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A Week ago, the Japanese sources, it became known that the company Foxconn is trying to minimize or change the construction of a plant for the production of LCD panels in the United States and to slow down with the launch of an advanced LCD factory in China (in Guangzhou). In the US, such production is economically inefficient, and China is its first 28 years, the slowdown in economic development. Project in the United States is still at the stage of excavation pit under the Foundation. It does not require haste and Donald trump in a personal conversation with the head of Foxconn was persuaded to continue the construction. Lithographic scanner Nikon

Huawei might be waiting for the exhibition MWC in Barcelona 2019, to draw attention to their new smartphones, but some manufacturers of accessories already ahead of the curve. Some small brands often rely on insider information and rumors, but when a relatively large manufacturer like Spigen publishes images of cases for unreleased smartphones, the reliance on such information is much more. The company in fact has published some of its future products, soon to be released for smartphones Huawei Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, confirming their design with good and bad traits. As with last year's models, P30 and P30 Pro looks almost indistinguishable. Both have the same keyhole (apparently, the front camera is identical). Also, the apparatus can not see the...

Everyone should be intuitively clear that the temperature outside will affect the distance travel by electric car. At least this will affect the air conditioning in the summer and the stove in the winter. Alas, other sources of supply for this, so the electricity is consumed from a shared battery system, which powers the engine. Technically literate citizens would add that lithium-ion batteries lose capacity with extreme cold and slightly less when heated. Taken together, this leads to the fact that in winter, full battery can hardly suffice to overcome only half of the manufacturer's mileage. Tesla Model 3 in the snow (YouTube/CNBC)

Apple restructured, transferring experts to develop a modem chipset of the units involved in the supply chain in its own group hardware technologies, told Reuters two sources familiar with that decision. This step is a clear indication that the technology company plans to develop a key component of iPhone, iPad and other devices, to finally end dependence on third party modems, like Qualcomm and Intel.

Associate Professor of chemistry at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Trisha Andrew (Trisha Andrew) has developed a technology for the production of fabrics with thermoelectric properties. This will allow to produce electricity due to the difference in body temperature and environment. Interestingly, the basis of the process technology Professor took the technology of production of semiconductors in the form of a deposition of a material from the gaseous medium. Development information is published in Advanced Materials Technologies. Technology already interested in certain large electronics manufacturers, the names of which it is forbidden to disclose. Photo Linden Allison

The advanced research Agency of the U.S. DoD announced the launch of a new program Guaranteeing AI Robustness against Deception (GARD). The program "Guaranteed stability of the AI to cheat" intended to plug a security hole systems with machine learning. This is not necessarily a conscious deception of AI on the part of hostile persons, or such as AI platforms. System with machine learning may be misguided as the imperfection of the learning algorithm and decision-making, and due to changes in the environment in which it is necessary to make a decision. The price of errors can be great and even invaluable, if we are talking about the AI involved in the processes of human life. DARPA

At the conference SPIE Photonics West 2019 French Institute CEA-Leti has made a report, which talked about developing an interesting concept for augmented reality. Full title of the report sounds like "diagram of the integrated optical network to implement the projection onto the retina using a single-mode waveguide of the nitride silicon for 532 nm" (Integrated Optical Network Design for a Retinal Projection Concept Based on Single-Mode Si3N4 Waveguides at 532 nm). Despite the frightening name, a concept are all relatively simple. CEA-Leti

, Qualcomm introduced a new single-chip platform Snapdragon processor 712. Novelty is an improved version of the Snapdragon platform 710 and also focused on the use of smartphones average. The Snapdragon platform 712 to be produced on the same 10-nm FinFET process technology that Snapdragon 710. The product also includes eight processor cores Kryo 360, which work with higher clock frequency equal to 2.3 GHz. Have Snapdragon 710 frequency reached 2.2 GHz. According to the manufacturer, the new chip will offer a performance increase up to 10 percent.

Chinese smartphone makers have recently shown considerable success in many markets of the world. For example, a recent study of the Russian segment showed that in 2018 devices from China, which accounted for about 40 % of sales. However, in this case we are largely talking about such well-known brands like Huawei, including its subsidiary brand Honor, Xiaomi and Meizu. As for manufacturers younger and less "hyped", not everyone is able to reach such heights, and sometimes just to survive. A striking example — the company Smartisan, the financial problems which began last year, and now the situation seems to have become at all critical. Smartisan R1 was unique in that it had 1 TB of flash memory. But for the Chinese market cost-prohibitive — $1400

LG is still not ready to reveal all details about its next flagship smartphone, but she shared information about the technology, which the audience sees in front camera G8 ThinQ. LG is going to add to the image sensor, Time of Flight, was developed by company Infineon: this innovation is designed to provide advanced face detection, high-quality augmented reality and the best possible shooting under any lighting conditions. And with all the advantages the technology promises to use less power than other solutions like used for the implementation of the Apple Face ID. Technology Apple TrueDepth for Face ID is similar to that used in Kinect for Xbox 360, when projected thousands of points, then evaluates the distortion for the understanding of volumetric...

In Russia the rapidly growing popularity of contactless payment using smartphones. To such conclusion the combined company "Coherent | Euronetwork" and "Alfa-Bank". According to their study, in 2018 in our country has sold 11 million mobile devices with NFC support in a total amount of 304 billion rubles. Compared to last year, quantitative growth was 41 %, in monetary terms, sales increased by 36 %. All sold on the Russian market of smartphones, 65% were for the model with NFC, that is, every third unit was equipped with this chip.

Nokia 9 PureView is about to become one of the stars of this year due to his unusual design — the launch is expected at MWC 2019 during the presentation of the HMD Global. Rumors about Nokia 9 PureView go long, but especially increased in the last few months. Now, a leaked official image of the device to the press, which confirm the main features of the design of the upcoming flagship solution. Render Nokia PureView 9 shows that the smartphone will have a relatively thick frame above and below the display, there is a company on this basis will be to keep abreast of current market trends: manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi endeavor to totally get rid of the frames and even to minimize the cutouts on the front screen. In the upper right corner will...

In early January, Intel introduced its new Core processors, F-series, which are characterized in that they have hardware disabled built-in graphics processor. And now the new gradually began to be sold, including in Russia. In some large Russian Internet-stores now you can order Intel Core i5-9400F. This six-core chip offers at price from 14 500 to 17 500 rubles. At the moment it is the most affordable member of the family Coffee Lake Refresh. For comparison, close to a new processor last generation Core i5-8400, which is only 100 MHz slower and has a built-in graphics, sold in the same stores for about the same price.

On passing in these days of the conference SPIE Photonics West 2019, the French research Institute CEA-Leti presented a prototype sensor for photoacoustic spectroscopy for installation in portable devices, including smartphones. A small sensor the size of a coin includes a semiconductor laser for mid-IR spectral range the electronic circuit from the field of silicon Photonics, which can handle non-electrical and optical signal as well as a specialized and necessary for SoC integration in mobile device interfaces. In the laboratories of CEA-Leti (Godart/CEA)

Apple announced that in April will leave the head of retail Angela Arends (Angela Ahrendts). Angela began work at Apple in 2014, sacrificing for the position of General Director of British fashion house Burberry Group. Note, this is the third head of Apple retail stores, who will leave this post with the beginning of the creation of the retail network of shops of the company. Further to this the role will not of his chair. Arends is to lead the sales network will be the acting head of the personnel Department and a veteran of the company, Deirdre O'brien (Deirdre O'brien), a position which will be called "Retail + People". Tim cook is the new head of retail of the company the Deirdre O'brien (left). Right Angela Arends (Apple)