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Division of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) ASUS is preparing to release gaming smartphone of the second generation ROG Phone. The original model ROG Phone, recall, debuted in the summer of last year at Computex 2018. The device has a 6-inch display with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels (Full HD), Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845, 8 GB RAM, double camera, etc. Implemented control system AirTriggers on the basis of ultrasonic sensors. The smartphone is available for various gaming accessories.

Reported that the smartphone Realme 3 Pro, the successor Realme Pro 2, should appear on the Indian market this month. The information previously voiced by the head of the Realme brand (a division of Oppo) in India, Madhav Sheth (Sheth Madhav). Now the leak has shed more light on the specifications of the future competitor of Redmi Note 7 Pro. According to Indiashopps, Realme Pro 3 will continue to differ a cheaper plastic design and design close to its predecessor. An important change is that the device needs to technology VOOC fast charging 3.0, which is used in devices like OPPO F11 Pro.

In early February, the Executive Director of the brand Redmi Liu Weibing (Lu Weibing) stated that the company is preparing to release next-generation smartphone platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The same was said of the founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun (Lei Jun) Spring Festival 2019. However, the company does not apply special note of this expected device. Subsequently, there were rumors that Redmi will be to use a retractable camera in order to minimize the frame around the screen. It would be somewhat strange, because Xiaomi has never used a mechanical design with a retractable camera. Now Mr. Weibing decided to respond to hearing a few words: "it will not."

Last Fall it was announced that Microsoft has entered into a contract with the U.S. army totaling $479 million under this agreement, the manufacturer must supply a mixed reality headsets, HoloLens. This decision was criticized by Microsoft employees, who believe that the company should not take part in military developments. Now, CNBC told how the military apprehended an early version of the Integrated system of visual gain (Integrated Visual Augmentation System), which is based on the HoloLens headset 2. Visually, the device strongly resembles the commercial version of the device, supplemented by a thermal imager FLIR.

Last month, Intel announced the release of mobile processors Core H-series 9th generation (Coffee Lake Refresh). Then from informal sources it became known that notebooks with new Intel chips, supplemented by a GeForce GTX 16 series will be presented in April. Another leak that represents promotional materials MSI, indirectly confirms previous rumors and reveals details about future innovations. On one of the slides compares the test results of the new processor Core i7-9750H with his predecessor in the face of Core i7-8750H, as well as with the older Core i7-7700HQ. In what benchmark the obtained results, it is not specified, but they look somewhat odd. Despite the fact that the new Core i7-9750H and old Core i7-8750H have six cores and twelve threads, the...

According to media reports, the domestic is Rocket-space Corporation "Energy" has established requirements, the implementation of which will reduce the risk of emergency situations on the Soyuz spacecraft in case they obtain holes in the collision with space debris or micrometeorites. The result of the work done by specialists of RSC Energia, was set out on the pages of scientific and technical journal "Space technology". The basic ideas of security in the process of eliminating accidents caused by depressurization in the formation of holes in the hull of the transport ships, as follows:

This summer, AMD is supposed to introduce several new products, in particular, 7 nm of the CPU and GPU. Now we are actively preparing a forthcoming launch, and part of that preparation will be a special event for partners of the company, including production, which is scheduled for April 23. Unfortunately, it is not known what AMD will tell their partners, because it did not make any specific public statements regarding announcements in the near future. However, based on recent rumors we will try to suggest what will be the main theme of the event. By the way, note that it will only be a regional event, most likely in the US, and in the future we plan to hold several more such meetings in other regions.

Taiwan semiconductor TSMC forge reported full completion of the infrastructure development design for the 5-nm process technology through Open Innovation Platform, including technology files and design kits. Process technology has passed many tests of reliability of silicon chips. This allows you to begin creating a 5-nm single-chip systems for mobile and high-performance next-generation solutions, focused on high-growth markets 5G and artificial intelligence. The 5-nm process technology TSMC has already reached the stage of risk production. For example, the ARM Cortex-A72, compared to 7-nm process at TSMC, it provides a 1.8-fold superiority of the density of the crystal and the 15% on the clock speed. 5-nm technology uses the advantages simplification of...

Presented not long ago, the Galaxy Fold will soon be available. If you decide to purchase this smartphone, spending about $2000, then you will definitely want to buy a case for it. Thinking about purchasing the case because Galaxy Fold — one of the most expensive Samsung smartphone in the entire history of the company. On one of the online shopping sites, a list of official cases for the Galaxy Fold, which is made of genuine leather. Currently the description is added for cases of black and white, buy each of which is available for $119,99. Unfortunately, the product images are not yet available, but we can assume that the covers will be of the highest quality. It should be noted that previously, the trading platform has added some informal cases for Galaxy...

Seems to be approaching the long-awaited launch of the graphic processor AMD Navi who can restore competition in the market of gaming graphics cards. As a rule, before the release of any important semiconductor product appear on the IDs. In the latest change log information and diagnostic tool HWiNFO reported add preliminary support Navi, which indicates the readiness of the final samples of the cards. According to unconfirmed information, video, Navi needs to get away from microarchitecture Graphics Core Next (GCN), used AMD since 2012, starting with the Radeon HD 7000 family. And the output of the new model is expected in the second half of the year or even a month after Ryzen 3000. On the characteristics of the Navi is really not known. It's safe to say...

Last week, Intel unveiled a new server platform based on Xeon Cascade Lake, which, in particular, will be supported by the first serial modules Optane DC Persistent Memory in the format "bars" of DDR4. The emergence of systems with this non-volatile memory instead of the usual modules with DRAM chips is expected in early summer, and Intel is in no hurry to announce a price issue. But there are impatient, and we had the opportunity to say anything definite about it. As reported by our colleagues from the site AnandTech, in the United States two sellers have started taking orders for the 128-GB and 256-GB of DDR4 memory modules and Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory. By the way, 512-GB modules in both sentences there that hints at their slow appearance. It...

In the opinion of Wells Fargo Securities, Intel shares will likely reduce the pace of its growth after rising at the beginning of this year by almost 20 percent due to the recovery of the semiconductor market. Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers downgraded its rating on shares of Intel increased from "Outperform" to "Market Perform", citing a higher valuation of the company's shares and increasing competition from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). "We believe that Intel shares now correspond to a more balanced risk to reward" — he wrote on Friday. "Investor sentiment has become more cautious on the background of positive dynamics and growth of AMD." After the announcement of the analyst's conclusions on Friday, shares of Intel fell 1.5 % to $55,10. At the end of...

Developers from Google in conjunction with engineers from MIT, Columbia and Princeton universities have created a robotic mechanical arm TossingBot, capable of capturing a randomly selected small objects and put them in a container. The authors of the project say that they had to put a lot of effort to create a robot. With a special manipulator, it can not only capture random objects, but also accurately to throw them in containers. It is noted that the choice of the subject imposes certain constraints on the execution of further actions. Before you make a throw, the mechanism should evaluate the shape of the object and its weight. After conducting these operations, there is a transformation of the decision into effect, whereby the object is captured is...

Google again accidentally (or not?) confirmed the name of a new product on your website — in this case we are talking about a long-awaited simplified version Pixel 3. According to the screenshot that the Verge have done on Google Store, the new phones will indeed officially be called Pixel 3a: although the search giant has removed the mention of the new device from the official page, the leak has already happened. Resource reports 9to5Google, that the website also displays links to previously lighted Nest Hub Max and Hub Nest. Neither the product page Pixel 3a, nor the new comparison page Pixel was not active, so while the leak has confirmed only the name of the phone.

Lian Li has released two new maintenance-free liquid cooling Pulse series. Novelties are called Pulse L240F and L120F, and differ from the models L120 L240 Pulse and the presence of fans with addressable (pixel) RGB led. Each of the new products got a copper block, which has a rather large structure of microchannels. At first glance, it seems that right above the waterblock installed pump, as in many maintenance-free DLC. In fact, over the waterblock only is located the impeller, which is an indicator of the flow rate of the coolant. Also cover waterblock is equipped with pixel RGB led.