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The Company Essential co-founder of Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) has almost the same problems that HTC and LG. Her first and only phone, the Essential PH-1, had easily gained popularity due to the innovative design and quick and regular software updates. Despite this, the disappointing sales led to the fact that the startup has practically left the market. However, rumors about Essential PH-2 differ in a large number — perhaps the smartphone will receive the first face the camera under the display. Although Apple is the first company that used a design with display cutout, Essential is actually ahead of the rest. And the company then used the keyhole for a few years before it became the norm. Judging by the rumors, and now the patent, the following...

August introduced a new smart entry phone, and its main feature may be that it really looks like a traditional doorbell. August View is a small rectangular box with a camera at the top and a large button at the bottom, allowing visitors to call. It is obvious that the device is a doorbell that is very different from the first two generations of these devices August. Past models were square with a big obvious button in the center. It was a real challenge for promotion in the market. In addition to the redesign, August View there is one big difference: wireless connectivity along with the usual wired connection. The homeowner no longer need to worry about the correct wiring to the intercom to buy it. Now you can simply mount the August View behind the door...

In a March presentation for investors, AMD has decided to unveil additional details about its plans to release a new generation of processors for desktops, workstations, and laptops. Expected among this year's innovations include not only desktop Ryzen third generation (Matisse), but also other new mobile processors Ryzen PRO second generation processors Ryzen Threadripper with a new design that had not been reported. Published slide with the processor AMD plans contains a reminder that desktop processors Ryzen 3000, based on the microarchitecture Zen 2, will be released in the middle of the year — exactly when it was promised initially. But in addition it now appears that following them will also appear third-generation HEDT processors Ryzen Threadripper...

At the moment, Intel has officially unveiled not too many processors, the ninth generation, also known under the code name Coffee Lake Refresh. On other processors while that there were just rumors and leaks, but Fujitsu "leaked" information from all the representatives of the new generation of Intel processors. In the published document mentioned Core processors without suffixes, there are models with locked multiplier and a TDP up to 65W, including Core i9-9900 and Core i7-9700. In addition, Intel is preparing a processor Core with a locked multiplier and hardware and disabled integrated graphics. For example, the senior Core i9-9900F and Core i7-9700F.

The Social giant is going to follow Microsoft and start promoting your headset Oculus Oculus Go and Quest for corporate clients. When Facebook launches virtual reality headset for the masses, the company focuses on more and more immersed in the games fictional world. But the next frontier for the company can be conquering the enterprise market. At least, Facebook made the announcement about the vacancy of specialist in development of software for Oculus VR, whose task will be to work on creating special mobile versions of Oculus headsets Go for $199 and the Quest for $399 for business. This employee is designed to help headsets to work with different types of software used by enterprises.

Chinese manufacturer of components for liquid cooling systems, the company Bykski released the world's first full cover water block for AMD Radeon VII. The new product is called A-Radeon VII-X and only compatible with graphics cards of reference design, although others now on the market there. The base of A water block-Radeon VII-X is made of copper and covered with a layer of Nickel. As befits a full cover waterblock, the new product removes heat not only from the GPU Vega II, but also from the adjacent memory chips HBM2, and from the power elements of the power subsystem. For better cooling of the GPU in the base area above it has an array of microchannels of a width of 0.5 mm.

Not too many manufacturers can boast the presence of the business to produce components for its smartphones. However, many critical components of the phone Samsung released numerous subdivisions, and the same can be said about the screens and batteries in smartphones LG. Against this background, it looks strange that the Xperia phones have not used the full Sony experience in the field of image processing. Recently a top Manager of Sony explained the reasons for this situation, calling an internal conflict between divisions as a key reason for such a sad state of Affairs.

Table 14-nm processors Intel Skylake family-S made its debut in the already distant year of 2015. And now the manufacturer has notified its customers that it intends to cease production of these chips. The processor family Skylake turned out to be true centenarians. Although some models of the Core of the sixth generation, including unlocked Intel Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K, were "sent into retirement" in 2017, the production of most of the Skylake-S continued. Now, later, does a considerable amount of time, the manufacturer decided that it was time to say goodbye even with more than twenty models of Skylake generation.

Microsoft is preparing another version of its Xbox One game console. According to Windows Central, soon the light may appear console called Xbox One's All-Digital Edition, which will be deprived of the optical drive. In the modern world many people prefer to buy digital copies of games instead of buying versions on physical media. And movies TV series, most prefer to watch via streaming services like Netflix instead of buying them on Blu-ray discs. So the need for an optical drive in the gaming console gradually disappears for many users.

As the resource Bloomberg, Samsung Electronics is working on a couple of new folding smartphones that will develop ideas Galaxy Fold — the manufacturer wants to take first place in the new market segment. Supposedly the South Korean manufacturer creates a device that will bend outwards, by analogy with X Mate from Huawei. Recall: Galaxy Fold cost of $1980, which Samsung plans to release in April, doubles as a laptop (because this applies to a complex system of cameras, a secondary screen there is a gap in the center). The new solution will be noticeably thinner due to bending the screen out. It is still too early to assess the demand for smartphones with a flexible screen, but Samsung and its competitors seek to gain an advantage over Apple in the industry,...

MediaTek, in an interview with resource Android Authority announced the intention to present this year's advanced mobile processor, the production of which will apply to 7-nanometer technology. It is known that in the family grocery MediaTek product will be located on the chip Helio P90. This processor is made for 12-nanometer methodology. It contains two Cortex-A75 processor up to 2.2 GHz and six cores Cortex-A55 processor up to 2.0 GHz. The solution includes a graphics accelerator PowerVR IMG 9446 GM, as well as a special unit for acceleration of operations related to artificial intelligence.

Aboard the space Observatory "Hubble" (Hubble Space Telescope) recorded another failure. This was reported on the website of the National Agency on Aeronautics and space research (NASA). Recall that in October last year, the Hubble space telescope went into safe mode due to a failure in the orientation system — broke down one of the gyros. This failure specialists were able to eliminate it promptly. In early January of the current year it became known that there was an emergency disconnection of the main device space telescope — camera Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC-3). With this problem in NASA also quickly managed. And now it is reported new problems.

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) reports that the Mars InSight, the research unit has suspended drilling operations. That InSight began to probe deeper into the soil of the red planet, we reported last week. The formation of the wells necessary for the operation of the device, HP (Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe), designed to measure heat flow under the surface of Mars. In accordance with the scientific program, the depth of the well must be three to five metres: it will be shipped in a special harness with a set of temperature sensors.

Gaming laptops in recent years have become increasingly popular, despite its very high cost. But it is not a small price tag connected including with the fact that the basis of the vast majority of such mobile systems are not cheap Intel. But, according to the resource WCCFTech, in the foreseeable future we can expect more affordable gaming laptops based on mobile AMD Ryzen. It is reported that the company Acer, ASUS and HP have today confirmed that they are planning to release gaming laptops based on mobile processors Ryzen 3000-series and NVIDIA on GPUs Turing. Through the use of AMD processors, the price of such laptops will start at $1099. For this price, you can count on Ryzen Quad core and graphics accelerator GeForce GTX Ti 1660. In turn, a model...

Following the report on the state of the GPU market in General, analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has published an important addition regarding the situation with the discrete graphics accelerators in isolation from the integrated graphics. As already mentioned, the situation with graphics cards in the fourth quarter of 2018 were disastrous: sales fell by 40.2 % if compared with figures a year ago, or 10.7% compared to sales in the third quarter. But have suffered from this recession manufacturers the GPU in very different degrees. Amid a decline in sales of NVIDIA continued to take market share from a competitor, and by the end of the year it possessed already four-fifth of the market share of all discrete graphics! Overall for the fourth quarter of the...