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Huawei talked about specialized AI capabilities of its single-chip system Kirin 970, first published in a series of Huawei Mate 10. Thanks to the integrated block for accelerating machine learning algorithms, the Mate 10 is able to identify objects and scenes to automatically configure the camera settings. But in order to prove how advanced is its unit AI (and of course system cameras), Huawei went on an unexpected experiment. The company has tied-Mate 10 Pro to a modified Porsche Panamera not only to identify objects on the road, but also to control improvised self-propelled vehicle, and for avoiding obstacles. Nowadays smartphones can perform a variety of tasks thanks to the huge capacity. In the future, they seem to be able to drive cars, eliminating the...

In early February, a prototype flying taxi from Airbus for the first time rose into the sky, thus confirming the viability of the concept of this kind of transport. However, the Airbus staff report for the first test aircraft Alpha One included only a brief press release and some photos of the protagonist of news, developed in the framework of the project Vahana 2016. As for the video from the event, then put it in the open access Airbus for some unknown reason decided not to.