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Became aware of the fact that the company OneWeb, which is implementing the project to build a global satellite network to provide broadband Internet access worldwide, withdrew the application in which a frequency used for satellite radio and satellite television. This was announced by the Ministry digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation. The press release says that the first application OneWeb for Russian frequencies was filed in June 2017. Since then, in Russia came into force the other requirements to receive frequencies associated with national security. The message says that the application has been revoked to ensure compliance with the new requirements and coordination with the Russian authorities. Most...

Microsoft carefully preparing for the launch of Gears 5 and intends to use this event to their maximum potential. The Xbox team unveiled a new Xbox One bundle X in the limited edition Gears 5. It will go on sale to the Russian market along with the game in early September and will be available exclusively in the shops of the DNS at a price of 39 990 rubles. The company notes that since the release of the limited edition Project Scorpio in November 2017 this is the first console in the family of Xbox One X with a unique design. For registration answered Studio The Coalition and the Xbox Industrial Design. The case is a cracked block of ice with a translucent hole in the middle, which is located inside the skull logo from Gears of War. On the reverse side is...

The National Directorate of traffic safety on the highways of the U.S. Department of transportation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) has sent in the past year, Tesla's warning letter about possible penalties for non-compliance of the guidelines by NHTSA in their statements about the safety of the electric car Model 3. The automaker has also been summoned to court to provide more detailed information about the number of accidents involving its vehicles. This was announced on Tuesday a resource Bloomberg. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Brand, Honor is preparing to introduce a new product category at the conference Huawei Developers Conference 2019, which will be held at the end of this week. We are talking about smart TVs called Smart Screen. Despite the fact that the cost of the devices has not yet been announced, the company has managed to attract the attention of buyers to the new product. According to reports, more than 100,000 bookings for devices Smart Screen received from users of the Internet. On the reservation page. Smart Screen trading platform said that Smart Screen will be offered in two variants. The standard model and the Pro version have a panel with a diagonal of 55 inches. Not so long ago became aware of the fact that the basis of the new product will be a...

The communication Network of the fifth generation (5G) are systematically developing around the world, as manufacturers strive to produce more devices that can operate in 5G networks. As for the Chinese company Xiaomi in its Arsenal already have a smartphone with support for 5G. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G. Earlier, there were rumors that the next 5G smartphone manufacturer will be the special version of the model Mi 4 Mix, but when this device will be presented is still unknown. Reportedly network sources, referring to the Director of products Xiaomi Wang Teng (Teng Wang), the second 5G smartphone vendor will become the unit series 9 Mi. Presumably, the support of networks of the fifth generation 5G Xiaomi Mi 9 or Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G.

Chinese manufacturers, like everyone else, are placing greater emphasis on the technology of photography. Coming soon a new 64-MP Bayer sensors Quad: Xiaomi has promised to conduct associated with technology imaging event today, August 7, and the Realme — 8-th. ZTE is not going to be left behind: child brand Nubia is ready to release its new flagship smartphone Nubia Z20 at presentation in China on 8 August, that is tomorrow. Although the company announced the date earlier, and now she sent out invitations to the press. This time ZTE has decided to use the paper booklet. The cover has the same design that was in the promotional poster. It also specifies the start date and the city where the event will take place.

As reported by Taiwan resource Digitimes, citing its industry sources, at least one of the four leading manufacturers of smartphones in China is going to use a single-chip system Exynos from Samsung Electronics in the production of its mobile phones for 5G networks. The Korean manufacturer is interested in promotion in the Chinese market of its new generation chip, the Exynos 9630 for smartphone medium level: this single-chip system combined with the Exynos modem 5100 5G is reportedly ready solution for the production of smartphones with support for 5G networks operating at frequencies less than 6 GHz.

Toshiba introduced a new standard for SSDs XFMExpress that can be applied in various devices, where compact dimensions of the drive, including tablets, thin laptops and devices of the Internet of things (IoT). At the moment compact SSDs available format modules and M. 2 SSD single-hull in a BGA package. The first are replacement drives, however, are large in size, so the more compact the devices are single-casing of the SSD which are soldered directly on the motherboard. Accordingly, to replace them is quite difficult, which reduces the maintainability of many of the compact devices.

Lenovo has marked a return to the Russian market with a joint presentation with Mobilidi, a division of the international holding of RDC GROUP, the number of new smartphones including the budget models A5 and K9, as well as medium level S5 Pro and K5 Pro, equipped with dual cameras. "Smartphones Lenovo had previously managed to win the trust of users. We hope the success of our brand in the Russian market of mobile electronics. To achieve these goals, we chose a reliable partner — group of companies RDC Group represented Mobilidi," — said David Ding (David Ding), operational Director of Lenovo Smartphone products.

In early July on the Internet there were reports that the company Samsung plans to release smartphone series Galaxy A enabled networks of the fifth generation (5G). Such a device could be the Galaxy A90 5G, which was seen today on the website of the Wi-Fi Alliance with the model number SM-A908. It is expected that this device will get productive hardware stuffing. In addition, the smartphone will be running Android 9.0 (Pie), the data presented indicate that the manufacturer intends to release Galaxy A90 5G in the us market. This can be understood, drawing attention to the letter "B" in the model name of the gadget, because that is how the Samsung indicate devices intended for the international market. The report says that the smartphone could appear on the...

Yesterday's Apple quarterly report showed that the company not only for the first time in seven years, received less than half of the proceeds from the sale of smartphones, but has reduced that part of the proceeds to 12% in annual comparison. Similar dynamics is observed not for the first consecutive quarter, so the company has even ceased to specify in its statistics the number of sold during the period of smartphones, now all denominated in monetary terms. Today it is available reporting form 10-Q, which allows to explore in more detail trends affecting the business Apple in the last quarter. Recall that in the calendar of the company's last quarter was in line with the third quarter of fiscal 2019. In addition, the available transcript of the quarterly...

In terms of revenue volume of iPhone sales last quarter fell by 12 %, and Apple for the first time since 2012, faced with a situation where the sale of smartphones has brought her less than half of total revenue. On a quarterly report conference Apple chose to talk about the fact that wearable devices increased profile revenue by 48 %, revenue from services reached a record level, in some countries, revenues from sales of smartphones has updated seasonal records. Even for the current quarter Apple has formed an optimistic Outlook, assuming that total revenue will grow by 16 %, but the company's management had to explain to analysts that optimism is associated with those categories that grew in the previous quarter, but not with smartphones. Was Apple and a...

Yesterday marked the official launch of the productive tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, based on a 8-core chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Now, network sources say that in the next few months the South Korean tech giant will present two new tablet computer, one of which will be a device called the Galaxy Tab A3 XL. The report said that Samsung is preparing two versions of the tablet, which has the code word "gta3xl" and "gta3xlwifi". Probably the first version will support work in cellular networks, while the second variant will be offered without this feature.

In July of this year Russia has carried out five launches of various modifications of the Soyuz rocket, repeat thereby record an achievement that was reached in 1992. This information appeared on the website of "RKTs-Progress". The report said that the forces of JSC "RKTs-Progress" there were five launch. The same number of starts was made in 1992. With regard to the maximum number of launches in a single month, a record achievement was established in 1973 when outer space was sent 10 rockets.

The Company Alphabet, which is the parent to Google surpassed Apple and became the richest company in the world, if we talk about available cash. As the resource Financial Times (FT), as of the second quarter of this year liquid resources Alphabet consisted of $117 billion versus $102 billion from Apple. Despite the obvious benefits of accumulating this amount of money, the title "King of cash" is not necessarily a cause for joy. As the FT notes, such a visible display of wealth may increase pressure from shareholders who wanted the company to spend more of their money on share buybacks or dividends. In addition, it may attract regulators to unnecessary inspections in the areas where Google dominates. Only in the last couple of years, the EU has prescribed...