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The Company Huami belonging to Xiaomi, is responsible for the production of many wearable devices the Chinese giant, including the release of the smart watch line Amazfit. Recently in the Internet appeared the teaser image of the new device Amazfit on which smart watch blurred, so it is difficult to judge their design. Now the developers have posted a new image stating that the gadget will be officially unveiled in China on June 11. The report said that the device will appear in the event Huami Technologies 2019, which in a few days will be held in Beijing.

Previous quarterly report conference Apple brought the tentative optimism of the iPhone maker about the dynamics of the demand for these smartphones in the Chinese market. By the way, in this country, the U.S. company receives about 18 % of net revenues, so to ignore the interests of Chinese consumers without compromising their income she can't. Awareness of this fact, by the way, has allowed Apple to reduce the prices of smartphones in China in an attempt to partially compensate for the weakening of the national currency against the U.S. dollar. The Chinese government simultaneously lowered the VAT rate, and Apple launched the signature program of exchange of old smartphone and purchase a new iPhone on the installment plan. All these measures allowed in...

On Tuesday in an interview with the news Agency CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that he does not consider the likely scenario in which products of American giant from Cupertino fall under the sanctions of the Chinese authorities. The danger of the situation in this direction is enhanced by the growth of tensions between the US and China that has resulted in the increase of trade taxes in huge amounts. Earlier, the US imposed a 25 percent duty on goods from China totaling approximately $200 billion. In response, on June 1, China imposed 25 percent tariffs on more than 5,000 American goods worth about $60 billion In the case of imposition of duties of Apple devices will grow by hundreds of dollars. Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) at the Worldwide...

In Moscow accelerated testing of mobile networks fifth generation (5G), as reported by the newspaper "Vedomosti". In particular, the planned formation of a new pilot 5G-zones. It is noted that the state Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF) has not extended the validity of the test zones 5G in the frequency band 3,4–3,8 GHz. This band is considered to be the most attractive for communication systems of the fifth generation, but these frequencies are now used in military, aerospace structures, etc. And to leave this range the current owners don't want to.

ADATA actively expanding the range of products sold under the gaming brand XPG. We already wrote that in a recent exhibition Computex 2019 was presented first in the history of power Reactor Core XPG. However, apart from them there was announced the first housing for ADATA XPG XPG Invader and Battlecruiser, as well as liquid cooling system XPG Levante. And even the manufacturer introduced a number of new peripherals and accessories for the players. Cooling system XPG Levante created by well-known OEM manufacturer Asetek. It is equipped with a 240 mm aluminum radiator which is responsible for blowing a pair of 120mm fans with a custom addressable RGB led. The fan noise does not exceed 37 dBA and the maximum airflow is 75 CFM. Like most maintenance-free DLC...

Microsoft has officially unveiled a new Xbox One bundle with Fortnite's Battle Royale and hard disk 1 TB included. The console in this set made in a beautiful gradient of purple color. The wireless controller also has a purple color. Included with the console buyers will find a digital copy of one of the most popular multiplayer games of recent years — Fortnite Battle Royale, a code to download exclusive Dark suit Vertex (the outfit, the glider and the rare kirk) and 2000 V-bucks. And also a trial subscription of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for 1 month.

Last week in Taiwan was Taipei, the largest computer exhibition Computex 2019, where it presents so many different new products that we just don't have time to tell about all. However, to write about some of them definitely worth it. For example, I would like to briefly walk through the new products presented by Gigabyte on its stand. Gigabyte brought home to her the Computex 2019 quite a lot of interesting novelties. As other have produced motherboards, one of the most interesting exhibits at the stand of steel Gigabyte motherboard on the new chipset AMD X570.

Despite the difficulties faced by Huawei recently, the developer continues to release new devices. It is noteworthy that he does this not only inside China, but also in the markets of other countries. One of the latest Chinese technology giant will soon be available in Russia. We are talking about the smartphone average price categories: Huawei smart P Z, one of the main features of which is the unusual implementation of the front-facing camera. In the design of the device has a special pull-out module, which has front camera. This approach is not peculiar to devices of the average level pull-out allows you to hide the module in the upper end of the device.

Processors was introduced simultaneously with new solutions Apple Mac Pro, which they, apparently, are. In fact, the new items are variations of server processors Intel Xeon Cascade Lake SP. At the moment, the nine models W CPU Xeon with number of cores from 8 to 28 and claimed TDP in the range of from 160 to 205 watts. Integrated memory controller supports six channels of ECC DDR4-2933. Except the OCTA core model, which has got support only DDR4-2666. But the Intel DC Optane Persistent Memory were deprived of all the models. LGA3647 socket Xeon W received from the older ones, but this series does not work in the composition mnogotochechnykh systems. But they are also the new inherited version with support for extended with a standard 1 TB up to 2 TB of RAM...

CEO Samsung Electronics at the consumer electronics Kim Hyun-Sook (Kim Hyun-suk) announced the approximate launch date of the sale of smart dynamics of Galaxy Home. In a recent interview he announced that the device Galaxy Home, which will be the center of Samsung home appliances, will be available in "the middle of the second half of the year." We will remind, the speaker Galaxy Home built using AI technology and designed to combine many "smart" home features. The presence of the integrated voice assistant will allow the device to compete in the market with products such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, etc. for the First time about the gadget started talking last summer, but the official presentation was still not done. Probably, the developers are in no...

Judging from past experience, represented now professional the Mac Pro will exist as a platform not less than 6 years. Apple touts the unparalleled power of its new workstation, while offering over $6000 a very modest base configuration. Not surprisingly, just a question, but how much is that system referred to in advertising brochures? Although the cost of the original components are not yet fully clear, the journalists of the Verge tried to estimate the maximum configuration, focusing on the closest analogues, and came to the conclusion that the minimum price configuration with 28-core Intel Xeon W, 1.5 TB RAM, 4-TB volume of SSD and with just one basic graphics card is $33 720.

At the time when IBM still owned the factories and was headed by an Alliance of chip makers, as the Common Platform, the provider of a number of key blocks for the design of signal circuits by the companies of the Alliance was an independent developer of Analog Bits. Of GlobalFoundries did not yet exist, and was AMD's two plants in Dresden. Like others, AMD used tools Analog Bits to design circuits and interfaces. Today GlobalFoundries on the rights of the heir Common Platform and AMD resumes (or continues) the practice of co-operation with the Analog Bits. According to the press release GlobalFoundries, set to design analog and mixed circuits by using IP blocks, Analog Bits is adapted for the production of chips with process technology GlobalFoundries 12LP...

The German company Infineon Technologies AG has presented interesting and unique in its field development: sveicinati digital barometer to measure pressure and temperature. Sensor XENSIVTM DPS368 has dimensions of only 2.0 x 2.5 x 1.1 mm. the sensor is protected against water and dust. He has proved to withstand immersion to a depth of 50 meters for one hour (protection class IPx8). New 80 % less than the same pressure sensors with protection from moisture. Obviously this enthusiasm will be perceived by developers of electronics for sports and wearable devices to control the condition. Digital barometer Infineon XENSIVTM DPS368

At the recent Computex Seasonic 2019 the company has also organized its own stand and presented some very interesting products. First and foremost, of course, the company has shown the various power supplies, including a very unusual model with passive cooling. In addition, our attention was attracted by a rather elegant and practical solution for organizing power cables inside the computer case. Finally, Seasonic, in cooperation with the Wooting demonstrated analog keyboard, which, however, was introduced last year. But let's start with the power supply. One of the most unusual and interesting new Seasonic can rightly be called a Prime Fanless TX-700 — power supply 700 watt with fully passive cooling. Powerful BP often emit a lot of heat, and therefore...

ASUS during the annual conference of the National Association of broadcasters in Las Vegas (NV, USA) showed the monitors ProArt ProArt PA32UCX and PQ22UC designed for professional users. As stated by the developer, showcased models is the world's first monitors with support for Dolby Vision. It provides realistic image that literally comes to life on the screen due to the high level of brightness, contrast, wide coverage of the color space, and great detail, allowing you to make lighter shades up to 40 times brighter, and the dark — up to 10 times darker.