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Recently Xiaomi has officially named the date of the premiere flagship smartphone Mi 8 (Xiaomi Mi 8 Anniversary Edition). The event dedicated to the announcement, on 31 may. Rather, this apparatus is not limited, and the company will also introduce a fitness bracelet Mi Band 3, rumors of which there are already long enough. Now, however, we are interested in the Xiaomi Mi 8, as a week before its debut model "lit up" in the video. The video is rather short — it lasts only a few seconds. However, he reveals one of the main design features of the Xiaomi Mi 8. And that's not the only cutout in the screen in iPhone style X. On the record perfectly clear that the back panel of the smartphone is made transparent, and through it is seen a motherboard with chips.

Until may 2016 at the semiconductor division of Samsung Electronics was not great need to work for the public, for example, to share plans and subtleties of the future technological processes. After the above-mentioned date Samsung singled out the semiconductor division of the group for contract manufacturing of chips and was involved in a fascinating process of brand promotion process. Company TSMC is doing it for a long time and tastefully, for example, regularly and in colors describing how she will begin to produce 5-nm chips and even 3 nm. Well, Samsung has decided to take the experience to a competitor's service today successfully applied.

Leading telecommunications giant Chinese company ZTE — still will continue to work with the U.S. side. Despite the recent scandal, jeopardize the reputation of the brand, and with it the prospects for further business relationships with the same Qualcomm, the parties managed to find a mutually beneficial solution. As promised by President Donald trump (Donald Trump) — a seven-year ban on the purchase of components from American firms ZTE will be removed. To achieve this the leadership of the Chinese company failed after a series of negotiations with the US authorities and readiness to make concessions, fulfilling their legitimate demands.

Xiaomi systematically expands the range of mobile products and is preparing to release interesting gadgets, the Central place among which will occupy the mobile 8 Mi (Xiaomi Mi 8 Anniversary Edition). His announcement during the presentation, scheduled for may 31, were confirmed officially. However, in addition to the flagship in the development of the Chinese manufacturer is and the novelty of the family Redmi — the Redmi model 6. Its prototype has been captured on photos by insiders, in advance of revealing the design of the upcoming device. Published photographs show us a smartphone with a cutout on the display, while having quite massive and rough. The working name of the gadget, if you rely on previous leaks, allows us to assume its specifications...

The HMD Global Company that develops and sells smartphones under the brand Nokia, has attracted $100 million investment and received a market value of more than $1 billion Received from investors the funds will be spent on business expansion and financing growth of the company during the second year of operation. In 2018, HMD Global intends to expand the range of Nokia phones, significantly strengthen our presence in strategic markets, and to introduce the most popular users of technology, said in a press release.

Motherboard and systems Assembly ECS continues to develop a family of mini-computers LIVA, most of which is characterized by miniature size and fanless design. This time the Taiwanese company introduced to the public barebone system LIVA Z2. Mini PC assembled in concise form the housing with the sides 132(D) × 118(W) × 56,4(h) mm, and it is based on the Intel platform Gemini Lake. As the Central processor ECS LIVA Z2 uses an SoC with heat dissipation to 6 W — Silver N5000 Quad-core Pentium and Celeron N4100, and dual-core Celeron N4000. Integrated graphics Intel 605/600 supports UHD resolutions up to 4096 × 2304 pixels. For a full PC configuration LIVA Z2 must be supplemented by one or two memory modules SO-DIMM DDR4-2400 (max 8 GB), and preferably 2.5-inch...

Cooler Master in June will start selling universal CPU cooler MasterAir MA410M suitable for use with chips from AMD and Intel. New (model MAM-T4PN-218PC-R1) is equipped with aluminum radiator and two 120mm fans MF120R. A second fan helps pull the heat from the radiator. The speed of the fan is controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) in the range from 650 to 1800 rpm. The maximum noise level is 31 dB. The air flow can reach 90 m3 per hour. Average claimed MTBF — 40 thousand hours.

The operation of the procedure of crowd funding to bring the project to life was, is and will be risky to invest in the idea side. Despite the good intentions of the developers and even the successful completion of funding round in which creative and successful teams manage to collect millions of dollars instead of the original thousand, many start-UPS suffer in the end fail. It happened with the ambitious project of the OSSIC X, in which the money of Kickstarter visitors created unique headphones with surround "VR-sound." The project OSSIC X has been officially declared invalid: the developers promised its clients with live sound with the effect of the presence, to keep his word failed. Consequently the second (main) stage of supply of headphones...

Public transport with internal combustion engines will sooner or later become history. Doubt it, probably not. But when exactly will be a transition, while difficult to predict. However, analysts say some indicative timing. For example, in a recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) says that by 2040, 80 % of the world's bus fleet will run on electricity. While selling new buses, the share of electric models will reach 84% by 2030. It should be noted that, according to the BNEF forecast, electrification in the field of public transport will occur much faster than mass adoption of passenger electric vehicles. The company believes that in 2040, fully electric cars will make up only 30 % of the total number of cars. And in the structure of sales of...

Expected 8-core 16-thread Intel Lake Coffee has recently appeared on the basis of the results of a test package SiSoftware. Rumors about the chip that will be part of a family of processors of the 8th generation, go long, but these records make information almost official. Processor, details of which leaked, has no official name — the sample is still very early. It has been tested on the test client platform Kaby Lake, which confirms another critical information about the chip: it will be compatible with motherboards of the current generation. Despite the fact that Intel in the second half of the year should represent the Z390 chipset, 8-core Coffee Lake, apparently, will be compatible with all modern cards of 300 series, such as model Z370 (might need...

Samsung officially presented smartphone Galaxy S Light Luxury unit which, as previously expected, will debut on the market under the name Galaxy S8 Lite. Novelty is a relative of smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+. They have a screen size of respectively 5.8 and 6.2 inches diagonally. The solution in both cases is 2960 × 1440 pixels. Depending on the sales region-either the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 or own Exynos chip 9. The amount of RAM is 4GB, the capacity of the flash module 64 GB.

In early may, the analyst firm Strategy Analytics has published a report according to which the most sold smartphone of the first quarter of 2018 was iPhone X. Also in the top five included Apple iPhone 7, 5A Xiaomi Redmi and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Another research firm Counterpoint — also believes that the iPhone X tops the ranking of the most popular smartphones in the world, and with a very substantial margin. The model accounts for 3.5% of global sales, while the following iPhone 8 Plus was able to get a share of 2.3 %. iPhone 7, which Strategy Analytics gave the silver medal in its ranking, according to Counterpoint is only in seventh place. About the third position, the views of the two analytical companies agreed — "bronze" they unanimously awarded...

In may, Xiaomi company will hold a press conference where it is expected premiere of the new flagship Mi 7 smartphone dedicated to the eighth anniversary of family of devices Mi — Mi 8th Anniversary Edition. In addition, earlier it was reported that at the same event, will showcase the fitness bracelet Mi Band 3 and cheap plantation 3 Mi Max. However, preliminary information is not always accurate, that just happened in the budget phablet. In fact this new product, we will not see until July, and the new information came not from "reliable sources" — said the CEO of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun). Unfortunately, the exact date of the head of the company did not name. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 was announced in may 2017 and in the same year visited the lab 3DNews

Europe rises from his knees. But seriously, for a long time none of the European semiconductor manufacturers did not build plants in the Old world. For the first time in many years, this step had the courage, the German company Infineon Technologies AG. In the city of Villach (Villach) in Austria, near the existing enterprises experienced semiconductor company Infineon will construct a new building for the processing of 300-mm thin silicon substrates. Obviously, we are talking about substrates with fully depleted silicon on insulator, or FD-SOI. This type of substrate has a very low leakage currents and is well suited for the production of power semiconductors. The draft of the new Infineon semiconductor plant in Austria (Infineon)

With the approach the actual output of the updated family laptops Acer Nitro 5 (AN515, 15.6 inch) increases the number of models available for pre-order and also mentioned on the website On the day of release of Intel processors Coffee Lake-H we reported about the intention of the Taiwanese company to use a series of Nitro 5 new six-core Core i7 CPU and Core i7+ (i.e. regular Core i7 combined with SSD Optane), and discrete graphics GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. A month and a half later we can state that among laptops Nitro 5 sample 2018 will be a productive device with the adapter GeForce GTX 1060 on Board, GPU GeForce GTX 1050 and a Quad-core Core i5-8300H. The model is based on six-core CPU Core i7-8750H (2,2/4,2 GHz) and the graphic adapter GeForce GTX...