE. The latter provide an alternative to commercially available 14-nm APU Ryzen Ryzen 5 2400G, and 3 2200G (Raven Ridge). Fundamental differences between the models with suffix GE and G are two: first, Ryzen Ryzen 2400GE 5 and 3 2200GE are characterized by a power limit of 35 watts (compared to 65 watts for a conventional Raven Ridge), and secondly, their x86 cores working at low frequencies. The specs of the new APU is also mentioned support mode of the memory DDR4-2933, which...

ASUS jointly with the Indian company Flipkart, specializing in the sales of electronics, intends to organize the production of the upcoming mobile devices — smartphone Zenfone Max Pro M1. It Flipkart is the main distributor of ASUS in the Indian market, for which the originally intended model Zenfone Max Pro M1. However, it is possible that the gadget may be available in other regions. The official debut of the Zenfone Max M1 Pro, which will be the first created in partnership between ASUS and Flipkart gadget will be held next week. However, it is already on this mobile device is known to virtually all, as none of the parties tried to conceal features of the upcoming device.

On April 24 it will be exactly 28 years since the launch of the space Observatory "Hubble" (Hubble Space Telescope). For this event National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) coincided with the publication of the amazing beauty of the picture of the Universe. The image (presented in full resolution below) captures the mesmerizing Lagoon nebula. These "star nurseries" are at a distance of about 4,000 light-years from us. The picture covers an area of the nebula of about 4 light years.

German company Faubel & Co announced the availability to order the revolutionary label for marking new drugs undergoing clinical trials. The problem with the new medications that the duration of the stable condition of the drugs is not determined and can be changed during the test. For such cases, complete with drugs comes a small booklet, which is glued to the bottle. But this last century, according to developers of the electronic labels with E Ink screens. It is much easier to amend the labeling automatically and display data in a convenient way. Labels Faubel Med Label combine a paper brochure and a sticker with a segmented E Ink display. The data on the screen will be changed with the help of RFID technology and the NFC reader. Everything happens...

Did you ever wish to pilot the drone, moving parts of the body like a bird? Thanks to researchers from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne in Switzerland this is possible. They created a system called FlyJacket, which allows you to wear the exosuit, and a helmet of virtual reality and direct the drone. User movement is synchronized with the movements of the drone. The man throws his hands to the side, and then tilts the torso forward, backward, left or right and the drone responds accordingly. The system supports aircraft with fixed wings.

As we previously reported, Chinese company Xiaomi is preparing to release a powerful smartphone Mi 7. It was assumed that this device will debut in the current quarter, however, we now know that the presentation is likely to be postponed to the second half of the year. The reason is the difficulties encountered in the implementation of new technologies of identification of users. It is expected that the smartphone will have a 3D facial recognition system. It will work by analogy with the Apple Face ID technology, which is based on the creation of a structural map of the person with the camera TrueDepth.

In the week at the RSA conference in 2018 in San Francisco, Microsoft introduced secure service Azure Sphere for things with a connection to the Internet. In fact, it is a platform. Service Azure Sphere hosted in the cloud, which will serve the billions of things on the land, on the basis of compatible microcontroller platform Microsoft partners. Microcontrollers will work on the first released kernel and Linux distribution, dubbed Azure Sphere OS. Unlike other real-time operating system, Azure, Sphere OS contains many security levels. The mysteries of your Network-connected refrigerator must remain secrets to all but you. The three components of the IoT platform, Microsoft Azure Sphere (