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Electric Semi trucks Tesla made a debut cargo. With their help, brought the battery from Giavarini in Nevada at the automotive plant of Tesla in California. The length of the trail round trip is less than 500 miles, so the truck made the trip on a single battery charge. "The first shipment of large-capacity truck Semi Tesla for the delivery of batteries from Girafarig in the mountains of Nevada in an automobile factory in California," signed by the Director General of Tesla Elon Musk (Elon Musk) published in Instagram photo of the company's trucks.

Goodyear during the International automobile salon in Geneva (Geneva International Motor Show 2018) introduced the advanced tyre EfficientGrip Performance technology with Electric Drive. New tires developed specifically for electric vehicles. It is noted that conventional tires can wear out on electric cars is 30% faster than in conventional cars with internal combustion engine. This is due to the high torque electric propulsion systems. In addition, the tires have to handle the additional weight from the battery pack.

Sony has introduced a new limited edition model of the PlayStation 4 Pro-style God of War, the upcoming action-adventure from Studio Santa Monica. The kit will include the console in the colors "Gray whale" with hard disk 1 TB, wireless controller Dualshock 4 with an appropriate logo and a boxed copy of premiere edition of God of War. This is a rare edition PlayStation 4 Pro was created in conjunction with Santa Monica Studio to please fans of the God of War. It can be to buy only at select stores — a list of them and the cost of the console will be announced later. In addition, stated that the game on a powerful console version will be playable in 4K resolution if your TV supports it.

Last Fall, the company Wilk Elektronik, owner of the brand GOODRAM, decided to highlight some of the products of the number of memory modules and SSDs in a family of IRDM-oriented gamers and enthusiasts. First, under the sub-brand GOODRAM IRDM was released DDR4 DIMMs with plate radiators and a 2.5-inch SSD based on flash memory MLC NAND (actually, the origins of the IRDM should be sought to the Iridium SSD Pro). Recently "iridium" family is also supplemented with high-speed M. 2/PCI-E SSD IRDM Ultimate and memory modules DDR4 IRDM X with the effective frequency up to 3000 MHz. This week to other products IRDM joined GOODRAM memory modules for laptops IRDM DDR4 SODIMM. They are made in black and red colors, and will be easily recognizable thanks to the logo...

Samsung Electronics has announced that the world's first modular TV technology MicroLED designed for the consumer market, will be available in August of this year. We are talking about the solution to The Wall, which was demonstrated during the January exhibition CES 2018. Such a panel has no restrictions from the point of view of size, resolution or shape. Users will be able to configure the TV according to their needs — for example, you can generate a display on the wall.

The Cutout in the upper part of the screen of the iPhone X has definitely created a trend in the smartphone market. Samsung can continue to deny the obvious and delay the inevitable, but a produced give up. Huawei have gone down this slippery slope, and ASUS even boasts a resemblance of their new vehicles with the products of Apple company. It seems that Korea's LG may be the common fever. In the Network appeared renderings (authorship — TechnoBuffalo and Ben Geskin, channel @venyageskin1), based on all the rumors and leaks, currently known regarding LG Judy or G7 Neo. Even during the MWC 2018 at the company's booth was seen a prototype of the LG G7 Neo with a distinctive cutout at the top of the screen — on it primarily based new pictures that allow you to...

Many people did not particularly like the frameless design of the iPhone X because the speaker in the top of the screen of the camera module and a speaker. But other manufacturers seem to be much higher praised the innovation, because even big companies like ASUS repeated the same ambiguous and complicate the interface design element in their handsets. It seems that the Chinese company Vivo in its new smartphone V9 decided to go this route. Recently through a social network Weibo has leaked some pictures Vivo V9, including teaser advertisement of this new device under the slogan "Great shot, beautiful view". Vivo previously focused on selfies, and V9 is no exception: its front camera will have 24 MP, with additional improvements. Accommodate it just in...

Acer has announced the launch of sales in Russia a new gaming ultrabook-transformer Acer Nitro 5 Spin. The novelty is designed for those who would like to combine the best qualities of a gaming PC and tablet in the most compact and convenient form factor. Acer Nitro 5 Spin equipped with a 15.6-inch touch IPS-screen with the ability to rotate 360° with a resolution of Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) and wide viewing angles 170° in both planes. Thanks to a proprietary technology Acer Color Intelligence, which adjusts the gamma and color saturation in real time, the device provides a clear and realistic picture with minimum load on CPU. The ultrabook supports active digital stylus Acer Active Stylus supplied. The fingerprint scanner and support for Windows Hello...

Goodyear presented at the International motor show in Geneva a very interesting development — conceptual nanimation tires called Oxygene. The main idea of Oxygene is to improve air quality in busy cities. Inside the bus literally grows live moss. In operation the tyre due to its special construction "draws" inside the moisture and carbon dioxide. Further, due to reaction of photosynthesis produces oxygen in the surrounding space.

Xiaomi during the exhibition MWC 2018 has officially confirmed the development of a new frameless flagship Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, which will be presented March 27. Then the manufacturer confirmed the use of single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and shared the result of measurement of the performance in the benchmark AnTuTu — 273 741 score. Been published previously and the approximate design of the upcoming smartphone. Now there is a new image supposedly Mix 2S, in which we can evaluate in more detail the appearance of the product, and to learn more detailed characteristics. The idea of frameless design of the screen is brought to almost absolute — only a small notch in the top right will be an eyesore for the perfectionist. However, one of the developers...

At present, Autonomous trucks are already Uber serve customers ' orders service Uber cargo Freight. The first flight for the delivery has already been performed in Arizona, where self-driving trucks, working in tandem with conventional truck drivers behind the wheel. Cargoes for which the reservation was made through the Uber app Freight, take the customers normal cars driven by the driver delivering them to a nearby transportation hub. Here is the replacement of a truck on Autonomous vehicles designed for travel on the highway for long distances. On self-driving trucks account for a large part of the route for the delivery of the highway. From a transportation hub in the destination, cargo is delivered at the specified address, the usual truck driver.

The Company officially unveiled Doogee smartphone Doogee V, which is equipped with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. One of the most important elements of the smartphone is now generally does not issue. However, to unlock the device touch the screen anywhere will be impossible — the scanner is located at the bottom of the screen. The screen is made by technology AMOLED and has a diagonal of 6.21 inches, aspect ratio 19:9 and resolution 2248 × 1080 pixels. The stated ratio of the area of the screen to the area of the front surface is 94,85 % and in the upper part of the screen is a ledge in the style of iPhone X, which is the slot of the speaker, front camera and the necessary sensors.

Information about the success of the ambitious the anniversary of the iPhone X is contradictory. Many analysts argue that the phone does not enjoy sufficient popularity, so some of the suppliers, Apple reportedly cut production of the components. I think there are many reasons due to which iPhone X has become so large-scale event in the smartphone market as expected. Analyst Michael Olson (Michael Olson) Piper Jaffray recently conducted a survey among iPhone users about this topic. In the questionnaire, among other things, the question was asked: "now you are an iPhone owner and not updated yet on the iPhone X. Why?". As a response was offered four options. 31 % of the participants said directly that the phone is too expensive. It's hard not to agree...

Daimler said that already in the current semester will appear on the market the first cars equipped with an intelligent head light system, Digital Light. On the platform Digital Light we are told at the end of 2016. The idea is to use the headlight design of a digital projector. The system includes two controllers, each of which manages more than a million microthermal. As a result, the light is divided into more than two beams, each of which can vary independently of the others.

Motorists, regardless of their country of residence and social status, can be divided into two camps. Some choose a vehicle based on its technical equipment, while others put the priority of the original (or appreciate strict, restrained) design, guided by when buying a car solely through the eyes. Geneva motor show is ready to offer the second category, a huge number of exhibits, meeting with them on the road seems unlikely. We are talking about the demo samples of advanced engineering and design imagination — concept cars from leading manufacturers. Such projects embody the most bold ideas and extravagant solutions. And often they can be traced or reference to past cars in deference to the history of the brand, or hint at the stylistic features of future...