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The Family of 14-nm processors Coffee Lake, including two-, four - and six-core models, is becoming more extensive. AnandTech's colleagues drew attention to "quiet" the announcement by Intel of the three six-core CPU Core 8-th generation with the suffix "B" — Core i7-8700B, Core i5-8500B and Core i5-8400B. Being analogues desktop processors Coffee Lake-S with corresponding indexes (8700, 8500 and 8400), they are not exact copies. The difference can be seen visually: while the Core i7-8700 and his colleagues made in LGA1151 form factor, Core i7-8700B and associates just napivaetsya on the motherboard according to the method of the BGA. In this they are similar to mobile chips Coffee Lake-H. Characteristics CPU Coffee Lake-S "Core-B" coincide almost completely

One of the announcements on 3 April, the day of release of new desktop processors Coffee Lake's first mobile Coffee Lake-H, was the presentation of the Core+ Core i5+ Core i7+ i9 and Core+. The latter has received "+" in the title not because of any architectural improvements in the CPU, and for inclusion in the delivery of conventional models of Core i5, i7 and i9 of the auxiliary of the M. 2 drives Intel Optane. The sets, consisting of Core processors, 8 th generation and SSD-based memory 3D XPoint, has managed to register in some laptops the top price category, and also entered the retail sale. Headings Core i7+ 8700 (article BO80684I78700), Core i5+ 8500 (BO80684I58500) and Core i5+ 8400 (BO80684I58400) on the website of the online store

Internet-aggregator repair gadgets "Miracle of technology" named smartphones, which often pass in Moscow service centers. According to the report, which refers to the newspaper "Kommersant", the iPhone accounted for approximately 29% trade-in repair smartphones. The share of Samsung devices accounted for 20 %, and the products of Chinese brands Xiaomi, Huawei, LeEco, Lenovo and Meizu is 17% damage. The remaining 20 % of calls to the repair shops performed by the users of the devices Sony, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Fly and other companies.

Reports last year publish not only the actors — developers and producers of semiconductors, but also meticulously collecting data analysts. So, the experts of IHS Markit (a market) have prepared a report on the ten largest suppliers of the chips in 2017. The highlight of the regular statistical study was information about the special achievements of the company NVIDIA, which for the first time entered the list of the ten largest semiconductor companies in terms of received revenues. Revenue of the ten largest companies in the semiconductor market in 2017 (IHS, Markit)

Huawei has announced a fresh enforcement of the smartphone Y6 model 2018 edition. We will remind that last year the world saw an updated version of the Huawei Y6 index "2017" in the title, which after some time got a modification Y6 Pro. However, both models were equipped with obsolete screen format, which now came standard 18:9. Huawei Y6 (2018) equipped with a matrix with a diagonal of 5.7 inches with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels. Since Y is a family orientated manufacturer in the budget segment, then the base for the smartphone was selected as the Snapdragon chip 450 in tandem with 2 GB of RAM. On the back side of the device is 13 MP camera. At first glance it may seem that the smartphone is fitted with dual camera on the...

A Couple of days ago at the opening of the exhibition CITE 2018 (China Information Technology Expo) Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation Tsinghua Unigroup, Zhao Weiguo (Zhao Weiguo) reported that from April 11 on a new venture subsidiary of the Yangtze Memory Technology experts have begun the installation of production equipment for production of 3D NAND. Shortly after installation and configuration of the lines of the plant will begin production of multi-layer flash memory 3D NAND. The first product will be a 32-layer memory "64G 3D NAND". Because refiners no, we assume that the Yangtze will begin production of 64-GB memory (issue 512 GB chips to start production in China looks unlikely). In the Chinese samples of 3D NAND already exists...

Next month in Dubai will start testing digital license plates car — registration smart panels with displays, GPS modules and transmitters. The new smart panel will be able to inform emergency services if the driver had an accident. According to Sultan Abdullah al-marzouki, head of licensing division of vehicles Department of roads and transport of Dubai (RTA), the new numbers will make life easier for local drivers. In addition to contacting the police or an ambulance if the vehicle is involved in an accident, the technology allows real-time chat with other drivers about traffic conditions and report road incidents on the route.

Motorola continues to expand its range of branded accessories in modular design, designed for smartphones Moto Z. the Next new series of Mods Moto was Moto plug speaker Stereo Speaker — budget way to increase the maximum volume from the available modular variations on this theme. Connect through a proprietary interface "mod" Moto Stereo Speaker has a built-in kickstand in the form of a hinged ring, allowing you to install a smartphone on the end without any additional devices. The speaker can be used not only for playing music, but talking on speakerphone. The accessory is powered by a battery, so to charge it separately is not necessary.

One of the most anticipated releases this year is the release of OCTA-core processors Intel Core LGA1151 platform. The company they will make of the motherboard on the new chipset Z390, however, it is not clear whether the purchase of these cards a mandatory condition to work in PC as part of a new flagship processor LGA1151. In the camp Biostar did not consider it necessary to observe secrecy in relation to the models on the chipset Intel Z390, resulting in the guidelines for boards B360, a description of the devices "390th" series. In particular, at the time of this writing, anyone could download a user's guide to matplats B360GT5S and Z390GT5 form factor ATX, the characteristics of which are so close that Biostar has prepared a common documentation for...

Chinese company Vivo is famous for its extraordinary approach when developing a smartphones that it has been repeatedly demonstrated by the example of their flagship devices. On account of Vivo many conceptual and innovative concepts implemented in the mobile gadget. However, in Vivo do not forget about the budget smartphone, which, although not distinguished by advanced solutions, but are practical, accessible and less popular. The same budget new — Model Vivo Y71 — first lit in TENAA, and a month later she made her official debut during the event presentations. It is noteworthy that Y71 was the first mobile device Y-series from Vivo, which received the display format 18:9.

The company TSMC reported on the work in March 2018. In General, the company expected a relatively modest revenue, as demand for processors for smartphones began to decline. The result exceeded all expectations. In comparison with February revenues TSMC jumped by 60 %, setting a new financial record of the company. The growing demand for chips for the sphere of artificial intelligence, to graphics processors and customized LSI for cryptocurrency mining revenue of TSMC in March totaled 103.7 billion new Taiwan dollars ($3.55 billion). Reuters

Tesla has scheduled the start of mass production of the new compact electric vehicle Model Y in November 2019, according to sources of the resource Reuters, adding that production of new items in China will begin two years after that. Reuters also learned that headed by Elon Musk, the company had previously been treated with prior orders to conclude contracts for the supply Y Model, providing suppliers fairly scarce information about the electric car, without specifying a time frame. Now, however, suppliers were notified that the vehicle will begin at the company's factory in Fremont (California) in November 2019.

This year - Huawei's Honor brand will celebrate four years. However, over time he managed to become a theme often mentioned in the media trade mark and to secure a presence in multiple price segments of the smartphone market. But only smartphones, the case could not be limited. Recently in the Chinese social network Weibo appeared teaser, from which it follows that the April 19, Huawei introduced the world's first notebook of family Honor. Reportedly even his name — Honor MagicBook. However, the title is all that is known about the alleged laptop brand. No characteristics of the device still has not been leaked to the Internet, which, of course, is alarming. But there is another fact: April 1, Honor circulated on the Internet a video, which also advertised...

The Owners of electric cars Tesla noticed that the updates navigation maps fails to load into the aircraft system through the cellular network, LTE. The company Elon musk clarified the situation, giving the rather unusual advice. It turned out that the distribution of map updates via LTE cost Tesla at least the $10 per car. Now updates over the cellular network can receive approximately 200 thousand cars Tesla in operation. Thus, each update could theoretically cost the company $2 million it is Clear that on such expenses, Tesla does not want to go.

Sample concept gaming smartphone, the company demonstrated Nubia, in the foreseeable future can turn into a fully functional prototype, and then to get a commercial version. The intention to enter the market with unique game gadget confirmed Executive Director of the Nubia Neither fairies (Ni Fei). But to successfully achieve goals Nubia decided not to act on its behalf and to register the new sub — brand- brand "Red Magic". Red Magic — a division of Nubia, which will be assigned the task of developing smartphones and accessories with an obvious focus on gaming component. Nubia leadership is determined to take a leadership position in the designated market segment that currently is in a nascent stage. Fight for the right to be among the "trendsetters" Red...