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The European southern Observatory (ESO) reports the achievement, whose importance for astronomy it is difficult to overestimate: the researchers were able to obtain the first direct visual image of a supermassive black hole and its "shadow" (the third illustration). The study was performed with the use of the Telescope the event horizon (Event Horizon Telescope, EHT) — the antenna array on a planetary scale of eight ground-based telescopes. This, in particular, complexes ALMA, APEX, the 30-meter IRAM telescope, the telescope James Clerk Maxwell, the Large millimeter telescope Alfonso Serrano, a Submillimetric grid, and Submillimetric telescope and a telescope at the South pole.

It Seems that the way Hydro PTM+ 1200W, which can be included in the liquid cooling system, turned out to be a very popular decision. In any case, the manufacturer decided to introduce another power supply with the possibility of liquid cooling. They became the model Hydro PTM+ 850W, which has less power, however, and is cheaper. Thanks to the cooling system, designed by Bitspower, power supply FSP Hydro PTM+ 850W can be connected to the circuit liquid cooling system. Of course, the novelty has 135 mm fan, which allows you to use it as a normal power supply, without connection to the circuit DLC, with nominal capacity.

According to network sources, the new generation of smartphones Galaxy Note can be represented by four models. In the past, the South Korean developer released two new devices of the Galaxy S series, but in 2019 was represented by four new devices: the Galaxy S10, S10e Galaxy, Galaxy S10+ and S10 Galaxy 5G. It is expected that something similar will happen again with the devices of the series Galaxy Note, which announce in the second half of the year. Recent rumors that the vendor is preparing several versions of the Galaxy Note 10 look very convincing because in addition to the standard modifications it is expected the emergence of a model that supports work in networks of the fifth generation (5G). Often in messages referred to the smartphone Galaxy Note...

To the presentation of the new iPhone models remains about five months. It is expected that Apple will unveil a direct successor of the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR that will receive the new specifications and functions. Now, network sources say that Apple will unveil two smartphones with OLED displays and main chamber, is formed of three sensors. It is reported that the first device will be equipped with 6.1-inch display, made by technology OLED. The smartphone will get a case, the thickness of which is 0.15 mm less in comparison with the iPhone XS, and the bulge of the camera will decrease by 0.05 mm., the Second unit will be equipped with a display with a diagonal of 6.5 inches. The device is 0.4 mm thicker compared to the iPhone XS Max, and the camera bulge...

An Unusual hybrid between your smartphone and Nubia Alpha was presented to the public at the annual exhibition MWC 2019. Now network sources have reported that the device went on sale, and in the future it is expected the appearance of the device version with support for 5G. The new product boasts a flexible of 4.01-inch display from the company Visionox, made by technology OLED. It supports a resolution of 960 × 192 pixels and has aspect ratio of 36:9. Near the display features a 5-megapixel camera with a wide angle lens and aperture f/2,2.

In most cases, the automotive companies are closely watching, so they created the technology was kept secret from potential competitors. Everything to do with a unique selling proposition (USP) that allow you to obtain advantages over competitors, is securely protected from prying eyes. Network sources say that Toyota is ready to share thousands of their own patents in the development of vehicles with electric drive. This means that any company planning to produce electric or hybrid cars can use the technology to Toyota. The company is also ready to help to understand the drawings and patent documents, but for this service you will have to pay.

The Company EK Water Blocks continues to expand its range of products a full cover graphics card. This time the Slovenian manufacturer has introduced a series of ek water blocks EK-Vector Trio, which is intended for graphics cards MSI GeForce RTX and RTX 2080 2080 Ti series Gaming and Gaming Trio X Trio. One of the new model is designed specifically for GeForce RTX 2080 corresponding series, while the other is ideal accelerators GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. In both cases, the base of the waterblock is made of Nickel-plated copper. The model for the video card RTX 2080 it consists of two parts, one of which cools the GPU and memory chips, and the other to the power subsystem. The model for RTX 2080 Ti the base of the integral and also removes heat from the three key...

System of total control, usually implemented under the rhetoric of the struggle with terrorism. But with a decrease in public freedom the number of terrorist acts somehow not really significantly reduced. While this is due to the usual imperfection of technologies. The intention of new York to identify terrorists on the roads with the help of face recognition is not so smooth. The Wall Street Journal received an e-mail to the Central transport authority (MTA), which reportedly held in 2018 on the RFK bridge in new York technological test not only failed, but failed and colourful — there was no person "within acceptable parameters". Despite such an unfavorable beginning, the representative of the MTA stated that the pilot program will be continued on this...

Logitech has announced a series of wireless Zone Wireless headsets designed for use in open office spaces, featuring typically high ambient noise levels. New model Zone Wireless Zone Wireless Plus received function active noise cancelling built-in microphone and support for wireless charging via Qi technology. The battery capacity of the devices is sufficient for 15 hours of battery life (14 hours — in active noise reduction). The battery can also be charged using your existing headsets to the USB port.

That Intel prepares new chip ninth generation H-series for portable computers (including Core i9-9980HK), became known for a long time. Despite this, the manufacturer is in no hurry to reveal all the characteristics of future processors. To help a company that probably decided the Chinese users who posted on the forum Baidu information regarding the specs of the new chips. Previously, Intel revealed a number of specs of the processors Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 representing the family Coffee Lake-H Refresh. Published on a Chinese forum information allows you to fill in the gaps that remained after the receipt of the information from Intel. Because the data are not official, we can assume that they will eventually be not completely accurate.

Regulators in the UK continue to doubt whether the use of telecommunications equipment Huawei in the deployment of communication networks of the fifth generation. However, no direct ban on using Chinese equipment vendor can lead to huge financial losses. Last time Huawei is under continuous pressure from the USA, Australia and some European countries, who accuse the manufacturer in implementing espionage activities in favor of China. Therefore, the company Mobile UK ordered from Assembly Research a study to assess possible losses in case of introduction of an outright ban on the use of Huawei equipment. Analysts came to the conclusion that this situation will lead to lower investment in the development of 5G networks in the country. In addition, the speed...

One of the main disadvantages of renewable energy sources lies in the lack of effective ways to store excess. For example, when the constant wind blowing, people can get energy in abundance, but in calm time it will not be enough. If a person was an effective technology to collect and store excess energy, then such problems could have been avoided. Development of technologies for storage of energy obtained from renewable sources, maintained by different companies and now joined by researchers from Stanford University. The proposed idea is to use a special bacteria that will convert the energy in methane. In the future, methane could be used as fuel if the need arises. Suitable for this purpose microorganisms called Methanococcus maripaludis, because in the...

Despite the fact that in some countries commercial 5G networks will be deployed this year, Apple is in no hurry to release devices that can operate in the networks of the fifth generation. The company is waiting for the relevant technologies will be widely distributed. A similar strategy Apple has chosen several years ago, when appeared the first 4G network. The company has remained true to this principle even after some manufacturers of Android devices announced the imminent advent of smartphones with support for 5G. It is expected that the first iPhone 5G modem will be presented in 2020. Earlier it was reported that the company Intel, which needs to become a supplier of 5G modems for Apple, having production difficulties. In this scenario, Apple could...

Not so long ago was presented smartphone Moto G7, which is representative of the devices of an average price category. At this time, network sources reported the imminent appearance on the market of a device called Moto G7 Power, the main feature of which is the presence of a powerful battery. The device has a 6.2-inch display with a resolution of 1520 × 720 pixels (HD+), which is approximately 77.6 per cent of the front surface of the device. From mechanical damage the screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 3. At the top of the display has a cutout in which there is a front camera of 8 MP. On the rear surface of the main body is placed a 12-megapixel camera, complete with led flash. In addition, on the back surface is a fingerprint scanner.

According to the latest data, AMD in the near future can represent not only the processors Ryzen 3000 on the architecture of Zen 2, but a few new chips to the older architecture. Known source of leaks with alias Tum Apisak found in database 3DMark mention AMD RX-8125, RX-8120, and A9-9820. 3DMark has determined that the AMD RX-8125 and RX-8120 are single-chip platforms (SoC) family of Cato. Earlier mentions of this family was not. Novelties relate to embedded solutions, and presumably they will be based on a "cat" architecture, like the Jaguar (Engl. — Jaguar). Last, we recall, is the architecture of the cores in the platforms that underlie the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.