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At the annual event in new York the developers of Acer showed a number of interesting novelties. Among other things, the wide audience was presented a game monitor Predator CG437K P with a diagonal of 43 inches which supports a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K). The refresh rate reaches to 144 Hz. The monitor is certified to Display the HDR 1000 and covers the color space DCI-P at 90%. In the presence of the adaptive synchronization Adaptive Sync, which is able to adapt to the refresh rate of the output device, allowing the user to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Submitted to the novelty has three HDMI port, and one USB Type-C and DisplayPort.

In January, the company ASRock has launched a new series of motherboards under the name of Steel Legend, and at that time presented her in two models with AMD B450. Now the family has entered a new fee called Z390 Steel Legend, which also has high reliability and is designed to create productive game systems. As you might guess, the motherboard Z390 Steel Legend is built on the system logic Intel Z390 and is designed for Intel LGA 1151v2. The novelty has received the power subsystem with eight phases and one 8-pin EPS power connector for CPU. On the power of supply chains a fairly massive aluminum radiator.

When something needed to be fully unbiased and have an active imagination to believe in the possibility of manned flight into space. Now we take a flight astronauts to space for granted, but there remains a critical need to have innovative thinking to push the boundaries of research in our solar system and beyond. It is to promote ideas that sound like science fiction, but can become in the future, the latest technology, and designed a program of innovative and advanced concepts (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, NIAC).

Acer today held a major presentation, which was presented many new products. Among them was brand new ConceptD, which will be released for laptops, computers and monitors, designed for professional use. Novelties are focused on graphic designers, Directors, editors, engineers, architects, developers and other content creators. Desktop computer ConceptD 900 is the flagship of the new family. It is based on a pair of server processors Intel Xeon Gold 6148, the total 40 cores and 80 threads. It is complemented with professional NVIDIA Quadro 6000 RTX. RAM DDR4 ECC reaches up to 192 GB. For data storage provides up to two SSDS format M. 2 PCIe, and up to five hard drives in RAID 0,1 ligaments.

Collaborating with NASA, Lockheed Martin is developing a concept spacecraft that can not only deliver people to the moon and back. Company representatives say that such a project can be successfully implemented with sufficient resources. It is expected that future spacecraft will be made up of several modules. The developers intend to use the detachable elements which will allow to descend to the surface of the moon, and to rise with it, when you need to return to the ship. The lander will also be used for a future space station, which NASA plans to build near the moon to the moon's surface. This concept assumes that the astronauts will first be taken to the station, and from there on the descent module will be delivered on the lunar surface.

Acer held in new York's annual press conference, which introduced a new convertible notebook Spin 3, as well as the updates series the Aspire. New model Acer Spin 3 features a 14-inch touchscreen IPS-display with Full HD resolution and support input with the stylus. The screen is bordered by a narrow frame with a thickness of just 9.6 mm, making the ratio of its area to the surface of the body is 79 %. Available durable hinge lets you swivel the device 360° turning a laptop into a tablet.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett (Jim Hackett) confirmed the company's intention to release vehicles with Autonomous control, but acknowledged that in the initial stages of such cars will have restrictions. He believes that the company made a mistake with the estimate of the time required for the development and introduction of fully Autonomous cars. He also said that despite the company's plans to create a full fleet of driverless cars by 2021, their use will be limited. Hackett's statement was made a few months after the wide audience was presented the strategy for the development of the segments associated with Autonomous vehicles. Ford investments in this area are impressive: in total, the development of technology until 2023 has already invested more than $4...

Earlier this year, Intel presented one of its most unusual and expensive desktop processors — Core i9-9990XE. Unusual the novelty was not the only characteristics that we remember them below, but also a way of propagation: Intel sells this CPU for closed auctions of a limited number of manufacturers of desktop computers. However, quite a famous shop decided to offer Core i9-9990XE as a separate product. German shop specializing in performance computers and components, today launched retail sales of Intel Core i9-9990XE. Unique in its kind it comes in quite a lot of seller 2999 euros. At the time of writing this news, the CPU is still available for order. Naturally, the new model is Tray version, that is, without the cooling system, and probably...

At present little to add to what is already known about the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We managed to explore the technical characteristics of the device and evaluate the design of the device. Now it became known when the novelty will be available. In the small message Samsung says that in the U.S. Galaxy Fold will be available for pre-order on April 12. In the free market, he will appear on April 26, as reported previously, the company T-Mobile. In addition, starting tomorrow, us customers can pre-order the Galaxy S10 5G, whose sales will begin in may 2019. The retail value of the Galaxy Fold to $1980, which dramatically narrows the audience of potential buyers. When folded, the device has a 4.6-inch display, made by technology AMOLED, while in the unfolded...

Geely, the biggest Chinese car manufacturer who invested in the company Volvo and Daimler, announced on Thursday the launch of a premium brand Geometry for all-electric cars. This step was taken by the company in connection with plans to increase production of new cars on the drive. In a statement, Geely stated that the company will accept orders abroad, but will mainly focus on the Chinese market, and in 2025 will release more than 10 models of all-electric cars in different categories.

As we already know, the Tesla car sales in the first quarter has not justified expectations of the manufacturer. Sales volumes in the first three months of 2019 in quarterly comparison by 31 %. Responsible several factors, but the justification for bread will not smear. Worse, analysts are less optimistic regarding capacity supply Tesla, and the company's partner for the production of Li-ion batteries — the Japanese company Panasonic is forced to listen to the industry experts. According to the Agency Nikkei, Panasonic and Tesla have decided to freeze investments in the U.S. the Gigafactory plant 1 for the production of lithium-ion batteries. Battery cells at the Tesla factory are manufactured on equipment Panasonic, and then almost going manually in...

In October 2017, it suddenly turned out that the Protocol Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) to encrypt network traffic with Wi-Fi, a serious vulnerability that allows you to identify the passwords of users and then listen to the data exchange of the victim. The vulnerability was named KRACK (short for Key Reinstallation Attack) and were identified by experts Mattie Vanhoffen (Mathy Vanhoef) and Aalam by Ronen (Ronen Eyal). After the discovery of the vulnerability KRACK was closed fixed firmware for devices, and its successor, last year replaced WPA2 WPA3 Protocol was not to make people forget about security issues in Wi-Fi networks. ZDNet

Reportedly network sources, Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car in Switzerland, ahead of not only other electric cars, but all passenger vehicles offered on the market. Statistics show that in March Tesla delivered 1094 units of the electric car Model 3, ahead of established market leaders Skoda Octavia (801 instance) and Volkswagen Golf (546 pieces). We can say that thanks to the Model 3 of Tesla deliveries in 2019 continue to grow compared to the previous annual period. For the automaker, the Swiss market has always been important, so Tesla supplied in a relatively small country a sufficient number of electric cars. It is also noted that good sales in the country managed to achieve a Model S.

In the Internet appeared the teaser image of the sedan Flying Spur. If you like Bentley Continental GT, it is likely that the novelty will have to taste, because its shape resembles a coupe turned into something more massive. As in past years, the Flying Spur has a more streamlined compared to the flagship Mulsanne sedan. It can be assumed that the car will get a lot of improvements from the last generation Continental. As for the teaser video, it shows a figure, which is placed on the hood and represents the letter "B" with wings. Figure can get inside the engine compartment, just as it happens in the car brand Rolls-Royce.

Developers Doogee has created a new smartphone that represents the segment of budget devices. We are talking about the device Doogee S40, which will appeal to fans of trusted devices. Smartphone has an attractive appearance and boasts a display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches which supports a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels. From mechanical damage the screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 4. The device has a dual main camera, made on the basis of sensors of 8 MP and 5 MP that supports multiple shooting modes.