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Chinese tech giant Huawei has published a report, Global Industry Vision 2025, which describes the ten key ways the world is changing under the influence of the development of AI, robotics, human interaction and machine, a symbiotic economy, augmented reality and 5G. Convergence of 5G technology, AI, VR/AR and 4K+ will not only bring a new experience, but also allows people to look at things very differently and will improve the performance of a number of industries. The next technological "five-year plan" promises the increase of AR/VR to 337 million. In business, these technologies will be in demand 10 % of the companies.

Silverstone announced a new series of versatile unattended liquid cooling systems tundra family III RGB. In March this year model tundra family III novelties are distinguished by the presence of fans with customizable RGB illumination. In a series of tundra family III RGB is available in two models, which differ in sizes aluminum radiators: 120 and 240 mm. By means of a flexible connecting hoses with a length of 400 mm radiator connected to the pump, which is combined in a single housing with the copper water block.

Last time AMD turned to Mercury Research statistics, in may this year, as the fiftieth anniversary since the establishment of the company demanded some documentary evidence of success in the fight against the main competitor on the CPU market. Covering a segment of finished computers, and retail, a report by Mercury Research showed the indicators, far from the statistics of individual distributors who excitedly tell about achieving parity between Intel and AMD, or even demonstrate superiority in number of units sold during the period of processors in favor of the latter.

GlobalFoundries refused to race for technological processes and has stood at around 12 nm, but this does not mean that it will not introduce advanced technology bulk packaging of chips. Due to the 3D layouts, even the old process can be used in such a way that the resulting chip will give a head start to the newest process technology. For example, a hybrid 90-nm chips on carbon nanotubes promise to compete with the 7-nm FinFET chips, which is achieved due to the complexity of 3D assemblies. Thus, the action of Moore's law can be extended even without the transition to finer process technology. Enough to build "floors" of the chips and to increase the number of transistors per square millimeter at the base of the crystal. An example of the packaging Wafer on...

Microsoft and Samsung are forming a closer partnership to develop mobile Android apps that will help to bridge the gap between smartphones and PCs running on Windows. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) said that this partnership is "a new Chapter of long-term relationships aimed at improving productivity and bridging the gap between mobile devices and PCs." In the framework of collaboration the developers of Samsung integrated Microsoft Your Phone in a private Galaxy Note 10. Software product allows you to display text messages, alerts and even the entire screen of the mobile device to the PC that is running Windows 10. In addition, the South Korean manufacturer has integrated support for synchronization with OneDrive in a private Android app...

Thanks to this week's study it became known that Apple and pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company working together to investigate the possibility of using such devices as the iPhone and Apple Watch, to identify at an early stage signs of dementia and one of its most common forms is Alzheimer's disease. In a study conducted in collaboration with startup health Evidation, describes how to use gadgets to detect signs of cognitive impairment, reports CNBC.

Samsung has long does not hesitate to Troll his main competitor in the face of Apple to promote its own smartphones, but, as often happens, over time things change and old jokes no longer seem funny. With the release of the Galaxy Note 10 the South Korean firm actually repeated the feature of the iPhone, which once actively mocked, and now the company's marketing actively remove old video about it from official channels. Video Samsung "Growing Up" makes fun of the lack of a mini Jack for headphones the new iPhone. It seems that the joke is no longer relevant, and the South Korean company wants to forget about it

Reportedly network sources, Apple has begun to use software to unlock their new iPhone, which may indicate the entry into force of the new policy. We are talking about that new iPhone you can only use Apple branded battery. Moreover, even installing the original battery in unauthorized service center will not allow you to avoid problems. If the user has performed the independent replacement of battery or turned for this purpose to a third party service, the menu "battery Setting" next to "battery Status" message will appear on the maintenance. Usually such message appears if the battery is defective or lost capacity, but in the new iPhone warning appears even after installing a brand new original battery from Apple.

The Company Realme one of the first to release a smartphone, in the main camera which will include a 64 megapixel sensor. The Verge managed to get from Realme real photos taken with this camera. It is known that the novelty will receive a powerful Realme chetyrehstennoy the camera. As a key sensor to be used a 64-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL sensor Bright GW1. This unit uses the ISOCELL technology PLUS, which ensures high accuracy and increases the sensitivity by 15 %.

Mobile instant printing has gained wide acceptance among consumers even back in 1948, when the American company Polaroid has released its first camera with built-in cassettes for instant development of images on paper. Although in the era of digital photography most users are not looking for the ability to print directly from the camera retained a certain niche segment. But portable printer Youdao Memobird G4 provided at the site for investing Xiaomi Youpin, not intended for photo printing, and some in another direction. It fits in your pocket and uses a method of thermal printing. However, we are not talking about sublimation of solid dyes, but only about the heat kind of "receipt tape". That is, users can rely on narrowband black-and-white printing...

As reported by technical analyst Anshel SAG (Anshel Sag) just announced a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is not compatible with the virtual reality headset Gear VR, developed for smartphones Galaxy. The decision to abandon support for their own helmet in the newest flagship phones, questioned the future of Samsung headsets, and overall VR-helmets-based phones, as a growing number of Autonomous devices with integrated displays like the Oculus Go. After the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in the past year, Samsung has introduced a special USB adapter-C, which provides smartphone compatibility with Gear VR. This time the Korean company did not — her representative commented on the decision of the staff of Engadget: "the Gear VR is incompatible with the Galaxy Note 10 and...

It is considered that electric scooters are more environmentally friendly mode of transport compared to other means of transportation. However, a recent study by experts from the University of North Carolina showed that in the process of traveling on the scooter produces more greenhouse gases per mile than riding a bus or bike. In the research process was considered the work of the joint use of scooters. It was found that though the scooters do not cause much harm to the environment, the materials used for the frame, wheels and battery as well as the process of daily collection of scooters and charging with a subsequent return to the streets, have a significant impact on the environment.

The Government of Japan intends to resume exports to South Korea materials required for the manufacture of semiconductors, said resource Nikkei. This will be the first such permission to export to South Korea since the Japanese side tightening of export controls of products in July. The Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan after consideration of the application has determined that there is no risk of using these supplies to manufacture military equipment. It is expected that on approval of export applications will be announced on Thursday.

To exit petalonia Radeon RX 5700-series is not so much time, and manufacturers are already starting to advertise their new products. So, MSI is shared with several large Western resources photos Radeon RX XT 5700 Evoke. Evoke is a brand new series of video cards MSI, which will start with AMD on the basis of the Navi. With its metal casing, made in Golden color, the novelty looks like a NVIDIA Titan RTX. Also a simple form of cooling system MSI Radeon RX XT 5700 Evoke something like the height of the Nitro Sapphire.

The Management of AMD at a recent quarterly reporting conference made clear that the company is developing a more powerful graphics solution family Navi compared to the existing Radeon 5700 RX, but the timing of their announcement refused to talk. GPU support Navi 12 was recently implemented in Linux, and for some time assumed that it will be located at a level above the current Navi 10, which is the basis of video card series Radeon RX 5700. On the other hand, the graphics processor 14 Navi also managed to leave the databases with the test results, and it is customary to ascribe lower status compared to Radeon 5700 RX. For example, the amount of memory in some configurations may be limited to 4 GB, if the existing information about this product is true.