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Novosibirsk plant of the holding "Schwabe" will begin serial production of the telescope Newton. It is alleged that the device is an exact replica of the original reflector, created a great scholar in 1668. The first lens of the telescope is the telescope-the refractor, which was developed Galileo Galilei in 1609. However, this device gave an image of low quality. In the mid 1660's Isaac Newton proved that the problem is caused by chromatism that can be eliminated if instead of the convex lenses use a spherical mirror. As a result, in 1668, there appeared Newton's telescope, bring the image quality to a new level.

Some time ago in the edition Physics Communications released scientific article "Harnessing domains for ferroelectric negative capacitance", sponsored by Russian physicists of the southern Federal University (Rostov-on-don) Yuri Tikhonov and Anna Reasonable physics from the French University of Picardy the name of Jules Verne, Igor Lukyanchuk and anais sen and also the materials of Argonne national laboratory Valery Vinokur. In article it is told about creation "the impossible" of the capacitor with the negative charge that was predicted decades ago, but received a practical embodiment. The displacement of the domain walls of the separation zone, polarity under the influence of external control voltage (Argonne National Laboratory)

At the end of may in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, will host the largest exhibition dedicated to technology — Computex 2019. And Intel today announced the launch in the framework of the exhibition several events where she will talk about new developments and technologies. On the first day of the exhibition, 28 may-Vice-President and head of client computing devices (Client Computing Group), Gregory Bryant (Bryant Gregory), will deliver the keynote speech. The theme of this event: "we Support the contribution of each to the common cause".

It is No secret that in recent time, Huawei has faced problems because of the trade war between China and the United States. The situation related to security problems of network equipment produced by Huawei, also remains unresolved. Because of this, the increasing pressure of several European countries on the Chinese manufacturer. All that does not stop Huawei to develop. Last year the company managed to achieve significant growth in business related to the production of consumer electronics, has achieved a dominant position within the Chinese smartphone market.

Easy inert gas helium does not have its own deposits and does not linger in the earth's atmosphere. It is produced either as a by-product from natural gas or extracted in the extraction of other minerals. Until recently, helium was extracted mainly at three major venues: one in Qatar and two in the USA (Wyoming and Texas). These three sources provided about 75 % of the world production of helium. In fact, the US has for decades been the largest supplier of helium in the world, but the situation has changed. Helium reserves in the United States is critically depleted. At the last auction held by the US authorities in September last year that sold the quotas on the supply of helium in 2019, the price of this gas have increased by 135% in annual terms. There...

At that time, in Russia the possibility of creating a stand-alone Internet, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko continues the construction of a kind of Silicon valley, which was announced back in 2005. Work in this direction will continue today, when the Belarusian President will meet with representatives of dozens of IT companies, including from Russia. During the meeting, IT companies learn about the benefits that you can get working in the Belarusian Park of high technologies. According to network sources, the meeting invited the representatives of 30 – 40 companies. Including "Yandex", which has managed to establish a unit "Yandexbot" working in Belarusian industrial Park. Representatives of the company have confirmed that the scheduled April...

One of the most impressive novelties presented at the annual CES 2019, has become a 219-inch display Samsung The Wall. The developers Sony has decided not to stand aside and created his own giant Micro LED display with a height of 17 feet (5.18 m) and a width of 63 feet (19,20 m). A fantastic display was presented at the exhibition of the National Association of broadcasters in Las Vegas. Huge display supports a resolution of 16K (15360 × 8640 px). Earlier it was announced that Samsung plans to start shipping TVs with 8K resolution, but the capabilities of modern television is far from even. The main reason is that generated by the companies of the content is not up to the quality of 4K, not to mention the higher resolution.

The Chinese company OPPO, according to network sources, is going to stop further development of the family of smartphone R Series. This week, we recall, OPPO has introduced the first devices under the new brand Reno. In particular, debuted the flagship model of Reno 10x Zoom Edition, equipped with a triple main camera with 10x optical zoom hybrid. In addition, the less powerful model Reno Standard Edition. Both devices had a unique extendable selfie camera, which is lifted one of the side parts.

Robot "Fedor", developed by NGO "Androidnye machinery" transferred to the Russian space Agency. This was reported in his Twitter blog the head of state Corporation Dmitry Rogozin. Fedor, or FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is a joint project of the National center of technology development and the basic elements of robotics of the advanced research Foundation and the NGO "Android technology". The robot can repeat the movement of the operator in a special exoskeleton. In this sensory system and force feedback provide a person comfort control with the implementation of the effects of "presence" in the robot's workspace.

At the annual event in new York the developers of Acer showed a number of interesting novelties. Among other things, the wide audience was presented a game monitor Predator CG437K P with a diagonal of 43 inches which supports a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K). The refresh rate reaches to 144 Hz. The monitor is certified to Display the HDR 1000 and covers the color space DCI-P at 90%. In the presence of the adaptive synchronization Adaptive Sync, which is able to adapt to the refresh rate of the output device, allowing the user to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Submitted to the novelty has three HDMI port, and one USB Type-C and DisplayPort.

In January, the company ASRock has launched a new series of motherboards under the name of Steel Legend, and at that time presented her in two models with AMD B450. Now the family has entered a new fee called Z390 Steel Legend, which also has high reliability and is designed to create productive game systems. As you might guess, the motherboard Z390 Steel Legend is built on the system logic Intel Z390 and is designed for Intel LGA 1151v2. The novelty has received the power subsystem with eight phases and one 8-pin EPS power connector for CPU. On the power of supply chains a fairly massive aluminum radiator.

When something needed to be fully unbiased and have an active imagination to believe in the possibility of manned flight into space. Now we take a flight astronauts to space for granted, but there remains a critical need to have innovative thinking to push the boundaries of research in our solar system and beyond. It is to promote ideas that sound like science fiction, but can become in the future, the latest technology, and designed a program of innovative and advanced concepts (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, NIAC).

Acer today held a major presentation, which was presented many new products. Among them was brand new ConceptD, which will be released for laptops, computers and monitors, designed for professional use. Novelties are focused on graphic designers, Directors, editors, engineers, architects, developers and other content creators. Desktop computer ConceptD 900 is the flagship of the new family. It is based on a pair of server processors Intel Xeon Gold 6148, the total 40 cores and 80 threads. It is complemented with professional NVIDIA Quadro 6000 RTX. RAM DDR4 ECC reaches up to 192 GB. For data storage provides up to two SSDS format M. 2 PCIe, and up to five hard drives in RAID 0,1 ligaments.

Collaborating with NASA, Lockheed Martin is developing a concept spacecraft that can not only deliver people to the moon and back. Company representatives say that such a project can be successfully implemented with sufficient resources. It is expected that future spacecraft will be made up of several modules. The developers intend to use the detachable elements which will allow to descend to the surface of the moon, and to rise with it, when you need to return to the ship. The lander will also be used for a future space station, which NASA plans to build near the moon to the moon's surface. This concept assumes that the astronauts will first be taken to the station, and from there on the descent module will be delivered on the lunar surface.

Acer held in new York's annual press conference, which introduced a new convertible notebook Spin 3, as well as the updates series the Aspire. New model Acer Spin 3 features a 14-inch touchscreen IPS-display with Full HD resolution and support input with the stylus. The screen is bordered by a narrow frame with a thickness of just 9.6 mm, making the ratio of its area to the surface of the body is 79 %. Available durable hinge lets you swivel the device 360° turning a laptop into a tablet.