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Formally presenting the processor Ryzen 9 3950X in the middle of the year, AMD at first promised to begin sales in September, but by the end of the third quarter, said that the new 16 cores will hit the market in November. What factors contributed to the adoption of such decisions has been discussed in the news, but the official comments on the subject was predictably miserly. Today took another step processor announcement Ryzen 9 3950X, which last summer was has a price tag "$749", and from this level of AMD over the past few months has gone nowhere. Image source: AMD

State Corporation "Rosatom" launches the project under which is planned the development of the Russian quantum computer. It is also known that the project will be implemented until 2024, and the total volume of financing will amount to 24 billion rubles. To supervise the project office that was formed on the basis of digital block "Rosatom", will be Ruslan Yunusov, previously headed the development of a "road map" for quantum technologies in the Federal program "Digital economy". In addition, the project office will work to attract support in the industrial sector. First of all, we are talking about the companies that may be interested in removing competitive advantages quantum platforms.

Consolidated group of scientists from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and ETH Zurich (ETH Zurich) has developed micromachines that can be programmed for complex actions. The use of such machines is enormous: from medical, when the micro-robots will carry out operations in the human body, to use in industry, microelectronics, and even as metamaterials. For example, the surface of the object will allow the team to change their properties in a wide range from slippery to rough and water-repellent to wettable. Microrobot-a bird under an electron microscope. Color is a separate variable magnet magnetization (ETH Zurich)

Released the day before yesterday in the marketing Intel blog post comparing the performance of Intel Xeon and AMD Platinum 9282 EPYC 7742 caused unexpectedly strong reaction. Edition Serve The Home, examining the results and test configurations, suspected Intel of deliberate misinformation. The essence of the claims was to ensure that the company allegedly used a specifically unoptimized for modern CPUs, the AMD version of the GROMACS package, additionally placing a platform of "red" in a less advantageous position by understating the number of threads of the benchmark. In the end it turned out that this is not so, and GROMACS has been compiled with the correct settings. However, Intel conducted tests in a newer version of the package. Read more on...

Sales "Yandex.Phone", launched in December 2018, finally complete. According to the source of the resource "Kommersant", the total for the entire period of sales in communication networks has been activated 18 thousand "Yandex.Phones". In a press-service "Yandex" confirmed "Kommersant" that the phone was completely sold out in retail stores. In addition to the store "Yandex", where the starting price of the phone was 17 990 rubles, the device can be bought in a network "M. Video—Eldorado" stores, "VimpelCom", online store "Take" (a joint venture of Yandex and Sberbank), DNS, etc.

The name of the novelty reflects the number of logic elements — 10 million the Previous record very briefly held the FPGA Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU19P 9 million items, which was submitted in August of this year. However, Stratix GX 10M 10 — "two-headed" accelerator, as in fact two of the logic unit are combined with each other fast EMIB-bridges. Using EMIB connects and four of block transceivers with a total bandwidth of 0.85 Tbit/s. there are 25 920 EMIB connections EMIB among all crystals of the FPGA, which gives the total data rate 6.5 Gbps. Read more on ServerNews →

In 2021 at Russian airports can receive the technological drones that will be used including checks of air navigation equipment will fly over the territory and in the vicinity of airports. This was reported by RIA Novosti, the co-head of the working group "AERONET" Sergei Zhukov on the sidelines of the conference on the implementation of NTI "national technological revolution 20.35". Currently in Russia there is a ban on flying drones at the airport. According to Zhukov, the first drone, which will receive permission to fly from the airport can be a unmanned aircraft (UAV) of the company is a member of the "AERONET" "Kurser". BVS will be used in the area of air navigation equipment of the airport in order to check the quality of his work, including the...

Company Vivo and Samsung, as promised, held a joint presentation on output of the productive smartphones family Vivo X30. Officially announced that the device will serve eight-core Samsung Exynos 980. This chip contains a built-in 5G dual-mode modem with support for non-Autonomous (NSA) and standalone (SA) architectures. The speed of data transmission in 5G network can reach of 2.55 GB/s. moreover, the function of Dual Connectivity provides the combination of LTE and 5G to increase the speed of data loading to 3.55 Gbit/s.

Despite the fact that newly released processors Core i9-9900KS and so built on selected crystals, some stores began to select and sell those that is able to accelerate better than others. We recently wrote about a similar practice from the us store Silicon Lottery, and then by well-known German enthusiast Roman "der8auer" Hartung (Hartung Roman) selected the best Core i9-9900KS, which are now sold in a German shop CaseKing. Selected models of the Core i9-9900KS here got to the title prefix of "Advanced Edition" and is available in four versions, which differ in the maximum frequency achieved by all cores in the acceleration, and accordingly in price. Available processors, which ensures stable operation when the frequency of all eight cores from 5.0 to 5.3...

According to Japanese news Agency Nikkei, the sanctions Washington could strike at the Dutch manufacturer of equipment for the production of semiconductor company ASML. From three unnamed sources confirmed to the paper that ASML delayed the delivery of EUV scanners, the Chinese company SMIC. The SMIC is China's largest contract manufacturer of chips, and the fourth largest in the world in this area (fifth if you count contract the Samsung). For US sanctions, the manufacturer remains a priority target, because it not only produces the chips for the largest Chinese companies that have come under sanctions Washington, but still wholly supported by government funds in China. Collage Nikkei

Various elektrobayka are some of the most popular products on the platform of Xiaomi mikronizirovanne Youpin Crowdfunding. It is not surprising that the company decided to expand its range with the launch of elektroskutery produced by the Chinese startup. Electric moped Molinks standing on the platform 5499 yuan (about $785) and up to 6499 yuan (us$928). The bike is Molinks developed jointly by Qianjiang Motorcycle and Electric Car Thunder. It should be noted that Qianjiang Motorcycle is a pretty famous brand in the motorcycle industry. Moped Molinks has attractive design, so that in 2018 there even was awarded the German award IF Design Award.

Not long ago, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) stated that an electrical pick-up with a name Cybertruck will be the best product in Tesla history, although the timing of its appearance in the sale have not been announced. But a formal announcement, as explained by Musk this week on his Twitter, will be held on November 21 in Los Angeles. This date carries a certain symbolism, because previously the head of Tesla noted that the unusual design of the vehicle inspired by the movie "blade Runner" in 1982, and the style of "cyberpunk", and the events of this film took place in November 2019. Image source: CNBC

NVIDIA continues to expand its presence in the market of mini-systems for the sphere of IoT and robotics: in addition to the announced in the spring of this year the Board Jetson Nano presented the latest Jetson Xavier NX. The product is made in the same 260-pin form factor, in a compact Board with processor and memory, the connector is fully compatible, allowing you to use a "motherboard" from the previous model. The performance of the Jetson Xavier NX raised to a new level: if Jetson Nano used 4 core ARM A57 cores and 128 Maxwell, the novelty can boast the presence of 8 cores Carmel. This architecture is the successor of 2, and Denver uses the ARMv8 instruction set.2. The heating package is configurable: 10-watt mode active 6 cores (4×1.2 GHz + 2×1.5 GHz)...

We reported that in its quarterly report, Seagate has changed the revenue structure to its activities looked a bit more advantageous. But it's not the most interesting — much more interesting the company plans on increasing the volume of magnetic drives, which are still much more advantageous from the cost point of view the Gigabyte than solid-state. Despite the fact that Seagate hard drives in Backblaze reports about the reliability of the HDD does not look perfect, the company is preparing to launch a large-capacity HDD. The drive is 16 TB, released earlier this year in the corporate and consumer versions, in the beginning of 2020 will give way to the most capacious in the Seagate portfolio 18-TB model, which reportedly will be based on the same platform...

One of the major challenges that aerospace company SpaceX has set for itself is to achieve a truly reusable rockets. And for good reason: the company expects from them a huge cost savings compared to boosters are one time use, the use of which SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has described as a process similar to the one when the airline throws out their passenger planes after every perfect flight. TechCrunch/Darrell Etherington