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This month, Google will introduce their new flagship smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel XL. From various rumors and leaks about new products has been known for quite a lot, but another leak from the resource 9to5 Google reveals the full specifications of each smartphone and their delivery. Since most of the characteristics of the new smartphone Google is already known from previous leaks, we'll start with the most interesting. According to the presented data, the company's single-chip platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 the new products will be a support chip Pixel Neural Core. By the title you might guess, this chip is somehow connected with artificial intelligence.

, PJSC "Rostelecom" and its subsidiary "Mobitel" LLC increased its share in the Charter capital of LLC "T2 RTC of Holding" (Tele2) from 45% to 100 %. The corresponding decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was published on the official Internet portal of legal information. "Accept the offer of the government of the Russian Federation on increasing the shares of public joint stock company "Rostelecom" and its subsidiary limited liability company "Mobitel" in the authorized capital (...) "T2 RTK holding" 100 %", — stated in the text of the decree.

Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that Apple will release iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of next year. The smartphone will be more affordable in comparison with other models that were presented this year. The smartphone will get a more efficient hardware compared to the iPhone SE. The analyst suggests that the next smartphone will get the iPhone 8 and Apple A13 processor and 3 GB of RAM. A large part of the specs will be similar to the iPhone settings 8. The analyst predicts that by the end of 2020 Apple will sell 30 to 40 million units of iPhone SE 2.

At yesterday's event, Microsoft presented the first brand notebook Surface Laptop that uses AMD Ryzen. Only product on the basis of processors of this brand will be offered with 15-inch display, and the importance of the graphics subsystem for Microsoft emphasizes the characteristics of the processors Microsoft Surface Edition. So, Ryzen 7 3780U increased the number of Shader units from 640 to 704 pieces, when compared with 7 3700U Ryzen, Ryzen and the processor 5 3580U not only increased the number of Shader units from 512 to 576 pieces, but also raised their frequency from 1200 to 1300 MHz. Image source: Twitter Lisa Su

Intel has used yesterday's debut of the new generation of Microsoft Surface devices to Express the readiness to provide them with your 10-nm mobile processors. For example, the notebook Surface Laptop third-generation through the use of 10-nm processors Ice Lake can boast of support wireless interface Wi-Fi 6, of which have no similar products on AMD Ryzen — in the latter case everything is limited to Wi-Fi enabled 5. In addition, the version of laptop-based Ice Lake are equipped with memory type LPDDR4X-3733, and solutions based on AMD Ryzen limited to DDR4-2400. Image source: Intel

It Was known that the exit of processors Cascade Lake-X some partners will offer new Intel motherboard models. The urgent need for such measures was not, but now we know that the new series of processors supports four lines PCI Express 3.0 more than predecessors, and to disclose this potential can only be achieved using a new motherboard. TDP and number of cores has not increased, but this does not mean that an additional margin for overclocking potential will interfere with the installation of the CPU Cascade Lake-X socket 2066. Image source: GIGABYTE Technology

Samsung has offered a very unusual design solution for smartphones with a flexible display: information on the development is published on the website of the world intellectual property organization (World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO). We are talking about the classic close-coupled casing without the possibility of transformation or folding. The screen of the smartphone's flexibility to move up and down, closing or opening a small section at the top of the device. In this "hidden" region Samsung offers to install a front camera and various sensors.

Relatively recently accepted that data can be recorded in DNA sequences. Since it is implemented by nature, then why not take advantage of this technology for the benefit of human development? Also studying the mechanisms of DNA synthesis should result in the emergence of personalized medicine at the level of personal correction genes. The only problem is that the synthesis is long, clean and sustainable strands of DNA ― is a complex process with the use of toxic chemical compounds. Breakthrough may be the so-called enzymatic synthesis of DNA (enzymatic DNA synthesis), when to create the desired sequence are used by enzymes, not "hard" chemistry. Among other companies and research laboratories enzymatic DNA synthesis develops a fairly young company...

Intel is preparing for a network controller of a new generation called i225-V "Foxville", which should be the first controller with a bandwidth of 2.5 Gbit/s designed for high volume customer products. The novelty is already not the first 2.5-Gigabit client network controller — like solution is in the range of the companies of Realtek and Broadcom. However, Intel should be cheaper, and therefore has the potential to become a standard in the mass consumer market segment, like the most popular right now Gigabit Intel i219-V and i218-V. the Novelty should start the process of mass distribution is a 2.5 Gigabit controller after 15 years of dominance 1-Gigabit controllers.

Microsoft announced yesterday a hybrid laptop Surface Laptop 3. It will be available in versions with 13.5 - inch and 15-inch display, and the last of them is equipped with custom AMD Ryzen, which was developed in cooperation with AMD and Microsoft specifically for the device. The processor is called AMD Ryzen 7 3780U Microsoft Surface Edition, which emphasizes that it will apply exclusive products Microsoft Surface. In fact, the novelty is an improved version of the processor Ryzen 7 3700U. According to AMD, Ryzen 3780U 7 is its fastest processor for ultrathin laptops, and it gives the Laptop Surface 3 outstanding performance and allows the laptop to run on battery all day.

On Monday, AMD announced a family of desktop processors AMD Ryzen Pro 3000 series. This processors for business PCs, the distribution of which will mainly occur via OEM channels, or via system integrators. The average user is rarely possible to build a system based on such processors. If they can be of interest to that user? The answer is "Yes" will be the case, if you need a system with a high level of protection against hacking. In particular, the AMD Ryzen Pro, according to the company, represent the only industry solution with a complete transparent data encryption in memory. As Intel vPro, AMD Ryzen Pro supports a lot of features to protect data and systems from secure boot and secure authentication to guarantee trustworthy computing. But unlike...

National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) unveiled the amazing sounds coming from the depths of Mars. The data received from the interplanetary station InSight. Recall that the device landed on the red planet in late November of last year. InSight is a stationary platform, unable to move. The station is designed to study the internal structure and processes occurring in the bulk Martian soil. For this there are two instruments: seismometer SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure) and HP (Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe), designed to measure heat flow under the surface of the planet.

Officially known that the two key next-generation console — Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett — will support hybrid rendering techniques ray tracing in real time. How it will be implemented is not yet clear, but the latest rumors published by Gizmodo, argued that the approaches of the two major gaming companies to the trace differ markedly. The informant hinted that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will use different methods, but, unfortunately, to go into detail did not. But he also said that the new console from Microsoft and Sony will be the largest jump point of view of increase of computing power in the history of gaming consoles.

According to the site ExtremeTech, around the development center of Samsung in the United States (Austin, Texas) spun funnel rumors of impending layoffs. Samsung has refused to comment on the rumors. But a number of sources I am sure that this is due to the expected refusal from the policy of Samsung developing their own cores (processor architectures) on a set of ARM commands. Instead, the company supposedly will change the policy in favor of licensing the finished cores from the company ARM, as this in recent years came from Qualcomm. In this place it must be recalled that Samsung launched its flagship smartphones, and not only in the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon and its Exynos processors in the nuclei of Mx (M4 in the latest implementation). Independent...

Samsung Electronics became the leader in the global telecommunications equipment market 5G. According to research firm Dell'oro, the market share of Samsung for the period from the fourth quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year amounted to 37 %. Huawei took second place with 28 %, followed by Ericsson with 27% and Nokia with 8 %. This rating is completely different from the balance of forces on the world market of telecommunication equipment. According to IHS, Markit, Huawei took last year on the world market of telecommunications equipment of first place with a share of 31 %, while Samsung Electronics ' market share was only 6.6 percent.