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Trained computers with elements of artificial intelligence for a long time to beat people in chess, and recently learned to play Go. Of course, these programs can be called AI only with the big stretch. But the point is that the person somehow was able to create a computing system that can be trained to solve certain problems according to a strictly established algorithms in a strictly defined framework. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in open world, when changing environment, problems and all. Simply put, when the rules stop working. In such circumstances the AI person is not an assistant that does not like the military. DARPA

The Chinese company TCL, widely known for producing budget TVs, and phones under the brands BlackBerry Mobile and Alcatel, working to build at least five devices with flexible displays, including two tablets, two smartphones and a flexible phone, capable of transforming into a smart watch. This was reported by CNET, familiar with images and sketches from patent applications TCL. Stefan Streit (Stefan Streit), General Manager of TCL of global marketing, told CNET last month that the company will release its first foldable device in 2020.

The Anglo-Dutch oil giant Royal Dutch Shell agreed to buy young German company Sonnen. The transaction amount was not disclosed. In may last year, Shell has already invested 60 million euros Sonnen in the first round of collection of investment. Now, after all the necessary procedures Sonnen go into full-on Shell property. For oil companies this means that it will begin to offer products similar to the Tesla home battery. In fact it becomes a competitor to Tesla on the emerging market of energy storage systems. But Sonnen is interesting not only this. Reuters/Axel Schmidt

According to rumors, partially confirmed by the suppliers of equipment for the new LCD-Foxconn factory in China, the manufacturer plans to push back the timing of the start of mass production of large-format panels at a later date. This is due to uncertainty in the trade war of China with the United States and the slowdown of the economy in China. In Foxconn deny the delay, and confirming the fidelity of the previous schedule, approved date of ceremony entry of new enterprises into operation. Obviously the size of the substrate generation LCD 10G (10.5 G of the substrate are about the same)

2019 year promises us a range of the first smartphones with a flexible screen. First and foremost is, of course, Samsung Galaxy X, which must be shown to the public next week. However, every day there are rumours or news about the companies working on flexible smartphones: Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Motorola or already have working prototypes or are working in this direction. Latest Apple patent suggests that in Cupertino are considering similar concepts of devices with bendable or foldable display, allowing to obtain the advantages of the tablet pocket phone. Recently Apple has updated a patent with drawings of a folding phone. This development of the patent, originally filed in 2011 and updated in 2016, which shows an iPhone with a bendable display.

The national science Foundation (NSF) will provide funds to the California Institute of technology and Massachusetts Institute of technology on upgrading the LIGO Observatory. Laser-interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) is the experimental detection of gravitational waves of cosmic origin. Gravitational waves are predicted by several theories, including General relativity. This changes the gravitational field that propagate like waves.

At the beginning of the year, the company official Intel introduced the Intel Core i9-9900KF and similar models with an unlocked multiplier, but without integrated graphics. Then many users jokingly said that after Intel must produce processors with the suffix "KFC" that would be sent to the known chain of fast food restaurants. But, according to the latest data processor with such a funny name can actually appear on the market. The thing is that the processor is called Core i9-9900KFC mentioned in the list of innovations the latest beta version of the software AIDA64. The developers indicate that their utility is now able to recognize the CPU in the computer. In General there is nothing unusual in the fact that support is not yet available processor has...

Before the announcement of all the new Galaxy S10 a few days, and the number of leaks grows naturally. Before you go to the presentation Samsung Unpacked in San Francisco, it is possible to take another look at what to expect from the point of view of performance from the most advanced and overall model Galaxy S10 Plus. Leaks about the performance of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus not new. The first was on 27 November 2018: the scores in Antutu, courtesy of the public informant Ice_Universe. Smartphone running Exynos 9820, scored 325 076 points. The second leak occurred in January, and this time the public received a score of GeekBench for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (3413 points in a single-threaded 10 and 256 points in the multithreaded...

Researchers from the Institute Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the company Carl Zeiss AG has developed a technology to print three-dimensional micro - and nano-objects using laser projection. But not only that. The technology involves the alternate use of printing materials with different properties, which opens the door for her in a lot of areas of practical application. It can be print multicolor and fluorescent protective marks in securities and packaging of goods for protection against counterfeiting, and the creation of structures for photonic electronics. Frederik Mayer, INT/KIT

As reported by the Chinese Xinhua news Agency (Xinhua), a famous Japanese manufacturer Hoya Corporation a few days ago, held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant for the production of magnetic platters for hard drives. The plant began to build in the special economic zone Causabon (Saysettha Development Zone) in the capital of Laos Vientiane. Economic zone Causabon, curiously, created by China and Laos, but provides a platform for investment to all concerned. Interest was expressed by companies from Thailand and Japan, excluding China and Laos. Hoya Corporation starts to build in Laos the plant for the production of magnetic plates for the HDD

In February, finished eighth in the competition of mobile photography Mobile Photography Awards (MPA), applications for which were accepted until December 18, 2018. According to the founder of the award by canadian photographer Daniel Berman (Daniel Berman), over the past year, smartphone cameras have evolved significantly. If in 2011 the event was a niche character, and the participants competed in the ability to circumvent technical limitations of the available built-in phones PV modules, now present at the Mobile Photography Awards work can be easily sent to any other contest.

LG continues to make prior announcements regarding its next flagship, the G8 ThinQ — this time the news relate to audiomonster apparatus. The new solution uses the same brand of Crystal Sound OLED that LG have used in some of their televisions. This means that the entire display will vibrate, acting as a speaker, as previously reported in the rumors. The news also confirms that G8 ThinQ will be the first flagship phone LG G series, which will not be applied LCD. At the G8 there are the usual speaker at the bottom for cases like speaker, and the company says it can work in conjunction with the upper part of the screen for 2-channel stereo sound.

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) officially acknowledged Wednesday the loss of the Rover Opportunity, struck all by its durability. Despite the fact that the resource of the Rover was designed for three months, he worked for 15 years, passing the distance of 45 km, although the planned 1 km would be considered a huge achievement. Engineers lost contact with the vehicle, receiving power from solar energy, 10 June last year during a massive dust storm that engulfed the entire planet. Since then, NASA representatives made numerous attempts to reconnect with šestikolesnym all-terrain vehicle, which was not successful.

More than ten years ago, two Russian companies purchased used manufacturing equipment companies, AMD and ST Microelectronics for production of semiconductors on 200 mm silicon wafers. On the Internet forums for this reason for companies not walked just lazy. Meanwhile, it is common practice. For example, last fall, the company SK Hynix planned to send 200 mm used machinery with one of its South Korean production plant in China, where it will be deployed for contract manufacturing. If to look wider, 200-mm production begins to rapidly expand, absorbing not only new, which rarely, but is also used and mothballed equipment to process wafers of this size. The forecast of increased production of chips on 200-mm silicon substrates 2022 (SEMI)

The Database of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) has again become the source of the leak has not yet been submitted regarding computer components. This time here found the entry about the graphic accelerators GeForce GTX 1660 Ti from ASUS, and remarkably, in the list mentioned models with different amounts of memory. Based on these code values, the majority of GeForce GTX 1660 Ti from ASUS will be available in versions with 6 GB memory and 3 GB. Only boosters older series ROG Strix will be available only in version with 6 GB. Note that the earlier rumors and leaks did not mention the GeForce GTX Ti in 1660 the version with 3 GB of memory. At the moment it is unknown whether something in the memory to different versions of the accelerators.