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In February of this year, Huawei unveiled its first smartphone with support for 5G: it was flexible camera Mate X, which can be found in our material. Then, it was reported that there will be released version of Mate 20 X smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation. Now, new details about that device. The standard version Mate 20 X equipped with a 7.2-inch display FHD+ (2244 × 1080 pixels) with a small cutout in the upper part, a signature processor Kirin 980, triple main camera (40 million, 20 million and 8 million pixels) and a battery capacity of 5000 mA·h

As we previously reported, a family of flagship smartphones OnePlus 7 can include three models — the standard version of the OnePlus 7, a more powerful version of the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus version 7 Pro 5G with support for mobile networks of the fifth generation. Now available online sources was information about the characteristics of the device OnePlus 7 Pro. CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau (Pete Lau) has published a teaser image with the slogan "Fast and Smooth", which shows the future novelty. It is noted that the smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro will get bent on the sides of the display. Supposedly will be applied Quad HD+ AMOLED with a diagonal of 6.64 inches. The screen refresh rate is 90 Hz.

Today we wrote about the technical characteristics of GeForce GTX 1650, which is already less than a week should be submitted officially. Now the same resource VideoCardz was able to confirm information on the cost of the upcoming news, and he gladly shared it with the world. It is reported that the graphics card entry level NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, which will be able to offer 896 CUDA cores and 4 GB of GDDR5 memory, will be sold at a price of $149. The price NVIDIA recommends that you install the most accessible version of new items. Of course, a few more advanced modifications from the manufacturers will cost more.

The Taiwan resource Economic Daily reported Apple's plans to release in the spring of 2020 updated for 4.7-inch iPhone based smartphone iPhone 8. Speaking about the specifications of the new smartphone, a resource called CPU is "A13," which is expected to be used in the flagship iPhone models 2019, 128 GB of flash memory and a camera with one module. With the aim of reducing the price of the new model, the company refuses to support Face ID and array of cameras TrueDepth. Although potentially this offer looks attractive, analysts say it is not the best idea.

, Intel continues to aggressively expand its portfolio of offerings for integration into the programmable array (FPGA or, in Russian, FPGA). It all started almost ten years ago, but in aggressive stage Intel moved to 2016 after absorbing one of the largest developers of FPGA company Altera. Today Intel matrix considered as an integral part of "data-centric" world. If we take the individual field of application, the FPGA can significantly speed up processing of video streams, not only improving image quality but also through analysis of the pictures and even making decisions based on what he saw. And this is machine learning and artificial intelligence elements. In the asset Intel has a lot of gain for the implementation of machine vision, machine learning...

Although AMD has not yet provided their processors on the architecture of Zen 2, the Network is already talking about the successors to the chips on the basis of Zen 3, which should be presented next year. So, a resource PCGamesN decided to understand how does the transfer of data processors on improved 7-nm process technology (7 nm+). As you know, Ryzen 3000 processors on the architecture of Zen 2, which is expected to be released very soon, produced by Taiwanese company TSMC according to the "ordinary" 7-nm process technology with the use of deep ultraviolet lithography (Deep ultra violet, DUV). Future chip technology on the basis of Zen 3 to be superior to 7-nm process technology with the use of lithography in the "hard" ultraviolet (Extreme ultra...

Available network sources turned out to be "live" photos of the mid-level smartphone Samsung Galaxy A60, the characteristics of which last month revealed Chinese center for certification of telecommunication equipment (TENAA). As you can see in the pictures, the unit is equipped with screen Ininfity-O. In the upper left corner of the panel there is a small hole, which houses a selfie-camera based on a 32-megapixel sensor. The display has a size of 6.3 inches diagonally and has a resolution of FHD+ (2340 × 1080 pixels).

In the Internet appeared the final specifications of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, sales of which should begin next week. Data "leaked" from the site on which were placed the parameters of the four models of video cards, along with detailed specifications. The device runs on GPU TU117 on the architecture of Turing, which has in its Arsenal of 896 CUDA cores. In the presence of 56 blocks texture (TMU) and 32 blocks rendering (ROP). According to the data, the operating frequencies of the devices will be in the range of 1395 MHz to 1560 MHz. Video card has 4 GB of GDDR5 memory with a 128-bit bus, which operates at the frequency of 8000 MHz, thereby providing a total bandwidth of 128 GB/s nominal Rate of power consumption is 75 W, which means no...

It is not a secret that the next generation Sony PlayStation will use hybrid AMD processors on the architecture of Zen 2 and with the graphics core generation Navi with support for ray tracing. According to industry sources, the processors will be launched in the third quarter of 2020 for the expected release of the PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2020. The PlayStation 5 will use AMD architecture Zen 2 and core Navi. Start of production of the new chip is planned in the third quarter of 2020

The Company OSM Aviation involved in the selection of personnel and training in the field of aviation, has issued an order for the purchase of 60 all-electric aircraft American developed by Bye Aerospace. Representatives of the Norwegian company said that the largest ever order for the purchase of electric airplanes eFlyer 2 will be the next step, which will help to make the aviation industry more eco-friendly point of view. The new aircraft will be available to the flight centres OSM Aviation Academy, where they will be used for training. Pilots undergoing training on the electric planes will get licenses of the standard sample. In addition, the use of aircraft with electric engines will reduce the cost of the flights.

The Developers of Acer announced its own high-performance virtual reality headset for the Windows platform Mixed Reality. A device called the ConceptD OJO supports a resolution of 4320 × 2160 pixels and has a simplified system configuration marlinskogo distance. In product design there are removable straps, changing the position which you can achieve comfort of the headset on the user's head. New focus on the professional users, she presents a series of hardware Acer, is designed for content producers. Users ConceptD OJO will be able to use the mechanical adjustment of the distance between the lenses, depending on their physiological characteristics. This is useful if the device is used at the plant, which interact with it can many different people. The...

A Few days ago one of the Dutch editions he published a scandalous article which reported on the alleged theft of one of the tech company ASML in order to give the authorities in China. The company ASML develops and produces equipment for manufacturing and testing semiconductors, which by definition are interested in China and beyond. Because ASML is building manufacturing relationships with Chinese companies, the case of theft of technology by the Chinese could cause a resonance in society. Therefore, a manufacturer of lithography equipment for chip manufacturing was forced to officially react to the publication, which he did. The ASML scanner NXE:3300B for EUV-lithography

This year Samsung launched an offensive in the low-end segment, fighting with their competitors by using a new series of phones Galaxy M, specially developed for those wishing to get a good ratio of price and quality. So far, the company has announced three perspective models in the face of the Galaxy M10, M20 and M30. But the Korean electronics manufacturer has not finished in the near future is preparing to release the Galaxy model M40, which lit up on the portal Wi-Fi Alliance. More specifically, there was noticed model SM-M405F running the Android mobile operating system 9 Pie. According to information from the Indian source of the resource Gizchina, that number hides M40 Galaxy.

At the end of this week it was announced that the California authorities allowed to test light-duty trucks on public roads. The state Department of transportation has prepared the relevant documents that outline the process of obtaining licenses by companies aiming to test unmanned trucks. Before the tests will be given to vehicles whose weight does not exceed 4.5 tonnes, including pickups, vans, station wagons etc. More heavy vehicles like large trucks, semi-trailers, buses will not be able to participate in the trials. It is worth noting that California has long been one of the centres of testing of Autonomous vehicles. The emergence of new opportunities, allowing to organize testing of freight cars with Autonomous control systems, probably will not...

Recently revealed that a normal fiber-optic cables can work as sensors of seismic activity. Fluctuations in the earth's crust affect laid in the activity zone cable and cause deviations in the degree of dispersion of the light beam in the waveguides. Equipment detects these deviations and identificeret them as seismic activity. In the year-ago experiments, for example, by using laid in the ground fiber optic cables managed to fix even the steps of the pedestrians. View of the camp of scientists on the glacier (Institute of Geophysics / VAW / ETH Zurich)