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Our reporters visited the stand of the company ASRock, where they captured a lot of motherboard for AMD processors. They are all based on the latest system logic from AMD X570 and can offer a lot of opportunities. Of most interest, perhaps, is causing the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX TB3. This compact product format micro-ATX is very favorably associates with the support of 40 Gbit/s Thunderbolt interface 3 via one of the USB ports. There are also two USB ports 3.2 Gen 2, four USB 3.2 Gen 1 (two rear, two for output on the front panel) four USB 2.0 (two on the rear). It is worth noting that the Thunderbolt port enables the transmission of DisplayPort signal from discrete graphics card. To the Board, for example, you can connect an external video card...

Analytics division of the company TrendForce DRAMeXchange has published the forecast on dynamics of the prices for DRAM memory until the end of the second quarter. In fact, information about wholesale prices in April and may is not the subject of prediction. DRAMeXchange offers these data in full. The question is, whether the wholesale price of DRAM in June, but they are unlikely to be a surprise. Trends in the decline of memory prices can be traced very clearly, and prerequisites to reverse the negative for the producers the situation there. Given the already well-known in wholesale memory prices in April and may, DRAMeXchange reports that the value of the 8-GB DDR4 modules decreased to $34, which corresponds to a sequential decline compared with the first...

In the frames of the exhibition Computex 2019, the presentation of a compact convertible notebook two-in-one Dell XPS 13, one of the first to use a 10-nanometer processors Intel Ice Lake. The top cover of the device can be rotated 360°, which allows to turn a laptop into a tablet computer. Submitted to the novelty, a stylish and contemporary design, will be available in black and white color versions of the housing. The device weighs 1.3 kg, which is slightly more compared to the previous model. Probably an extra 0.1 kg of weight was added because of a new cooling system design, which includes a pair of coolers, which increases air flow. The previous model had a passive cooling system, but to support more powerful processors that would be enough.

The Beginning of sales of the smartphone Galaxy Fold was planned for the end of April, but due to some problems, Samsung was forced to postpone the launch of the devices indefinitely. There are rumors that the flagship smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer will appear in June, but most likely it will happen later. Network sources report that Samsung had indeed intended to start sales of Galaxy Fold in June, but the manufacturer needs more time for thorough testing of the changes. Earlier it was reported that since mid-may, the device test will begin in the internal networks of service providers, but these plans had to be abandoned.

Along with the smartphone K20 Pro Redmi presented another "killer flagships 2.0" — K20. The device largely repeats the features and appearance of his older brother. The differences lie in the area of system on a chip: installed 8-core 8-nm Snapdragon processor 730 (2 + 6) rather than the more powerful 7-nm 855-th model (1 + 3 + 4); RAM: 6 GB maximum 8 GB on the Pro and high-speed charging: 18 watts vs 27 watts. It is possible to reduce the initial cost of 70 dollars.

Simultaneously with the announcement of processors Core tenth-generation Intel shared their vision on how should look like and how they will arranged the flagship laptops next generation. In the beginning of this year, the company launched an ambitious program for developers of mobile computers, code-named Project Athena, and now it became clear what it all means. Intel looks to Project Athena as a guide to creating innovative laptops of the next generation, who will have to come to market at the end of this year, together with a new platform using processors Ice Lake. In the framework of the project great attention is paid to anticipated demonstrate the strengths of the hardware of the microprocessor giant, while some technologies, such as 5G, are in the...

HP has introduced in the framework of the exhibition Computex 2019 original desktop class all-in-one Mini-in-One, which will go on sale in August this year. In fact, Mini-in-One is a monitor in the rear part of which has a special slot for small laptop Mini PC. For example, you could set the device EliteDesk Mini G5 with Intel Core i7-8700. The RAM in this case will reach 64 GB capacity solid state drive — 512 GB.

At Computex, Intel showed 2019 ecosystem Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) that are ready to deploy on new PCs, home routers, and gateways. The technology promises a fast connection, lower latency, enhanced protection (WPA3) and support for more devices. The latter is also important, given that in 2022, according to estimates, each person in North America will account for more than 13 connected devices. Intel Wi-Fi 6 technology-enabled Gig+ use a channel bandwidth of 160 MHz for best-in-class performance, which is two times higher than traditional Wi-Fi solutions 6 and almost three times compared with standard solutions 802.11 ac. Intel series WAV600 for home use supports a Gig+ and became the industry's first Wi-Fi solution 6 for dual band 4-stream (2 + 2) routers and...

At the opening of Computex 2019, AMD confirmed that the market debut of the 7-nm processors with the architecture of the EPYC Zen 2 is scheduled for the third quarter, and also showed some of the test results in comparison with the platform of a competitor. Colleagues from the site AnandTech managed to find out more details about the company's plans in the server segment, and while the text of the full interview with Forrest Norodom (Forrest Norrod) to be published, it is possible to "profit" the most important facts announced during the meeting with the senior Vice President of AMD is responsible for the development of the server platform. During the broadcast with the gala dinner dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary AMD, Norrod ironically stated that...

Previously, Samsung has successfully launched three smartphones the Galaxy series M. In a short time the South Korean tech giant is planning to officially introduce the new series. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy M40, the presentation of which is to be held on June 11. One of the features of the gadget is that it will be the first representative of the Galaxy series M, which will be display Infinity-O. This means that at the top of the display there is a special hole designed for the front camera.

In the last couple of years, the promotion of virtual reality stalled somewhat due to a combination of expensive equipment, low productivity, lack of sufficient content and other complications. Currently the industry is stuck in the scenario of "the chicken or the egg" when the lack of users inhibits investment in the development of high quality games and other digital content. To exit the impasse we need a more powerful and affordable hardware platforms, and VR. ARM aiming to solve some existing technical problems of VR by presenting the first display processor, designed specifically for VR: Mali-D77. This unit is designed to take on some processing tasks VR, which now lie on the GPU, freeing up the resources of the past to improve the frame rate, and...

Network sources reported that the Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the popular video service TikTok, developing its own smartphone. According to available information, the gadget will come with a large number of pre-installed applications from ByteDance. In addition, the device has a built-in news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, TikTok video service, as well as a new streaming music service. The message source says that the CEO ByteDance Zhang min (Zhang Yiming) have long considered the possibility of creating its own smartphone with a set of preinstalled applications. Earlier this year, the company ByteDance entered into an agreement with smartphone maker Smartisan, after which it was announced about the purchase of the patent portfolio, as well as hiring a...

Presentation of Matisse processors with Zen architecture 2, which will be produced at the 7-nm technology by TSMC, was unique in the sense that sales of five new models will start only seventh of July, and all specifications and prices are known already now. Moreover, in a special section of AMD site already published marking 7-nm processor family Ryzen 3000. On the structure of these labels differ greatly from the inherent processors of previous generations. They consist of long sequences of digits, whereas previously used letters. In fact, the combination of the "BOX" is added at the end of the label only to denote processors boxed set. Image source: AMD

On the morning of the presentation AMD CEO Lisa su (Lisa Su) exhibited from the stage 7-nm graphics processor architecture Navi (RDNA), which will form the basis of submission in July of a new family of Radeon RX 5700. At such a distance to get clear pictures was problematic, but elected representatives of the press was allowed to hold this GPU in their hands. Alas, not all of them are so concerned about the sizes that always carry with them the means of accurate measurement, and to approve such manipulations with samples of products yet to be presented to the censors of AMD could not. Image source: AnandTech

ASUS today presented a lot of different novelties. Among them was a new version relatively affordable slim laptops VivoBook S14 and S15. A key feature of the novelties is a touch panel ScreenPad 2.0, which is essentially the touch of 5.65-inch HD IPS display. This is improved from the standpoint of performance version of last year's ScreenPad, which originally appeared in the more advanced ZenBook. Now, ASUS has given such special and mainstream laptops. Panel ScreenPad 2.0, you can run various applications such as a calculator, a music or video player to output digital block of keys, etc. In General, usage scenarios here quite a lot.