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Along with three new series of smartphones Meizu 15 Chinese company has prepared to release two more Bluetooth headsets of its own design. The first of them was the model POP, in the style of Apple AirPods, and the second novelty headphones are glowing Halo. Meizu POP is a wireless headset in-ear type, devoid of any connecting elements between the headset. It has a built-in battery capacity of 85 mAh and are supplied with a charging dock, which the manufacturer has equipped with its own battery 700 mA·h Declared limit Meizu POP at the length of battery life is only 3 hours.

Apple often boasts of how quickly and consistently updates their iPhone to the latest iOS versions. Given that the company has only a few models and full control over the hardware and software sides, it is not so impossible task. But even Apple has limitations: all iPhones have the period of validity. For iPhone 5S it seems it was last year with the release of the upgrade to iOS 11. However, now there is a small chance that the popular smartphone can get the firmware to the latest iOS 12 this year. However, it should be understood that the chance is small. The conclusion is made on the basis of the analysis of the source code of WebKit, the open web engine that underlies Safari browser from Apple. Comments in one of the sections assume 12 iOS works on...

6 OnePlus — the next unit of the same company, designed to withstand flagship smartphones from other manufacturers. Although early rumors reported that the device will be released in early 2018, in an interview with reporters CNET CEO Pete Lau (Pete Lau) at the January CES indicated as the date for the end of the second quarter. According to latest leaks from Chinese store JingDong Mail, the debut of the OnePlus 6 could take place on 5 may. Currently, according to various rumors and official teasers, specifications expected are:

After the release of the game Black Shark phone company Xiaomi is preparing the release of a new entry-level phone. It is expected that the device will soon appear on the market of India and also in China. The emergence of information about the new product in the database Chinese centre for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA) means that the smartphone will go on sale soon, perhaps in a few weeks, as it has already passed certification. The new Xiaomi smartphone codenamed M1803E6E received a large 6-inch screen. It is expected to go on sale not only in India and China, but also in other regions of the world.

Popular blogger Evan Blass (Evan Blass), also known as @Evleaks has published the render of the smartphone LG ThinQ G7, before the official announcement of which remained a matter of days. Blass is known for the fact that it is a pretty reliable source when it comes to disclosing details about the impending announcement of mobile phones and other devices. At this time, new shows from all angles. And we see confirmation of the rumors that LG ThinQ G7 has a separate physical button to control AI feature. It is located on the left side surface of the body of the smartphone, below the volume buttons. On the opposite side is the power button.

Journalists of the Internet publication AndroidHeadlines reported about the intentions of LG to introduce in the near future not only two smartphone flagship level, but also an inexpensive device from the Stylo. Appearance pending the release of the new model Stylo 4 — declassified was one of the insiders of relevance to the us operator Cricket Wireless. Note that the model LG Style 4 is unlikely to be exclusive to Cricket Wireless, as evidenced by the current policy of the South Korean manufacturer against the specified mobile gadgets family. As for the press render with the image 4 LG Style, then you can safely say about borrowing the style from LG G6 and attractiveness of the design as a whole.

Volkswagen introduced the all-electric vehicle I. D. R Pikes Peak, developed for the world's most famous mountain race — race Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the ascent to pikes Peak in the United States. International competition race car Pikes Peak, also known among the fans of speed as a "Race to the clouds" (Race to the clouds), held since 1916 in the rocky mountains near the city of Colorado springs. The length of the route is 19,99 km, and the elevation of 1440 m. the Participants must climb from the start at an altitude of 2800 meters on the mountain, located at an altitude of 4302 meters above sea level.

Mainly Specializes in server solutions, the American manufacturer of motherboards Supermicro in recent years has been actively promoting the Supero sub-brand for the market of desktop computers. Nutplate under this brand is positioned as reliable components for gaming and business PCs. The next replenishment of the assortment of Supero was the model C9X299-PG300 form factor ATX. It belongs to the product family Pro Gaming and attracts attention combined radiator original form for X299 chipset and M. 2 drives, the presence of two USB 3.1 ports (including a single connector type C), wired network interface 10-Gigabit Ethernet (1 port controller Aquantia AQC107), buttons Power, Reset and Clear CMOS, as well as indicator POST-codes. Fee C9X299-PG300-compatible...

The creators of the car-the legend of the Ford Mustang will follow the example of their European colleagues in the industry and will join the number of manufacturers, which designed and will mount coming down the Assembly line of a vehicle motor. "Greenish" version of the Ford Mustang will receive an electric motor as supplementary propulsion, while the basic unit remains the gasoline engine. The official representative Ford has announced its willingness to introduce a hybrid version of the Mustang in two years. Premiere Mustang Hybrid according to official sources planned for 2020. However, when exactly the public will be able to see "the hybrid stallion" is, unfortunately, a source from Ford said. But it is known that hybrid pony car will be able to offer...

Jaquet Droz is a legendary watch manufacturer with a long history, Dating back to 1738. The world fame was brought to her exclusive watches and luxury accessories, price tags which might not just surprise, and even shock the number of zeros of a layman. In honor of the 280-year anniversary, which is a Swiss manufacturer said this year, the engineers Jaquet Droz has created a device called the "Signing Machine". The development of the system took four years. Now an outlandish fixture ready to find owners for which each such machine will be assembled to order.

In the database Chinese centre for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA) has information about the mysterious smartphone NX617J that ZTE will release the Nubia brand. It is known that the composition of the machine used the Snapdragon 625, which includes eight cores ARM Cortex-A53, Adreno graphics accelerator 506 and the cellular modem LTE X9. The device will be available in versions with 3, 4, and 6 GB of RAM, and the capacity of the flash module will be 32 or 128 GB.

Audi Brand had a very original demonstration of the prototype all-electric car e-tron, mass production of which it is planned to organize in the current year. Audi put the crossover e-tron into a giant Faraday cage on high-voltage test stand Siemens, installed at the largest plant for the production of switching equipment in Berlin. The dimensions of this cage — 42 × 32 × 25 m. the Group of electricians and plant engineers studying lightning impulse voltage up to 3 million Volts. At this time the birdcage was the prototype of the electric.

Crowdfunding sites allow enthusiasts alone or as part of team to bring to life even the most unconventional ideas. Featuring Indiegogo is not the first time he Mobvoi company that used previously, the mechanism for public funding to release a smart watch Ticwatch. At this time, experts Mobvoi decided to take the more difficult task is to present an alternative wireless earphone Apple AirPods. As a result, it is not surprising the designer of identity of two devices: new product came out well, very much like the brainchild of Apple engineers that Mobvoi presented as a virtue.

Russia signed an agreement to form a consortium of universities with the aim of creating a group of scientific-educational micro-satellites. It is expected that such spacecraft will allow to obtain new data on the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth. The project will involve the Siberian state University of science and technology named after academician M. F. Reshetnev, Amur state University, Omsk state technical University, Izhevsk state technical University named after M. T. Kalashnikov, the Ulyanovsk state University and Samara national research University named after academician S. P. Korolev. In addition, the initiative will support JSC "Technologies GEOSCAN" and "Astronomicon".

Sony officially announced that the us subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America and the University Carnegie Mellon signed an agreement on joint developments in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. The research will be conducted at the School of computer science in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is already noted for its achievements in the field of AI and robotics. To lead the project is a member of the Board Sony Corporation Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (Kitano Hiroaki). The initial phase of the research will be devoted to developing intelligent, automated and Autonomous systems for primary food processing, cooking meals and delivery. It is easy to imagine that this is a highly requested topic with endless possibilities. Want to eat everything and...