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Earlier this year, Roberto Escobar (Roberto Escobar), brother of a Colombian drug Lord and politician Pablo Escobar, has released its own flamethrower — a device that, according to him was inspired by a flamethrower from Elon musk (Elon Musk). Now brother of the infamous drug Lord decided to enter the fray with Samsung and Huawei, introducing their own folding smartphone called Escobar Fold 1. However, Escobar Fold 1 like not Samsung Galaxy Fold, but rather the first commercial flexible camera FlexPai from Chinese Royole: the screen is also bent outward and folded the device can hardly be called compact. To some it may seem that Mr. Escobar challenges the Samsung, but he says that actually he needs Apple.

The Administration of Donald trump was considered in the beginning of this year the possibility of blocking access of the Chinese company Huawei to the U.S. financial system as one of many options sanctions pressure on manufacturers of telecommunications equipment listed in the end the black list. This was reported by Reuters citing sources familiar with the matter. The plan, which ultimately was postponed, provided the inclusion of the second-largest smartphone maker in the "List of specially designated persons" (SDN), U.S. Department of Treasury. This would make it almost impossible for Chinese companies to carry out transactions in US dollars.

Sony announced that the PlayStation brand became among the best-selling home gaming consoles in history, for which he was awarded the corresponding certificate of the Guinness Book of records. Four generations of Sony consoles sold worldwide circulation of more than 450 million copies. The original PlayStation debuted in Japan on December 3 1994 and in North America and Europe, it became available in September 1995. Worldwide it sold more than 102 million copies of the PlayStation, so it was the first console in the gaming industry, which was able to achieve such impressive results.

In the third quarter, according to Jon Peddie Research, shipments of discrete graphics cards increased by 42 % compared with the previous quarter, while NVIDIA managed to increase its share from five percentage points. And yet, a year AMD managed to strengthen its positions on the market of discrete graphics from 25.72 % to 27.08 %, and NVIDIA and the proportion reduced their presence in the market. What in quantitative terms will be the coming of victory AMD has tried to predict one of the regular authors of the relevant headings on the pages of the website Seeking Alpha. Image source: Seeking Alpha

The Company Gelid presented SubZero M. 2 XL — highly efficient cooling system for SSDs format M. 2 22110. The new product is designed to ensure the stable operation of the drive, and prevent the loss in productivity caused by the overheating of the controller (throttle). Novelty is a pretty thin aluminum radiator red or black. It is noted that a relatively small height of 3 mm radiator SubZero M. 2 XL can be used for cooling the SSD not only in PCs but also in some laptops. Here everything depends on the over drive free space.

American researchers from rice University and the University of California at Berkeley proposed to use the old telecommunication cables laid under water, for the formation of a global system of monitoring seismic activity. To achieve this goal, they decided to use fiber optic cables as sensors of seismic activity. The idea is that fluctuations of the earth's crust have an impact on the cables in the zone of activity, causing changes in the level of dispersion of a light beam in the waveguides. Appropriate monitoring equipment is able to capture such changes, defining them as seismic activity. The fact that the tracking of seismic activity on a global scale is a complex process, as it requires a large number of sensors and other equipment. So far, the oceans...

A Shortage of Intel processors has been observed for more than a year, but gradually it declined. However, according to Dell, in the current quarter, the situation worsened due to unexpectedly high demand for computers and servers. The result Dell had to downgrade the revenue forecast for the fourth quarter, because she simply can not sell more computers because of the lack of processors for them. Last week, Intel sent producers a letter of apology for delay in the supply of processors. It notes that despite the increase in production of 14-nm production in 2019 25% compared to the same period last year, the demand still exceeded the supply. In addition, in the fourth quarter, Intel could not produce enough processors for servers and systems in the upper...

Intel has been forced to sell his business for the production of chips for smartphones Apple with a "multibillion dollar loss". This was stated by the representative of Intel today held the hearing, noting that Qualcomm is ousted by the American manufacturer from the market. Intel filed a statement of claim in the ninth circuit U.S. court of appeals, in which Qualcomm is trying to appeal against it adopted an antitrust decision in the case initiated on the initiative of the Federal trade Commission (FTC). Intel believe that the earlier decision of the court should remain in force. Appellate proceedings in this case will be launched in January next year.

Audi has announced plans to accelerate the implementation of its plans to expand the range of electric vehicles. In this regard, was an updated investment schedule, which now includes funding the expansion of electric mobility in the amount of 12 billion euros. All the company has planned for the period up to 2024 investment and spending on research and development, and investment in fixed assets in the amount of 37 billion euros. To Finance these investments, Audi announced earlier this week that it plans to cut by 2025 9500 jobs in its factories in Germany. However, as expected, the expansion in the production of electric vehicles will add 2000 new jobs.

The British organization Carbon Trust, which assess carbon emissions and water consumption in industrial production, has certified the module's flash memory Samsung eUFS 3.0 512GB. According to Samsung, the industry's first mobile flash drives that have passed such certification. According to experts, the production of one mobile memory module eUFS 3.0 512GB need 310 liters of water, and the emissions of carbon amount to 13.4 kg. At first glance it seems that quite a lot, but in fact, the semiconductor industry is a pretty "clean". For comparison, production, operation for three years and recovery 11 iPhone with 128 GB of memory, according to Apple, provides 77 kg of carbon emissions.

Jaguar Land Rover announced a further development of connected cars: from now on, all new models of Jaguar and Land Rover will be able to upgrade the onboard software through the air. We are talking about the SOTA platform. It gives you the ability to download updates wirelessly, without the need to visit the official dealership. Instead, customers will be able to quickly and easily download new software independently using the installed in car SIM card or Wi-Fi connection.

Since the announcement of Apple AirPods wireless AudioCenter always showed himself well in the market. But launched on 30 October on sale AirPods Pro still faced with abnormally high demand. It is expected that this year the total supply of different options AirPods will reach 60 million units. Probably because of this very optimistic situation with sales of Apple has decided to radically increase production. It is reported that Apple Executive Tim cook recently sent out to its producers the Memorandum. In particular, the company asked Chinese supplier Lucent Precision to double production volumes from the current 1 million units per month to 2 million currently have Lucent Precision has two factories for the production of Apple AirPods headphones Pro. It...

Reserves created in the depths of Valve's headset virtual reality Index, as reported by VG247 resource, is already completely sold out in the US and Canada, and we are talking about all the kits of the device. Although helmet no discounts "Black Friday", the recent announcement of Half-Life: Alyx has undoubtedly been a surge of interest. According to the traditional ranking of the sales on Steam over the past week, it was the second most popular product. On the purchase page of the helmet now displays the message "coming Soon". As reported by Road to VR, stocks, apparently, there are still other countries like UK. Recall: Valve Index is sold in 31 countries — unfortunately, this list does not include Russia. The most expensive kit that includes a headset...

Monthly reports in the popular German online store says that the demand for AMD processors is growing steadily after the appearance of the models Ryzen first generation and the third generation of these desktop processors have been able to significantly strengthen its position in the retail market of Germany. With statistics of the global nature provided by the Agency Mercury Research, data MindFactory vary significantly according to the reason that the structure of demand in the retail and corporate market is different. The representatives of HP Inc. at a recent quarterly conference admitted that the shortage of Intel processors the company has to look for alternatives, but collections still form a significant part of the range. More inert market of...

Huawei Technologies has decided to challenge the decision of the Federal communications Commission (FCC) prohibit mobile operators in rural areas of the United States to use subsidies from the universal service Fund the FCC (Universal Service Fund, USF) total volume of $8.5 billion to purchase equipment from the Chinese company, said a resource Wall Street Journal. This step is the Telecom regulator can eliminate a key source of financing of big business of Huawei in the US, implementing here the telecommunication equipment. REUTERS/Aly Song