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The Advantage of Korean producers of DRAM seems indisputable, given that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix control three quarters of the world's DRAM market. However, China is seeking to improve its semiconductor-sufficiency, not going to give up. China is the largest importer of memory chips and is actively expanding its ambitions as an independent producer. However, the recent US sanctions against the manufacturer of DRAM Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company, founded with the active support of the Chinese authorities, as well as the ongoing tensions in trade between the U.S. and China will slow the pace of development of the local sector of the memory chips.

The Company GIGABYTE is preparing a video card called GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Aorus Turbo, which will be the second RTX 2080 GeForce Ti with cooling system with tangential fan in the GIGABYTE range. Previously, the company GIGABYTE has introduced the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Turbo "turbine". Usually video cards with cooling systems with tangential fans are among the most affordable models in the range of AIB partners. Therefore, the decision for GIGABYTE to release a similar model in the series, Aorus, which is focused on more advanced systems that looks pretty unexpected.

On Monday launched an annual conference of the International Electronic Devices Meeting (IEDM 2018) head of contract division of the company Samsung Electronics, Dr. Jung (Dr. ES Jung) made an interesting statement. According to the website Pulsenews quote (which is not in the official press release), Samsung intends to start mass production of chips using 3-nm process technology in 2020. Previously, the company Samsung has officially reported that the process technology with the norms of 3 nm using the ring gate (Gate-All-Around Early/Plus 3GAAE/GAAP) will be introduced in mass production in 2021. If the company is really going to force the introduction of 3-nm manufacturing process, this means that it focuses on a significant breakthrough in the market of...

It Seems that NVIDIA bought a lot of unsold memory chips GDDR5X and now updates its huge stocks of unsold boosters GP104, to make products more attractive to consumers in connection with the emergence of 20-series RTX is able to offer support ray tracing in real time. Initially, the audience received based on GP104 GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB memory GDDR5X, and now we are talking about much faster GeForce GTX 1070, which now also can be equipped with high-speed memory (the other characteristics remained the same). Panasonic was among the first partners are ready to be released NVIDIA cards, and presented the accelerator GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Extreme Core Edition GDDR5X (model ZT-P10700Q-10P).

On Monday the first of December at four o'clock in the morning in the town of son in the Netherlands caught fire one of the buildings of the production complex of the company Prodrive Technologies. Damaged was the production equipment and finished products. Fortunately, has done without victims. To investigate the causes of fire investigation and the examination. As a result of the fire stated that delays with product supply Prodrive customers. But of the many clients Prodrive Technologies we are interested in is the only one company ASML, which produces the vast majority of include scanners in the world for the production of semiconductor products. Scanner ASML for EUV-lithography with bare optical mirror system (NXE:3300B)

According to news Agency Nikkei, Sharp factory in Kameyama (Kameyama), the province of mie Prefecture, fired 3000 foreign workers, which she scored last year. The announcement was made by the Union province, where they had fired. It is important to note that the staff reduction took place in the midst of Japan's widely discussed the need of bringing to work in the country of foreign experts, as their manpower is not enough. This news also led to a decrease of 5.7% stock Sharp on the Tokyo stock exchange that showed the attitude of market players to what is happening in the company processes.

As you know, Intel has faced serious difficulties during the transition to 10-nm process technology, which output the respective processors repeatedly postponed. However, the company believes that the transition to a more thin 7-nm process technology in the future will not cause so many complications and will be in the previously scheduled time. Speaking at an investor conference Nasdaq in London, Renduchintala Murthy (Murthy Renduchintala), Director of Intel's development, talked about the problems with the development of new production norms. He believes that the company "underestimated the problem of" the transition from 14 to 10 nm. He also repeated previous claims Intel that by this time next year will be released on 10-nanometer desktop processors...

Hello dear readers! You may have noticed that we are slowly reviving the category Workshop with tips, instructions, tips, and interesting, but not very complex projects "on the knee". If suddenly quite clear what it is, you can read the latest materials on this topic: How to reset Windows 10 password (1803): Trinity Rescue KitKak to improve your home Wi-Fi: tips for dummies!How to get rid of surveillance Google: 5 simple egotist 120 led bulbs from "Leroy Merlin": choose luckyest cheap batteries format AAA: whether to overpay?Or flip through a stack of old articles in the archive section to better understand what it is and why.

The Company presented the updated Razer Blade laptop, Stealth 13 (2019). The new more compact body, as well as more modern hardware "stuffing", which should provide a significant performance increase compared to the previous version. Blade laptop, Stealth 13 (2019) features a 13.3-inch display with Full HD resolution or 4K depending on version, with latest version also supports touch input. In both cases, the display provides coverage of sRGB 100 %. Also, the manufacturer notes that each display is manual calibration.

After Apple removed all mentions about your wireless charging Mat AirPower, one year has passed, and he still did not appear in the sale. Therefore, it has been suggested that the same fate awaits the case for wireless charging AirPods. However, a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that AirPods with support for wireless charging will be released in the first quarter of 2019. He also suggests that there will be other changes in addition to supporting wireless charging. In particular, it will support a newer Bluetooth specification (presumably Bluetooth 5.0). The headset may get a new chip, the W-series and will feature design changes such as more heat-resistant mesh cover.

ASUS has announced the beginning of sales of smart watches VivoWatch BP with the functionality of a fitness tracker. The gadget utilizes a technology HealthAI-tracking trends in blood pressure and analysis of the condition of the body. Used a unique system of two electrocardiographic sensors medical grade and photoplethysmographic sensor. Clocks allow us to estimate the level of blood pressure in just 20 seconds — and it does not have to sit down and raise your hand.

Research firm Strategy Analytics in a recent press release gave a forecast of sales of consoles in 2019. According to her expectations, Nintendo Switch will bypass competitors. Analysts at Strategy Analytics believe that Nintendo Switch will disperse a circulation of 17.3 million worldwide and will be released first on the console market for the first time since 2009, when Wii showed unprecedented sales results. The firm also expects that Sony makes the most of 17.1 million PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One will be far behind — with about 10 million consoles sold.

Amazon, as the resource the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), it seems, is going to expand its technology stores and cashiers — journalists argue that the company is testing it already in major stores. In January, Amazon was opened to the public its first small shop Amazon without cash Go in Seattle, followed by additional points in Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco. These stores use cameras and software to determine what products customers are buying, and automatic withdrawal at the exit. Existing Amazon stores Go — this is a small point with the goods of daily demand and, thus, it is smaller than a typical grocery store has less number of goods and accommodates fewer customers to keep track of. Network deployment of such shelves of Amazon was delayed in 2017...

Toyota Motor has come under fire in Germany because of the support of long-time group, involved in environmental protection, which, according to German politicians, to the detriment of the domestic automotive industry. The Japanese automaker for nearly 20 years, supports a non-profit organization Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe, DUH), who won a number of lawsuits in the German cities, to ban the use of diesel cars in Central areas to comply with norms of environmental pollution.

SilverStone has introduced two new power supply series Strider Platinum. Novelties with code names ST1000-ST1200 PTS and a-PTS combines high power, equal to 1000 and 1200 W, respectively, and the compact dimensions. In fact, the new power supplies are a shortened version presented two years ago blocks ST1000-ST1200 PT and-PT. If the latter are characterized by a depth of 180 mm, the new products, this figure is only 140 mm. the Other dimensions-standard form factor ATX width 150 mm height 86 mm., and all other members of the family Strider Platinum, new items marked with the energy efficiency certificate 80 PLUS Platinum.