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One of the last independent Japanese display manufacturers, Japan Display company (JDI) reported on the work in the fourth quarter of 2018 fiscal year (the period from January to March 2019). Almost independent means that nearly 50 % of the shares of Japan Display are owned by foreign companies, namely the Chinese-Taiwanese consortium Suwa. Earlier this week it was reported that the new partners of the company JDI withhold promised aid of approximately $730 million to the Cause ― investors want to see from Japan Display steps aimed at optimization of costs. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Japan analyst Hideki Yasuda (Yasuda Hideki), working in the research division of the Ace Securities, shared his opinion on when will be launched the game console of new generation from Sony and how much it will cost initially. He believes that the PlayStation 5 will be on the market in November 2020, and the price of the console will be around $500. This information coincides with earlier reports in which it was assumed that the cost of PS5 in the European region will be $499. We will remind, start of sales of the PlayStaion 4 console cost $399. A significant difference in price may be due to differences in hardware. It is already known that the novelty will receive the support of a resolution 8K format, surround sound, and the internal storage will be used...

Realme introduced expected by many inexpensive and functional smartphone Realme X, which the company refers to the flagships. This is definitely the most powerful and advanced camera produced by this brand owned by Oppo, which focuses on aggressive pricing for the conquest of the Indian market. Of course, Realme X cannot be called truly high-end phone, but still it is quite powerful due to single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 710. The device is endowed with a 6.53-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD resolution+ (2340 × 1080) and with 100% coverage of the NTSC colour space. For protection, Corning Gorilla glass 5, and under the screen hides the fingerprint scanner of the 6-th generation.

Yesterday held a presentation of its flagship smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro, which got solid display, devoid of any recesses or cut-outs for the front camera. The usual solution was replaced by a special block with a chamber which extends from the upper end of the device. To prove the strength of this design, the developers made a video showing how a smartphone picks up a block with a weight of 49.2 lbs (approx. 22,3 kg), attached the cable to the retractable mechanism front camera. The developers note that extendable camera makes flagship smartphone truly full screen. It is also stated that the mobile device front camera has been seriously tested and able to withstand more than 300,000 movements from one position to another. This suggests that even with heavy...

Google has offered to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by owners of smartphones Google Pixel in February of 2018 in which it is alleged that the company knowingly sold the device with the faulty microphones. Google agreed to pay up to $500 some owners of smartphones Pixel. According to preliminary calculations, the total amount of payments will make $7.25 million Under this agreement are subject to the defective Pixel and a model Pixel XL, released to 4 January 2017. Payments will be divided into four categories. The maximum amount of $500 is entitled to those who have returned to the company's smartphone Pixel with a faulty microphone and received in return the same faulty device.

It is No secret that the battlefield is posted a lot of loud sounds. That's why soldiers often wear in-ear headphones that protect their hearing thanks to the intelligent noise reduction. However, this system also does not help to determine where a potential enemy will fire on you, and to make it even without headphones and distracting sounds are not always so simple. New technology aims to use military headphones with a smartphone to solve the issue. The new technology will be able to determine the position of the hand in the opponent half a second after the shot

As expected, OnePlus has introduced not one smartphone, but a whole family in the face of "cheap flagship" OnePlus 7, powerful the OnePlus 7 Pro and the most advanced model of the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. The company has demonstrated more at MWC 2019, a prototype of the smartphone with support for 5G, so this announcement was expected. Unfortunately, this version of the device will be available (at least for now) exclusively on the UK market for operator EE in Finland for Elisa — both companies plan to begin commercial operation of the first 5G networks. The manufacturer has not announced any other partnerships not revealed the price or time of release of the device in these markets.

Official presentation of the new flagship smartphone brand, Honor is to be held on may 31 in China. In anticipation of this event, becoming known more details about this device. For example, earlier it was reported that the gadget will get chetyrehstennoy main camera. Now the smartphone appeared in the database Geekbench, revealing some key specifications. We are talking about the device codenamed Huawei YAL-L21, which will arrive on the market under the name of Honor 20. Despite the fact that Geekbench data do not reveal the exact processor model number, most likely, when you create a new flagship developers used proprietary 8-core chip Kirin 980. Kind of performance test confirms this conjecture. In single-core mode, the device scored 3241 score, whereas...

Lian Li continues to expand the range of case fans. Another novelty Chinese manufacturer of steel fans Digital Bora, which was introduced earlier this year, and now have begun to go on sale. Unlike many fans, Digital frame Bora made not from plastic, and aluminum. Will be available three versions, with the frames silver, black and dark gray colors. The holes for the mounting bolts with rubber inserts to reduce vibration and reduce fan noise.

South Korea is the first country in the world, where was deployed the full commercial communications network of the fifth generation (5G). At the moment, the country sold two smartphones that support work in 5G networks. We are talking about Samsung Galaxy S10 5G LG V50 ThinQ 5G, afford which can not everyone. Network sources report that for increasing the volume of consumers 5G largest South Korean operators SK Telecom, KT Corporation and LG Uplus plan to subsidize the purchase of smartphones with support for 5G. It is noted that the subsidy can be more than 50% of the initial cost of the device.

As we have repeatedly reported the mass production of 64-layer memory 3D NAND will begin in China later this year. About the memory company Memory Technologies Yangtze (YMTC) and its parent structure in the face of the company Tsinghua Unigroup said not once, not twice. According to unofficial sources, the mass production of 64-layer 128-Gbit chips YMTC to start in the third quarter. Mailing samples of this memory, sharpen intelligence company TrendForce DRAMeXchange, the company began in the first quarter of this year. Now the company is in Wuhan (Wuhan), where is the first YMTC plant for processing 300-mm silicon wafers, produces a limited batch of 32-layer of a 64-Gbit 3D-NAND. The Chairman of the people's Republic of China XI Jinping at the plant YMTC...

NVIDIA possibly preparing a new version of their graphics cards on GPUs Turing. According to the YouTube channel RedGamingTech, a "green" company plans to upgrade some of its accelerators by using faster memory. At the moment the GeForce RTX equipped with GDDR6 memory bandwidth 14 GB/s to contact. According to the source, in the latest version should be used higher speed memory with capacity 16 GB/s for contact. This upgrade will enable to increase productivity, especially in those cases where it depends on the speed of graphics card memory. For example, in games with high-resolution textures.

, AMD will be presenting new products during the upcoming E3 game show in 2019, which will be held from 11 to 14 June in Los Angeles. Event Horizon Gaming Next to be held in a "zero" day of the exhibition, June 10 (June 11 at 01:00 Moscow time), and AMD promises to introduce its "gaming products to a new generation." In the event announcement press release stated that it with software speech by the CEO and President of AMD, Dr. Lisa su (Dr. Lisa Su). She needs to disclose details about upcoming products and technologies that will be applied in the gaming computers, consoles and cloud gaming platforms in the coming years.

General Director of JSC "Corporation "VNIIEM" Leonid Makridenko told about the implementation of the project "Ionosonde", providing for the formation of a new satellite constellation. The initiative involves the launch of two pairs of vehicles such as "Ionosphere" and one unit "Probe". Satellites "Ionosphere" will be responsible for monitoring the Earth's ionosphere, the study of the processes and phenomena occurring in it. Apparatus "Probe" will be engaged in observation of the Sun: the satellite will monitor solar activity, measure the flux of solar cosmic rays, etc.

Termination of participation in the joint enterprise with Micron IMFlash Technology, Intel will face production difficulties relating to memory chips. The company owns technology in the field of flash memory 3D NAND and in the field of memory has its own type of 3D XPoint, which, in its opinion, will replace NAND thanks to the advantages in performance and durability. The company is considering the project of transferring the production of XPoint 3D chips at its semiconductor plant in China. Currently, Intel manufactures its exotic memory at the factory IMFlash Technology in Utah. But after the planned Intel on sale Acer its stake in the $1.3 billion she will have to leave this place.