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The latest report of the analytical company Quanzhi Consulting suggests that the Chinese company BOE Technology by the end of 2018 became the world's largest supplier of LCD panels for the manufacture of televisions. For the first time the BOE has bypassed the former leader of the South Korean LG Display in the third quarter of 2017. But in 2017, it was unable to consolidate its success. A clear advantage on the side of the Chinese people began to emerge from the first quarter of 2018. The Chinese began the year with a small advantage over the Koreans until the end of the year well lost them. By 2018, analysts clarify, the BOE has put the pickers TV 54.3 million LCD panels. In second place was LG Display with a volume of 48.6 million panels. In third place...

The First generation Samsung Galaxy Pro A9 debuted in the spring of 2016, nearly three years ago. And finally, the model has got a successor — A9 Galaxy Pro (2019). It was presented today, and the first country where the new product goes on sale, will be South Korea. However, the new device can be called a stretch, in fact it premiered in December 2018 in China called the Galaxy A8s. In other words, Galaxy A9 Pro (2019) is just the global version, and so differences in characteristics and design to search not worth it. As the Chinese twin, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2019) built on the basis of single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 710 and is equipped with a 6.4-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of...

Recently, a hurricane ugly cost with the Starship model rocket company SpaceX. Element disrupted the fairing and in the process of breaking in places, dented the body of the layout. The situation with the rumpled appearance of Starship was exacerbated by the fact that instead of a carbon fiber body manufactured from stainless steel sheet. Because the plumbers did not show much zeal, went so-so. For the layout, which is designed to test the overall design and the engine "jumps" ― a short-term uplift to a height of up to 5km for testing takeoff and landing ― appearance doesn't matter. But, as they say, turned out cheap and cheerful. Another thing real flight. What are the advantages of sheet steel before carbon fiber? Maria Pointer/bocachicaMaria

BenQ has introduced a new DLP projector CinePrime series W2700, providing high quality rendering and the possibility of individual settings based on user preferences. BenQ CinePrime W2700 — the world's first DLP projector for home theater with support for 4K resolution and the color space DCI-P3. The use of proprietary technology Cinematic Color optimized for the projector technology HDR PRO and individual factory calibrated color to provide high image quality.

In 2018, there were many reports of weak demand for new iPhone models. And many experts have called a cheaper iPhone XR the worst for sales of three new products. However, according to research organisation Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) conducted in the United States, the situation is exactly the opposite. CIRP also claim that the XR really is the most popular model last quarter, which surpassed the sales total implementation of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Exactly 15 years ago, 25 January 2004, Mars made a successful landing auto research Opportunity belonging to the National Directorate of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA). Initially, the scientific program of the robot was designed only for 90 Martian days, and over the surface of the red planet, he had to overcome a distance of about one kilometer. In practice, the Rover is more than 40 times exceeded the planned period of operation, passing on the Mars is about 45 kilometers.

Recently introduced the Acer laptops for students Chromebook and Chromebook Spin 512 512 operating system Chrome OS. And now the company announced another four of the portable computer on this software platform. In particular, debuted laptops Chromebook Spin 311 (R721T), Chromebook 311 (C721), Chromebook 311 (C733) and Chromebook Spin 511 (R752). They all come with a display size of 11.6 inches diagonally. While the devices with the prefix Spin the screen rotates 360 degrees, which allows you to translate chromebook in tablet mode.

Despite the brutal onslaught of smartphones on the market citraconate such camera makers like Olympus, I feel good, at least in the sector of professional equipment for those who need something more than a simple camera at hand. This year, Olympus celebrates the 100th anniversary of their business is cameras and decided to celebrate the anniversary of loud with release of a special silver version of their mirrorless system model OM-D E-M1 Mark II. Represented in 2016 the OM-D E-M1 Mark II continues to be a popular model in the family of mirrorless Olympus cameras with a matrix format of Micro Four Thirds. The camera is equipped with image processor TruePic VIII and 20.4-Megapixel sensor Live MOS with a 121-point phase autofocus PDAF provides high speed...

Intel unveiled a new camera in a series of RealSense with an important feature: it is designed to give machines a sense of the terrain. Camera with a long name T265 RealSense Camera uses Tracking to tracking and navigation exclusively built-in sensors and does not require external sensors to help with orientation of the robots and Autonomous machines on the ground even in situations where the GPS signal is weak or unavailable. For example, agricultural drone can map the field and to adapt on the fly to obstacles like trees, buildings or rocks. It is based on the same hardware platform, Myriad 2, which is used in other recent projects at Intel and allows you to remove most of the load processing from the primary process and thus to save battery power.

Apple on Wednesday again restocked my online store in USA iPhone models SE, once again offering fans of the popular smartphone with a compact size able to purchase the device three years after its debut on the market. At the time of writing iPhone model SE available in all four colour variants — grey (Space Grey), silver (Silver), Gold (Gold) and rose gold (Rose Gold), with the capacity of flash memory is 32 GB and 128 GB. The phones come unlocked and without a SIM card.

The rumors of a new relatively low-end NVIDIA graphics cards on the basis of Turing's becoming more and more. At this time, the resource HardOCP reports about the release dates of new products, and also gives their recommended price. It is reported that NVIDIA will start selling the cards on the basis of Turing, but without the support ray tracing in real time and without the tensor kernels on February 15. Note that not so long ago, another source reported that sales will start "somewhere near Valentine's Day." So it looks like NVIDIA will indeed release a relatively low-end graphics card of the new generation in the middle of next month.

It Seems that the smartphone market a brand new trend machines without holes and physical buttons. Recently a similar model under the name Zero has been released by the company Meizu, and now a similar gadget announced Vivo. However, while the Meizu Zero is built on the basis of last year's flagship Snapdragon chipset 845, Vivo APEX 2019 as the hardware Foundation uses fresh Snapdragon 855. In addition, if Meizu Zero is completely devoid of physical connectors, relying only on wireless charging, Vivo APEX 2019 still has a single connector at the bottom of the back panel is magnetic MagPort port intended for data transfer and recharging. Finally, Vivo 2019 APEX is still only a prototype, which may be implemented as one of the models of the family NEX, as was...

Dell has introduced four portable computer for use in education — the model Latitude 3300 Education Chromebook 3100, 3100 Chromebook 2-in-1 and 3400 Chromebook. Education Latitude 3300 is a 13.3-inch laptop running the Windows operating system 10. This model can be equipped with a screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, or a touch panel with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The maximum configuration includes a processor Intel Core i5-8250U, 16 GB RAM and SSD capacity of 256 GB.

At the recent CES 2019, AMD demonstrated a sample of one of the new processors Ryzen 3000 (Matisse). This provoked debate about whether the offer of a new CPU more than eight cores. And now, the famous source of leaks Tum Apisak found confirmation of the existence of Ryzen 3000 AMD processor with 12 cores and 24 threads. Engineering sample of this processor was spotted in the database performance test UserBenchmark. That novelty belongs to the family of Matisse, specifies the designation of H2 at the end of the code name "2D3212BGMCWH2_37/34_N". Also note that the sample was tested on the motherboard AMD Myrtle-MS, which is a test platform for Socket AM4. That is certainly the processor for the desktop segment, which is also compatible with current...

Those who followed the news about the Samsung Galaxy S10 will hardly be surprised when these flagship smartphones, finally, will be officially presented to the world. Too many leaks have occurred over the past three months. However, the last collection of photographs published by the German resource AllAboutSamsung, gives the most quality and comprehensive look at the appearance of the two older models — the Galaxy S10 and S10+ (S10 Lite on these images do not appear). First of all, of these photographs can become several positive conclusions. As expected, the upcoming collection will be used AMOLED displays Infinity O, so that the screen only takes up the front face, and the role so unloved by many "bangs" will perform a more accurate round and oblong...