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Analysts from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has prepared a fresh Outlook for gaming computer components. It includes analysis of the segment of personal computers, the sales of individual components, and peripherals used for gaming PC. Experts note the high growth of sales in all the segments above, explaining that the pandemic COVID-19. But more importantly, the current situation in the world has spawned millions of new players looking for a fresh and cost effective ways of home entertainment, experts say.

Since may of this year in the statistics of the most popular processors of the Russian retail version of Yandex.Market leading position is occupied by AMD Ryzen 5 3600 to replace its predecessor from the top of the rankings. Observed in June, the price reduction on this model only increased his isolation from the other processors, ranked in the top ten. It should be noted that significant changes in the June statistics did not happen, if to oppose the products of Intel and AMD. The distribution of preferences of buyers since January, hovering around the ratio of 60 : 40 in favour of AMD. If to compare with may, the share of Intel increased from 38.9 to 39.5 %, but this change is hardly significant. The AMD had to take the position, reducing the share in...

With the approaching announcement of the new generation NVIDIA video cards, which should take place sometime in the second half of the year 2020, rumors and leaks about the new products becoming more and more. This time the network source with the alias Kopite7Kimi, which has already indicated the true leak about NVIDIA products, shared information about the characteristics of video cards based on the architecture of Ampere. But let's start with the fact that not so long ago in the Network appeared the information that the GeForce RTX 3080 will be built on the older of the consumer graphics processors Ampere — GA102. Unusual here is that the GeForce GTX/RTX xx80 last three generations were built on chips middle managers xx104. But older GPUs xx102 was used...

The Company's Loon, a member of Alphabet holding company, announced the launch in Kenya, a commercial Internet service on the base of the balloons. This is the first commercial service on such a scale that uses balloons Loon drifting in the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere. Kenyan service Loon provides services in cooperation with local telecommunications provider Telkom Kenya, covering the region with an area of about 50 000 km2. Before that, there was no reliable Internet access due to the complexity of installation of telecommunications infrastructure in mountainous terrain.

Taiwanese media reported the death of the President and chief Executive officer of the company Micro-Star International (MSI) Shen-Chan Chan (Sheng-Chang Chiang). He was 56 years old. According to police, the cause of death was the effects of a severe head injury caused by falling from the height of the building. Employees found the body of Shen-Chan Chan with multiple fractures and bruises. No details yet reported. The investigation of the incident carried out by local law enforcement. It does not exclude the version of suicide on the basis of reception of some medicines.

Resource LetsGoDigital reports that the Chinese company OPPO has patented several design options for the new version of the smartphone Find X2 Pro is a special Edition Lamborghini modifications. Camera Find X2 Pro, recall, debuted in early March of this year. It is equipped with a 6.7-inch display Quad HD+ OLED with a resolution of 3168 × 1440 pixels and a Snapdragon processor 865. Rear mounted triple camera with two 48-Megapixel sensor and a 13-Megapixel sensor. RAM LPDDR5 is 12 GB capacity flash drive — 512 GB.

Samsung has released last week in the Thailand case-ITFIT sterilizer UV Sterilizer. It is, as the name implies, is intended for disinfection of objects by means of ultraviolet radiation. Studies show that the average mobile phone carries 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a men's toilet. All these pathogens of dangerous infections sooner or later be on our hands, creating a threat to our health. Device, this new product from Samsung, designed to protect us from this scourge.

As you know, Germany hopes to become the first largest economy in the energy sector will abandon the atom and coal. For this purpose, in particular, have to provide for the accumulation of energy obtained from renewable sources, for example, use lithium-ion batteries. One problem, lithium for batteries in Germany in full purchases from foreign companies, and its production is missing. Or is it fixable? As the press release Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), two geologists from the Institute of applied Geosciences (AGW) from the KIT was applied for a patent for environmentally friendly production of lithium in Germany with minimal impact to the environment. To extract lithium in the form of salts of lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide is proposed...

Logitech today, July 7, presented three new products: MX keyboard Keys for Mac and K380 for Mac and mouse MX Master 3 for Mac. All of the devices as reflected in the title, is designed for use with Apple computers. Keyboard Logitech MX Keys for Mac features a low profile design. Communication with PC can be done in three ways: via Bluetooth, via RF transceiver with USB interface and via the wired connection USB Type-C. the model has a backlight which is automatically activated when approach of the user's hands. Claimed battery life on one charge the battery up to five months (without backlight activated).

According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) of the TF Securities, headset Apple AirPods next generation will move to a more complex solution to the layout of the chips — "system in package" (system-in-package, SiP), which will replace the surface mount technology (surface mount technology, SMT) used in the current versions of the device. Compared with SMT technology, the SiP system typically allows manufacturers to pack more components into less physical space. For example, Apple AirPods Pro use design SiP H1 chip developed by Apple, which handles audio, commands Siri, capabilities noise cancellation and much more.

Last week, we were able for the first time to see an official render of the new phablet Galaxy Note Ultra 20, this is the first "live" photos of the device. It seems that the novelty has also recently been certified by the Federal communications Commission (FCC). Sources say that the unlocked version of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the US market has received an official model number SM-N986U. The device will run on the flagship eight-core Snapdragon processor 865 (SM8250). Also there is a possibility that we can talk about yet neurocirujano improved Snapdragon chipset 865 Plus. In addition, the smartphone has a Qualcomm X55M, which will provide the opportunity to work with wireless networks fifth generation (5G).

According to the forecast of the analytical Agency Omdia, more than 50 % of smartphones, which will be delivered to the market in the course of this year, will receive the USB Type-C. the report also says that shipments of USB Type-C will grow from 824 million units in 2018 to 3.5 billion pieces in 2023. Experts believe that by 2022 more than half of all computing devices that support data transmission, will be equipped with at least one USB Type-C. This means that the interface will be actively used not only in smartphones but also in products such as laptops.

The Meteoric rise of the American automobile company Tesla has turned many of its employees and managers very rich, although the leader in this plan, of course, CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk). Like most technology companies, Tesla offers stock options and grants in their compensation packages. But, unlike most manufacturers, the company offers payments in the form of stock options to all employees, including production partners and sales personnel, which is rare in the automotive industry.

Miniature game console is in fashion today. After a fantastic Genesis / Mega Drive Mini and Micro mysterious Game Gear, Sega introduced an even more incredible product — we meet Astro City Mini: For those of you not familiar with the original Astro City, recall: it was not a gaming console, and a special arcade machine that operators could purchase and then install one of the huge number of game boards. Sega has developed a number of arcade machines, and Astro City in 1993 was the most common and iconic. These gaming systems are still common in Japanese cities.

Following the rejection of Intel core processors, Apple could also avoid the use of discrete graphics AMD Radeon, replacing them on the GPU of its own design. This company has hinted in one of the presentations shown during the event WWDC 2020. Recall that last month, Apple officially announced that over the next two years will gradually cease to use x86-compatible Intel processors in their computers, and will replace them with the chips of its own design with the ARM architecture. The transition to private discrete graphics could be the next step towards full independence Apple in the field of computational circuits.