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A Week ago, China started accepting orders for an interesting developer kit on the basis of dual-core hybrid processor architecture Godson. This is a single-chip Assembly Godson-2K1000 Dragonson. The solution is based energy efficient architecture GS264. Each core carries a 10-stage pipeline. Architecture 64-bit superscalar with an unordered execution. When the level of consumption not above 5 W hybrid 40-nm processor at 1 GHz ready to challenge as cores ARM Cortex A53 and energy-efficient x86-compatible processors. The price of standard circuit Board 2 GB (released in China) DDR3 memory and Wi-Fi module is 1299 yuan (approximately $200). Board is powered with 5V from Micro-USB port. On Board there is an Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports. In the presence...

In November last year, Xiaomi company launched a program of exchange of old smartphones on its new model, dubbed the "Mi Exchange." However, to use it to replace your smartphone it was possible only by visiting of the shop Mi Home. Now the Chinese company has launched a similar service for customers of the online store The program "Mi" Exchange allows clients to replace your old smartphone to your new device Xiaomi online. Its terms to fit a wide range of smartphones from 15 different brands.

A Recent press release, Nest became the starting point for the three branded devices — temperature sensor Temperature Sensor Nest, video intercom and Nest Hello smart lock Nest x Yale. Oriented to work in tandem with thermostats company Nest sensor was announced for the first time and have not yet gone on sale. But the system of Nest and Nest Hello x Yale novelties difficult to call, although are available for order they have just now. Model Nest Hello — this is a modern interpretation of the intercom with the ability to connect with the ecosystem NEST. In fact the same Nest Hello is a regular IP camera broadcasting everything happening in front of your door with a resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels. Video intercom with smart functionality devoid of battery...

Company Ford announced plans to introduce in their vehicles advanced communication technologies and systems assist the driver when driving. It is reported that by 2020, all new vehicles Ford will get embedded 4G/LTE. This will allow to update the onboard software via the mobile network and provides Internet connection without requiring a smartphone. The presence of the module 4G will allow vehicles to communicate with road infrastructure and to obtain current information on road conditions.

ViewSonic Corp. presented NMP660 ViewSonic nettop Chromebox intended for educational purposes. In combination with the interactive flat panels family ViewBoard or any display ViewSonic's new mini-PC can transform any class of Google in a joint training centre or to provide content management as a solution for digital signage installations and virtualization of desktop systems for conference rooms. Full Google GMS certification provides instant access to the Google Play Store. ViewSonic NMP660 Chromebox is based on a hardware platform Intel Kaby Lake with 14-nanometer dual-core processor Celeron 3865U providing playback of 4K content is aboard the 4 GB DDR4 RAM and flash drive capacity of 32 GB.

"Not a single Tesla" — believe the developers citicar very small class Eli Zero and offer the residents of cities to look at the project of electric vehicle in SMART format. Four-wheeled vehicle, the money for which the authors intend to obtain a startup through crowd-funding via Indiegogo, will be able to take its owner to a distance of 140 km from home. However, it is necessary to warn that long trips by Eli Zero would be very long, and sometimes even impractical, depending on the time spent, the event. On the highway Eli is Zero and will remain an outspoken outsider. The reason lies in the maximum speed mini electric car, which is only 40 km/h. But to move around the city in the face of constant traffic jams and numerous traffic lights on the route of...

The lifetime of the Kepler space Observatory comes to an end, as reported by the National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA). "Kepler" was launched in March 2009 to search for planets outside the Solar system. The main program of the device was designed for 3.5 years. In 2012-2013 at the telescope have failed two of the four reaction wheels gyrostabilized platform. In this regard, there have been reports on the completion of the Observatory. However, in may 2014 we launched mission K2 for the observation of bright stars.

According to IDC Taiwan, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the world's largest smartphone manufacturer has become Taiwan's Foxconn Electronics, ahead of previous leader South Korea's Samsung. We are talking about the companies that produce it, that is, have own factory, which brings together smartphones. To escape in the first place Foxconn has helped Apple's release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. the Partnership with "Apple giant" benefit and Pegatron: due to the Assembly of the iPhone it has moved two positions up, being on the third line of the rating of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world over the last quarter of 2017. The top five also includes Oppo and Vivo. Qilai Shen / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The closer the announcement of the 14-nm Intel processors Coffee Lake-H laptop, the more informal information about them appears online. So, colleagues VideoCardz predict the imminent release of five models of classes, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9. The family will lead the six-core Core i9-unlocked 8950HK with the increasing multiplier and probably a higher power limit. The company "8950 mu" will be two six-core and two Quad core CPU with a nominal frequency of 2.2 to 2.6 GHz and a heat pack 45 watts. In the basis of the results of benchmark Geekbench we found 4 records that contain mention of three of the five processors Coffee Lake-H — Core i5-8300H, Core i7 and Core i9 8750H-8950HK. Junior Quad-core 2.3 GHz scored a maximum 16 620 points when you...

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) has embarked on one of the key phases of development of the Mars 2020, which will study the red planet. Recall that the basis for a new Rover based on the Curiosity platform. The device will get improved avionics and a wide range of scientific instruments. In particular, the Rover will be equipped with a manipulator with a special drill and a system of sampling tubes, a number of spectrometers complex sensors, etc. Various on-Board cameras will be used to generate panoramic images, the detection of obstacles on the route, research environment, etc.

In the camp of the MSI, along with Gigabyte and ASRock, are preparing to expand the range of Intel processors Coffee Lake-S for LGA1151 platform. As competitors, Micro-Star International will release a lot of motherboards on chipsets H370, B360 and H310. Some of them focused on customers among the gamers, the other for "neutral" audience that is not important the design of the device (in addition to the circuit), and the third to economical buyers. Leads a group of new products MSI Gaming mother Board H370 Pro Carbon form factor ATX (305 × 244 mm), have a recognizable "carbon" style. Arguments in its favor are the 10-channel (or 5 channel with doublers) system power socket LGA1151, cooling of the transistors VRM, heatsink for M. 2 SSD, internal 3 USB port...

Recently, Samsung unveiled the flagship smartphone Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+ (on images), and the Internet is rife with rumors about the future top-level device — Galaxy S10 (unofficial name). It is reported that Samsung has partnered with the Israeli company Mantis Vision to develop a 3D system of face recognition. This decision is supposedly going to be integrated into future flagship smartphone. The system will work by analogy with the Apple Face ID technology, which is based on the creation of a structural map of the person with the camera TrueDepth.

Russian scientists have achieved considerable results in development of biological pacemaker, which will consist of the cells of the body of a patient, according to the publication Russian Academy of Sciences "Science in Siberia". Currently, to restore the heart rhythm of the patient implanted artificial electric cardiac pacemakers. All of them have disadvantages such as the need for periodic replacement due to the wear of the electrodes and batteries, which also can break. There is also a risk of infection to the patient.

The Russian company Mobile Inform Group, which develops enterprise mobile solutions, has announced a secure smartphone MIG C55V, which is characterized by external camera with high resolution. This camera–DVR with a mass of 50 grams connects to your phone via a special interface and can be fixed on any item of clothing or uniforms, allowing field employees, dispatchers and security services employees can coordinate their actions and produce a video surveillance and event recording in mobile mode.

Company Tobii Technologies and Qualcomm announced a collaboration to expand the functionality of the virtual reality helmets on the Snapdragon platform 845 Mobile VR. Reference VR-helmet on the Snapdragon 845 was introduced in February of this year. The reference platform provides for the establishment of a fully self-contained gadgets that do not require computer connection or setup of the smartphone. Developers will be able to equip such helmets with two displays with a resolution of 2400 × 2400 points each. Built-in sensors and cameras will provide tracking with 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF).