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"VimpelCom", which provides Telecom services under the brand "Beeline", and the Finnish company Global HMD, which produces smartphones under the Nokia brand, began strategic cooperation. Under the agreement, the Russian operator becomes the exclusive seller of Nokia Nokia 1 and 2.1 in the Russian Federation. About this "Kommersant" was told in both companies. Nokia 1 went on sale in the network "Beeline" for the price of 6 thousand rubles, while the Nokia model 2.1 the cost of 8 thousand rubles will appear in the salons and Internet-shop of the operator in early August. Both phones are controlled by the operating system Android Oreo.

Most of the major manufacturers of motherboards began to release new BIOS versions for their products on the chipset of system logic of Intel Z370. I wonder this primarily because the new boards BIOS adds support for future Intel processors. But what processor is it? MSI indicates support for "next-generation processors", while the ASRock and ASUS mention "new processors eighth-generation". For the eighth generation desktop Core processors are members of the family Coffee Lake-S. And as we know, to replace them, not much different Coffee Lake Refresh, but most likely, Intel will allocate them to a separate generation. So, it seems that all manufacturers indicate on the support the same processors, simply by using different wording.

Has long been known that AMD is preparing replenishment processor family Ryzen 2000. One of the novelties will be a Quad-core processor Ryzen 5 2500X, which will replace the also Quad-core processor Ryzen 5 1500X. We have previously written about a rather high overclocking potential new items, and now the Network appeared new details about her. As you know, all of the processors Ryzen except hybrid with integrated graphics, created on the basis of the same crystals. Just eight models involved all units of the crystal, and, for example, have Quad-core half of the cores disabled. However, due to the fact that the crystal consists of two Quad-core blocks CCX (Core Complex), disable the kernel can be different, whether it be last year's Summit Ridge or the new...

In April of this year was presented smartphones series Moto E5, which included the model Moto E5 Play. Now this device is a modification Moto E5 Play Android Oreo (Go Edition). Recall that the standard version of Moto E5 Play is on Board the 425/427 Snapdragon processor, 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 16 GB. The screen has a size of 5.2 inches diagonally and has a resolution of HD (1280 × 720 pixels). There are cameras with 8 - and 5-megapixel matrix. Food provides a battery capacity of 2800 mA·h Operating system — Android 8.0 Oreo.

ASUS largest motherboard manufacturers introduced a whole family of products based on the combination of the socket AM4 AMD and chipset B450. Of the sale can begin before the end of the month, but the manufacturer is unlikely to cover all the main markets until the second half of August. Two of the seven models — ROG Strix B450-I Gaming and Prime B450-Plus — we wrote earlier. This Duo was later joined by five more matplot — ROG Strix B450-F Gaming, TUF B450-Plus Gaming, TUF B450M-Plus Gaming Prime B450M-A and Prime B450M-K. On them will be discussed below. Fee ROG Strix B450-F Gaming provides an advanced tool for overclocking Ryzen series 1000 and 2000. It is equipped with OCTA-core power system CPU socket (VRM transistors are cooled by radiators), supports...

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) introduced the Martian "spiders" — like formations characteristic shape on the surface of the red planet. The image shows the South pole of Mars. The formation of "spiders" is associated with the melting of the dry ice in the warm season. The release of carbon dioxide gas escapes to the planet's surface from under the top cover, while simultaneously throwing out jets of dust and small particles of soil. As a result, are forming strange rock formations, resembling spiders with height.

Aerospace company Blue Origin, owned by the owner publishing house and The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) plans to begin next year selling tickets for suborbital space flights for space tourists beginners. Sorry, reported this in last month's senior Vice President of Blue Origin Rob Meyerson (Rob Meyerson) did not mention the cost of the ticket. However, due to the sources of the resource Reuters, it became known how expensive it will cost space tourists suborbital flight in the spacecraft New Shepard. REUTERS/Isaiah J. Downing

U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Friday about the lifting of the ban on American companies selling their products second largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, China's ZTE, so he will be able to resume business. The ban was lifted soon after ZTE put in a Bank Deposit account in US $400 million under the agreement about the settlement reached last month. The agreement also includes a fine of $1 billion paid to the Chinese company to the U.S. Treasury in June in addition to paid in 2017 of $892 million in connection with the confession of his guilt in violation of the sanctions. The sum of $400 million will remain on Deposit for 10 years, providing a guaranteed payment of penalty in case of violations of ZTE settlement agreement.

The Best defense is a good offense. Samsung Electronics, reports DigiTimes, citing South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, intends to sharply increase the capital cost of expansion of output of non-volatile memory such as 3D NAND (multi-layered NAND-flash). In light of similar efforts by competitors and, what is more dangerous — by the Chinese, increased production of 3D NAND may be the only correct answer to the Samsung calls time. Factory Samsung in Pentec (

The Company is actively finalizing plans for its new maintenance-free liquid cooling system H100i Hydro Pro. This cooling system should be the most productive in the Hydro H100i, which is reflected in the title news. The key distinguishing feature of the Hydro H100i will be a Pro mode "Zero RPM". It provides automatic shutdown of the fans when the coolant temperature is below a certain threshold. To manage this will be a special controller built into the pump. Thanks to this mode, the system will produce less noise under low load.

Recently Apple introduced the updated laptops MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar has a display size of 13.3 and 15.4 inches. It was reported that the laptops have an improved keyboard. Now craftsmen iFixit found out, what changes has undergone the design of the buttons. "Keys MacBook Pro, equipped with a butterfly mechanism, react to touch four times more stable in comparison with the traditional mechanism of the "scissors". The result is the thrill each time you become more natural, and typing is comfortable. Now on the MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inch with Touch panel Bar, the keyboard works even quieter," says Apple.

The company Fujitsu has an interesting and highly secure platform to authenticate users by vein patterns of the palm. A month ago, by the way, the company celebrated a significant milestone for the sale of scanners to authenticate the vein, reporting the delivery of the millionth device. According to Fujitsu, the sensor company authentication vein is used daily by about 73 million people in 60 countries. It seems that soon the number of users increase. Company AEON and Fujitsu delivered a joint statement on the intention to equip systems of this type authentication small shops in Japan. Diagram of the organization of the service (Fujitsu)

Oppo intends to significantly strengthen its position in the European smartphone market: as reported by network sources, the company is preparing to release a large number of new devices. Oppo sent to the intellectual property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) applications for registration of several dozen brands. Notation is A11, A13, A15, A17, A19, A21, AX5, AX7, AX9, AX11, AX13, AX15, AX17, AX19, FX7, FX9, FX11, FX13, FX15, FX17, R23, R25, R27, R29, R31, R33, RX17, RX19, RX21, RX23, RX25, RX27, RX29, RX31, UX1, UX3, UX5, UX7, UX9 UX11 and.

Microsoft announced the completion of a series of Surface tablets a new budget model Surface Go, rumors of which ply on the Network the last couple of months. New positioned as a device for learning, differs from its predecessor Surface Pro more compact dimensions and a low price. The price starts from $399 in its basic configuration. Go Surface dimensions of 244 × 175 × 7.6 mm, weight is 520 g. the Microsoft Surface Tablet Go equipped with 10-inch touch PixelSense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and a resolution of 1800 × 1200 pixels.

This week, July 13, will appear in Russia in the sale of the smartphone OnePlus 6. It will be available in three versions — 6 GB of RAM and flash storage capacity of 64 GB, with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory and a version with 8 GB of RAM and a flash drive 256 GB. Compared to the predecessor OnePlus 6 has higher performance with eight-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and improved the original shell OxygenOS. Optimization of computing processes allows not to waste resources on processing the other elements of the operating system and applications, so that the productivity is increased by 30% and energy consumption reduced by 10 %.