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Chinese telecommunications company Huawei intends in 2021 to start producing self-driving cars in partnership with some European, Japanese and Chinese automakers. Dan Wenchuan (Dang Wenshuan), in Huawei responsible for developing strategy, said in an interview with the Financial Times online that the company is currently engaged in the development of software based on artificial intelligence to self-driving cars in conjunction with car companies Audi, GAC Toyota Motor, as well as Chinese automakers Beijing New Energy Automobile and Changan Automobile.

Chinese Telecom operators continue to work toward deployment in the country's commercial networks fifth generation (5G). One of the devices that support 5G networks will be the smartphone Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, which may soon appear on the market. In favor of this statement says that the device has passed the 3C compulsory certification. It is still unclear when the gadget will appear on sale. Earlier, representatives of China Unicom said that the smartphone Mate X5 20 G will cost 12 800 yuan, equivalent to U.S. currency is approximately $1880. However, the Huawei alluding to the fact that the device with support for 5G in the Chinese market will be cheaper.

Recently, AMD has introduced its flagship desktop processor on the architecture of Zen 2 — 16-nuclear Ryzen 9 3950X. During the presentation, AMD compared its new Intel Core i9-9960X, which also has 16 cores and 32 threads. Expected the AMD chip was faster, but it now appears that in some cases it bypasses even more processing power competitor. In the database of known performance test Geekbench showed the entry about testing a 16-core CPU AMD new generation which, apparently, is the new Ryzen 9 3950X. And "red" new shows here an outstanding result in 61 072 points in the multithreaded test.

In terms of the us-China trade war Huawei has undergone a large number of restrictions and prohibitions that significantly complicate the conduct of business. After the United States some countries were quick to impose restrictions on cooperation with Chinese tech giants and prohibitions on the use of Huawei equipment. However, this policy does not hold all States. The Minister of technology of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Amer al-Matchmaker (Abdullah bin Amer al-Swaha) in a recent interview said that he does not see any obstacles to use the products created by the Chinese company Huawei Technologies Co. That was his response to a question about whether he considers dangerous use of telecommunications equipment Huawei.

In may of this year Microsoft and Google released information about the fourth vulnerability class Meltdown-Spectre — SBB (speculative store bypass, CVE-2018-3639 or Spectre V4). Following this, AMD has recognized the vulnerability of its chips this type of attack and advised to install the hotfix on operating system level. Now in the technical description of their new chips (flagship 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X was presented during E3 2019) AMD reported that microarchitecture Zen 2 is the hardware protection against Spectre V4 (however, some of the fixes at the OS level are still needed). Microarchitecture the current 14-nm-generation Zen and Zen+ involve the use of patches solely on the OS level. Also 2 Zen no longer requires protection from some of the options...

In the next quarter Apple is expected to introduce three new smartphone models: iPhone XS 2019, iPhone XS iPhone Max 2019 and 2019 XR. Another piece of information about the third of the novelties at the disposal of network sources. It is reported that the iPhone XR 2019 will surpass its predecessor in battery capacity. The original version of the iPhone XR is on Board the battery 2942 mA·h. the New device is rumored, will get the battery on a 3110 mAh. Therefore, the increase in capacity will be about 5 %.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) said that in the second quarter of 2019, the company may set a record production and sales of electric cars. He said this at a meeting with shareholders, which took place in California. Mr. Musk said that the company is not experiencing any problems with the demand, and the level of sales in the second quarter exceeded the rate of production. In his opinion, Tesla can finish quarter cut with record levels of production and sales. Even if this does not happen, the company will be very close to the best result in history.

The Results of the last fiscal quarter for NVIDIA was very successful, and the leadership conference often referred to as a surplus server components, which was formed last year and low demand for its products in China, where in the previous year, the company formed up to 24 % of total revenues, including Hong Kong. By the way, such problems are not unique to NVIDIA, because reporting events to the weakness of demand in China and sluggish server market complained and Intel and some other companies. Pessimism of investors has been made worse, as chief financial officer of NVIDIA refused to update the forecast revenues for the entire calendar year 2019 and issued a forecast only for the next quarter. Image source: NVIDIA

According to the updated forecast of the analytical company Digitimes Research, supply monoblock PC in 2019 will be reduced by 5 % and will reach 12.8 million units. Previous expectations had been more optimistic: it was assumed that this segment of the market will experience zero growth. The main reasons for the lower forecast was escalating trade war between the US and China, as well as the continuing shortage of Intel processors. Among the manufacturers greatest fall in supply is expected from Apple and Lenovo, the leaders of this sector of the market. Less lost HP and Dell, which occupy third and fourth places in the ranking of the largest suppliers of monoblock all-in-one (All-in-One, AIO). A chain reaction of negative dynamics from vendors will switch...

According to industrial sources in Taiwan, referenced online resource DigiTimes, the Chinese manufacturer memory company ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) in full swing preparing lines for mass production of LPDDR4 memory. The company ChangXin, also known under the name Innotron Memory is said to have developed its own process of production DRAM using 19-nm technology standards. To commercial memory issue at its first 300-mm venture ChangXin was to start in the first half of 2019. Alas, this has not happened yet. But the start of production of 8-Gigabit chips DDR4 LPDDR4 will be accompanied by expansion of capacity to 20 thousand 300-nm silicon wafers per month. The maximum capacity of the lines in the enterprise ChangXin reaches 125 thousand 300-mm...

Less than a month ago DJI went beyond the world of manual gimbals and drones, firing Osmo Action — new sports camera which challenged the GoPro. Now the Chinese manufacturer has decided to try his hand in another new category of devices: the educational battle robots. At first glance RoboMaster S1 looks weird, but DJI immediately noted that robotics is an important part of her DNA. Founder and CEO Frank Wang (Frank Wang) studied robotics at school, and in recent years the company has been in China a series of tournaments for the robotic fighting under the flag RoboMasters.

At the end of last month, many motherboard manufacturers, including ASUS, presented in the exhibition Computex 2019 their new AMD chipset X570. However, the cost of these new products was not announced. Now, with the approaching release date of the new motherboard, find out more details about their costs, and these details are not encouraging. Resource TechPowerUp got from a reliable source from Taiwan price list with recommended prices in US dollars some upcoming ASUS motherboards on the basis of the X570. The most affordable model, ASUS Prime X570-P, is estimated by the manufacturer at $160. Close to it in characteristics TUF Gaming X570-Plus is evaluated at $170, and its version with support for Wi-Fi 6 — $185. Overall, not too bad.

At E3 2019, AMD has made a number of announcements, the key of which was the graphics card Navi in the face of Radeon RX XT 5700 and 5700, as well as flagship of a 16-core processor Ryzen 9 3950X. However, the company released a series of commercials focusing on gaming features of their products. The first trailer is dedicated to a brand new accelerator Radeon RX XT and 5700 5700 based on the perspective the architecture of the RDNA. It focuses on 7-nanometer production technology, a 1.5-fold increase in performance per watt 2-fold increase in throughput due to GDDR6 memory, support PCI Express 4.0, hardware decoding up to 8K and encoding 4K at 60 frames/s in HEVC format. In the end emphasizes the curved design of the cooling system with the phrase...

That AMD is implementing in their graphics processors support hardware acceleration of ray tracing, there was no doubt. However, the question remained: when will this happen? And now, in the framework of the exhibition E3, the company shared details on this matter. Announcing their new game console generation, Sony and then Microsoft confirmed that they will have support for hardware accelerated ray tracing, which will provide customized chips for AMD. However, announcing the Radeon RX 5700 series, AMD has announced that they are hardware accelerated ray tracing will not.

In the fourth quarter of this year, Huawei could be the leading smartphone vendor in the world, but now climbing to the top of the market is delayed. This was during the CES Asia, which takes place in Shanghai, said the chief specialist of strategic planning of Huawei Consumer Business Group Shao Yang (Shao Yang). Earlier this year, Huawei came in second place in the global ranking of manufacturers of smartphones, shifting from his Apple. The first line still belonged to Samsung, but it was assumed that the new turn of the Chinese brand will take at the end of the current year or at the latest early next.