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Automaker General Motors announced a major investment that will be sent to the unit to develop self-driving cars Cruise. SoftBank Fund Vision Fund will invest in GM Cruise Holdings LLC $2.25 billion, and after this GM is investing in the division an additional $1.1 billion expected this amount of investment by GM and SoftBank Vision Fund will be sufficient to ensure that the Cruise unit has reached commercialization on a massive scale in 2019. Investment Fund SoftBank Vision Fund will be made in two tranches. The first tranche of $900 million, and when robomobile Cruise will be ready for commercial deployment, Fund will receive the second tranche of $1.35 billion After the SoftBank investment Fund Vision Fund will own 19.6% of the share capital Cruise.

Official press release Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Limited announced the achievement of remarkable result in the supply on the market of sensors authentication palm vein patterns. It is reported that cumulative sales of PalmSecure sensors exceeded one million units. Technology PalmSecure was developed in 2003 and 2004 is implemented in the form of sensors for a wide range of devices. PalmSecure sensors can be found in laptops, mice, tracking devices for security and banking terminals. According to Fujitsu, the sensor authentication vein is used daily by about 73 million people in 60 countries. The variety of sensors, PalmSecure Fujitsu (Fujitsu)

Debut ultrabook Honor MagicBook, Huawei priced at $800, was held in April of this year. Then the Chinese manufacturer introduced the world to a mobile device with an emphasis on autonomy, is built on a hardware platform Intel. The choice of the user proposed modifications ultrabook with Intel Core i5-8250U and Core i7-8550U. Has not passed also two months as Huawei/Honor is prepared to release another version of MagicBook, but with a chip from AMD. New — model Magicbook Sharp Dragon Ryzen Edition — got a Quad core (eight threads) CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with graphics accelerator Radeon RX Vega 8. The amount of RAM is 8 GB, and storage information provided SSD-drive capacity of 256 GB. Whether Magicbook Sharp Ryzen Dragon Edition equipped with 4 GB of RAM, as...

At the beginning of April we told you that Apple by 2020 intends to use in personal computers own processors instead of Intel chips. Now there's some new details about this initiative. As previously reported, the project is the code name of Kalamata. The transition to the own chips in the Mac will allow Apple to produce new model at the optimum time for yourself and not to rely on the refresh cycle with Intel products. In addition, the "Apple" of the Empire will be able to optimize hardware platforms to suit your needs.

German resource WinFuture continues to publish information about the plans of Microsoft and Qualcomm on development of Windows 10 platform ARM. In the previous publication, the journalists were told about the preparation of the machines has not announced a single-chip system Snapdragon 850, in particular from Dell. Now they talked about the next generation of such devices equipped with a more powerful Snapdragon chip 1000. According to WinFuture, this processor is Qualcomm's attempt to offer something significantly more powerful in the market of Windows tablets and light laptops. If a modern Snapdragon chip 845 consumes a maximum of 5 watts of power, the new solution will be extended to TDP of 6.5 watts.

Tourist flights into space by Virgin Galactic's promise to become a reality in the near future, as evidenced by successful tests of the suborbital craft SpaceShipTwo, the VSS model is Unity. The second flight of the rocket plane VSS Unity engine was held on the planned scenario and ended with a soft landing apparatus. Thus, the founder of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson (Richard Branson) is now one step closer to the coveted finish line — the organization of commercial travel beyond earth's atmosphere on a regular basis. Since the first successful launch of VSS Unity in just a month, after which Mr Branson has decided to once again remind about yourself and your plans to the world community. The video, assembled from made in the course of repeated testing...

It's no secret that AMD will split the orders for the 7-nm products between the companies TSMC and GlobalFoundries. Taiwanese contract manufacturer of semiconductors faster than anyone in the world introduces the latest process technologies, and will be ready before others to satisfy the needs of AMD products using the most advanced production technologies. However, the representatives of the company GlobalFoundries chose a different wording to the fact that AMD is again ready to split the orders between it and TSMC. As the chief technologist of GlobalFoundries, in an interview with EE Times, to meet all orders for AMD, the company simply is not enough available capacity. Moreover, GlobalFoundries on their lines will introduce 7-nanometer FinFET process...

Major players in the consumer segment of the market of LCD displays — ASUS and Acer — are now engaged in the preparations for the release of the first 27-inch gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync, HDR, able to synchronize refresh rate with frame rate mode 10 bits per color channel. About the product Acer we told you the other day, and his debut retail is expected within one week. In turn, ASUSTeK Computer has decided not to hurry with their ROG Swift PG27UQ by assigning the start date of its sales at the end of June. Display, first shown a year and a half ago at CES 2017, will appear in retail with a price tag of $1999,99 (the recommended price for the US, no sales tax), as his most serious and yet the only competitor to the Predator X27. The ASUS ROG Swift...

In the official Apple online store appeared restored desktop iMac Pro. They are sold is 15% cheaper than new instances of the same model and configuration. However, the offer is valid only on the territory of the United States and Canada. The most accessible modification of a base iMac Pro with a 3.2 GHz OCTA core processor W Intel Xeon, 32 GB DDR4 RAM ECC, terabyte SSD and a Radeon Pro Vega 56. Its value in the restored version is $4249, while the same new computer for $4999.

A Powerful desktop PC Corsair One gradually "acquires" a new set. After appearing in the Feb system configurations processor-based Coffee Lake-S manufacturer decided to complement the existing range of products families One Pro and One Elite. A new proposal was within the price range from two and a half to three thousand dollars. The highlight of the desktop from One of the Corsair is its relatively compact (200 × 176 × 381 mm) design combined with an impressive selection of nodes. Note that this system unit was clearly created under the influence of Apple Mac Pro, but, unlike the latter, the niche for gaming PCs high-end-class — along with the Alienware Area-51, Alienware Vortex G-Series, and other systems to its unusual appearance.

The Procedure of registration of unmanned aerial vehicles, faced by the owners of quadcopters from USA, allows to identify the owner of the drone on the number from the database of the Federal aviation administration (FAA). In the case of violation of flight regulations to identify the owner of the UAV for subsequent administrative penalties or even criminal prosecution will be quite simple. However, to prosecute the negligent user will be possible only under the condition that the UAV will be in the hands of law enforcement. If the UAV will remain in the airspace, it is not finding the operator close, to find its owner will be a difficult task. The way out may be the decision, announced by FAA members. They suggested posting on the drones license plates to...

Being the official sponsor of the world championship on football of 2018 which, as you know, will be held in Russia, the Chinese Vivo presented an exclusive version of the smartphone V9, called the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia V9 Blue. One instance of this model will be immortalized in the headquarters of FIFA is located in Zurich, Switzerland. "This will be the first ever smartphone with a limited edition, which will include a collection of relics that make up chronicle of the development of football in the world culture", — said the representatives of the company at a special event held in China. In technical terms, "football" modification is nothing more than a V9, which recently visited the lab 3DNews. Recall that the model is equipped with a 6.3-inch...

Smart speakers know how much more than normal speakers. Including to give out other people's secrets. In the center of the scandal was device Amazon Echo gadget is discreetly recorded the conversation between family members from Portland, Oregon, USA. But not just recorded and sent the recording to one of your contacts in the address book. Incident users of smart speakers learned from the man who was sent an audio file. Of course, that the family immediately turned off in the house all the devices that interact with the voice assistant Alexa, and contacted the technical support Amazon. They apologized and promised to look into the problem, expressing gratitude for the message about the detected bug.

Xiaomi Company expanded its range of smart TV Mi TV, announced four models that were included in the family 4C, 4X, 4S. In a series of 4X Mi TV presents panel size 55 inch diagonally from edge-to-edge design. This TV conforms to the 4K format (3840 × 2160 pixels); declared support for HDR. New bears on Board Quad-core 64-bit processor, 2 GB RAM, flash module with a capacity of 8 GB and an audio system with two 8-watt speakers. The package includes a remote control with Bluetooth connectivity. Estimated price — 440 USD.

Apple even before the iPhone 6 launch, and knew that the 4.7 - and 5.5-inch device can bend, and with a larger probability than the iPhone 5s. However, the company ignored the problem and still released smartphones. This is stated in the documents of the recent class-action suit regarding the bendable iPhone 6. The documents say that Cupertino giant conducted engineering tests on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and found that the probability curves they have, respectively, 3.3 and 7.2 times higher than the previous flagship iPhone 5s. The company claimed that with the hardware of smartphones there is no problem.