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Farmers have started to use AI to assist in the cultivation of the crop. Artificial intelligence helps detect pests and diseases of livestock. One such test is held in the town of Leones (Argentina), it began to use a drone with a special camera, he is able to examine every stalk of wheat, after collecting data of agricultural crops the program is able to detect the first signs of much earlier human. Aircraft is equipped with a computer vision technology developed by various companies around the world. The algorithm uses machine learning, it allows him to self-learn, making it all the more perfect. Despite the high efficiency, the global use of technology is still far from reality because of the high cost of the project.

Some time ago became aware of the fact that the attorneys General of 50 US States have started an investigation against Google, which was suspected violation of the Antimonopoly legislation in the advertising market. Now network sources have reported that prosecutors intend to expand the investigation to examine in more details the work of the search engine Google, as well as the software platform Android. In September last year, the attorneys General of many States announced their intention to support the antitrust investigation against Google. At that time, the company's activities in the advertising sphere studied by the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton (Ken Paxton). Now, the attorneys General intend to check, does Google own the search engine and...

In 2020 Russia intends to increase the number of launches of carrier rockets family "Soyuz". These missiles will be used in the framework of implementation of projects for Federal and commercial customers. This was announced by Director General of space-Rocket center "Progress", which produces rockets, Dmitry Baranov. In total, 2019 was made 14 starts with the use of different versions of carrier rockets "Soyuz". Until the end of the year may be held a few starts. It was also mentioned that already in 2020 more than 20 scheduled starts. If the regularity of removing into space vehicles in the interests of the company OneWeb will continue, the total number of starts will be higher.

Executive Director of the consumer division of Huawei Richard Yu (Richard Yu) through social network Weibo reported that on 25 November the company will hold in Shanghai (China) a presentation dedicated to the announcement of the new devices of the family Mate. It is expected that the event will debut a productive tablet MatePad Pro. This computer, as it became known earlier, will receive the support of the pen control the screen with a small hole for the front camera. At the back of the gadget will be installed, dual camera with flash.

Experts of the China national space administration conducted the first test of the device for planting on the surface of Mars. Testing was carried out in a special area near the city Huailai. During the test the unit was subjected to various loads: so, with the help of a special device from a height of 70 meters was carried out the simulation of the reduction at a speed corresponding to the gravity of Mars. And the appearance of the surface to which descended the lander, was the most similar to the features of the landscape of the red planet.

Russian brand BQ mobile electronics announced the addition of the assortment of TV models technology-enabled "smart" television Smart TV version 7.0, which turns the TV into a multimedia center with the ability to play content from the largest video resources of the Internet and support the installation of different applications that extend the functionality. Currently, the Smart TV function have eight models of the company are: BQ 24S01B with a diagonal of 23.6”, TV 32S01B BQ and BQ 32S02B with a diagonal of 31.5”, BQ and BQ 40S01B 40S03B with a diagonal of 39.5”, BQ 40S02B with a diagonal of 40”, BQ 43S02B with a diagonal of 42.5” and BQ 50S01B with a diagonal of 49.5”. And the range includes models both with normal and with thin frames.

Ford hints at the release of the all-electric crossover, made in the spirit of a muscle car Mustang, 2018. Now, a few days before his presentation, the automaker officially confirmed that the electric car is called Ford Mustang Mach-E. At the moment it is known that the Mach-E will support technology of quick charging, and the range will be about 600 km. According to reports, charging from 0% to 10% will need only 10 minutes, and to make energy 80% will be for 45 minutes. Detailed specifications will be revealed at the official presentation, which will be held in a few days. The debut of the Mach-E will take place on 18 November at the motor show in Los Angeles.

ZTE is prepared to release a router MC801A able to work in mobile networks of the fifth generation (5G) networks and Wi-Fi with high bandwidth. The "heart" of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon X55. It provides support for the 5G network with non-Autonomous (NSA) and standalone (SA) architectures, and can work with all major ranges, whether the frequency is below 6 GHz, or millimeter waves. The download speed can theoretically reach 7 gigabits/s. Implemented support for LTE category 22 for download speed information, up to 2.5 Gbps.

Today, Motorola introduced its first smartphone with flexible display "cot" Motorola razr. As the experience of Samsung and its Galaxy smartphone Fold, flexible displays do not differ high reliability. Therefore, despite the fact that the smartphone is yet to go on sale, Motorola has announced that the replacement of the flexible screen will cost $299. At first glance, this price seems quite big. However, everything is relative. Thus, replacement of the flexible screen from the above Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost twice as much — $599. However, while Samsung has reduced the price to $149, so as not to scare off potential buyers. But this action will be relevant only for smartphones purchased before 31 December 2019.

In the past, we've heard many stories (including through supercinski company) about how the function of detecting the heart rhythm of the Apple Watch (and then a function ECG) had saved lives. But this could all be just a coincidence, caused by the popularity of Apple. To gain deeper insights required extensive research and statistical analysis. Fortunately, the results of this study, which was attended by over 400 thousand people, was recently published in "Medical magazine of New England" (New England Journal of Medicine). It turned out that the Apple Watch is really quite accurate in identifying irregular cardiac contractions or, in medical terms, atrial fibrillation.

The First Huawei smartphone with a flexible display, called the Mate of X, was presented in the framework of the exhibition MWC 2019 at the beginning of this year. Despite this, the manufacturer several times postponed the start of sales for different reasons. Yesterday the Internet was reported that the starting Mate X will be delayed once again, but today the company confirmed that in China, the device will be launched on 15 November as previously announced. It should be noted that Mate X immediately gets serious rival, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first batch of which in the market of China were sold out in just 5 minutes. In addition, in the next few months Mate X can have one more competitor. We are talking about a folding smartphone Motorola razr...

On Wednesday, fourteen alleged members of an international criminal organization with ties with China, was charged with participation in the scheme the illicit trafficking of counterfeit iPhone and iPad, Apple has caused damage in the millions of dollars. According to the U.S. attorney's office in the southern district of California, the investigation was conducted 11 raids with the searches in the premises of local companies and private homes in San Diego, during which were confiscated about a $250,000 cash 90 and iPhone smartphones.

Gradually, the Network appears more and more information about the performance level of the new flagship desktop processor AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. This time the new flagship has been tested in the benchmark PassMark, which showed an extraordinary performance. As is known, the processor Ryzen 9 3950X has 16 cores Zen 2 and is able to run on 32 compute flow. Its base clock speed is 3.5 GHz, while maximum Turbo frequency is 4.7 GHz. The flagship is housed in a Socket AM4, respectively, targeting the mass market segment. The recommended price of new items will be $749, making it no longer such a massive chip.

Yesterday at a solemn meeting at the headquarters of the Chinese company Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology, it was announced that the chipmaker became the second in the world after Intel, who were able to start mass production of memory chips on the effect of changes in the phase state of matter. Sounds incredibly loud, but it is only on issue chip EEPROM for industry and electronic industry. However, in a cell-based EEPROM memory company AMT is the effect of the changed phase state of the substance. The memory usage of PCM in a re-writable EEPROM chip is allowed to increase the number of erase cycles from 100,000 in the case of the NOR-flash up to 10 million for PCM. Retention time information in cells at least 100 years at 25 °C. Chips produced using a...

The intellectual property Office of South Korea (Korean Intellectual Property Office KIPO), as the resource LetsGoDigital, published patent documentation on a number of new wearable devices from LG. We are talking about products designed specifically for the fair half of mankind. For example, LG offers two ladies ' wrist watches. Such gadgets get the slim and sleek body and a display of the round form. Refers to the presence of various sensors, including a GPS receiver, sensors for electrocardiogram and measurement of blood sugar levels.