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Trial run of unmanned aerial vehicle "Mail of Russia" in Ulan-Ude — the capital of the Republic of Buryatia — was a fiasco. Good weather conditions and optimism of the parties participating in the pilot project, including at the event were the Director of "Mail of Russia", the developers of the drone "Rudran/Forwarder 3M" and local authorities, has not helped the UAV to successfully deliver the package to the destination. Due to a technical malfunction the drone off course and at full speed crashed into the wall of a house. From the received damages the drone... no, not died on the spot, and crumbled into its component parts. Photo RIA "News"

Tesla financial Affairs were not going well. Critical experts were convinced that an American company will not be able to get out of a loss and soon go bankrupt. The outcome was not long in coming: Elon Musk (Elon Musk), the head of Tesla, shared the sad information with your Twitter followers. "Palo Alto, California, April 1, 2018. Despite intensive efforts to raise funds, including the mass selling of Easter eggs, we sadly announce that the Tesla completely and irrevocably bankrupt," — said in the official Twitter-account Mask.

Toyota has announced the beginning of reception of the Russian orders for the sedan of business class Camry eighth generation built on a new platform GA-K. the Car has got a dynamic profile with a characteristic flowing roof and a curved window sill line. Force structure of the body and suspension designed from scratch. Through the use of the platform GA-K not only managed to lower the center of gravity, but also make the body much more rigid. As a result of careful study design, the torsional stiffness increased by 30 % compared to the previous generation.

Trying to keep Apple as a major customer, Japan Display announced on Friday plans to attract over $500 million investment to ensure the production of LCD displays for smartphones next-generation iPhone. For JDI, as reported, was a big challenge that Apple has decided to integrate OLED technology in its flagship smartphone iPhone X last year. At that time, analysts predicted a sharp drop in profits JDI, as the Japanese company who considers Apple its largest customer, quickly tried to make a turn to the production of OLED panels.

Improving from year to year, wearable gadgets and mobile devices have become a continuously tracking the actions of their owners system. It is implemented with the aim of improving the quality of services to meet the individual needs of each client, as well as providing expanded services based on the collected data. Once in the hands of criminals, this information can cause irreparable harm to their owners that saw hackers and victims of their attacks victims. However, any information in digital form is capable of not only compromising, but also to help in solving the crime, even if we are talking about the statistics of wearable electronics. In an attempt to get access to data stored on the mobile information from U.S. law enforcement agencies have long...

The Company Cepton Technologies, one of the suppliers of 3D lidars for vehicles, the exhibition NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference presented sensor Vista. The new model has already become available for automotive companies. According Cepton, Vista has the best in class performance when compared with lidar other companies. The device scans the area for 200 meters ahead with a spatial resolution of 0.2 degree (equivalent to 120 lines). While Vista is noticeably smaller majority of existing analogues and consumes less than 10 watts. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the radar in the body of the vehicle.

QNAP will show AI EXPO, which is from 4 to 6 April in Tokyo (Japan), a robotic system AfoBot, the preparation of which was reported last summer. AfoBot is a robot companion designed for video calls. The device is endowed with 8-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels and OCTA core processor with ARM Cortex-A53. The equipment includes 2 GB of RAM LPDDR3, flash drive capacity of 32 GB, slot microSD, ports USB Type-C and USB 2.0 Type-A.

In Europe and the US appreciate Honda cars for their practicality, however this time the Japanese company has decided to please its fans with something more extravagant. So the idea about creating a convertible version of the Honda CR-V. Unusual version of crossover available in the UK today. From the "Honda" one could expect more careful consideration of the design. Engineers of the British office simply cut down the roof along with the racks. However, they offered no alternative in the motorized soft top or removable design. Very rash move, especially given the rainy climate of Albion.

Well-Known manufacturer of electric cars, Tesla, learn a new product. According to insider information, she is currently negotiating with the Moscow government on the subject of delivery in the Russian capital of the party the high-tech trolleys. It is expected that the first copies will be available to the capital's trolleybus parks in the summer of 2020 and will be equipped with powerful electric motors capable of accelerating the trolley to a hundred in seconds. The maximum speed will exceed 200 km/h.

The Lexus Brand is known for its luxury cars that you can choose for themselves given the variety of preferences, modifying equipment and interior decoration, even in the smallest nuances. But the Japanese keep moving forward to make their vehicles truly unique for each individual. With this goal, Lexus introduced Genetic Select — the world's first service that allows you to pick up the car in full accordance with the genetic code of the future owner. To achieve this, Lexus has entered into an agreement with 23andMe is a private biotech company of mountain view. Last specializiruetsya on providing private customers with information about their predisposition to diseases based on the analysis of biological material at the single-nucleotide polymorphism for...

, the Japanese unit of Google actively working to make entering characters the most simple, convenient and intuitive. Gboard for Android and iOS continually improving input methods using touch screens, but sometimes the physical keyboard is irreplaceable. Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and Google decided to improve the hardware keyboard. The Japanese went beyond a simple implementation of a keyboard for fast typing you need to remember the location of the keys. The company has invented a new method that enables handwriting directly on the physical keyboard, on top of regular keys with a special device.

While the LG communicates with the Internet community through the platform Reddit, to know the opinion of users on the popular now cut in the display under the speaker/sensors/camera, OnePlus do not resort to unnecessary polls and prefer to act decisively. And really, why be interested in other people's reasoning on this score, if it is possible to be guided solely by personal considerations? Co-founder OnePlus Carl Pei (Carl Pei) has published a page on their Twitter account a provocative message, which caused discontent among users, and already after two days it was deleted by its author. The message of Mr. Pei was a reference to an interview with the newspaper The Verge. Controversial tweet contained only a single line in the form of thesis publications,...

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, despite efforts to promote quite inexpensive, but advanced from a technical point of view, the device may not boast of big sales. Now the company has planned to develop a completely different direction cryptocurrencies. OnePlus released a 26-second video called "change is Coming", which hints that the launch of the cryptocurrency could take place in the near future. In this video, co-founder of the company Carl Pei (Carl Pei) said that when you create the first phone OnePlus wanted to offer not just the best device the company has sought to change the way people interact with phones.

Strengthening the role of China in the international market can be clearly detected in the case of a merger or acquisition of companies. The Complainants wait for months for permission from the competition authorities of China, which was unthinkable 10-15 years ago. Of the recent examples is hovering the decision to sell Memory Toshiba KK Pangea consortium, which includes Apple, Seagate, SK Hynix and other manufacturers. Another "unfinished" — is the sale of NXP Semiconductors Qualcomm. Eight of the nine regulators, including the U.S., EU and Japan, gave the nod to the deal, but China is still delaying a resolution. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The Official premiere of the family of smartphones Moto G6 has not yet taken place, but detailed specifications and images of upcoming new products have already appeared on the website of one of the Hungarian retailers. According to published information, Moto G6 is equipped with a 5.7-inch IPS display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels, which corresponds to the HD+, and built on eight cores of 1.8 GHz CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 graphics accelerator Adreno 506. The model is presented in two versions, with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB built-in storage and 4 GB of the RAM and 64 GB of flash memory.