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In early January this year, after a long silence, the antitrust authorities of China asked Samsung causes significant long-term growth memory prices for smartphones. Apparently, the question was worded correctly and asked the right people. It became clear in the first quarter, when the wholesale price of type LPDDRx memory for smartphones rose by only 3% instead of the expected growth of 5 %. Further — more. The intervention of the NDRC (China National Development and Reform Commission), to assure analysts DRAMeXchange, will lead to the reduction, stabilization or a slight increase in the prices of mobile DRAM in the second quarter and into the third. Looking ahead, we note that the wholesale prices on memory for PC preventive conversation with Samsung's...

HTC reportedly network sources, will hold in the second half of the current month presentation high-performance smartphone device U12+. It is reported that the announcement of new products scheduled for may 23. The device will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845: this chip contains eight cores Kryo 385 with a clock frequency of 2.8 GHz and Adreno graphics controller 630. The RAM will be 6/8 GB capacity flash module — 64/128 GB. Users can also install a microSD card.

Nokia announced that it would sell its healthcare business Withings back to its founder Eric Carrel (Éric Carreel). The company bought French start-up in 2016, but was never able to benefit from it. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the Finnish tech giant, it is unlikely to be profitable. Nokia bought Withings for $191 million, then renamed the products of a startup, a list which includes smart watches and scales, and made them part of her new units, "Digital health" (Digital Health).

Report Western Digital about work in the first quarter of 2018 calendar year showed that the manufacturer has significantly reduced the supply of disk drives on magnetic plates (it should be remembered that Western Digital, like Seagate, said the work in the third quarter of fiscal year 2018, but for convenience we will operate on calendar periods). During this period, Western Digital has put on the market to 36.4 million HDD, which is almost 3 million less than the year before. Seagate, as it became known from the report for the first quarter, got a chance to catch up and even overtake rival, but she outsmarted herself. Seagate

Synopsys announced that its package of tools Synopsys Design Platform certified for the design of chips for the production of TSMC with the norms of 7 nm FinFET using a projection in superrigidity ultraviolet radiation (EUV). This so-called process technology TSMC 7N+. Currently, for the production of 7-nm FinFET chips, the company uses TSMC immersion lithography and 193-nm scanners. The process with a partial (and highly limited) use of EUV-scanners will be ready for mass production chips in the second half of next year. Reuters

For anybody not a secret that cooperation with corporate clients promises computer manufacturers to collect substantial profit, so all the leading companies operating in the market of computer systems, pay special attention to large customers. To entice customers with a big purse, Dell has produced a series of publications on their websites and YouTube channel dedicated to 5070 Wyse Thin Client — thin client small size for inclusion in the it infrastructure of companies. The system has two versions of the body (Slim and Extended) and a range of configurations, each of which boasts of having a large number of interface connectors. Dimensions version Wyse 5070 Slim is 184 × 35,6 × 184 mm, and Wyse 5070 Extended — 184 × 66 × 184 mm.

The German manufacturer of gaming PC BoostBoxx decided to expand its own range of firing units Power Boost nominal value of 600 W (the article 58996) and 700 W (58997). The new device is designed for a powerful gaming PC with one graphics card, are characterized by small, in the form factor ATX, dimensions and high efficiency. Model BoostBoxx Power Boost is made in black color with sides 140(D) × 150(W) × 86(h) mm and weigh 1.75 kg. Units can operate at line voltage AC in the range 100-240 V, equipped with an active PFC function, comply with the standards EPS12V and ATX12V (version, unfortunately, is not specified). High energy efficiency devices Power Boost 600/700 watts certified 80 PLUS Gold. At different loads efficiency changes slightly:

Game the Royal rumble PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to be one of the most popular, despite the problems with cheaters, as American manufacturer of enclosures and cooling systems NZXT does not complain about the lack of interest in their products (especially at home). Leaders PUBG Corporation and HENCE, decided to join forces on a separate piece of work, the result of which saw the light a special version Mid-Tower-case H700i called H700 PUBG Limited Edition. The novelty is designed for lovers PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds and want to buy a model H700i original prints. All 2000 copies NZXT H700 PUBG Limited Edition has an individual number on metal label attached to the motherboard tray. The disadvantage H700 PUBG compared to H700i is the...

Well-Known Chinese manufacturer of enclosures and cooling systems Jonsbo continues to cooperate with the German company its performance, selling through the last of his suspension products. However, this time all three took the initiative and decided to offer the interested public a Mid-Tower model UMX4 Silver Window version with fans, equipped with RGB-backlit. The case appeared in the price lists as UMX4 Silver Window RGB and JB UMX4 SW-RGB. The new model is slightly heavier than its predecessor (7.1 kg vs 6.9 kg), and still combines aluminum and steel parts. The thickness of the outer aluminum panels is 2 mm, and the thickness of the steel (SGCC) frame, which carries the components is 1 mm. Both side panels UMX4 Silver RGB Window is made of tinted...

Name analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) is well known to all who follow information leaks about upcoming Apple news. Working in KGI Securities, he for several years gave accurate predictions about the not yet released Apple gadgets. However, at the end of last week, the analyst left the company and now work at another firm, whose name was not disclosed. But most importantly, its activities will no longer be tied to Apple. At KGI Securities Min-Chi Kuo has worked since 2012. Prior to that, he was a member of Concord Securities, and before that was seen in Digitimes.

In the range graphics cards ASUS listed a lot of models GeForce GT 1030 is oriented to economical buyers, and those looking for temporary replacement of failed powerful graphics card. Recently, the Taiwanese company has introduced two adapters GT 1030, this time equipped with memory chips DDR4 instead of GDDR5. They can be found in the price lists as Phoenix 1030 GeForce GT 2GB DDR4 (article PH-GT1030-2GD4) and Phoenix 1030 GeForce GT OC Edition 2GB DDR4 (PH-GT1030-O2GD4). The device is made on a full-sized printed circuit boards. In combination with a pre-cooler they is 184 mm in length, 111mm in width and 36 mm (two slots) in height. Nominal cooling system is a combination of an aluminum radiator "a La Intel box" and an axial fan with a diameter of 75-80...

Countertop displays with curved screen began to appear on the market about four years ago. But the real surge of interest in such displays arose only in the past 2017. Among all new gaming monitors with LCD panels in 2017 the share of models with curved screens up to an impressive 40 %. This year, according to analysts of the company WitsView division of TrendForce, the percentage of monitors with curved panels will become even more and reach 60 % of all produced gaming displays. AOC Agon AG322QC4: curved monitor for video game systems

A Few months ago in the framework of the January CES 2018 Kingston Technology demonstrated memory modules HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB, the hallmark of which was a RGB-backlight technology infrared synchronization. It was planned that the memory of the mentioned series will debut in the sale during the second quarter, and, in fact, happened. The first major online store, added kits HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB in your price list was Amazon. Today, under the HyperX brand produced only three products embodying technology Infrared Sync — isolated module Predator DDR4-2933 RGB a volume of 8 GB (code designation HX429C15PB3A/8), as well as two - and four-channel sets based on it by articles HX429C15PB3AK2/HX429C15PB3AK4 16 and/32, respectively. For Predator DDR4 memory...

Apple got rid of the 3.5 mm audio Jack in their smartphones in 2016 with the debut of the collection iPhone 7. However, users do not face inconveniences when you connect their existing headphones and other audio equipment with this type of connector, all the "sevens", as well as the subsequent iPhone 8 and iPhone X, cleanly packaged with an adapter with Lightning connector for classic socket for a plug "mini-Jack". However, in the new generation of "Apple" smartphone, which will be presented this fall, cupertinos can refrain from such practices. This was told by analysts from Barclays, as expected Apple has not confirmed nor denied the plans. iPhone 7 was the first Apple smartphone with no 3.5 mm audio Jack

In connection with the recent release of a large number of new mobile processors from Intel and AMD Acer has been actively expanding the range of laptops, and updates the configuration of devices that were released earlier. The circle of upgraded laptops Acer has recently entered a 14-inch business laptop TravelMate P2410. Note that working on improved models P2410, the Taiwanese vendor was not limited to the familiar replacement of the dual-core SoC Lake Kaby-Kaby Lake Quad U Refresh U (Kaby Lake-R). Externally the laptops TravelMate P2410 second-generation — copy counterparts, at least for marketing sketches. Case thickness novelties is 22.3 mm. It is combined with the broad boundaries of the screen and a solid hull (not counting the Acer logo on the...