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While the new flagship devices of Samsung it looks almost identical to last year's Galaxy S9 and S9+ still bring enough innovations to attract the attention of buyers. Now the Korean company has released a series of short clips, each of which focuses on one of the 9 (according to name) the most notable features. Like the S8, the new flagship uses a frameless design to Infinity Display, but in S9 made some improvements, including thicker glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection Super AMOLED display. The retinal scanner is hidden behind a deeper black color. Galaxy S9 is available in four colours: black, grey, blue and purple.

The smartphone Market is starting to fill budget models that are built around the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo Go. This platform is focused on smartphones with weak hardware — low-power SoC entry-level and memory capacity not exceeding 1 GB. For example, using Android Oreo (Go Edition) model 1X was at the MWC 2018 presented by Alcatel. The same class of device appeared with Nokia and ZTE, who demonstrated in Barcelona Nokia 1 and Tempo Go. To join the followers of the lightweight Android is going and the Chinese company Huawei, which intends to join the smartphone trend Lite Y5 (2018). The imminent release of the Huawei Y5 Lite (2018) on the market confirms the documentation of the Federal communications Commission of the United States, testifying to...

Jim Monkemeyer (Jim Monkmeyer), President of the transport operator for the delivery of goods by DHL Supply Chain said that the transition from diesel trucks to electric Tesla Semi would save the carriers significant money. Monkemeyer was one of the first who ordered electric trucks billionaire Elon musk (Elon Musk), which is expected to start producing in 2019. President for transport said that 10 of the stated trucks is a trial balloon, and it will take many years before the company will replace the majority of their diesel trucks to electric. However, he believes that the refusal from diesel vehicles in favor of electric could seriously help the company.

Manufacturers of PC chassis are increasingly paying attention to the market power sources, with an emphasis on high-power devices for cryptocurrency farms. This is understandable, because of specialized power supplies for mining are scarce, the margin on them can be larger than conventional BP, and the warranty period, on the contrary to reduce. In addition, the power sources for farms, few will evaluate the noise level, ergonomics and appearance, because in the first place are cherished powerful. The German company LC-Power recently expanded its family of power supplies Mining Edition, adding to the previously released models nominal value of 1650 W more powerful 1800-watt PSU with concise name LC1800. Novelty stands out not only by the number of cables...

As promised the leadership of Avenir Telecom, MWC 2018 became a place of smartphone debut Energizer Power Max P16K Pro. A distinctive feature of this model is super powerful battery and a record autonomy. By calculations of the manufacturer, established in Energizer Power Max P16K Pro battery 16 000 mAh should be able to provide up to 40 days of continuous operation in standby mode and in active operation the battery should last not less than two full days. The development team has introduced a new gadget under the slogan "the Most powerful smartphone at MWC". And although this is not quite correct formulation, P16K Pro really looks for the best offer on duration of continuous work.

Correspondents 3DNews, covering events at the MWC in 2018, the first official day of the Barcelona event managed to get acquainted with the products of Lenovo. Among the Chinese electronics manufacturer special attention of our journalists was awarded smart phonics Lenovo Smart Display, caught in the lens of their cameras. Column digital assistant "on Board" Lenovo Smart Display combines the capabilities of conventional smart-speakers, and partly borrows the functionality of the tablet computer. This novelty stands out from many other gadgets with voice control, which is limited by the format of the acoustic system for the home. Like Amazon Echo Show, Central Lenovo Smart Display dedicated touchscreen display that provides a simple and convenient mechanism...

MWC is concerned mainly with smartphones and similar technology, and is not known for significant announcements laptops. But the Chinese Lenovo has decided to change traditions and introduced several mobile PC, the most interesting of which are the transformers Yoga 730, which is in the portfolio below the flagship Thinkpad X1 and Yoga popular 920. This solution will be available in 13 - inch and 15-inch variations with a similar design, but slightly different options. All the basic characteristics of the device the company calls, but laptops include processor up to Intel Core i7 of the eighth generation and up to 16 GB of RAM. A more compact version can be bought with pre-installed solid state drive capacity up to 512GB, and the 15-inch up to 1 TB...

Canon introduced the Speedlite 470EX-AI, which automatically determines the best direction to bounce light off the ceiling. Flash 470EX-AI with a guide number of 47 (105 mm) looks the same as any representative of the series Canon Speedlite, but it has motors at the base and the hinge, and the sensor in the corner of the front panel. When you double-press the shutter button the camera flash is pointed at the object and calculates the distance to it, then directed at the ceiling and doing the same procedure. After that, flash "chooses" the best angle to achieve a perfect light reflection from the ceiling when photographing the object.

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia recognized the Russian representative office of LG (the"LG electronics Rus") guilty of coordinating the prices of smartphones in the Russian market. This is stated in the message Department. "The Commission found that the coordination included: establishing suggested retail prices, which were published on a Russian website LG and communicated to the Resellers; implementation of price controls Resellers; pressure on them to comply with recommended retail prices; sanctions failure to comply with recommended prices", — reported in the FAS.

Acer has announced the beginning of sales in Russia 34-inch gaming monitor Predator X34P format 21:9, designed for both beginner gamers and for professionals. The radius of curvature of the monitor is 1900R (the previous model Predator X34 — 3800R), the angles in both planes — 178°. With the support of technology NVIDIA G-SYNC provides synchronization of the output frames with the video card, so the picture stays crisp, vibrant and smooth. Complex technology Acer EyeProtect consisting of a controllable dynamic backlight, blue filter and anti-glare coating, protect the eyes from the gamer fatigue.

A project to create a cheap and very "smart" handheld game console Smach Z is not the first year attracts the attention of the public. The organizer of the fundraiser at her Daniel Fernandez (Daniel Fernandez) at the time failed Kickstarter and Indiegogo community, holding the release device. Nevertheless, the team remains Smach the opportunity to rehabilitate. The latest news on the console indicate that it has moved from a dead point, however, before the actual release Smach Z is still far. The rumors about the use of devices with the latest 14-nm embedded APU/SoC AMD family Great Horned Owl confirmed: developer's choice fell on AMD Embedded Ryzen V1605B. Zen four cores in combination with integrated graphics Radeon RX Vega 8 (512 stream processors GCN...

Orbital telescope "Hubble" (NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope) gave the Ground a splendid image of dwarf irregular galaxy with the designation IC 4710. The presented to the National management of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA). Irregular galaxies have a chaotic shape with no clearly defined nucleus and spiral branches. Dwarf irregular galaxies are considered an important link in understanding the overall evolution of galaxies. Due to the fact that they are often characterized by low content of metals and extremely high gas content. Therefore, these objects are considered to be similar to the earliest galaxies that fill the Universe.

Evidence of partial recovery after stroke may be impaired speech and swallowing reflex of the patient. Often with dysphagia (impaired swallowing) the patient who had stroke, not able to eat the next 30 days. Under normal conditions, to trace the qualitative changes of swallowing reflex pretty hard. The use of microphones in such cases fraught with difficulties, including substantial measurement error failure to comply with the silence regime. Otherwise, the entry can contain extraneous sounds from the surrounding world, making it difficult to assess the state of the patient. The task facing scientists from northwestern University (Illinois), was the development of a versatile wearable device which will withstand daily use outside of a hospital ward. So...

A Week earlier from the owners of smartphones Pixel 2 began receiving complaints about the strange behavior of their gadgets. According to preliminary data, the cause of atypical work smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was released by Google in February a firmware update that activated the Visual Pixel Core processor and open access to its resources third-party software. A quite large group of owners Pixel 2 began to notice significant heating of smartphones, even in idle mode. In addition, began to arise suspicions in unreasonable reduction of time of the Autonomous work of the gadget. According to numerous witnesses after installing the February patch Pixel 2 has been discharged much faster, although the conditions of operation remained the same.

Sony Mobile Communications (Sony Mobile) has presented at the exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2018, taking place in Barcelona (Spain), flagship smartphone — the Xperia devices and Xperia XZ2 XZ2 Compact, rumors that for the last time were all over the Internet. First of all, it should be noted that the devices made with the new design called Ambient Flow. Both sides of the hull are protected by a durable glass Gorilla glass 5. Applied display Full Screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels. The screen size is 5.7 inches in diagonal, the model Xperia XZ2 and 5.0 inches from modification XZ2 Compact.