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On a quarterly report conference Apple representatives proudly pointed out that revenues from sales of wearable devices for the year rose by more than 50 %, and for the four quarters in the aggregate increased to amounts in excess of the capitalization of 60% of the companies included in the Fortune 500. This category include Apple watch and wireless headphones, but it is obvious that they are the most actively growing variety of products after market launch of a new generation of AirPods these headphones for a long time remained in short supply around the world, for which the head of the company Tim cook (Tim Cook) had to publicly apologize for the previous reporting event. Image source: Apple

At the event, Hot Chips, the head of AMD Lisa su (Lisa Su) gave report on trends in the semiconductor industry and just summarized all what was said at other events this year. As an innovative approach to creating processors as an example she cited the processors EPYC family of Rome, which combine a 7-nm crystals with cores and crystal with the logic I / o, which is produced by the 12-nm technology. To translate into the most advanced process technology, the crystal didn't make much sense, so it remains 12 nm. This flexibility opens up great opportunities, and Lisa su promised that this approach will be used in the segment of workstations. Image source: AMD

Yesterday in the database Chinese centre for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA) appeared images of the new smartphone brand, Redmi, code-named M1908C3IC, but any of the technical parameters has not been published. Now it became known main features of the device, showing that the new device Redmi note will be equipped with the most powerful battery among all the smartphones of the brand. According to published data, the device Redmi M1908C3IC will have a 6.2-inch display. The smartphone boasts an 8-core chip, which runs at 2.0 GHz. On the shelves you will get several modifications of the device, equipped with 2, 3 or 4 GB of RAM and integrated storage of 16, 32 or 64 GB. If you need to expand disk space, you can use a memory card format...

According to the BusinessKorea website, Toshiba can repeat the trick, done it six years ago. This is the world's second largest producer of flash memory in 2013, took over a company OCZ Technology and entered the market of consumer SSDS with a well-recognized pocket brand. This time a similar fate supposedly awaits SSD business the Taiwanese company Lite-On Technology and brand Plextor. The main irony is that Plextor nine years ago was a Japanese company, which then bought the Taiwanese manufacturer. Now the Plextor brand has a chance to return to the nation. According to the source, Toshiba plans to strengthen its presence in sales channels. Rather, to evoke nostalgia from sellers and buyers due to the well-recognized brand. Note, this is a more logical...

In the Bluetooth Protocol discovered a new vulnerability. Researchers Daniel Antonioli (Antonioli Daniele), Niels OLE Tippenhauer (Nils Ole Tippenhauer) and Kasper Rasmussen (Kasper Rasmussen) found that specification of Bluetooth BR/EDR (Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate) provides the ability to easily crack encrypted messages via Bluetooth just by logging into the connection area of the victims. It does not need hacking victims ' devices, any data about them or other hacking techniques in relation to listening devices. The vulnerability lies in the Protocol to use which the attacker can use a personal gadget and is completely transparent to the victims. Implementation of discovered hacking lies in the possibility of Bluetooth devices themselves to set the key...

The United States already does not hide that the ban on working with the Chinese company Huawei is just a tool of economic pressure on the government of China. It all started with the filings about the threat to U.S. national security that would lead to immediate closure of the Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment throughout the United States in any manifestation. But the U.S. government was limited to the mere introduction of Huawei in the "black list" and allow more us companies to buy and sell equipment and components to the Chinese manufacturer. However, a grace period should end next Monday (19 August). But this "end of the world" for Huawei may not happen. REUTERS/Aly Song

In the next beta version of the popular utilities AIDA64 intended for diagnosis, testing and information system, the information was added about the mysterious graphic accelerator NVIDIA GeForce RTX T10-8, which has not been previously announced and never even mentioned. The only thing that is known about the accelerator GeForce RTX T10-8 is the fact that it is built on the GPU NVIDIA TU102. At the moment there are four graphics cards built on this GPU. It is a consumer graphics card GeForce Titan and GeForce RTX RTX 2080 Ti, and Quadro professional solutions Quadro 8000 RTX and the RTX 6000. Now it turns out that NVIDIA is preparing another video card on the top chip of the family of Turing.

On Friday, the responsible person of the company Samsung Display said that the high level of overproduction of LCD panels and reduced demand and prices force the company to think about stopping production. "Samsung Display adjusts the volumes of production and operations as a result of overproduction and declining profitability, and we are still considering the matter of suspension lines, but nothing is yet to be determined," reads the official statement of the manufacturer, quoted by Reuters.

The American company UPS, specializing in Express delivery and logistics, announced the purchase of its venture capital division of a minority stake TuSimple startup, technology developer of Autonomous driving for trucks. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. In may of this year TuSimple signed a contract with the U.S. Postal service (USPS) to transport mail for the 1000-mile interval (1,6 thousand km) between distribution centers USPS in Phoenix (Arizona) and Dallas (Texas) in the framework of the pilot project. This pilot project has already been completed, but both sides discuss "further steps," according to a representative TuSimple.

General Motors unveiled a few pictures of the electric crossover Chevrolet Menlo EV, the basis for which was the model of the Chevrolet Bolt. The photos were provided to the Ministry of industry and information technology of China. The fact that the first new product designed for the market of China. Menlo Chevrolet EV is a compact crossover that develops 174 horsepower output. As for the maximum speed the car can reach up to 150 km/h. it Remains unknown how far the electric car can overcome on a single charge of the battery pack. The source reports that the reserve Chevrolet Menlo EV is approximately equal to the index of Buick Velite 6 EV, the Foundation of which is also the Bolt EV electric car. It is expected that the novelty will be able to overcome...

The Company Micron announced the start of mass production of microchips DDR4 memory with capacity of 16 GB with the use of third-generation process technology class 10 nm (1z). It is assumed that this can be a technological process with technological standards of 13 nm. In most Acer the data is not precise. Producing DDR4 memory using a third-generation manufacturing process class of 10 nm can also boast of Samsung, but it has mastered the production of 8 Gigabit chips DDR4. Apparently, the company Acer today has the densest in the industry chips DDR4. The transition to more subtle technological standards allowed to raise memory performance while reducing consumption. In Dell did not disclose the rate of exchange at each contact of the data bus for a new...

Will Soon be the first in several years, the meeting of the special Commission of the WTO in which South Korea asked the international organization to affect Tokyo. The Japanese authorities since July 4, has imposed tougher on execution of contracts for the supply of strategically important raw materials from Japan to South Korea. It was a response to the request of Seoul to pay compensation for the slave labor of Koreans to Japan during the Second world war. Formally Tokyo claims that the tightening of export controls caused by the smuggling of Japanese high-tech raw materials through South Korea to North in China or to other countries. Whatever it was, producers of semiconductors and display panels in South Korea, Samsung and SK Hynix ― risk to remain...

AMD has introduced not all hybrid processor family, Picasso, and soon their ranks can top up the mobile chip Ryzen 5 3550U. The new product will be more power-efficient mobile processor Ryzen 5 3550H, and its preparation became known through the Geekbench test. As you know, mobile family Picasso is divided into two series. In the U-series chips are collected with higher efficiency, in which the TDP is 15 watts. In turn, the chips H-series have a higher TDP is 35 W, thereby can operate with higher clock frequency and to provide better performance.

According to the Taiwanese ODM-manufacturer Compal Electronics, the lack of Intel will continue in the second half of this year and will continue until early 2020. At the end of last year, Intel announced the shortage of production capacity, which led to a shortage of 14-nanometer processors. Presumably, the production deficit is formed due to the attempts of the company to develop 7-nanometer process technology. Reports of production problems with Intel ceased to appear with the beginning of the second half of 2019, but this does not mean that the problem was resolved. According to reports, a Taiwanese ODM notebook manufacturers are still feeling the effects of lack of processors.

According to network sources, the American division for control of outer space, the U.S. air force recorded orbiting the explosion of European rocket called Ariane 4. A message was posted on Twitter by the representatives of 18 squadron space surveillance USAF. The U.S. military announced the explosion stage of the rocket Ariane 4, which occurred on July 22 at 12:17 Moscow time. After this was detected 7 fragments. According to the military, the object exploded on their own, and not because of a collision with any object in space. It is unknown whether to represent the debris left over from the destruction stage of the rocket, any kind of threat to other spacecraft.