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MSI will present at CES 2020, which starts tomorrow in Las Vegas (NV, USA), some pretty interesting gaming monitors. Model Optix MAG342CQR has a rather strong bending of the matrix, monitor Optix MEG381CQR equipped with an optional HMI panel (Human Machine Interface), and the model PS321QR Optix is a versatile solution for both gamers and the creators of different sorts of content. Monitor Optix MAG342CQR built by 34-inch panels with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and the radius of curvature of 1000 mm (1000R). According to the manufacturer, the world's first monitor with a similar curvature, although recently the company Samsung has announced multiple monitors Odyssey with the same radius.

In the framework of the annual exhibition CES 2020 developers at Withings introduced a new smart watch called ScanWatch, which have not only a set of basic features, but also combining the two technologies of monitoring of health status. One of the above-mentioned technology detects atrial fibrillation, while the second measures the level of oxygen in the blood during sleep. The developers say about their own creation as the first hybrid smart watch, able to the medical level to identify when during sleep in the blood of the user contains insufficient oxygen. This makes it possible to identify a disease such as apnea when during sleep periodically stops pulmonary ventilation. Currently, for the diagnosis of sleep apnea requires a sleep study of the patient,...

Early Tomorrow morning, representatives of Intel tells you details about new products, but the preliminary activities in the framework of the CES 2020 is already possible to judge that the attention in the client segment will focus on mobile processors. It is quite predictable, because of AMD on the same day, expect the premiere of the 7-nm mobile processors Ryzen family Renoir. If you believe the preliminary presentation of Intel, the company will focus on expanding the lineup of 14-nanometer processors for Comet Lake-H, the story about the new functions of 10-nm processors Tiger Lake and features a compact gaming platform Ghost Canyon. Image source: Intel, Tom's Hardware

Samsung at CES 2020 introduced a number of new TVs in different series. In particular, the announced panel MicroLED, QLED 8K and interior solutions. About the flagship model of Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K can be found in our material. This panel has received display Design Infinity with the ratio of the area of the screen to the area of the case in 99 %. The thickness of the device is only 15 mm. Powerful processor Quantum AI helps to use an open platform "smart home" Samsung Tizen, which improves image quality and makes the interaction with TVs more convenient.

Acer during the exhibition of electronics CES 2020 in Las Vegas (NV, USA) presented a transformable laptop computers ConceptD 7 Ezel and Ezel ConceptD 7 Pro for content creators, designers and other professionals. A key feature of the novelties — mount system the Acer screen Ezel Hinge. It allows you to implement five modes of operation: Sharing Mode, Floating Mode, Stand Mode, Pad Mode, and Display Mode. Thus, changing the position of the display, you can comfortably conduct presentations, demonstrate work, customers, etc.

To CES 2020 NVIDIA and ASUS have produced a very curious novelty — the fastest gaming display that ever existed. ROG Swift 360 certified G-Sync is targeted at enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. When the refresh rate of 360 Hz, the frames are displayed every 2,8 MS — up to 6 times faster than traditional arcade monitors and TVs. The monitor will be on sale at the end of this year. More than 60% of GeForce owners playing in competitive games every month. In 2019, according to the community, Esports Earnings, the total amount of remuneration eSports has reached $211 million, which is 29% higher than the previous year. The number of viewers of such events also increased dramatically: according to Newzoo, more than 450 million players follow the tournament in...

The consumer electronics show CES 2020 has not started yet, but HP already has pleased us a lot of interesting announcements. In addition to the new monitors and laptops the company has also introduced a range of accessories, the main emphasis was made on sustainability and practicality. HP sleeve Renew Sleeve is made almost entirely, 98 %, from discarded plastic (production takes about two plastic bottles) with minimal environmental pollution during production. Magnetic closure ensures comfort, and the fabric is not afraid of washing in the washing machine.

Before the opening of the world's largest exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2020 in Las Vegas, HP launched a very interesting monitors E24d E27d G4 and G4. The company will take it to an entirely new category of displays for PC that can change the working space of the modern office. HP E24d G4 is a 23.8 inch display of Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels), and G4 E27d, respectively 27-domowy with a resolution of QHD (2560 × 1440). First of all, they are designed for maximum comfortable working with laptops, not just desktop PCs, acting as a universal advanced docking station. This is achieved by working through only one USB-C cable, through which can be transmitted both data and power (up to 100W). The latter, in particular, allows you to charge...

Company HP on the eve of the opening of CES 2020 in Las Vegas has introduced a thin laptop HP Spectre x360 15 with impressive battery life — up to 17 hours. Thanks to a completely redesigned heat transfer system it is the most powerful of all laptops HP Spectre. The novelty is equipped by processor Intel Core i7 10th generation and is equipped with the latest discrete NVIDIA GeForce (exact model not yet known). 17 hours of autonomy declared for the configuration with Intel Core i7-10510U 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz, 512 GB storage NVMe M. 2 SSD, 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160) and power consumption of 2 watts, and with Windows 10, 19H1 Home. There will be other configuration, which has not yet reported. To fill the battery to 50% in just 30...

Traditionally, at the beginning of each month, a Reddit user publishes the sales statistics of the Central processors for desktop systems German online store And for the last month of 2019 sales of AMD has reached new record levels, both in absolute and relative terms. Last December, the German store has sold about 28 000 AMD 5 000 and less Intel. As a result, the proportion of "red" was 86 %, four percentage points more compared to the figure for the previous month. Consequently, Intel was content to 14 % of sales of the store. Note that for Intel this is the second consecutive fall at four points.

The Company Pico has officially announced a new virtual reality headset family Neo 2: Pico Neo 2 and Neo 2 Standard Eye, the latter of which uses the tracking technology of Tobii gaze. Designed primarily for corporate customers, both models are based on the 845 chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon, complemented by the module of the 60 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 ad. This data transfer technology similar to the one proposed as an option for certain VR headsets and Oculus HTC, but the new headset are supplied Pico with its support, providing a completely wireless connection to nearby PCs provided that you add headsets to the accessory Pico Stream Box.

PowerVision has released previously unsuccessful drone PowerEgg in the form of eggs, but did not stop. At CES 2020 it will show its latest achievement — PowerEgg X. This compact device in the shape of an egg has many uses: it can work as a stand-alone personal camera with artificial intelligence, hand-held camera with 3-onym stabilizer or, finally, as folding quadcopter. The manufacturer says that PowerEgg X was created in order to satisfy consumer demand for versatile and affordable camera that allows users to instantly share the footage. The creation PowerEgg X took more than 3 years in the process involved over 300 engineers and feature over 100 technology patents.

As suggested by the company Whirlpool, for cooking should be of proper temperature control to be sure that any dish will not be on the table in half-baked form. Whirlpool-owned brand Yummly has introduced intelligent thermometer, which uses sensors to check the temperature, of the oven cavity, and being in her products, notifying you via mobile app in that moment, when they had reached the required temperature. Thanks to this thermometer, the user will no longer need to check periodically in the oven the Turkey to determine when it is ready to eat.

One of the first mentions of a substrate EMIB that Intel patented back in 2008, refers to the period of the announcement of the unusual mobile processors Kaby Lake-G, that could combine on a single PCB and AMD discrete graphics memory type HBM in addition to its own processor cores. By October of last year, it was decided to remove from production the processors Kaby Lake-G, but for substrate of the EMIB it was one of the first successful steps into the market. Representatives of the company told the editor of AnandTech that there are no obstacles for use of the substrate EMIB in the mass products of the consumer class, for example, in the desktop processors. Image source: Intel, AnandTech

Rashly sent a tweet revealed that the developers sent samples of the second generation SSD Intel Optane 3D XPoint with a new flagship feature: support PCIe 4.0. The only problem is that there is no Intel CPU that supports PCIe 4.0. Perhaps AMD will be able to borrow? Ironic... AMD was the first who widely introduced support PCIe 4.0 with the launch of the third generation desktop processors Ryzen. Although at the time of starting superiority over PCIe 3.0 was mainly theoretical, since it was released many SSDS PCIe 4.0 speeds almost twice the speed of the previous generation. CPU Intel may not see this as a big problem, but the unit of the data storage appears to be limited by the lack of support of standard consumer platforms.