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Professor from new York John Pfaff (John Pfaff) decided to test an old computer of Apple Computer, for a long time, becoming dusty in the attic. It was the Apple lle, whose image he posted on Saturday on Twitter. Apple lle is the third model of personal computers Apple II, went on sale in January 1983. This computer provided the ability to use both uppercase and lowercase letters, and also had the full functionality of Shift and Caps Lock. All models of the computer was discontinued in 1993.

Until the product starts to completely trust the rumors are never worth it, but some unofficial sources of information about future decisions traditionally deserve more confidence than others. In relation to Apple products the most authoritative "prophet" is analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), which, for example, reported the first accurate data on all iPhone series last year. Now Mr. Kuo has released a new analytical article, which reported their predictions on future Apple devices. It confirmed reports that cupertina the company will indeed release in 2019, three of the iPhone, one of which will get triple the rear camera.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), usually reports fairly accurate predictions about new Apple products due to their extensive network of connections among the component suppliers. In his latest research note, he said that Apple plans this year to unveil a brand new design of MacBook Pro. It is alleged that the flagship of the range will be the decision with 16 - or 16.5-inch screen. It will be the overall modern laptop Mac, for 17-inch models are no longer sold in 2012. According to Mr. Kuo, the family may also receive the 13-inch model RAM up to 32 GB: now only the 15-inch MacBook Pro can have this memory.

Over the past decade, smartphones have become a popular way of viewing videos. And cinemas have to adapt to new times. In the next stage of technology development they are unable to support the same streaming technology, and mobile electronics. Odeon in partnership with the Norwegian mobile operator Telia now manages the world's first cinema with the support of 5G, showing films that passed through the 5G network. Although Telia originally announced this initiative in December 2017, it took more than a year to start the real test of film through 5G illustrate the benefits of cellular to next-generation technology over 4G and some wired broadband services. Odeon announced that a live broadcast of theatrical films in the maximum quality "great works" on the...

Not so long ago it became known that Intel is preparing the mobile Intel Core i9-9980HK. Now the Intel documentation revealed records of all mobile Core processors H-series ninth generation, which may indicate the proximity of their official announcement. Intel is preparing six mobile Core processors, the ninth generation H-series two chip families, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9. Apparently, the novelty will offer more cores and higher clock speed than their predecessors the eighth generation. Senior new items will be very similar to their desktop "counterparts", but will offer the best energy efficiency due to lower operating frequency. Although, judging by the data, the peak frequency will remain the same. The new chips will be built on a familiar...

Closer to the announcement, the more it turns out the details about GeForce GTX Ti 1660. This time it turned out the cost of new items, and there are some data on its performance, and was published image of another nataloni 1660 GeForce GTX Ti. Resource VideoCardz managed to find out that NVIDIA has already informed observers that the recommended price of GeForce GTX Ti 1660 $279, as previously reported. Recall that in the new graphics card should arrive on February 22.

Apple swallowed untrained PullString voice technology which formed the basis of the interactive doll, "Hello, Barbie" (Hello Barbie), Mattel released companies in 2015. PullString, formerly known as ToyTalk, founded in 2011 by former employees of Pixar. Its intelligent platform's partner companies and customers the opportunity to create digital and physical characters, as well as the voice applications that are able to communicate with people. "Hello, Barbie" is just one of the products along with such as an interactive toy "Thomas the tank Engine". In addition, previously PullString has released software that allows even those who have no special technical skills people to create their own application for a voice assistant, Alexa. As the resource Axios...

Despite the fact that the program of manned space flight, National Agency on Aeronautics and space research (NASA), there continues to be progress — the first test flight of the spacecraft Crew Dragon unmanned can be held March 2 — still there is no guarantee that the spacecraft to deliver astronauts to the International space station will be ready to launch regular flights by the beginning of 2020. The last flight on the NASA contract with Roscosmos will take place in July. The spacecraft "Soyuz MS-13" will deliver cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan (Andrew Morgan) and Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano (Luca Parmitano) on the International space station, where they will stay for six or seven months. And in December 2019 on the ship...

Trained computers with elements of artificial intelligence for a long time to beat people in chess, and recently learned to play Go. Of course, these programs can be called AI only with the big stretch. But the point is that the person somehow was able to create a computing system that can be trained to solve certain problems according to a strictly established algorithms in a strictly defined framework. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in open world, when changing environment, problems and all. Simply put, when the rules stop working. In such circumstances the AI person is not an assistant that does not like the military. DARPA

The Chinese company TCL, widely known for producing budget TVs, and phones under the brands BlackBerry Mobile and Alcatel, working to build at least five devices with flexible displays, including two tablets, two smartphones and a flexible phone, capable of transforming into a smart watch. This was reported by CNET, familiar with images and sketches from patent applications TCL. Stefan Streit (Stefan Streit), General Manager of TCL of global marketing, told CNET last month that the company will release its first foldable device in 2020.

The Anglo-Dutch oil giant Royal Dutch Shell agreed to buy young German company Sonnen. The transaction amount was not disclosed. In may last year, Shell has already invested 60 million euros Sonnen in the first round of collection of investment. Now, after all the necessary procedures Sonnen go into full-on Shell property. For oil companies this means that it will begin to offer products similar to the Tesla home battery. In fact it becomes a competitor to Tesla on the emerging market of energy storage systems. But Sonnen is interesting not only this. Reuters/Axel Schmidt

According to rumors, partially confirmed by the suppliers of equipment for the new LCD-Foxconn factory in China, the manufacturer plans to push back the timing of the start of mass production of large-format panels at a later date. This is due to uncertainty in the trade war of China with the United States and the slowdown of the economy in China. In Foxconn deny the delay, and confirming the fidelity of the previous schedule, approved date of ceremony entry of new enterprises into operation. Obviously the size of the substrate generation LCD 10G (10.5 G of the substrate are about the same)

2019 year promises us a range of the first smartphones with a flexible screen. First and foremost is, of course, Samsung Galaxy X, which must be shown to the public next week. However, every day there are rumours or news about the companies working on flexible smartphones: Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Motorola or already have working prototypes or are working in this direction. Latest Apple patent suggests that in Cupertino are considering similar concepts of devices with bendable or foldable display, allowing to obtain the advantages of the tablet pocket phone. Recently Apple has updated a patent with drawings of a folding phone. This development of the patent, originally filed in 2011 and updated in 2016, which shows an iPhone with a bendable display.

The national science Foundation (NSF) will provide funds to the California Institute of technology and Massachusetts Institute of technology on upgrading the LIGO Observatory. Laser-interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) is the experimental detection of gravitational waves of cosmic origin. Gravitational waves are predicted by several theories, including General relativity. This changes the gravitational field that propagate like waves.

At the beginning of the year, the company official Intel introduced the Intel Core i9-9900KF and similar models with an unlocked multiplier, but without integrated graphics. Then many users jokingly said that after Intel must produce processors with the suffix "KFC" that would be sent to the known chain of fast food restaurants. But, according to the latest data processor with such a funny name can actually appear on the market. The thing is that the processor is called Core i9-9900KFC mentioned in the list of innovations the latest beta version of the software AIDA64. The developers indicate that their utility is now able to recognize the CPU in the computer. In General there is nothing unusual in the fact that support is not yet available processor has...