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A Group of scientists from the universities of Bayreuth, Bern and Michigan headed by doctor of Sciences, Institute of astronomy and geography, ETH Zurich Tim Lichtenberg (Lichtenberg Tim) developed an interesting model simulation of planetary formation in the early life stages of star system. As it is believed the planet formed from the protoplanetary disk around a young star. In the protoplanetary disk of gas and dust gradually formed large bodies, so called planetesimals. This stone blocks with a certain amount of ice. Gradually they formed the nuclei of the planets and eventually become a planet. Based on this theory, all the water on Earth brought together with planetesimals. If all the available "Bud" the water got to Earth, our planet would be one big...

Although Intel has not introduced the Intel Core i9-9990XE and not even officially added it to its catalog, the novelty has already begun, thanks to which about it it turns out more and more details. This time thanks to Puget Systems was the cost of the new processor, as well as some of the test results in its performance. New Core i9-9990XE is perhaps the most unusual Intel in recent years, because it combines not the most compatible things: a large number of cores and clock speeds. Recall that the novelty has 14 cores and 28 threads, and its clock frequency reaches to 5.1 GHz for a single core and 5.0 GHz for all cores in Turbo mode. Base frequency is 4.0 GHz.

In may 2018, Google introduced the final version of Android Things devices for the Internet of things (IoT). The essence of the novelty consisted in the fact that the manufacturers of the equipment got reliable OS which could work for third-party developers. In the period of testing SDK downloaded over 100 000 times and 10 000 developers had been received. Things Android was designed to be a center plug small electronics. Almost a year has passed — what has been done for a considerable period? Devices with support for Android Things were not especially numerous. And recently the representative of the search giant Dave Smith (Dave Smith) has shared information on the future of the platform. Google in the past year worked closely with partners to develop...

Corsair Company introduced its first six-channel kits models memory Vengeance LPX DDR4 which is designed for use in systems with 28-core Intel Xeon W-3175X. Presented kits of twelve modules with a volume of 8 and 16 GB each, that is, their total volume is 96 and 192 GB, respectively. Set a smaller volume is available only in version with frequency 4000 MHz and latency CL19-23-23-45. It costs $1500. In turn, the recruitment to 192 GB available in versions with the following frequencies and latencies:

According to a survey by CNBC analysts companies Credit Suisse and Kiwoom Securities, the market for semiconductors and, in particular, the market of computer memory will soon return to growth. More precisely, the return to growth and to achieving a new peak will occur earlier than might have been hoped. For us as consumers, this is two news: good and bad. The good news is that the company will continue the transition to more capacious 16 GB DDR4 and will continue to upgrade their memory. The bad news is the expected drop in the rate of decline in memory prices until the danger of a new rise in prices for these products. The peak decline in turnover in the memory market analysts expect the first quarter of 2019. For the first quarter of this year...

According to information published by the group Zimperium zLabs, dealing with security, electric scooter Xiaomi M365 used in many countries for urban rentals, has a vulnerability that allows hackers to gain complete remote control of the vehicle, including make the scooter suddenly speed up or slow down. The reason researchers call the process of authorization that is via Bluetooth. "During our research, we determined that the password is not used properly as part of the identification process on the scooter and that all commands can be run without a password. The latter is only checked on application side, but the scooter doesn't track authentication state", the statement reads Zimperium zLabs.

It Seems that this year Sony will try to attract to their smartphones maximum attention in an attempt to return escaping from her market. If recent leaks and rumors are true, it will be devices with multiple cameras, sensors record pixel density and wide displays. One of the most anticipated devices — Xperia XA3 due to its elongated screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. But if display with this aspect ratio is small, the Japanese are preparing a larger version of the Xperia XA3 Plus. Sony really likes to promote technology in unexpected directions. For example, the company was the first and only OEM manufacturer to install a 4K panel on a smartphone, even though 4K UHD is still not a common format. Now, the Japanese manufacturer has decided to bring to the...

Series of smartphones Samsung Galaxy A still consisted of so-called premium models of the middle class, but, if you believe the network sources and the database benchmark Geekbench, soon it will be a budget device. As you can see in the screenshot, the device model index SM-A260F equipped with only 1 GB of RAM, so, as a software platform pre-installed on it not a full version of Android 8.1 and modification of Go Edition for phones with small amounts of RAM. Other characteristics of SM-A260F at the moment known only the CPU model — Exynos 7870. This OCTA-core mobile chipset, produced by 14-nm process technology, based on the architecture Cortex-A53 and equipped with a graphics accelerator Mali-T830. Also, the chips include LTE modem Cat. 6 and ISP that...

In October last year, AMD has introduced a new version of their Radeon RX 580, which is called the Radeon RX 580 2048SP. And now, this graphics accelerator will appear in the assortment of MSI. The novelty will be called Radeon RX 580 2048SP Armor. New video card almost does not change from Radeon RX 570 Armor. There is also the GPU used Polaris 20 version with 2048 stream processors. The graphics card is built on the same PCB and feature the same cooling system with two fans. In fact, all the differences lie in the small difference in frequencies as well as the label on the packaging.

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) plans to reduce the height of the orbit of the spacecraft MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN), used from September 2014 to study the atmosphere of Mars. The device is currently only sometimes reduces the height of the orbit, plunging into the atmosphere of Mars, which allows us to study its changes over time. Now NASA plans to add an orbital to a new important task: to work as a communications repeater for the Rover's Mars 2020. This is a bit to streamline its orbit.

Taiwanese contract semiconductor smithy TSMC, as reported by the resource Digitimes, citing its sources, will begin in late March, mass production of chips using advanced 7-nm manufacturing process with limited use of lithography in the extreme ultraviolet range (EUV). By the way, the Dutch company ASML, which supplies lithography equipment for EUV, plans to ship a total of 30 systems EUV in 2019. 18 of them, according to the same sources, TSMC is already reserved for. The latter, meanwhile, continues to expand its client list, eating a 7-nm solutions. Executive Director of TSMC C. C. Wei (Wei CC) noted that the number of those is growing rapidly due to the sector of the supercomputer and the automotive industry.

Known for its reliable leaks, the author of IT-blog @evleaks Evan Blass (Evan Blass) has posted high-quality press renders of the smartphone LG ThinQ G8, the presentation of which is expected in late February at the exhibition of the mobile industry Mobile World Congress (MWC). Images flagship device is shown from all sides. The smartphone is equipped with a screen with a large cutout in the upper part: here are the front camera and image sensor Time of Flight (ToF), which will be responsible for functions such as advanced face recognition, augmented reality and best possible shooting under any lighting conditions.

Soon the snow melts, warmer and you can start massive construction work, digging ditches, laying pipes, cables and laying of roads. This year Intel promises to be the year many construction works in the United States, Israel and Ireland. The microprocessor giant is quite long with the expansion of production, has not yet faced last year with a deficit of processors. Note that a shortage of production capacity is only one of the causes of the shortage. But there is such a problem, and the company intends to solve it. So, after the execution of the whole complex of the planned extensions on three continents, Intel expects to increase the supply of processors by 60 %. Alan Betson/The Irish Times

All you've already read about the bankruptcy of Swiss company Mars One Ventures AG, which is part of the group Mars One. Indeed, on 5 February the court of Appeal of the Swiss Canton of Basel-Stadt decided to remove the shares of the Mars One Ventures AG from trading on the exchange Frankfurt Stock Exchange and to introduce external management company ― in fact, engaged in its liquidation. This procedure, as specified, does not apply to a non-profit Foundation Mars One Foundation. To challenge and reverse the process of liquidation of a commercial wing in the form of Mars One Ventures AG group can in a 30-day period. And she promises to do it! The website Mars One issued a press release in which it reported on the preliminary months of negotiations with the...

Amazon announced the acquisition of a manufacturer of interconnected network routers, Eero, to help its customers better manage the connection devices of the smart home. Setup is compatible with the Alexa gadgets should be simplified if Amazon will control the technology of routers. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. "We are very impressed by the team of Eero and how quickly they invented Wi-Fi solution, allowing connected devices easy to operate. We share common views that the environment of the smart home should become easier, and we intend to continue our innovations in the interests of clients," said senior Vice President, Amazon devices Dave Limp (Dave Limp).