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In light of the possible escalation of trade war between the US and China, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Qisda, the company announced the expansion of production capacity outside China. In particular, in 2017, the company added several new production lines at the factory in Taoyuan, which is located in Northern Taiwan. If the production of electronics in China will be taxed in the U.S. duties at the level of 25 %, Taiwan Qisda line will be outside the scope of these defensive penalties.

On 28 March, Samsung held a ceremony for laying the Foundation for a second production line for the production of 3D NAND memory in the Chinese city of XI'an (Xian). Samsung factory near XI'an, the company began to build in 2012 with a commercial launch in 2014. Today the company each month handles about 120 thousand 300-mm wafers with memory 3D NAND. Industrial buildings cover an area of 230 thousand m2, and the entire complex is situated on 1.14 million m2, so Samsung have where to expand. By 2020, the second phase of lines Samsung will invest about 8 trillion won (approximately us $7,47 billion). The first commercial production on the second line will begin to emerge next year. The design capacity of the second line will be 100 thousand 300mm wafers per...

The Russian research Center and development of programs of development of the moon, apparently, will soon be disbanded, as reported by the network edition of "RIA Novosti". About the project we told you last fall. The structure was formed on the basis of Rocket-space Corporation (RKK) "Energy". The main tasks of the center was to be the provision of expeditions to the natural satellite of our planet, as well as the development of circumlunar space and the lunar surface. In addition, the center had to help in the implementation of the international program on creation of lunar visited platforms Deep Space Gateway.

Network-Informed sources report that before the end of this year, the market could debut as the legendary smartphones under the Palm brand. Firm Palm was founded in 1992, and in the late 90s and early 2000-ies the brand has become one of the most mentioned in the segment of mobile electronics. In the spring of 2010, Palm was purchased by the Corporation Hewlett-Packard for $1.2 billion and Subsequently sold under the brand name Palm was discontinued due to weak demand, and some time later the rights to the brand were sold to China's TCL.

After the outbreak in 2015, "desligada" Volkswagen AG started to pay more attention to the development of electric vehicles. He had almost finished the development of a special platform MEB, which will be produced only electrically machine. Some brands included in the German company, has already submitted a few concepts on the basis of the MEB. Among them the most active Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen itself. Soon this area will join and Seat: her first own electric car will appear in 2020. Illustration AutoCar

In may last year, the company Samsung has formally identified the contract manufacturing of chips in subsidiary, Samsung Foundry. Thus, the electronics manufacturer made an attempt to resolve a conflict of interest or a risk thereof between their orders and the orders of third-party companies. In parallel, Samsung aims to diversify its contract manufacturing to meet more customers, and hopes to involve many small firms, which is taken to produce multi-project wafers, which bring together orders from several companies. Plant Line 6 of Samsung under Seoul

ZTE preparing to release a smartphone of flagship Nubia level Z19, do not forget to update and lineup of gadgets more affordable price range. The Chinese company presented smartphone Nubia V18 — typical of average performance in all respects, which is enough for most (if not all) everyday tasks. Model Nubia V18 received 6,01-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels, covered with curved edges 2.5 D protective glass. The "heart" of the device is the Snapdragon 625, which accompany 4 GB RAM. The amount of internal memory in the only available version of the Nubia V18 is 64 GB, but more can be from microSD cards.

In the second quarter of this year Qualcomm will release a VR kit for developers based on the platform Snapdragon 845. A virtual reality helmet and SDK will allow companies to experiment with virtual reality system based on a mobile chip and create their own device. In particular, it will be possible to test the technology to track the movements of relatively fixed points in space (Inside-out), which is possible thanks to the presence of a moving object on the optical sensor. The system also will support the technology of eye tracking from Tobii and platform HTC Vive Wave that enables developers to create and sell software for helmets of different brands.

German company Alphacool is mostly known as a manufacturer of liquid cooling systems and components, DLC, designed for enthusiasts with a tight purse. However, recently Alphacool paid attention to the budget segment of the market, releasing a relatively inexpensive coolers Eisbaer LT on the basis of copper radiators sizes 120 x 25 240 x 25 360 x 25 mm. Subsequently, the company went back to the announcements of irregular nodes and sets of DLC. One of the new families of products designed for overclockers and enthusiasts, set to build the CPU liquid cooling systems Eissturm Gaming and Eissturm Hurricane. Eissturm Gaming

Volkswagen is looking for ways to increase the production of Skoda, including the building of a new factory outside the country of the brand, to help it keep pace with growing demand, according to sources in the company. Known for its inexpensive cars, the company Skoda has moved in the past year in the rapidly growing market for sports utility vehicles (SUV) with new models and Kodiaq Karoq and plans to launch another 19 models by 2020. There are also plans to expand by 2025, the market sales now available in 100 countries to 120.

Experts of the Research school of chemical and biomedical technologies of Tomsk Polytechnic University are exploring new ways of targeted drug delivery. The idea is to use living cells as a Trojan horse, transporting the particular nanocapsules with drugs. It is assumed that the cell carriers due to natural mechanisms will be able to reach the desired area in the body, which will be the release of drug compounds. This approach will allow to reduce the toxic action of substances on healthy tissue.

Company Ford showed the possibility of collecting rainwater for filling automotive windshield washer fluid reservoir. It is not excluded that in the future this decision will be used in normal cars. The idea of using rainwater for cleaning the windscreen came up with Teens from Germany. During a trip by car last summer, brother and sister Daniel and Lara Kron (Krohn Daniel and Lara) from the German Julia noticed that their father can't clean the stains on the windshield due to the lack of water in the windshield washer reservoir. In this case a few minutes ago and the car was literally drenched.

About the game build-on-chip Samsung Exynos 7 Series 9610 became known in June last year. But just today the company announced that an interesting novelty for smartphones in the premium class. The new eight-core Samsung application processor will be manufactured using 10-nm process technology with FinFET transistors. However, mass production solution will begin in the second half of this year, almost a year later than expected. As previously reported, based on SoC, the Exynos 7 Series 9610 will be based on four ARM Cortex A-73 and four cores ARM Cortex A-53. The clock frequency of the older cores will reach 2.3 GHz, and the youngest — 1.6 GHz. Graphics solutions — graphics core ARM Mali-G72. Highlight a signal processor for processing still images and...

In anticipation of the exhibition CES 2018, the company Dell has announced a new family of graceful 13.3-inch laptop the XPS 13 with index 9370 (instead of 9360). Despite the similarity of application characteristics, this year's model differ markedly from their predecessors. First, the aluminum case is noticeably thinner from 7.8 mm at its thinnest point to 11.6 mm at the thickest (XPS 13 9360 — 9-15 mm). Second, increased from one to two the number of connectors Thunderbolt 3. At the same time quite controversial was the decision to get rid of the USB Type-A (for connecting "flash drives" and other peripherals proposed to be purchased adapter DA300) and to reduce from 60 to 52 kWh of nominal battery. The weight of the laptop XPS 13 the new generation...

GIGABYTE fully declassified compact motherboard J4005N D2P, the preparation of which was reported in the beginning of this year. The product is made in the format Mini-ITX (170 × 170 mm). On Board is Intel Celeron J4005 generation Gemini Lake. This 14-nanometer chip contains two processing cores with a clock frequency of 2.0–2.7 GHz and a graphics accelerator Intel Graphics UHD 600 frequency 250/700 MHz. The maximum value of the dissipated thermal energy is only 10 watts, allowing the processor costs a passive cooling system.