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The world's Largest contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group has revised the plans for the production of advanced LCD panels for televisions in the campus in Wisconsin (USA) and now is planning to plant to create a "technology center" that will consist mainly of research centres, as well as packaging and Assembly plants. So Foxconn is going to hire here in the future, mainly engineers and researchers, and not productive labor, as originally promised project. REUTERS/Darren Hauck

Prior To the event, the Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2019, scheduled for February 20, where, as promised, the South Korean company, will feature "the device, which will open new possibilities Galaxy, based on 10 years of innovation", the Network reported, confirming the possible announcement of wireless headphones in-ear Buds Galaxy. Users on Reddit noticed that the Turkish web site of the company called "Galaxy Buds" on the page information about the guarantee, confirming the rumors about the new earphones that are expected to be the successor model of Samsung Gear IconX.

Panasonic has launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production of outdoor lamp HomeHawk Floor with built-in camera. The lamp is positioned as an alternative to existing internal security cameras for the home, it harmonizes with the interior and does not require installation. Built-in camera lamp HomeHawk has the same set of security features that many competing models, but has by comparison an additional advantage — it is virtually invisible to others.

Recent leaks pointed to the fact that the company Gigabyte is preparing several versions of the Radeon VII. However, a company representative said via Reddit that actually this is not so, and AMD has no plans in the near future to release a version of Radeon petalonia VII. To begin with we recall that recently in the database of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) found mention of several models of Radeon graphics cards from PowerColor VII. The code designations of these products indicate that they belong to the series of Red Devil and Red Dragon, which produces graphics cards PowerColor's own design. Hence arose the theory that the manufacturer is already preparing petalonia version Radeon VII.

Resource Bloomberg reported on the preparation of Apple to release at least two new models of iPads, including a cheaper version of the iPad mini, which has not been updated in 2015. The second novelty is reportedly equipped with 10-inch screen and more powerful processor. Also it will have a Lightning port. The appearance in the sale of new devices is expected this spring. According to sources Bloomberg, updated iPad Pro is scheduled for spring 2020. The company may also introduce next year's 3D laser camera to be used in its new devices.

In the database benchmark Geekbench appeared a new smartphone with code name ZTE A2020 Pro, which is likely hiding a future flagship ZTE Axon 10 Pro. This conclusion let come to the fact that the previous flagship model of the brand — ZTE Axon 9 Pro entered the market five months ago as A2019G Pro. Being built on the basis of processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, ZTE Axon 10 Pro showed impressive results in synthetic test. In multi-core mode it scored 10 762 points, in a single core the result was 3284 points. Thus, the upcoming novelty, even a little ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S10+, also "lit up in Geekbench, and in the modification with the same single-chip system. In this case, both the tested unit was equipped with 6 GB of RAM and running the Android...

Since the beginning of the cooperation AMD and GlobalFoundries, the manufacturer of processors have introduced a mandatory condition for the developer to buy a certain amount of plates every quarter. Under the terms of the agreement WSA "pay or take", AMD has pledged not only to buy a predetermined volume of plates, but also to work only with that manufacturer. In the case of transfer even part orders for capacity from another manufacturer AMD faced fines of up to $500 million, and quarterly payments for the plate took up to several hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter. It was a situation where AMD had nowhere to put the excess processors. For example, in the first year of production of APU, the company had to write off Llano processors a hundred...

LG already produces smartphones with a screen with cutout. Such performance is received, for example, model G7 ThinQ and Q9. Moreover, these devices cutout has an elongated shape, so it is not only a selfie camera but sensors. Now the intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO) published patent documents LG, describing the new design of a smartphone with a screen cutout. We are talking about using a cutout teardrop shape. This idea is not new — this screen is equipped with devices of many famous manufacturers.

The Russian company "Motor skills", SKOLKOVO resident, has created a virtual reality platform for the rehabilitation of patients, and in January for the first time, a teenager with disabilities has been through a similar procedure. Multiplayer VR platform ATTILAN helps to get used to and comfortable with bioelectric prosthetic hand in the form of a game, which is especially important for children. Platform in the VR space-travel provides a rehabilitation program that includes exercises to restore the muscles of the arm, prompting the man to action. Sale, the user of bionic prosthetic hands, told about his impressions: "I was in virtual reality, there was cool. I saw Mars, the Sun and the shining stars. It is very beautiful". The project was first presented...

Not so long ago Intel launched its processors Core of the F-series, which are characterized in that they have disabled the inbuilt graphics processor. Many expected that these processors will be cheaper than the standard models with working graphics, but Intel has established for them the same price. However, the sellers and decided that the new chips can sell more. As the resource AnandTech, a major American retailer B&H Photo Video offers preorders for the Core i9-9900KF at a price of $582,5. For comparison, a full Core i9-9900K with working graphics the same seller offering at a price of $530. In turn, Intel Core i5-9600KF offered for $308,75, and the model Core i5-9600K with graphics for $260. Most likely, the shop set the margin, as it has managed to...

Electron beam lithography all or almost all. The world's largest manufacturer of scanners for semiconductor lithography, a Dutch company ASML has issued a press release in which it announced the acquisition of the assets of national companies Mapper from the city of Delft in the province of South Holland. A month ago it announced its bankruptcy, and ASML has used it to at a reasonable price to become the owner of interesting developments and to get competent engineers. However, the financial details of the deal were not disclosed. The company specializes Mapper is electron beam semiconductor lithography. Some 9 years ago, it was believed that this type of projection in the production of chips will become as popular as using scanners. Electron beam...

Rumor has it that the Galaxy S10 will be back to support wireless charging, that is able to charge other devices. Now these data have been confirmed: the Network got the image of the remote control with the Korean presentation Samsung. It, among other things, there is a button with a matching picture: battery and arrow out. It is unlikely that someone may need to pump energy from one smartphone to another, as the effectiveness of Qi wireless charging is quite low. But similar functionality can be useful for maintaining small accessories like earbuds, the advanced digital pen, fitness bracelet or hours. By the way, Samsung is preparing a number of new wearable devices. Another practical scenario can be simultaneous charging of two smartphones from the same...

The Most anticipated new company HMD Global at MWC 2019 — flagship smartphone with five back-facing cameras, Nokia 9 PureView. However, in addition to his Finnish brand could bring to Barcelona one more camera, located on the diametrically opposite end of the range. We are talking about a budget Nokia 1 Plus, successor released last year Nokia 1. According to industry sources, Nokia 1 Plus will be constructed on the basis of processor MediaTek MT6739WW, which includes four 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and the graphics controller PowerVR GE8100 with a clock frequency of 570 MHz. The RAM will be only 1GB, which involves the use of the Android operating system Go Edition (most likely 9.0 Pie).

2019 promises to be the best period for the largest contract semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC. First, it turned out that the orders due to low sales cut the Apple, which would entail a fall in revenue in the first quarter by about 14% compared to the same period last year. Then it became clear that in the first half of this year, the demand for semiconductor products in General will be low. In the result, TSMC will not be able to fully load its 7-nanometer production lines. This week the company confirmed that good financial performance this year to not expect revenue to increase in the best case, 1-3% compared to 6.5% in 2018. However, to abandon plans to introduce a 5-nm technology TSMC does not intend, and customers will begin to receive serial 5-nm...

Intel soon might represent a more economical version of its "national osmeteria" Core i9-9900K. This is indicated by the appearance of online information about the engineering samples of Intel Core i9-9900T and Core i9-9900. Intel Core i9-9900T will offer the same eight cores and sixteen threads, but its TDP is only 35 watts. It promises a much lower clock frequency than Core i9-9900K. So "lighted" engineering sample with the code designation "QQC0" has a base frequency of just 1.7 GHz. Put this sample up for auction in Japan, the seller promises that in Turbo mode all cores are automatically overclocked to 3.3 GHz, and one core can reach a frequency of 3.8 GHz.