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To some it may seem strange, but by themselves not even grow apples and pears. Rather, they grow, but this does not mean that without proper care from specialists with fruit trees, it will be possible to obtain an appreciable yield. Facilitate the work of the gardeners come from the Japanese company NEC Solution. On the first of August she introduces an interesting service for the surveying, 3D modeling and analysis of the crowns of fruit trees. 3D image of the crown of the fruit tree to analyze and make recommendations on the formation of (NEC)

Gradually rumors about the new MacBook Pro with 16-inch display is becoming more. This portable computer has become the most powerful among all the MacBook, and therefore its price will be not small, and as reported by Taiwanese resource UDN. According to the source, base configuration MacBook Pro with 16-inch display will cost 90 000 NT$, which is approximately equal to $ 3,000 or 183, 000. For comparison, the basic configuration 15-inch MacBook Pro now worth in the USA from $2399 (151 000). So the higher cost of the 16-inch model looks quite natural. By the way, in Russia the price of 15-inch MacBook Pro starts from $ 199 000 rubles for tax purposes, so the 16-inch version will cost even more.

Fujifilm is preparing to enter the market of cameras with the device SX800. Are the camera supports 40 times zoom and is specially designed to ensure security at international borders and large commercial facilities. The camera is equipped with a lens with a focal length of 20 to 800 mm and additional digital zoom. The device is able to form clear images of distant objects thanks to the use of high-performance technology of optical stabilization of images, high quality lower level of thermal fog, as well as high speed focusing. The developers say that the full equivalent focal length the Fujifilm SX800 is 1000 mm, which means that the camera is able to focus on license plates of cars that are at a distance of 1 km.

Yesterday held a formal event in which was presented the smartphone Honor Honor 9X and 9X Pro. Now, will the President Honor Zhao Ming (Ming Zhao) said that the first smartphone of the brand able to work in networks of the fifth generation (5G), is in the process of development and laboratory testing. "Our partners in research and development are already testing the device, and it will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019," said Mr. Min. He also noted that 5G-smartphone Honor is an excellent device. In his opinion, in the future, Honor can become one of the leaders in the design of the smartphones in the era of 5G. It was also announced that 5G mobile will be Honor to have the support of network modes SA and NSA.

The Company's Loon, a subsidiary of the Alphabet, created to provide Internet access to rural and remote regions with the help of balloons, moving in the stratosphere, has announced a new achievement. Balloons company for over 1 million hours drifting at an altitude of about 18 km, breaking during this time, about 24.9 million miles (40.1 million km). The technology of providing the population in remote regions of the planet with the help of balloons has already passed the testing stage. Earlier this month the company announced plans to launch in the near future, "Internet balloons" in Kenya, country in East Africa, in conjunction with Telkom Kenya, the third largest in country mobile operator.

It would Seem that the era of audio cassettes over in the first half of the last decade. But despite this, they are still produced, and some companies even release new models. So, the Japanese company Nagaoka Trading, specializes in various audio equipment, has introduced a new compact cassette CT-series. The new series includes four models: CT10, CT20, and CT90 CT60, which can record up to 10, 20, 60, and 90 minutes of audio respectively. As expected, on each side of the cassette, you can record half of the allotted time.

Said a little loud, but scientists have actually been able to set up an experiment in which the structure of graphene can switch from one phase state to another under the influence of the control voltage. Just specify that set in the National laboratory behalf of the Lawrence Berkeley experiment only confirmed our previously presented theoretical Foundation, which tells about very early stage research. Scientists have yet to go a long way to make a transistor from graphene has become a commercial product. Experimental structure under the electron microscope (Guorui Chen/Berkeley Lab)

The Prospect of record-level manipulation of individual atoms a long time dominates the minds of the scientific community. This can help the ability to build symmetric atomic structure, although the path from scientific discovery to commercial products is guaranteed to be a bumpy ride. I am glad that the first steps in this direction have already been made, and they are encouraging. For example, German and Dutch scientists were able to first theoretically and then experimentally to identify the relationship between the specific geometry of the symmetric atomic structures and stability maintain their magnetic state ― conditional bits. The experimentally established pattern of stability of the magnetization from the symmetry of atomic structures...

When the quarterly conference at TSMC it came to making predictions for the entire 2019, leadership came from the expectations of significant revenue growth in the second half. In the third quarter net earnings the company needs a sequential comparison to increase by 18 %, and most active area of growth is the segment of components for smartphones. As noted earlier, such expectations are connected with the preparation for the expansion of 5G networks and the increasing complexity of smartphones and the increase in the amount of silicon components manufactured at the facilities of TSMC. Image source: TSMC

In early July, it was expected the announcement of the takeover of antivirus and security software Symantec is one of the leading developers of chips for networking and other sophisticated electronics company Broadcom. The announcement was allegedly transferred from the first of July at a later date on account of the so-called "long weekend" on the occasion of the celebration of the independence Day of USA. However, by the deadline of the expected event did not happen. As it became known from anonymous sources, Bloomberg, the parties do not agree on the price: the buyer in the face of Broadcom found the previously proposed price for the shares of Symantec are too high, and Symantec refused to reduce the cost of the contract. If you believe the rumors...

Quietly released a new flagship Intel Xeon Scalable second-generation. The Platinum model 8284 is a modification of the Platinum 8280, which received a small increase of the base frequency in exchange for an increase in TDP, TCASE reduction and time and a half... the difference in price. However, those who addressed such a CPU is, basically, the developers of the HPC project and other "heavy" tasks are sometimes willing to pay a considerable amount even for a +5% to performance that has already happened, not once. Read more on ServerNews →

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk believes that his team will be able to land a space ship Starship on the surface of the moon at the beginning of 2021 and further to carry out a lunar mission with crew on Board the ship after a year or two. "It sounds pretty weird, but I think we can land on the moon in less than two years, — said the head of SpaceX in a recent interview with Time magazine. — Of course, unmanned space ship, I guess we can land on the moon two years later. So, maybe in a year or two after that we could send there team. I'd say, four years, no more."

Aerospace company Blue Origin billionaire Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), the owner of Amazon, has announced that it has conducted a test firing of the rocket engine BE-7 for a full six minutes required for the lander Blue Moon to the moon. Fire tests carried out by the company a few days ago in the space flight Center. Marshall National management of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA), Alabama, became continuation of a series of tests of the engine BE-7 with less duration, which started last month.

The National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) and European space Agency (ESA) announced reaching an agreement about what the orbit will move a future lunar space station Gateway. After considering various options, scientists stayed close to rectilinear halo orbit (Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit, NRHO), which is described as "eccentric" route around the moon, with the approaching of the station to the surface of the moon at one point and delete another.

Tesla opened in Las Vegas a large charging station of the new generation V3 Supercharger for electric vehicles, which brings together the main products of the company in a single, sustainable energy ecosystem, embodying ideas of CEO Elon musk, they set out almost three years ago. Charging station V3 Supercharger with the support of peak power up to 250 kW are designed to significantly reduce the charging time of electric vehicles. Tesla introduced its first charging station V3 Supercharger in March of this year. It is located at the company's factory in Fremont (California). The second station V3 Supercharger is also located in California, in Hawthorne, not far from the design Studio of Tesla.