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University of California San Diego, UC San Diego Health plans to begin testing the use of drones as a method of delivery of medical samples between their medical institutions in the hope to reduce the time required for the blood test results and treatment. Testing will be a part of UC San Deigo Health, UPS and Matternet. The trials will begin later this month. The drones will be up in the sky between the Medical center Jacobs, Moore's Cancer center and Center for advanced laboratory medicine (CALM), transporting medical specimens, materials, and documents.

After a year of inactivity Poco degenerated into an independent company. Immediately thereafter, the company began to hint at a new smartphone for the Indian market — it will be Poco X2. Originally rumors indicated that the new product will be nothing more than remarking the other models, and on the eve of the launch is confirmed. Before the official launch Poco X2 Feb 4, remained a few days, and the company has released another teaser. We are talking about the short video, which gives a cursory glance at the external appearance of the device. And, according to him, we can have no doubt that Poco X2 is simply Redmi K30 under a new brand.

Company Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch in a new design in the style of the upcoming game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The special edition console will go on sale in Russia on 20 March. Interestingly, in the USA (only) it will be released a week earlier on March 13, but without a copy of the game. Design inspired by the new Switch Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Controllers-Joy-Con in green and blue color. From behind they are white, with white fixtures wrist strap. In the same color made docking station console, which is decorated with images of the characters Tom Nuka and noclegow Timmy and Tommy. Nintendo Switch itself also got themed.

The Principle of organization of cellular communications allows with relatively high accuracy to determine the location of the phone and its owner. For service providers this information is purely technical, but it may be of commercial interest to enforce advertising or tracking people. As it turned out, in the US, the operators were selling these data to merchants. On Friday, the Chairman of the Federal communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai (Ajit Pai) said that the regulator plans to take action to one or more mobile operators over a clear violation of one of the Federal laws. One of the American operators broke the law, the head of the FCC is not clarified. As for violations, it unauthorized sale of data on users ' location in real-time.

The Next generation of graphics processors NVIDIA, which probably will be called the Ampere, will offer significant performance gains compared to current solutions, according to The Next Platform. However, we are talking about GPUs that are used in compute accelerators. Accelerators computing on graphics processors NVIDIA new generation will be used in the supercomputer Big Red 200 Indiana University (USA), built on the platform of Cray Shasta. They will be added to the system in the summer of this year, during the second phase of construction of the supercomputer.

, Intel now is preparing to release a new generation of desktop processors, code-named Comet Lake-S, the flagship of which will be 10-core Core i9-10900K. And now in the database, 3DMark showed a record of the testing of the system with this processor, which has confirmed its frequency characteristics. To begin with we recall that the processors Comet Lake-S will be built on the same microarchitecture Skylake, and will be its fifth incarnation in the mainstream desktop processors. New items will be manufactured on 14 nm process and will offer up to 10 cores and 20 threads, and up to 20 MB cache in the third level.

It is No secret that the further development of microelectronics lies in the piling up on each other different crystals in the form of 3D packaging. For a wide promotion of this concept needed a tool independent testing of the crystals in stacks. Now this tool is. Belgian research centre Imec announced that the IEEE standards Association approved the IEEE Std 1838. In February all the documentation on the new standard will appear in the digital library IEEE Xplore, where it will be available. Std is the abbreviation of the name of the standard stands for design-for-test or, in Russian, design (development) to the test.

Last year, Intel announced a 10-nm processors Lakefield, lower power consumption designed for tablets and slim laptops. And now, new data on the performance of these chips — one of them was tested in UserBenchmark. To begin with we recall that the Lakefield hybrid processors are x86 processors, built by analogy with chips ARM big.LITTLE. In this case, there is one productive core microarchitecture Sunny Cove (as in Ice Lake), and four low-power cores Atom Thremont. The first is used for demanding tasks, while the remaining four are used for basic tasks and help to save energy. The scheme as a single-chip platforms for smartphones.

New system logic 500-series motherboards with Socket AM4 was presented by AMD. However, it is not about the long-awaited AMD B550, and the new AMD Pro 500, which AMD describes on its website as the system logic for computers compact form factor SFF. Even with the first processor Ryzen 1000 series AMD introduced chipsets X300 A300, designed for compact systems. However, they are not widespread, and based on them came only a few systems and motherboards. Perhaps the new AMD will get more widespread.

Analytical centre of the GS Group has released a report on the supply of data loggers in Russia in recent years. The volume of imports of HDD and SSD in 2019 amounted to 9.1 million units, while in 2018 it was imported 8.7 million drives. In the last two years, this market is growing at 4% per year, while in 2017 growth reached an impressive 27 %. Market turnover in 2018 exceeded 81 billion rubles, of which 40% are disk arrays storage systems (DSS). On the pieces of SSD and HDD account for 20 % and 40% respectively, some of them are imported for subsequent bundling data center servers and storage systems.

A Few days ago in the Internet appeared the render, supposedly showing the design of the future flagship smartphone Motorola Edge+. Now the device was spotted in the database of the popular benchmark Geekbench, thanks to what became known some specifications of the device. The smartphone was tested under the name "motorola motorola edge plus". Despite specific instructions to the chip are not available, with great certainty we can say that the hardware base of smartphone is SOC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. This assumption is confirmed by the nominal frequency of operation of 8-core chip, which is equal to 1.8 GHz, and the figures obtained during testing in single-core and multi-core modes (4106 of 823 points and 12 points respectively). Powerful processor is...

The Ability of emoticons to add some color and brightness of text messages has made them popular worldwide. The new bill, which will be considered by the house of representatives of the U.S. state of Vermont, can help Emoji to become even more widespread. Legislators propose to allow the use in road signs license not only letters and numbers but also Emoji. The bill was introduced by the representative of the democratic party Rebecca white (Rebecca White). It proposes to allow drivers to add on the license plate from one of six emojis, which will be approved in advance. It is assumed that Emoji can add numbers that are issued by the state Registrar of vehicles, and also is made up of characters at the request of the owner of the car. Unknown at this time...

Internet-sources report that next month Fujifilm has scheduled the announcement of the mirrorless camera X-T4 with interchangeable lenses. The novelty will replace the model Fujifilm X-T3 (images), presented in 2018. Recall that this camera has a CMOS sensor X-Trans CMOS 4 APS-C with 26.1 million pixels, three-inch display with variable position and support for touch control, wireless adapters Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Allowed lenses to Fujifilm X Mount. A detailed overview of the device can be found in our material.

As reported by Nikkei, Apple has asked its suppliers to produce in the first half of 80 million iPhone — 10% more than in the same period of the previous year. On the basis of information from informants, the newspaper reported that Apple booked orders for 65 million units of the current models, first on the iPhone 11, and to 15 million units of new low — cost model. Interestingly, the Bloomberg News last week reported that Apple plans to begin mass Assembly of low-cost iPhone next month and thus increased the total production of the iPhone. And last year, the online Bloomberg claimed that Apple is expecting a recovery of growth of iPhone sales in 2020 due to high demand, and plans to ship last year more than 200 million of its smartphones.

At the end of last year was presented the next-generation console Xbox Series X. Its name hints that Microsoft plans to release one console and, according to rumors, there will be also younger more affordable model. And now there was an indirect confirmation of working on a similar console. The network source with the alias _rogame found in the database benchmark 3DMark entry test mysterious AMD. This chip includes eight cores with a clock frequency of 3.2/4.0 GHz, which indicates that the chip architecture Zen 2. Also note that this chip worked for eight threads, but at the moment it is not known whether disabled SMT technology only in this test or is disabled.