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Is part of the 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake-U chip Core i7-1165G7 again in synthetic tests. This time he not only showed a marked performance increase compared to the current generation of Ice Lake-U, but performed very well against the fastest AMD CPU Ryzen 4000 series Renoir-U. Recall that while neurocirurgia Intel Tiger Lake-U is built using advanced 10-nanometer technological process on the basis of a new architecture of Willow Cove. In turn, the competition in the face of a series of chips Ryzen 4000U (Renoir), released in April of this year, using a 7-nm process technology and architecture of Zen 2.

Many of you probably know that the OnePlus Nord is not one smartphone, but the name of a new series. The Chinese company previously confirmed that it will release low-cost smartphones as part of a family Nord, starting from the first unit, which will cost less than $500 (a prototype of it we already showed). But why in the name OnePlus Nord? That is going to convey the company? Well, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei (Carl Pei) has finally shed light on this question, and, as it turned out, the name has no relation to the Nordic countries or people. According to Mr. Pei, the naming of the "Nord" refers to the concept of true North.

In the database synthetic test Geekbench 4 was seen 10-Core Intel Core i9-10850K series Comet Lake-S. As indicated by the network sources, the chip might be more favorable from a financial point of view alternative to the flagship model of the Core i9-10900K. Intel Core i9-10900K as the rest of the chips of the new generation, went on sale last may. However, the world's fastest 10-core processor is very difficult to find on sale, because worldwide there is a shortage. The recommended price of the flagship is $488, but Intel must be making a little less powerful but more affordable option in the form of Core i9-10850K. An interesting novelty noticed the notorious Tum_Apisak.

It became known Today that a consortium that includes the British government, defeated at the recent new York auction to purchase bankrupt telecommunications satellite company OneWeb. The value of the bid of the consortium led by Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises is a $1 billion of this amount, $500 million will come from the UK government that will provide him a 20 percent share. As expected, the U.S. court of bankruptcy in the southern district of new York decides to approve of the deal until next Friday, July 10. Also, the purchase must be approved by US regulators.

In Spite of the bad news for the fans of photography Olympus, the famous Japanese company is yet too early to dismiss. Her camera and lenses will continue to produce Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) under the brands the OM-D and Zuiko, and now the company is no slouch. Olympus shared details about his upcoming 150-400 mm lens f/4.5 with built-in 1.25 x teleconverter. Development lens M. Zuiko Digital ED 150-400 mm f/4.5 TC1,25x IS PRO was first announced in January 2019, and now Olympus has announced that the device will arrive on the market in the winter of 2020. This is the first lens company with a built-in teleconverter. It allows you to extend the focal range from 300-800 mm (when working with a camera format Micro Four Thirds) to 375-1000 mm (35 mm...

Apple is contemplating the possibility of safe replacement of passports, driving license and other identity documents in one single electronic device that will store digital versions of these documents. It is reported by AppleInsider. Recently the company from Cupertino has proposed a plan to rid the world of car keys. But before that smart phones have long enabled us to forget about the need to carry wallets, separate notebooks, camera, pens and much more. Now the company has decided to pay attention to passports, driver's licenses, permits and any types of physical documents.

To celebrate 4th of July US independence Day us scientists have prepared their fire show. The researchers combined in one frame the sky areas in the region of birth of young stars in our galaxy taken at different wavelengths in the infrared and radio. Combined images taken with the space telescope "Hubble" and the ALMA radio telescope in Chile has provided a picture of the star fireworks ― the ignition of young stars in molecular clouds of dust and gas. ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), Y. Cheng et al.; NRAO/AUI/NSF, S. Dagnello; NASA/ESA Hubble

A well-Known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) of TF International Securities said in a note to investors that the upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 12 will receive the main camera with high quality optics manufacturing Largan. According to the analyst, Largan, which is a manufacturing partner of Apple, will start supplying lenses for iPhone in mid-July. Compared to previous years, the start of production of optics Largan in the second half of 2020 was deferred for four to six weeks. This means that the peak supply lenses iPhone will occur in the period from September to November, although in previous years, the firm supplied most of its products to Apple for the Assembly of smartphones in the period from August to October.

The Chinese company Vivo, one of the largest suppliers of smartphones, has published a teaser image, revealing some of the features of the productive smartphone iQOO Z1x, which is now preparing to release. The preparation is named apparatus we have already reported. According to rumors, the basis of the device lies a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, equipped with a modem X52 5G with support for mobile networks of the fifth generation. The novelty will be available in versions with a flash drive capacity of 64, 128 and 256 GB. RAM — 6 or 8GB.

The holding company "Russian space systems" (RKS, included in the state Corporation "Roscosmos") is currently working on a new telemetry system "Astra", which is designed to reduce the dimensions and mass characteristics of new missiles and reduce the cost of pre-flight preparation. Astra, developed by specialists of the Scientific-production Association of measuring equipment (NPO it, is included in DCS) will be installed on the third stage of a light rocket "Rokot-M" booster block "breeze-KM". This will reduce the amount of telemetry systems on Board. Astra will run for the entire cycle of training products: from transportation and filling of the upper stage to the pre — training and start- a total of about two weeks.

According to some sources, the announcement of a new emerging smartphone Motorola razr 5G can take place in August this year. Others argue that the launch of new products can transfer to 2021. However, the appearance of the device in the database of the Chinese regulator said in favor of the fact that the machine is ready and its output is not far off. Model number Motorola razr 5G — XT2071. Gadget ID XT2071-4 (the last digit indicates the version for China) recently received approval from the Chinese regulator 3C. Without it the device cannot be sold in the territory of China.

Samsung Electronics, according to resource LetsGoDigital, applied for trademark registration Antimicrobial Coating (antimicrobial coating). It is expected that the South Korean giant will soon release a new accessories for mobile devices, is coated with a special antibacterial layer. It is primarily about creating covers, carrying cases and covers for smartphones and tablets. These gadgets, due to use, may constitute the real breeding grounds for germs.

Group for the Global monitoring of e-waste at the UN has released updated data on the statistics of the account of electronic waste ― discarded or partially recycled electronics and electrical equipment. Weight of waste around the world has reached a critical level exceeded the majority of the adult population of Europe. In fact, from 2014 to 2030 the volume of e-waste promises to double. In 2019, the world has made 53,6 million (metric) tons of electronic waste, which is 21 % more than in 2014. If the garbage will be disposed of in a similar rate, then in 2030, the dump will be sent to 74 million tons of e-waste. All because of a reduction in the life cycle of devices and products, as well as limiting the possibilities for their repair. In other words, the...

Tense situation between India and China, connected with the conflict between the two countries at their common border, led to the suspension of production of iPhone in India. As it has strengthened control over the supply from China, many products of long delayed at the customs. This led to a shortage of components in the factories of the company Foxconn, which is engaged in contract manufacturing for Apple iPhone. Because of a dispute between the two countries, other companies that have manufacturing facilities in India, are also faced with the problems that arise due to the delay of deliveries. The source says that the customs in Indian ports, detained a large number of products from China, including dozens of orders with accessories for Foxconn. At that...

At the June event Future of Gaming, Sony has unveiled the appearance of the PlayStation 5 and showed accessories for the console. However, the price and release date PS5 remain a mystery. The Japanese company is in no hurry to share this information, but if you believe the insider, very soon she will break the skin. According to him, Sony will announce the release date and the cost of the console no later than July 13. Will also open pre-orders for the PlayStation 5. It all started with the fact that the journalist Venture Beat Jeff Grubb (Jeff Grubb) has updated its list of upcoming gaming events. He added a few events such as summer festival of the demos on the Xbox One, which will available trial versions from 75 to 100 projects. The reporter shares...