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About the game build-on-chip Samsung Exynos 7 Series 9610 became known in June last year. But just today the company announced that an interesting novelty for smartphones in the premium class. The new eight-core Samsung application processor will be manufactured using 10-nm process technology with FinFET transistors. However, mass production solution will begin in the second half of this year, almost a year later than expected. As previously reported, based on SoC, the Exynos 7 Series 9610 will be based on four ARM Cortex A-73 and four cores ARM Cortex A-53. The clock frequency of the older cores will reach 2.3 GHz, and the youngest — 1.6 GHz. Graphics solutions — graphics core ARM Mali-G72. Highlight a signal processor for processing still images and...

In anticipation of the exhibition CES 2018, the company Dell has announced a new family of graceful 13.3-inch laptop the XPS 13 with index 9370 (instead of 9360). Despite the similarity of application characteristics, this year's model differ markedly from their predecessors. First, the aluminum case is noticeably thinner from 7.8 mm at its thinnest point to 11.6 mm at the thickest (XPS 13 9360 — 9-15 mm). Second, increased from one to two the number of connectors Thunderbolt 3. At the same time quite controversial was the decision to get rid of the USB Type-A (for connecting "flash drives" and other peripherals proposed to be purchased adapter DA300) and to reduce from 60 to 52 kWh of nominal battery. The weight of the laptop XPS 13 the new generation...

GIGABYTE fully declassified compact motherboard J4005N D2P, the preparation of which was reported in the beginning of this year. The product is made in the format Mini-ITX (170 × 170 mm). On Board is Intel Celeron J4005 generation Gemini Lake. This 14-nanometer chip contains two processing cores with a clock frequency of 2.0–2.7 GHz and a graphics accelerator Intel Graphics UHD 600 frequency 250/700 MHz. The maximum value of the dissipated thermal energy is only 10 watts, allowing the processor costs a passive cooling system.

Were Leaked real images of the smartphone OnePlus 6 gave an idea of what will be the next flagship gadget Chinese company. Note that externally, the device resembles a smartphone Oppo R15, while the predecessor 6 OnePlus — OnePlus model 5T — in stylistic terms was virtually identical to the Oppo R11. As for the hardware 6 and OnePlus its final value, the information was proactively declassified prompt insiders. According to the new portions of highly reliable information, smartphone, OnePlus 6 will complement the screen with a diagonal of 6.2 inches, which will be based OLED panel with a resolution of 2280 × 1080 pixels.

As published on the website Nikkei Asian Review, a major Japanese manufacturer of auto parts company Denso intends to acquire around 15 % stake in the Japanese producer of OLED panels, the company JOLED. The rumors about the investment in JOLED of Denso and other companies emerged in December last year. It was reported that Denso is going to invest in a business JOLED about 50 billion yen ($440 million). Closer to the finish line at the conclusion of the transaction it became clear that Denso will invest in the manufacturer of panels made of LEDs based on organic materials 30 billion yen ($282 million). Stand with Denso automotive displays JOLED at the January fair in Las Vegas (Nikkei)

Freedom from wires already appreciated by inexperienced audiophiles who prefer Bluetooth headsets. Next popular wireless solution for the mobile industry can be interpreted variant Qi technology used by producers as a consistent standard for inductive energy transfer at a short distance. Laboratory specialists Huawei Watt Lab, which aims to improve the existing methods of charging mobile and other gadgets, have focused on the creation of promising analogue to the generally accepted standard of Qi. An alternative method of wireless energy transfer lie the principles of electromagnetic induction, albeit in a reimagined form, with a number of add-ons. In addition, the innovative technology from Huawei will partially adopt practices which it was proposed...

This week the New South Wales government (Australia) has begun testing driverless cars in Sydney. The decision to hold the trials did not prevent the news of road accident fatalities with the participation of the self-propelled vehicle Uber, which occurred a few hours before the start of testing. As expected, Autonomous vehicles will ply the streets of Sydney until October of this year. The technology of Autonomous driving for cars have developed brands with the participation of toll roads operator Transurban. Robomobile equipped with adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, can recognize traffic signs and to adhere to the lanes.

Together with three new smartphone models Lenovo S5, K5 and K5 Play — the Chinese manufacturer has announced a budget hybrid smart watch Watch 9 Lenovo. It should immediately be noted that this novelty is on a par with devices like the Nokia HR Steel, as the gadget from Lenovo has got a traditional analog dial, not a touch screen. Lenovo 9 Watch boasts a minimalist design in a classic style that combined with the small size of the smart watch will allow look perfectly both on male and on the female wrist. Lenovo 9 Watch is used sapphire crystal and the case is made of stainless steel and protected from water standard WR50. Included with the gadget is the silicone strap.

A New round of cryptocurrency fever observed in late 2017 or early 2018, came to naught. Thanks to this, gamers finally got the opportunity to acquire the Radeon RX Radeon 64 and Vega RX Vega 56 at prices inflated is "only" a half to two times the recommended. In the West, even quite tolerable range monitored by PWM accelerators on the chips Vega 10 Vega XT and XL 10, and the adapters with a design different from the reference, are cheaper counterparts of the authorship of AMD with noisy and inefficient "turbine". Packaging of graphics card PowerColor Radeon Red Dragon RX 580

Apple seems to have continued to test Autonomous car driving, without slowing down the pace. In a publication on road accident fatalities involving a self-driving car, Uber, Financial Times newspaper cited the new data about how many self-driving cars, Apple may be tested in California. According to information provided by the Department of motor vehicles California, Apple now has permission to test on public roads in his home state a total of 45 self-propelled vehicles. Just three months ago, Apple had permission to test 27 self-propelled vehicles, and only three robomobile she had permission at the start of the test almost a year ago.

Company ZTE intends to soon introduce the next new flagship smartphone Nubia top-level Z19, key parameters of which became known thanks to AnTuTu. The fashion for pseudo-frameless devices are not bypassed and ZTE. However, unlike the ASUS, Vivo, Oppo and other manufacturers, looduseuurijate design iPhone X and copied the characteristic "eyebrow" in the middle of the screen, the ZTE engineers in the development of Nubia Z19 took the concept of Essential mobile Phone (PH-1). According to the benchmark AnTuTu, the model ZTE Nubia Z19 get the top-end Snapdragon processor 845, which will be paired with 6 GB of RAM. Storage of personal data by the developers, judging by the not always accurate data from AnTuTu, will equip the basic version of the gadget is a...

Launched the first in Russia open an experienced area network 5G, which will allow to show the possibilities of the communication technologies of the fifth generation for further use in different industries. In the project participated Rostelecom, Nokia and the Fund "SKOLKOVO", but actually the area deployed on the territory of the innovation center "SKOLKOVO". For joint testing of modern equipment and solutions on this site are invited companies and research teams involved in the development of advanced 5G products.

Not long ago, Google introduced a system for photographing virtual reality scenes, consisting of 16 GoPro cameras mounted on a rotating arcuate platform. In parallel, she launched Stream free app Welcome to Light Fields that allows you to view footage using this construction material. As it turned out, it was only the beginning of the development of Google technologies photography with elements of VR. The next step is to buy the company Lytro, known for its cameras based on the technology of the light field that can change the point of focus in the final photograph. On the eve of several unofficial sources reported the impending deal. Light field camera Lytro Illum

The growing popularity of cloud services in a corporate environment, and the billionth army of smartphone owners naturally leads to the deployment of new centers for data processing. Especially actively this process takes place in China. For example, this year worldwide analysts expect the supply growth of server memory modules at the level of a few percent (up 9 %), while in China the annual growth of shipments of memory modules for datacenters and other server needs will reach an impressive level of 20 %. Therefore, it is easy to guess that in the near future the engine of growth memory prices largely will be China. At the same time, analysts of DRAMeXchange division of the company TrendForce believe that the rise in prices for server memory will be...

Nissan has told about the introduction of advanced 3D printing technologies at Russian plant in St. Petersburg. It is noted that the technologies and processes of 3D printing open to the auto industry wide range of new capabilities. In particular, companies may use a special polymer materials, so that the weight of some of the parts can be reduced more than twice compared to products made by traditional technologies. In addition, these items of functionality are not inferior to original.